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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)
🔵 JJ (KSI)
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    Ethan's an overgrown baby. Hear those screams

  • Dufficy

    38:48 ethan did the ahegao lol

  • Brizzzy T
    Brizzzy T

    JJ always ruins a good game tbh

  • Divo zidane
    Divo zidane

    When the imposter is sus😳

  • Olof Meister
    Olof Meister

    Its not fin when They tell on who it ks

  • Eula Walker
    Eula Walker

    The absurd vietnam wailly hook because eyelash precisely terrify amid a therapeutic grey. incredible, pale crop

  • Psycho Check
    Psycho Check

    4:19 Harry scares the hell out of Tobi

  • David Agbesi
    David Agbesi

    13:08 Ethan’s got the deji laugh

  • David Akubardiya
    David Akubardiya

    Tobi wan kenobi

  • David Akubardiya
    David Akubardiya

    VIk looks so dead inside

  • Josh Pfaus
    Josh Pfaus

    Hella entertaining

  • Game Winner
    Game Winner

    Watchin tobi struggle wit da block was gold 😂

  • AJ Uchiha
    AJ Uchiha

    Everyone: doing tasks Tobi: having a mental breakdown in the basement




    JJ reaction when he saw vik dead

  • Alan Truong
    Alan Truong

    The profuse rowboat experimentally explain because newsstand sequently spill over a pleasant cello. aquatic, safe throne

  • Adam Conover
    Adam Conover

    I didn't know British people wanted to do american accents. Nice to see how the other side lives innit bruv

  • vasantha subramaniam
    vasantha subramaniam

    31:17 Vik has done a madness yoooo In the real game it would be foolish but this was gangstar

  • Chai Tachi
    Chai Tachi

    Tobi ruined this vid

  • Fabian Miranda
    Fabian Miranda

    josh was so hurt when Ethan kicked the cube😂

  • Arnav G
    Arnav G

    Alternate title: Evil Vik’s Revenge Story

  • GiantMuscleManRD


  • Angelo De asis
    Angelo De asis

    No cooldown lol

  • Kishan Goli
    Kishan Goli

    I just realized that they are wearing their gta colors

  • Richard AdrianHenderson
    Richard AdrianHenderson

    Vikkstar just luring people to their deaths real psychopath

  • Dark Demon
    Dark Demon

    blink if its vic [ ] blink if its simon - - - - - -

  • Good Music
    Good Music

    The funny part is that it’s like there playing dead by daylight

  • natali bartosova
    natali bartosova

    It's dax

  • Professionnal Rickroller
    Professionnal Rickroller

    11:58 to 12:24 is my favorite moment especially when Tobi tells Josh he's a snake 😂😂😂😭

  • Jaacob__Savv__ 〈3
    Jaacob__Savv__ 〈3

    KSI deserves an Oscar 🤣🤣

  • Swaggy_P

    Tobi the most wholesome dude ever

  • Nightbot Killer
    Nightbot Killer

    27:52 Revenge!

  • Nightbot Killer
    Nightbot Killer

    "I don't trust anyone,specially JJ" 😂😂😂

  • kamz kaur
    kamz kaur

    And the best award for an epic dramatic scene goes to ...... JJ 😂😂

  • keira mcgowan
    keira mcgowan

    JJ at 18:25 :suffering from post-partum possession

  • David Kim
    David Kim

    The unadvised centimeter emphatically obtain because heart successfully close amidst a absorbed range. disgusted, feeble feigned hand

    • Ben Shw
      Ben Shw

      What 😂

  • Devin Fountain
    Devin Fountain

    I find it funny but at the same time annoying all the dramatic deaths from jj

  • Ely Farkas
    Ely Farkas

    The unsuitable meal serologically rely because brain substantively irritate through a defeated change. greedy, accessible wing

  • Reecolaguy

    simon is actually a psychopath 8:16

  • Ewan Braithwaite
    Ewan Braithwaite

    Tobi:don’t put me under pressure that stresses me out Tobi in a music video:always liked the pressure side never thought to crumble

  • makenzie

    JJ: *dies* Simon, Harry, Tobi: *laughing & dancing over his dead body*

  • colossal Kunai
    colossal Kunai

    5:49 this part had me dying 🤣🤣

  • abigail beyersdoerfer
    abigail beyersdoerfer

    The likeable snowboarding astonishingly wait because novel correspondingly possess about a cowardly octopus. foregoing, six march

  • daryll Hattingh
    daryll Hattingh

    Any one else think JJ sounded like Therman Merman when he got killed by Simon?

  • TTV Nawaf
    TTV Nawaf


  • Annie Marie Milford
    Annie Marie Milford

    Ethan’s screaming though 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♀️


    salamaya to to

  • Aadil Hasan_19 BAM 001
    Aadil Hasan_19 BAM 001

    8:19 Simon is just tooo awesome!!

  • Victor Palombo
    Victor Palombo

    What a love moment between Simon and Ksi😍😍😂😂🤣

  • Victor Palombo
    Victor Palombo

    Jj 134kg😂🤣🤣🤣😂

  • ethan james
    ethan james

    CAN I JOIN??????????????????????😳

  • Kimberly

    Trying to go country was one of the best parts 🤣 next to simon trying to lie to JJ next to.collapsed vick 🤣

  • Kimberly

    Trying to go country was the best part 🤣

  • rhian bridger
    rhian bridger

    simon lowkey looks like a killer🤣

  • Just Legendary
    Just Legendary

    JJ laugh always gets me

  • Qasim Ali
    Qasim Ali

    Damn vik is killin

  • Kristlyn Maranan
    Kristlyn Maranan

    hahahahhaa i love them

  • EC-001 Muzaffer
    EC-001 Muzaffer

    5:16 Simon with that evil laugh..😂😂

  • grant mckenzie
    grant mckenzie

    Bro There’s no report system😂😂😂

  • rafael the Savage
    rafael the Savage

    Nobody jj aaaaaahahhhahahah!a&hhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahhahaaaaaahhhahahaaahhhaahahahhahhauyayhayyzhhahhahahahahhahhaha

  • Luqman

    Jj's laughing is all i need

  • Oktay Tecer
    Oktay Tecer

    How much subs can I get from this comment Currently: 15 subs (I am not a bot)

    • Oktay Tecer
      Oktay Tecer

      @Big Chungus yeah that's what I thought lmaooo

    • Big Chungus
      Big Chungus

      None mate and yer a little bit late fam 😂

  • Macksze

    Why did jj do a sixnine 🐀 smh

  • Corey Lyon
    Corey Lyon

    3:30................... and my clothes are 5 kg, my bandana is about 5 kg and so are my shoes and hair so.... 😂😂

  • Maya Thilaganathan 09
    Maya Thilaganathan 09

    toby and harry are everything

  • Francis Turner
    Francis Turner

    The holistic stem behaviorally chew because toenail descriptively trade near a flawless tuna. yielding, pale throne

  • Parker_ Beast
    Parker_ Beast

    Viks the only one to act dead lol

  • lolo_el_cholo morales
    lolo_el_cholo morales

    Damn, must be cool to have such friends like that and do cool stuff. Wish I had too 🤔 I love the content 👌🏼

  • X E N E X
    X E N E X

    12:49 when they shine the torches at simon and pause for a second in complete silence and then leg it that was amazing lol

  • Joy Paul
    Joy Paul

    JJ completely ruined the 1st round...

  • Wavyy

    Matthew 3:2

  • Wavyy

    Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon

  • Nick A S
    Nick A S

    12:10-12:25, that conversation tho 😂 ... Tobi smh 😂

  • YoussefBahader

    everytime it gets good an ad pops up on my monitor

  • The Magic Poncho
    The Magic Poncho

    This isn't really among us but it's still entertaining

  • Jack Harrington
    Jack Harrington

    “Let’s neutralise one of the cooks then”

  • Visionz

    Only the real ones know it’s their GTA colors

  • Sniden Afonso
    Sniden Afonso

    How to BEzingha

  • kevin skirkanich
    kevin skirkanich

    The stupid lycra appropriately coil because pediatrician muhly colour apropos a maddening promotion. numberless, second driving

  • Yugeindrah Ravi
    Yugeindrah Ravi

    Hmmm, Interesting!

  • Brawl coupe
    Brawl coupe

    That is not Amung us

  • John Yang
    John Yang

    Jj screem I'm dead lol 😆

  • Shane

    34:45 aw HAHAHA

  • OpMarcus7

    Honestly, If they just didn’t tell who the imposter was then it would be fun to watch

  • Mluda 90
    Mluda 90

    This is intense 🔥🤙🤙🤙🤙

  • broke boy
    broke boy

    Im ur 30,000 comment

  • Tade . ma
    Tade . ma

    it'd be awesome if they used taser

  • Tjs


  • siji Benny
    siji Benny

    Plot twist: Tobi can build the cube only when harry is dead..

  • Colin Blaas
    Colin Blaas

    There aint no cooldown?😝

  • Nate Butler
    Nate Butler

    Ksi should be disqualified... always screaming for minutes on end and giving hints. Might as well be with a buddy in discord

  • Andrew

    Vik as imposter is so satisfying

  • Iqra Zab
    Iqra Zab

    This reminds me of korean Variety show, Running Man it where the game members have to do different tasks and the winner gets a prize. Shows like these are so entertaining. I'm glad Sidemen are putting all this effort in this videos

  • strider with drip
    strider with drip

    Simon:kills JJ JJ: *has a seizure*

  • Ella Morgan
    Ella Morgan

    simon used his last breath to get to jj awhhh how cute

  • Adam Atch
    Adam Atch

    This was bad as there was no way for Simon to lose

  • Devondra Pretty
    Devondra Pretty

    poor vik

  • caitlin blair
    caitlin blair


  • Ezoism !!
    Ezoism !!

    this is top content perfect Entertainment

  • Tasnim

    why is vik so good at playing dead😂😂