Rich The Kid & YoungBoy Never Broke Again ft. Rod Wave - Sorry Momma (Visualizer)
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Official Audio by Rich The Kid & Youngboy Never Broke Again from the album "Nobody Safe" © 2020 Rich Forever Music / EMPIRE

  • Riley Macedo
    Riley Macedo

    we need a official music video💯

  • AlmightyJay6

    rich the kidd messed it up🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Manny Godines
    Manny Godines

    We need more yb and rod wave

  • im just better
    im just better

    Rod wave was the perfect match for this song I'm so happy he was in it

  • Sean Eisenhower
    Sean Eisenhower

    Rod Wave told a whole damn story in less than a minute but people are gonna complain that his verse was too short🤦🏼‍♂️

  • MidgetDee

    Post it on IG

  • Cameron Allen
    Cameron Allen

    I was waiting for that “cashmomeyAP”

  • OTM

  • KlW Edits
    KlW Edits

    i dont even like youngboy but this song slaps why dont it got millions

  • Cee Hall
    Cee Hall

    Rich the kid held his own y’all jus some haters 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • JDsuperman 21
    JDsuperman 21

    Y tf is rich here😑

  • Drevonte James
    Drevonte James

    Best collab of the year swear this life🙏🖕💓🧊😔

  • Gaming With Quez
    Gaming With Quez

    We need that youngboy rod wave lil baby and Kodak ok a song best song on the planet

    • MemeZ

      Lmfao nba n kodak would never collab tho

  • TrueLuv Boyz TLB
    TrueLuv Boyz TLB


  • Chris Telsede
    Chris Telsede

    This the one!

  • RoadRunnaJay2x

    YB did his thang💯

  • Xyber- DeAdShOt
    Xyber- DeAdShOt

    i remember when this was unreleased😔

  • Derek Parks
    Derek Parks

    this song is still very slept on

  • Cole Gaspard
    Cole Gaspard

    Kodak more fire den rich

    • hi tech
      hi tech


  • Carter Brown
    Carter Brown

    i want a Mixtape with this kid Yb and rod wave

  • SpazFamily

    Old Nba Youngboy Lowkey.......??

  • King TC
    King TC

    "I came home from off the tour he was dead on a currrrb"


    I miss my brother 😪 Rip baby

  • sachi

    My bruddaaaaaaaaaa

  • datboy manman
    datboy manman

    They needa kick rich da kid off

  • antbrazy 727
    antbrazy 727

    Rod wave snap every time

  • Ramon Franklin
    Ramon Franklin

    Slept on 😴🤐

  • Khadijah Love
    Khadijah Love

    The only Person missing in this track is Polo G Comment By:Cashkingkk & Chiraq Queen

  • daniel rios
    daniel rios

    nba young boy carried rich the kid liek always XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • J back At it
    J back At it

    Boy this hard rob rich n yb

  • Bea YT
    Bea YT

    Bro we need more rod and yb

  • Razor -
    Razor -

    Damn rich the kid had to ruin the song lmao jk

  • Sleazeball

    My bruthaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Iamzayy_

    Where tf is this song on ig so I can put it on my story

  • impostor impostor
    impostor impostor

    "We different breeds so I see why they hate a n****"

  • Don’t Click my Profile picture
    Don’t Click my Profile picture

    Broke the kid ruined the song with his 25 second verse

    • Slime Bastard
      Slime Bastard

      He went hard on woke up an da other songs nokap

  • Daniel Epps
    Daniel Epps

    Rich kid fucks up the whole album bro is trasj

  • SSG Esports
    SSG Esports

    The collaboration of the month that this came out on

  • Marky Arias
    Marky Arias

    Yb's part sounds like the song , you the one by yb lmao

  • Eat With Audrey
    Eat With Audrey


  • liltop

    lol i had this song for a while when it was unreleased any og's remember this song when it was called 'my brother"

  • Jay10 Reacts
    Jay10 Reacts

    Can we get a rod and nba album

  • LaToya Lichelle Parker
    LaToya Lichelle Parker

    This feel like All my feelings. I'm so glad I'm not crying 🤞😁 I'm so happy with this😁😁😁

  • LaToya Lichelle Parker
    LaToya Lichelle Parker

    I salute y'all. Ty so much

  • Jt Smith
    Jt Smith

    Rod said mustang coupes💫🔥

  • moni 2x
    moni 2x

    rod wave n yb just need to make a song together💯

  • Benjamin Mall
    Benjamin Mall

    Domino's ads before Rich the Kid and Rich Forever.

  • Ziliots FC
    Ziliots FC

    if yall would of posted it on yb chanel it would of blew uhp

  • Aydee Certii
    Aydee Certii


  • Damarcus Winn
    Damarcus Winn

    Try to convince them to do a tape together yb and rod wave the best duo ever

  • A Z
    A Z

    Drop the vid for this shi mane

  • Foreign Jay
    Foreign Jay

    This a 3head without. Rich the the kid and put lil baby and polo 4 headed goat

  • Tyrell Preston
    Tyrell Preston

    Keeping grinding nba youngboy

  • Tyrell Preston
    Tyrell Preston

    Keeping grinding rich kid

  • Kayla Johnson
    Kayla Johnson

    take rich off nd this would be wayyyy harder

  • Shareka Burns
    Shareka Burns

    Yoo 🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • Zach Call
    Zach Call

    They should’ve put lil baby in this

  • iWxV3Y

    I'm sorry but rich part needs more auto tune lmao

  • Denzell Curry
    Denzell Curry

    @1:08 just in case any body wanna skip rich part

  • Big Dawg 420
    Big Dawg 420

    Rent the kid 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Tywan Mcdowell
    Tywan Mcdowell

    I was waiting for this collaboration 💯🔥🎶🐐🐐🐐

  • Faze Unknown
    Faze Unknown

    Rod wave or youngboy shouldve post this on they page it wouldve go more views

  • Javiel St.Hilaire
    Javiel St.Hilaire


  • Chris Figueroa
    Chris Figueroa

    Straight heat

  • Triton88keyz

    Rod wave always sounds the same on everything nowadays. Rod needs to switch it up little bit . Introduce us to some more fire 🔥 like he did on green light ! That shit was fire !!! Get ur paper young niggga !! Already!! 💯

  • Triton88keyz

    Milwaukee 414 . We next!!! 🔥

  • MostHatedGreg

    Y rich the kid had to be in it🤦🏾‍♂️

  • XDK Yeets
    XDK Yeets

    When he said “Myyy brudddddddaaaaaaaahhhh” I felt that😤

    • Mitch Salucci
      Mitch Salucci

      XDK Yeets would rod wave x nba youngboy kill this beat ? Happy New Year too 💯 🙏🏾

  • DnJ PlayzZ
    DnJ PlayzZ

    The beat sound just like gravity

  • symo kigumi
    symo kigumi

    Nba been making this year more gud musically.. one of my top list bangers.

  • Kallen Mckinley
    Kallen Mckinley


  • Chris Lag
    Chris Lag

    All that wait for this😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • swift _ro
    swift _ro

    Rich the kid could have at least let us have this one🤨 nigga fucked up every song on the album

  • Kadesia Russell
    Kadesia Russell

    Who’s here 4 ROD WAVE🥶

  • Top Million Hits
    Top Million Hits

    Yes sir 🙏🔂💥 keep it lit💝🔥


    this it boi. need a tape from rod and yb.

  • Ol-_YEET_-lO

    This shit too relatable 💯🔥

  • Taiveon


  • Calib House
    Calib House

    Rod wave nd yb is like kobe and shaq

  • Calib House
    Calib House

    Rich the kid always fuckin sum up

  • Zach Guerard
    Zach Guerard

    “he told me leave from round this bitch and go shock the world care back from your and he was dead on the curb”😟

  • Ricardo Guardiola
    Ricardo Guardiola

    We need rod wave lil baby and youngboy to make a song together💯

    • 561nylock

      @Bea YT overrated

    • Mitch Salucci
      Mitch Salucci

      Ricardo bro would rod wave x nba youngboy kill this beat ? Happy New Year too 💯 🙏🏾

    • sachi

      Lil baby and youngboy made one call one shot

    • Bea YT
      Bea YT

      Polo g

  • Kee DaYungann
    Kee DaYungann

  • IBMF Swaay
    IBMF Swaay

    Rod wave verse was better than all of them

  • Hulo Martin
    Hulo Martin

    Rich is the truth y’all don’t understand his verse cause y’all employee’s lol only bosses know what he talking bout

    • deanya shaw
      deanya shaw

      😒 bro literally got a regular story of working person

  • Clifton Bailey
    Clifton Bailey

    rod wave give a good feeling when you feeling down great song

  • Jasween Cheema
    Jasween Cheema

    My Bruddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hits different I can’t stop saying it. It’s stuck in my fucking head 🥸

  • ReyOnDaGrind

    It's finally here ITS OVER

  • bhudda. a
    bhudda. a

    Came here for Rod wave🤩💪🏽

  • Tamika Sesson
    Tamika Sesson


  • Khailijah Saelee
    Khailijah Saelee


  • Tom Murray
    Tom Murray

    I wanted this without rich the kid tbh. But the songs 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Whitney Patterson
    Whitney Patterson

    We all know who the stars of the songs are but i do like when rich say " gotta watch my back and keep this fuckin heater on me" cuz thats when i pull out my imaginary gun

  • Lavish Brazy
    Lavish Brazy

    That lady bar of Wayne shit 😫 “body bag and a toe tag that’s new clothes and new socks”

  • Embassy of Ej
    Embassy of Ej

    my Braaaddddaaaa!!!!

    • BTK TRAY
      BTK TRAY Fwt

  • Quidel Holloway
    Quidel Holloway

    F-ing rights ROD WAVE ma Guy!!! And NBA Goddamn

    • BTK TRAY
      BTK TRAY Fwt

  • Stick up Kid1927
    Stick up Kid1927

    Rod wave did his thing🎯 the whole song fire 🔥

    • BTK TRAY
      BTK TRAY Fwt

  • Poppa Really funny
    Poppa Really funny

    Not gone lie rich did not disappoint I thought he wasn’t gone hold his own👌🏾

    • BTK TRAY
      BTK TRAY Fwt

  • Patricia Facey
    Patricia Facey

    Why this ain’t hit a mill yet

    • BTK TRAY
      BTK TRAY Fwt

  • Nick Lester
    Nick Lester

    I think about chu everytime I noticed all you have wanted. These bitches steady out here lying they just can't keep it one hundred. I'm tryna stay from across that line so I won't run it I'll punt it..

    • BTK TRAY
      BTK TRAY Fwt