rewatching your favorite show from childhood
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  • Daniel Thrasher
    Daniel Thrasher

    1 subscribe = 1 face your mortality

    • Jonathon Van Kirk
      Jonathon Van Kirk

      This was disturbingly weird but nice l

    • Oliver Vickers
      Oliver Vickers


    • glitchyw4y


    • Snow’s Stingray
      Snow’s Stingray


    • Rei Marrese
      Rei Marrese

      I’ve already accepted death :)

  • Redfield 762
    Redfield 762

    My childhood was James bond and pirates of the Caribbean so i never have to go through that

  • Jen G
    Jen G

    You remind me of ted from how I met your mother

  • Robospy1

    This is true for a lot of shows except for spongebob's first 3 seasons

  • W31RD0

    Stop trying to make fetch happen Daniel! It’s not going to happen!

  • Aaron Torres
    Aaron Torres

    I watched the original Ben 10, and teen titans

  • R.S Siddarth
    R.S Siddarth

    Imagine your favourite childhood show being Rick and Morty

  • cindy h.
    cindy h.

    ok why is even the ad hilarious

  • Five Nights at Plushies
    Five Nights at Plushies

    Imagine your favorite childhood show is R. Rated.

  • Derek Lowe
    Derek Lowe

    Waiter: Giving receipt to me at restaurant Also Waiter: Staring in confusion as I put them in my food lol 3:25

  • Shietz Shiel
    Shietz Shiel

    I literally see the most entertaining ads here only. *Hats off*

  • Geek


  • XII SCI A 104 Kaushal Waradkar
    XII SCI A 104 Kaushal Waradkar

    Me watching tom and jerry as a kid: so good Me watching tom and jerry as an adult: so good

  • verity

    Me rewatching any Dan Schneider show

  • Tessa Grace
    Tessa Grace

    Ok did anyone else watch JayJay the Jetplane cause like- NIGHTMARE FUEL-

  • King D
    King D

    I marvel at what I used to enjoy when I was 3😂

  • Janelle'sGaming

    Oh god I mean I'm scared because I watched spongebob... I know it's inappropriate.

  • Sandwich Beats
    Sandwich Beats

    I can imagine Karl (MrBeast) going "ThIs Is ThE mOsT sLiPpErRiEsT, bLiPpErRiEsT bRiDgE i'Ve EvEr SeEn!!!!!"

  • SourFree- Lemon
    SourFree- Lemon

    Reminds me of yo gabba gabba

  • Roo roo
    Roo roo

    I grew up watching Hi-5 so i don't rlly cringe on it maybe just some episodes-

  • Emma Ghant
    Emma Ghant

    This happens to me all the time I was so exited to watch Ed edd n eddy but I got bored but then..........that’s basically it

  • Kitten Corp.
    Kitten Corp.

    Nobody cares that you watched some show about a guy who can blow real hard

  • Evan Brewer
    Evan Brewer

    This is pretty much gen z humor

  • ASFR&FlagCommunity

    What’s I do with my receipts you ask I shove them so far up my ass my skin become’s purple

  • Jocy Couron
    Jocy Couron

    It's been a year Danny boy, how's the talent going?

  • Pizza Cåt
    Pizza Cåt

    I remember Dora talking normally AND I RE WATCHED IT AND OMG- SHE TALKS SO SLOWWW .O.

  • Fire

    Me, a few years ago as a 10 year old: Wow. Horrible histories is sooo clever Me now: Yeah Horrible histories taught me more than my first 8 years of school

  • The Kodex
    The Kodex

    Anyone else watch the Justice League cartoon?

  • Swagger Link
    Swagger Link

    Happy birthday tomorrow Daniel!! By the way if you're wondering why i'm saying tomorrow is because i live in the UK and it's the 23rd

  • Annie Kyles
    Annie Kyles

    Noooo don't eat receipts! There's large amounts of BPA in thermal paper. "The toxic chemical has been linked to causing reproductive, immunity, and neurological problems, as well as an increased likelihood of Alzheimer's, childhood asthma, metabolic disease, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease."

  • Crystal KayNine
    Crystal KayNine

    You forgot discovering the show's weird fixation on gay jokes, ableism, racism, and/or gender bias because at the time that stuff was considered legitimately funny Fun... fun times.

  • Jakeagle Games
    Jakeagle Games

    Code lyoko... Need I say more?

  • Tyndall Jackson
    Tyndall Jackson

    Bob Saget is my favorite actor

  • Bobenne

    I remember wayyyy back when I watched a show called larva, and it seemed kind of like this, I never expected it to be so bad

  • Lego Rojas
    Lego Rojas

    Luckily, I watched gumball

  • brody10123

    At least Spongebob still holds up

  • Rachel Kornak
    Rachel Kornak

    Raised on classic tv so I can’t relate 😂 Those shows still hold up after all these years...

  • Kitsune The Trickster
    Kitsune The Trickster

    When you grow up with power rangers 😂

  • YourLocalAlien

    When you grow up and realize how fucked up some episodes of invader zim are. Still one of my favs though lmao, timeless

  • rōnin57

    me when i finally find something from deep inside my memory but it doesn’t slap.. 😔 Minecraft, a lot of songs, and tv shows. Rip.

  • I like Gilgamesh
    I like Gilgamesh

    Avatar The Last Airbender, Huntik, Code Lyoko, the good stuff.

  • Saad Mustafa is golden
    Saad Mustafa is golden

    My childhood shows were Beyblade (the first ever series), The Backyardigans, and Pokemon (the original ones) and me and my friends still binge-watch them to this day:)

  • Domotron 35
    Domotron 35

    Meanwhile, Ninjago only got better for me over the years as I gained the brain capacity to pay attention and actually listen for the jokes, which there are a LOT more of than I remember. Honestly an 11/10 show

  • Rio Bigby
    Rio Bigby

    Courage the Cowardly Dog still holds up lol

  • Cake


  • Josh

    Phineas and ferb can't relate

  • Lawrence Mathews
    Lawrence Mathews

    Your Friend: What do you do with the money you've earned? Me: 2:45

  • -XxSunrxse._.GlowxX -
    -XxSunrxse._.GlowxX -

    U couldn't watch my childhood show because I can't find adventure time anywhere Xd

  • Sydney Howser
    Sydney Howser

    At least it didn't have yip yip was on

  • Olivia García
    Olivia García

    I really don't know why but I fking love this channel

  • alex mccullough
    alex mccullough

    I grew up with code lyoko I think I am safe

  • Bababooey

    Anime dub be like

  • Ready Drummer
    Ready Drummer

    Sparkle maggots

  • shannen cj 22
    shannen cj 22

    Yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip

  • Tanmay Mahajan
    Tanmay Mahajan

    I watched Power Rangers

  • FGC_fluffy

    this was uploaded on my birthday lol

  • Mary Essency
    Mary Essency

    the sketch after the sketch was funnier than the original sketch

  • Choutpally Vijaya
    Choutpally Vijaya

    Broooo stopppp

  • The Deaf Pianist
    The Deaf Pianist

    When the promotion makes you laugh so hard at the dinner table

  • Harvey John P. Galendez
    Harvey John P. Galendez

    I finally found the Real Alfredo Linguini, I wonder where his mouse at.

  • Catbird

    Magic School Bus here 😎

  • Bella Ancheta
    Bella Ancheta


  • Michael Kelsey
    Michael Kelsey

    mmmmmm... Bisphenol A!

  • Rui Yang Ooi
    Rui Yang Ooi

    Whoever watched teletubbies must be swearinv profusely.

  • 9aracna TM
    9aracna TM


  • Fuscous GD
    Fuscous GD

    I used to watch Backyardigans and Yo Gabba Gabba, I've chosen to never watch even a single clip from either of them ever again.

  • Carter Stearns
    Carter Stearns

    I can’t believe I wasted my time watching Spectacular Spider-Man and not this!

  • RhapsodyInCrimson

    Not me, I was on veggie tales. I still laugh at that

  • Kloki

    is it bad that as a kid I watched friends, stranger thing, smallville?🤣

  • Julia Arias
    Julia Arias

    Guest star(s): Lindsay Lohan, Bob Saget, Lindsay Lohan, Bob Saget, Bob Saget, Lindsay Lohan, and Bob Saget

  • Amelia Chase
    Amelia Chase

    I was eating while I watched this...

  • Lizzy B.
    Lizzy B.

    Can we please just appreciate the amount of editing that went into this?

  • Swift

    *"I like to put them in my food"* - Daniel Thrasher 2020-2021

  • Zoe O’Bryan
    Zoe O’Bryan

    Oh this is just so true :D

  • Garmen Music
    Garmen Music

    Nah, this is just me trying to explain any show I watch to my friends

  • Super Jump Bros
    Super Jump Bros


  • FallKooper

    Ed edd n eddy was good and is still good

  • Kirana Thepworawut
    Kirana Thepworawut

    Totally can relate to this lol. So surprising how much people interest and trends can change over time. Like those Barney and tele tubby show no one makes show like that anymore and watching it now make me feel kind of cringe .

  • victoria Alvarado
    victoria Alvarado

    tell me why sparkle maggot from that show sounds like deku (my hero academia)

  • Scυb Ŧσσ ᑕσσl
    Scυb Ŧσσ ᑕσσl

    I could still watch Gravity Falls to this day the storyline is actually so good

  • XxSuńńy VîbėżxX
    XxSuńńy VîbėżxX

    *Me being a child* iNtErEsTiNg :3

  • Jess ASMR
    Jess ASMR

    I’m comforted by the fact that my favorite show was Avatar the Last Airbender

  • GeekoTFG

    Nah adventure time, Steven universe, and gravity falls are legends

  • Okamitsu 12
    Okamitsu 12

    I’m scared to go back and watch yo gabba gabba now...

  • Legendary Rabbit
    Legendary Rabbit

    i’m scared

  • shyla star
    shyla star

    App not available in my regeon :(

  • A Channel
    A Channel

    BeyBlade didn't age well either

  • Robin L
    Robin L

    as a spongebob fan you cant call me out

  • Exotix iTz M
    Exotix iTz M

    This would probs be me watch avatar the last air bender

  • Isolato

    i watched johnny test i will fight to never hear that name again.

  • World Overlord
    World Overlord

    I just love how judgmental he is.

  • Ultra Vulture
    Ultra Vulture

    Teletubbies (Cof cof)

  • MTB Videos
    MTB Videos

    Yo Daniel what type of piano do you have

  • nightlizard 942
    nightlizard 942

    Los zapatos, donde estas? Los zapato-

  • Sam Bright
    Sam Bright

    I like to think Daniel has a collection of cardboard cut-outs of himself which he uses to line up eye-lines

  • jamie Thorpe
    jamie Thorpe

    I sat and got depressed

  • Tater Tots
    Tater Tots

    Honestly the mom calling and reminding you of your slowly disintegrating mortality is such a mood lol

  • Alicja Barwinska
    Alicja Barwinska

    I've been watching your videos for 5 years and I rewatched all of your videos you're hilarious


    Where is the piano?

  • iris potter maevy
    iris potter maevy

    First things first: I'm from Seville (Spain) I'm quite fluent in English but that doesn't mean I don't need the help of Words referencie and Google, 😬 although it sounds a bit mediocre. Hahahaa Without further detours: could you provide me with a Gmail address of yours? I'd love to recommend something you might be interested in that I hope you'll like. I know that if I keep writing I'll start with a comment and end up writing a novel. Thank you for reading this far and I hope it's understandable (it doesn't sound like Hebrew, no offense to anyone☮️). Greetings from Seville, even if you don't know me at all. I usually listen to you in the subway, I'm one of those who laughs even reading a book and everyone stares at me and then I'm so embarrassed that I have to get off the stop before reaching my destination to not make the moment even more uncomfortable🤦🏼. Well I'll shut up now, I love your videos.