Satisfying Disaster Deep Clean Resurrection Detail on 1999 ford F-150 Lightning Amazing Results!
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Ok Guys Look Forward To This Disaster Deep Clean Resurrection Detail On This Abused Ford F-150 Lightning Sad To See Such A Cool Rare Iconic Truck Be so Heavily abused So Sit Back And Relax And Enjoy This Mad Detail
Products/ Chemicals
Super degreaser
Super clean purple degreaser
All purpose cleaner
Acid based wheel cleaner
Meguiars Non Acid Wheel & Tire Cleaner
Meguiars Hyper Dressing/Tire Shine
Griots Garage Tire Shine
Stoner Trim Shine
303 Aero Space Protectant
Spray Away Glass Cleaner
Chemical Guys Carpet solution
Stoner Citrus Solvent
Leather vinyl cleaner
Leather conditioner
Meguiars M105 Cutting Compound
Meguiars M205 polish
Meguiars Pink Correction Compound
Meguiars Finishing Polish/Wax
Chemical Guys Snow foam wash soap
Tools And Brushes ETC
Detail Brushes
Drill Brushes
Soft Leather Cleaning Brush
Lily Pet Hair Brush
Pet Hair Removal Brush
Pumice Pet Hair Removal Stone
Stiff Bristle Brush
Soft Bristle Brush
Wheel Brush
Wash Mit
Reusable Clay Bar
Grit Guards
Drying Towel
All Purpose Microfiber Towels
Edgeless Polishing Towels
D/A 6" Micro Fiber Cutting Pad
D/A 6" Foam Heavy Cut Pad
D/A 6" Foam Polishing Pad
D/A 6 Foam Finishing Pad
Mcculloch vapor steam cleaner
Tornador Velocity Vacuum
Rigid Vacuum
Rupes Polisher
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    • Zak Brinkhoff
      Zak Brinkhoff

      @Steve Covert undercoating works better than bed liner bed liner is almost impossible to remove if needed for repair access

    • Leonard Gilbert
      Leonard Gilbert

      @Zak Brinkhoff Probably $1500.00

    • Zak Brinkhoff
      Zak Brinkhoff

      How much do you charge?

    • carlos egl
      carlos egl

      Bien video el carro de mi sueños laining😎💖

    • Steve Covert
      Steve Covert

      Try using spray can bed liner instead of rubberized. Lasts a lot longer

  • Luiz Fernando
    Luiz Fernando

    Wow, impressive. It looked the same when it left Ford

  • Alpha Raptor
    Alpha Raptor

    It looked better with the after market headlights

  • Alpha Raptor
    Alpha Raptor

    What song do you use at 9:23

  • USMC WOLF_1981
    USMC WOLF_1981

    Now thats a show room finish

  • John Lowe
    John Lowe

    Amazing job beautiful truck the best detailed truck on you tube to date amazing work!!!!

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader

    I know this is random, but am I the person that watches the whole mafia ads

  • Ada White
    Ada White

    Thank you guys so much for all your support and positive comments it means a lot and to all My new Subscribers welcome to the MAD FAM!

  • Good Sheep
    Good Sheep

    lol this is why it’s so easy for car salesmen to lie. I never would have guessed the shape of the truck when you first started. Absolutely amazing.

  • ZhongYun Love
    ZhongYun Love

    Jesus I love F-150

  • Eduardo Verna O.
    Eduardo Verna O.

    Your work is impressive! You put a lot of attention to the little details. Do you ha a video where you show headlights restoration? Would be very interesting to watch the whole process. Thanks in advance!

  • Lalo Martinez
    Lalo Martinez

    Where can i buy that machine to clean the carpet????

  • Alain Martell
    Alain Martell


  • Eber Pena
    Eber Pena

    you should of use 1000 grid sand paper for the seats gets rid of that extra material on it side

  • Chanda Russell
    Chanda Russell

    How long did it take you to do all you did on this truck?? It looks spectacular.

  • Legit Paircaptcha
    Legit Paircaptcha

    Thank you guys so much for all your support and positive comments it means a lot and to all My new Subscribers welcome to the MAD FAM!

  • George

    Do us a little 0-60 cousin

  • Chris Ingalls
    Chris Ingalls

    I really like your videos. Awesome. I used to use a great product by Malco, called clean and shine. Works great on leather, vinyl and leaves a matte finish. These details you do are great to watch the before and after. Thanks

  • Radical Thought
    Radical Thought

    51:32 Why did he replace the crystal headlights?

  • Crinj

    How did you clean the engine bay? Couldn’t find it on how you cleaned :(

  • Clint Curtis
    Clint Curtis

    Your work is too notch and the video is as well

  • Ang Mark
    Ang Mark

    You guys did a amazing job

  • Ang Mark
    Ang Mark

    That truck must have over 300 K miles owner was very filthy looks like he lived in the truck every day

  • Frost bite
    Frost bite

    Only thing left to polish is the exhaust tip. And also it was still dirty under the carpet when he put it back.


      It was not still dirty what you guys are seeing is primer I sanded and primed that floor board in the spots it was staring to rust

  • Thisfone Thisfone
    Thisfone Thisfone

    What do you use to wash the microfiber towels?

  • Anthony Greer
    Anthony Greer

    Just curious, how much do you charge for a detail job like this??? It's awesome.

  • Cheryl Cold
    Cheryl Cold

    Ok. made it to the end. Very well presented video, this was awesome and the end result is perfect. No idea how long it took you to do the work but the results are just fantastic.

  • Cheryl Cold
    Cheryl Cold

    Really enjoying this, at the carpet stage. We have a beige carpet in a Lancia Integrale Evo2 under restoration. I will go to town on it using your method before sending it to the restorer (this part is not available new). Also My wife has a red Golf GTI which needs paint correction. Super! Living in a city with no access to home DIY so I think will have to rent out a car wash bay for the day!!

  • VDPEFi

    What do people do to these vehicles! Our 03 Sorento family truck with 3 kids in it doesn't get this bad! Nice work dude looks incredible

  • m721ac

    Paul Walker is smiling at this...RIP..

  • joelito_tv

    Like how much u really charged for this one,? because this is fantastic work 👌 alot of detailing

  • Boxing Proff
    Boxing Proff

    No quema cuh.

  • Boxing Proff
    Boxing Proff

    These car detailing videos are so satisfying.

  • Dominic Toretto
    Dominic Toretto


  • Roynard

    Really nice work.

  • Sirius Black
    Sirius Black

    So I might have wet sanded parts of my vehicle. In order to get those spots to look better, what needs to be done?

  • brailosky15

    it was so good that for a min i thought you were gonna take the engine off and clean that 2 lol superjob bro keep the good work lol

  • Dave Hatzakorzian
    Dave Hatzakorzian

    Dude your work is absolutely amazing, I love watching every one of your videos

  • salvo 64
    salvo 64


  • Brian Costa
    Brian Costa

    What state are you located in would like my truck detailed

  • Lawrence House
    Lawrence House

    Wish I could have u detail my cars

  • Lawrence House
    Lawrence House

    What kind of shampoo extractor brand is that it does a nice job?


      It’s called a theramax therminator it’s a old machine but does a great job

  • Lawrence House
    Lawrence House

    That’s how a detail is done people be careful with Craigslist I had someone detail my car and they said they shampoo the carpets they didn’t they wet them and said they did and they missed so much it was the worse detail I have ever had done I could have took my car to the car wash and did a better job myself

  • Anthony Bass
    Anthony Bass


  • Sergio Daniel Chavero
    Sergio Daniel Chavero

    Soy de argentina. Me enamoré de tu camioneta yo tengo una Ford 1966 com 30.000 km reales soy el 2 dueño y tengo otra para trabajar 1998 impecable las dos te felicito me gustó lo que haces abrazo

  • Ricardo Tellado
    Ricardo Tellado

    On average how long does it take to complete a car

  • Jeremy Uzzle
    Jeremy Uzzle

    Like legit brand new again

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith

    Just a recommendation. Apply the degreaser to a rag when cleaning around electric accessories "door lock/window switches" as they dont react well to fluids. I'm a mechanic who has replaced numerous switches directly after a very thoroughly detailed vehicle. But you did a incredible job.

  • Jamal J
    Jamal J

    No quema cuhhh

  • Dominick. H
    Dominick. H

    This reminds me of fast and the furious

  • Carl Smith
    Carl Smith


  • Stu Myers
    Stu Myers

    I love everything but you use way to much product in the seat it shouldn’t be pouring out like that when you go to extract.

  • Ramon Morales
    Ramon Morales

    I need a detail like this

  • calebvasquez1

    Makes me want to buy one of them old trucks


    You should really start putting your customers reaction at the end of it

  • Samuel Barbosa
    Samuel Barbosa

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    Rx Lo10

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    Jess & Josh Wyatt

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    Josh Ornelas

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    Ethan Alexander

    Your probably one of the most thorough guys when it comes to cleaning cars! I thought I was decent at it...... haha I thought wrong. Great job man! 👍👍

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    Lord Hades


  • James Frantz
    James Frantz

    I watched it.mad props on detail work,took the wheels off and cleaned the back side.then took out seats and carpet .how much for all that ?

  • Eddie Rodriguez
    Eddie Rodriguez

    Fuckn A MAD you did that my boi shit truck looks good ASF !!!!! Nice to that u took the fog lights from behind the grill & PUT THEM WHERE THEY BELONG LOL

  • Andrew Perez
    Andrew Perez

    Jesus Christ this is the most detailed detail I've ever seen! I watch all the main IRbin detail guys n they do good work but this was fuckin meticulous as hell. Good fuckin job man. Shit, im just amazed.


      Thanks a lot brotha

  • Daniel Vargas
    Daniel Vargas

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  • Budget Barber
    Budget Barber

    Simply amazing

  • tifosiman68

    Dude it looks brand new. Awesome job.

  • Wes Benton
    Wes Benton

    My hat's off to you man I got a 02 White Lightning and I try to keep it as clean as I can great job man keep up the hard work

  • Jack Watters
    Jack Watters

    Who buys a damn lightning and treats it like a 2 buck hooker?

  • Prize_ PH
    Prize_ PH

    That car is familiar because its paul walker’s fl150

  • Jesus Juvera
    Jesus Juvera

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  • JD Mac
    JD Mac

    Brings back my high school days

  • Joseph Williams
    Joseph Williams

    Please tell me this is for a collector

  • Adams daily drive
    Adams daily drive

    Do any of the elec components ever have issues after soaking them in soapy water?? Window switches? Radio?

  • Final Touch Auto Detailing llc
    Final Touch Auto Detailing llc

    Amazing work man! What kind of hours you have wrapped up in this 20-30 hours? Took quite a bit to edit as well I'm guessing

  • Lopez 400
    Lopez 400

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  • Maurizio Casadei
    Maurizio Casadei

    How did you clean the engine bay? Besides using the trim shine?

  • jgonzalejg87

    As a Lightning owner, I wanna thank you for your beautiful work on this SVT. What a magnificent job you did on this gem.

  • AdamandGeraldine Byro
    AdamandGeraldine Byro

    What brand foam cannon are you using? I did not see it under the tools and links for this video. thx


      AdamandGeraldine Byro Oh my bad I’ll get that link fixed later today so you can check it out

  • Jesus Duran
    Jesus Duran

    Wait so this detail, the tacoma, and the chevy are cars that you bought and detailed or are they customer's cars🤔

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  • Ketut Dyamika
    Ketut Dyamika

    thank you for waiting on this video I am very interested in watching it and the spectacle which is very inspiring and in accordance with what I was doing during this pandemic ... and I want to ask what is the name of the liquid that can remove the descaling of car wheels ...? thank you 🙏

  • Prrp76

    great job how much that will cost for a mustang 2013 ?

  • Bobby George
    Bobby George

    How dose that clay work cuz any good


      Bobby George it’s pretty good it’s reusable if you drop it it washes off

  • MR Demon#1
    MR Demon#1

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  • AR 1776
    AR 1776

    Wow you are very professional I hope you are charging good for all that work 👍 I want to get to that level of detailing. I'm fairly new to this

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  • Dustin Z.
    Dustin Z.

    Hey, you probably won't see this, but is there any way you could shoot me a link for the Trim Paint you used on the grill? I have the same Body style truck besides mines an Extended cab and not a lightning. I already deep cleaned the interior, but now it's the outside that needs work. I would really like to respray my grill and get it looking nice again.

  • Ricky Bobby
    Ricky Bobby

    Honestly I've got mad RESPECT for this guy his work literally defines the meaning "above and beyond" props to you man great work keep it up brotha you'll make it far in life I garuntee it

  • New Life
    New Life

    Wow amazing you did awesome job. You brought that truck back to life.

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    Ryan Myers

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    The wheels and tires getting restored was 1st favorite second was the black trim 3rd was wheels again getting that shine brought everything together man. Such a masterpiece detail. I’ve been laggin on this video I’ve seen it on my recommendations a couple times and it is fire. Great stuff man I’m subscribed learned about a few new products that I want to try out.

  • Winter Kaplan
    Winter Kaplan

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