Rights You Didn't Know You Had (and Probably Don't Want)
Sometimes the law taketh, sometimes the law giveth. Unfortunately.
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  • LegalEagle

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    • Wasteland Drifter
      Wasteland Drifter

      I suddenly want to exercise my right to travel, particularly to the states of Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Kansas and Oklahoma.

    • Ood Blox
      Ood Blox

      @Tanner Wilson p

    • Thor Loki
      Thor Loki

      Objection In Pennsylvania it's definitely illegal. 18 Pa.C.S. §6310.1. Except for religious services or ceremony conducted in home or place of worship and the amount doesn't exceed what is customarily and traditionally required as an integral part of the service or ceremony. But I would like to point out that nowhere in the exception does it say that its the parents who have to provide it nor does it say that the provider needs permission from a parent to provide the alcohol to their child.

    • Michael Levitan
      Michael Levitan

      @Venting Poem? what about the act against woman act?

    • Peter Siri
      Peter Siri

      Thanks for the link! Best deal I had since downloading the The Witcher III: Wild Hunt.

  • king james488
    king james488

    you could say a dare is a sort of coercion... I guess.

  • king james488
    king james488

    women be like "we have the right to be topless if we want(although we don't)! but don't look at us!!!"

  • Alex Belisle
    Alex Belisle

    Objection: Wisconsin also allows parents to provide alcohol to minors. In fact bars and other establishments can sell it to minors when their parents, guardians or spouses of legal drinking age are present.

  • Mac Is underrated
    Mac Is underrated

    Of course this isn’t legal advice

  • John Ross
    John Ross

    Free the tiddie, protect the city

  • The Globalist Channel
    The Globalist Channel

    Well Biden is about to take them alll away anyway so, nice of him to tell you what you had.

  • Sal ty
    Sal ty

    good vid

  • CCP Must Fall 中共必倒 台湾に応援しています!
    CCP Must Fall 中共必倒 台湾に応援しています!

    9:21 there's a norm for many democracies outthere... Im not sure what's the big deal with voting with a national ID....

  • Arclight 1988
    Arclight 1988

    Not gonna lie if the title is clickbait you got a free thumbs down to it. What decent laywer wants less rights for the people? I don't care if it the dumb laws on the books that might have even been a joke they were put there. This kind of stuff is why I stopped watching this channel.

  • Synthia

    my favorite game, truth or matrimony

  • Demonic_myst

    Yea i dont get usa on alcahol here in uk its only really ilegal to sell to minors or for minors to be given alcahol on public proerty their no law against Drinking with yur parents

  • Duxi

    Damn that Onlyfans link in the description got me

  • Alpha Oumar KhannDiallo
    Alpha Oumar KhannDiallo

    him you can get away with murder at yellow stone park. Me mom boy have I got the trip for you

  • Murkwater

    So, the proper way to propose in Delaware is "I dare you to marry me!"

  • Osama Alhour
    Osama Alhour

    Idk about the first one bro I mean showing your d in public is illegal but it’s biology too

  • Matthew Hodge
    Matthew Hodge

    "if men have the right to bare breasts in public. I feel the right for women to also bare their breasts in public to be a non-problem. Also women, just like men, it's not always in the public's best interest you remain bare breasted.

  • Ching Chong
    Ching Chong

    is there a law stopping me from tbagging peoples graves

  • Joe. Biden
    Joe. Biden

    I might have the right to vote But it doesn’t matter because my vote is just gonna get thrown out

  • Evelina Rønneseth
    Evelina Rønneseth

    Free the nipple :D

  • Reality RolePlay
    Reality RolePlay

    Im running for kansas mayor

  • Michael

    90% sure women are allow to go topless in Ohio as well

  • Autodidactic Artisan
    Autodidactic Artisan

    Laws exist not to bind us but to show us our freedoms

  • MonkeyJedi99

    I live in Massachusetts. You know what "extinguished the novelty and excitement of drinking" for me? Having to keep my alcoholic mother from swallowing her tongue while keeping my younger brothers calm enough to call 911 when she drank herself into a seizure. - That was a quick "don't drink" lesson.

  • Chris Prou
    Chris Prou

    oooooooo thats a good hook to get me over to Nebula. gotta give um that one the old boy's speechless.

  • Lil Leezy
    Lil Leezy

    We oughta start a movement where every one of us runs for governor of Kansas at the same time. That way, we can overrun the people who spent time and money trying to fulfill their political dreams, and make someone who doesn't speak English governor.

  • Manyeuris !!
    Manyeuris !!

    Now I can tell me parents that I can drink with them

  • Charly Rippenkroeger
    Charly Rippenkroeger

    For the run for governor with the teens in kansas, a dog was also entered, but denied if I recall.

  • Cyberus Morphous
    Cyberus Morphous

    2:40 my parents are finishing a divorce rn and he described, in basics, exactly what happened


    GW Bush DEREULATED the TEXAS utilities - were the tax saving worth it? Just listened (on youtube) to Billie Holliday singing Strange Fruit. What an awful footnote to our nation’s history - very sad.

  • Twincast

    I'm utterly floored to find out that in much of the U.S. (including all the interesting parts) there are sensible caveats to the absurdly high drinking age.

  • ScorpiusZA

    The ability to get away with murder? Has anyone ever dared to test this?

  • Joshua Dehler
    Joshua Dehler

    Why do indecent exposure laws exist at all? What is their purpose? Why would that purpose exclude boobs?

  • Chris Cunningham
    Chris Cunningham

    Me, who lives in Massachusetts: “Write that down, write that down!”

  • Oddy Nuff
    Oddy Nuff

    Since when did legal eagle become a leftist liberal against republicans? 8:05 for anyone wanting a example. I sure wouldn’t wanna hire this guy.

  • Michael Reeves
    Michael Reeves

    Good to see him making good content again that isn’t Trump-related. Never mind. He goes on a mini-Trump rant

  • Spencer Cartwright
    Spencer Cartwright

    In Wisconsin you can drink if you're 16 or older and the drink was ordered by your spouse or parent that can legally order a drink.

  • Greg Zeigler
    Greg Zeigler

    Technically only placental mammals have breasts. Monotremes like the platypus just have patches of mammary glands that dispense milk through pores.

  • TheSickOldToad

    “Alright homie, just stand in for me and passionately kiss my girl. I want a great wedding video I can show my kids. I gotta run some errands.

  • Kai von Fintel
    Kai von Fintel

    GOB wished he lived in Colorado or Delaware.

  • 7.62 flavors of freedom
    7.62 flavors of freedom

    ill take all the rights i can nowadays since big fed thinks they are now privileges

  • Ed Bloom
    Ed Bloom

    Loved this. Thank you.

  • Avery Pitts
    Avery Pitts

    Jim Halpert?

  • AngryJoeIsRacist Super Racist
    AngryJoeIsRacist Super Racist

    A lawyer who doesn't know the difference between rights and freedoms and uses the terms interchangeably as if they're the same thing. Sad.

  • BipedalP314

    Why is it wrong to require somebody to have a legal ID to vote? You need one to drive, get a lease, get married, by alcohol, own a firearm, etc? It's neither difficult nor is it expensive to get an government issued ID. Driver's License, State ID, Passport - get one of the three - two if you're getting a passport because you need that to qualify anyway. Only an idiot would call a voter ID law "voter suppression." If I need proof that you are who you say you are I want to see an ID. It's only common sense.

  • Nicholas Burton
    Nicholas Burton

    I'm an American waiting on my "white" privileges and I never expected to receive any rights/rites. America, or Earth first? And America will never have an isolated movement as long as it keeps business "usual"

  • Alex Landherr
    Alex Landherr

    Marriage proxy? Sounds like an interesting niche market...

  • Dakota Andrews
    Dakota Andrews

    I think women being allowed to go topless like men should have gone to the supreme court honestly. Men are allowed to do it. Why can't women? Because they have boobs? Yeah, so do us chubby guys, but I don't see anyone losing sleep over it. It's just ridiculous that the human body and sexuality is so taboo here but violence is a-okay in comparison.

  • Bellhop Walrus
    Bellhop Walrus

    You have the _Right_ to be _Wrong._ Do you have the _Right_ to be _Left_ ?

  • Lewis Skinner
    Lewis Skinner

    I live in the UK. Can I run for Governor of Kansas?

  • Dillon Drews
    Dillon Drews

    I feel attack by the railroad comment (note my truck just got hit by a train)

  • Epä Järjestys
    Epä Järjestys

    I want all the rights I can get.

  • William Montero
    William Montero

    Will Smith's first name is Willard not William.

  • Slime in a Box
    Slime in a Box

    Why would I not want a right?

  • Artemis Goldheart
    Artemis Goldheart

    Imagine having tearable money

  • Artemis Goldheart
    Artemis Goldheart

    Do you have to be a US citizen to run for governor of Kansas?

  • My name isnt Relevant
    My name isnt Relevant

    this is the best youtube channel ever

  • Patrick Williams
    Patrick Williams

    Another new law- you can be president of the US without being conscious. Evidence? Joe Biden.

  • bigw119

    Correct me if I'm wrong but Texas is a no shirt state as well. With indecent exposure being showing ones genitals or anus in public.

  • The Impersonator
    The Impersonator

    This guy looks like a dad from a Pixar movie

  • Bilal Ahmed
    Bilal Ahmed

    The unused date histochemically tickle because cold iteratively add upon a confused marimba. tranquil, thick protest

  • Lel E
    Lel E

    Loophole: You can get away with murder in Idaho’s death zone Me and everyone else: LET THE HUNGER GAMES BEGIN!

  • Listener

    Bless this channel! Thank you for everything you do, and also for putting Groundhog's Day clips!

  • numberoneappgames

    Rock, Paper, Scissors. Respond with an answer first then look at what I chose. . . . . . . Rock!

  • Adam Boldenow
    Adam Boldenow

    minors can drink with parents present on private property in Minnesota as well and at Wisconsin they can serv minors at bars with parents present

  • Susan McKenzie
    Susan McKenzie

    Married soldiers get paid more than single soldiers??? Severely bizarre

    • Ticonite

      My guess is it's money to support their family or their partner.

  • Jordan V
    Jordan V

    I'm a first-time watcher and saw that your disclaimer mentioned Bird Law. You earned that like.

    • AshenSpark

      If you're a fan of bird law he does some videos on always sunny. I'm not sure how many he has but I know he made one about the cereal defense episode!

  • UNOW3N SKilla
    UNOW3N SKilla

    Holy shit he looks like Jim

  • Ethan Ristu
    Ethan Ristu

    Objection: At 11:35, Legal Eagle referred to the Fresh Prince of Belair as "William Smith", when instead his legal name is "Wilard Smith"

  • Rachel_E

    Wisconsin also allows drinking with your parents.

  • rincewindrocks

    Literally how do you miss Wisconsin on the list of states where parents can give you alcohol. I've been served by my parents via a bartender before. It's a wonderful loophole.

  • Jacob Hess
    Jacob Hess

    This is a major foreshadow to future Nathan For You seasons

  • the1dtape

    Where did the figure of getting married in the military increases your pay by at least 1200 a month come from? I can see this for a low ranking dorm member but once you get into the NCO range your pay can go up by maybe 50 bucks by getting married.

  • Sara Hanan
    Sara Hanan

    "Exact your revenge, get divorced, and repeat" **laughs in Lawyer**

  • JJ Monville
    JJ Monville

    Objection! You can “vouch” for anyone 18 or older to drink in Wisconsin if you are over 21 and are with them when they drink. Crazy, it is even taught in the Bartender classes.

  • John Ree
    John Ree

    So I don't live in Kansas guess I am going to run for governor because I need a job and hell if the idiot's running the country can be elected president I can be Kansas governor

  • Tom Downey Burner Account
    Tom Downey Burner Account

    Then why is the draft men only?

  • Navier Gnat
    Navier Gnat

    The thankful america conservatively queue because meeting multivariably imagine underneath a disillusioned rocket. blue, empty bicycle

  • Lop Mop
    Lop Mop

    What I learned from this is Georgia is no fun

  • Yeet night music
    Yeet night music

    Him saying that otters are the only ines left to judge me in the “death zone” in Yellowstone scares me more than an actual court room. Because their punishment for crimes is murder and *ahem* sexual misconduct.

  • Exectech

    I think there was helium involved at irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/oMCUfmTdwrCc1Go.html.

  • Nate W
    Nate W

    What I learned today: "Hose Beast"

  • daddy

    how much you wanna bet no one used the shirtless thing

  • Game Program
    Game Program

    I wanna see a video, with sources that are not one of the mainstream media cable channels, local channels, newspapers, or websites like HuffPost, Vox, et al. where you talk about just how the Democrats can't seem to manage to ever get Trump convicted of anything despite the tons of rhetoric about him doing all sorts of horrible things. The only thing that the dems seem to be able to have done is stop him from getting a second term with massive voter fraud that again. Every one of the mainstream outlets above and democrats say there's no evidence of despite the massive evidence that there was actually mega widespread voter fraud including the actual arrest of many people around the US (widespread) arrested for voter fraud. Seems like the law agrees with Trump and democrats just spin webs of lies, except that since they own damn near the whole institution they are able to pull the wool over half of America's eyes. But when push comes to shove except in the ultimate goal-- Not letting Trump have a second term in office, it seems the dems can't do anything to him. Perhaps because it is they who have no evidence of everything and instead there's tons of evidence on Obama and all of the crooked criminal politicians in the democratic party.

  • Game Program
    Game Program

    Liberal compares human children seeing a topless woman to animals seeing their mother's teats.. That right there is all you need to know to see just how far removed from morality and reality liberals are. Please God remove liberalism from this world. Amen.

  • Just some manatee with internet access
    Just some manatee with internet access

    Did they _literally_ argue women can’t go topless because _people will stare?_ Wtf kind of nonsense is that

  • ahull25

    Drinking with your kids “may help teach them responsible drinking habits”. Wisconsin - hold my beer.

    • ahull25

      @Teddy Bear that was my entire point lol. Wisconsin has a considerable drinking problem. The drunkest state by far and it’s not even close.

    • Teddy Bear
      Teddy Bear

      Or could result in your kids becoming alcoholics since their blood/brain barrier will be breached more easily than if they are older, e.g. in their late 20's.

  • Andrew Sheneman
    Andrew Sheneman

    "its not clear you have to be human to run for Kansas governor" *Caligula liked that*

  • Seven Eighths
    Seven Eighths

    Shoot. I’d run for Governor of Kansas, but they finally set an age restriction. For the next election (the 2022 Kansas gubernatorial election), the minimum age to run is 25. On the upside, they still haven’t set residency restrictions, so my dad can run. Also no species requirements, so my 54 year old tortoise, Scuttles, can run. And y’know what? I believe in Scuttles. I’d vote for him if I were old enough. He’s got plans, and he’s going places. Also, Cthulhu is a valid candidate. Just in case he’s interested in running Kansas.

  • Jake Borg
    Jake Borg

    Rights are assured not given

  • Vintner4Yahweh

    Why does this guy look like CGI

  • JustGemThings

    Watching laws from a country a whole ocean away... Me: *HmMmMmMm*

  • Crystal Fajman
    Crystal Fajman

    There's an Episode of the TV show Major Crimes (White Lies part 1), where a white supremist murder Suspect who is defending himself(against legal advise) users a weapon marked as evidence to open fire on the court room. Surely this wouldn't happen in real life, as the Gun in evidence would no longer be loaded with Bullets?

  • 67diamond

    anyone else notice that Delaware occupies the whole Del-Mar-Va pennisula? @~5:20

  • periklis spanos
    periklis spanos

    How about the freedom to loose your money in so call business a I am important person who do that

  • Lord Helmet
    Lord Helmet

    Wisconsin it's also legal to drink under age, within limits. Under Wisconsin law, those who are 18 to 20 can legally drink with a parent, guardian or spouse that is of legal drinking age. The law also applies to people under the age of 18. The law does not list a minimum age one must be to drink with a parent or guardian.

  • fitzlepop

    Florida may have the weirdest criminals but Colorado has the weirdest laws

  • Joesiuh

    kidnap your victim, throw them in a van, drive to that location, yeah, still a law abiding citizen

    • mirmirma 5
      mirmirma 5

      You’re still guilty of kidnapping, so you have to coerce them into going with you out of their own free will

  • Master Remlap
    Master Remlap

    In Oklahoma except in Tulsa Oklahoma where it's illegal for both men and women to be topless

  • Eberle Tyler
    Eberle Tyler

    The windy cut visually settle because heat postoperatively introduce below a pink hell. steady, amazing firewall