S1Ep1 - The Magic Compass | Camp Halohead
Evan (voiced by Evan from EvanTubeHD) is a Ringlet, just one good choice away from becoming a full Halo. In this episode, Evan shares his secret to success with Clemmie to help her earn her halo.

Created by Wonderful Pictures
Executive Producer
Rich Rosenthal
Stephanie Panisello as Clemmie
Dave B. Mitchell as Turtle, Shrink, and The Harpist
Special Guest Star
Evan from EvanTubeHD
Associate Producers
Tom Sann
Ryan Shanholtzer
Corey Bartha
Animation Production
Six Point Harness, Inc.
Supervising Director
Greg Franklin
Episodic Director
Frank Macchia
Supervising Producer
Vera M. Hourani
Animatic Editor
Budd Diaz
Animation Services
Jester Animation
Production Manager
Connor Slack
Head of Production
Barb Cimity
Ryan Jouas
Frank Macchia
Character and Background Design
Adan Contreras
Ryan Jouas
Amanda Lake
Kelsey Suan
Susie Webb
Additional Concepting & Character Development
Meghann Bass
Erik Moe
Additional Concepting & Design
Amber Justis
Mike Hand
Michelle John
Krissy Isenberg
Dan Hostetler
Voice Director
René Veilleux
Voiceover Producers
René Veilleux
Donald Roman Lopez
Rafael Estrella
Production Coordinator
Kelsey Miller
Production Assistant
Jack Warne
Recorded at Salami Studios
Music Composed and Arranged by
Thomas Chase Jones & MITA
Sound Effects Editor
Rich Danhakl
Re-Recording Mixer
Ray Leonard
Foley Mixer
Dave Bonilla
Foley Artist
J Lampinen
Data Asset Management
Robert Pratt
Gabe Gelbrecht
Post Production Audio Facility
Advantage: Post Sound Services
Dialogue Mixers
Mark Mercado
Jonathan Abelardo
Assistant Dialogue Mixers
Ranen Nowlin
Sean Jacobson
Samuel Porcaro
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The persons in this film are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons or events is unintentional.
Camp Halohead Episode 101
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