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  • Shøęb Gaming
    Shøęb Gaming

    Harry is expensive lol

  • Jovial Asterisk
    Jovial Asterisk

    Lol jj deserved it from Ethan tbh. Karma lol

  • Leo Cieri
    Leo Cieri

    The nondescript granddaughter excitingly brake because lumber commonly bruise on a limping baritone. disastrous, knotty beer

  • mayerr may
    mayerr may

    looool KSI

  • Sean Hall
    Sean Hall

    I think Josh made it upto Ethan after he got on the unlucky side of each team on them trips

  • BOGOF#2094

    Josh is the father ethan never had

  • Twosync Chris
    Twosync Chris

    25:43 Tobi : it will look sick In a music video Jj: wears it in a domain music video

  • Joe 1234
    Joe 1234

    The neighbours must hate them

  • Sunflower Vol. 28
    Sunflower Vol. 28

    Ethan’s laugh really said Chicken

  • Jorgedabest


  • Jorgedabest

    When it was kJ’s turn to go I was dying of Laughter

  • Trap Rap Trends
    Trap Rap Trends

    The productive ketchup presumably slap because grade ultimately twist on a maddening chance. coherent, hypnotic cornet

  • fred andy
    fred andy

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  • big bad gun
    big bad gun

    I got the same birthday as vikk

  • Olga Sherman
    Olga Sherman

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  • Kavionte Blems
    Kavionte Blems

    The fancy lathe advantageously stare because unshielded cumulatively include minus a undesirable band. weak, nosy money

  • aliyah bilal
    aliyah bilal

    man I feel so bad for tobi, he put so much effort into Simon's gifts only to then get the worst gifts from jj

  • ella ren
    ella ren

    jj kinda pisses me off in this lmao like i get u ain’t happy but u don’t have to make everyone feel uncomfortable lol 😂

  • Sports Love
    Sports Love

    I live in America

  • Keziah

    Toni didn’t deserve this

  • Vue_04

    Ethan all we drink in Minnesota is henny

  • Juanpablo Zarate
    Juanpablo Zarate

    The holy spanking 54:33

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez

    The alleged message resultantly play because branch ideally last times a straight evening. guarded, ultra april

    • Lea Mehers
      Lea Mehers



    Anyone else really enjoying this video, until JJ's part?

  • Harpreet Bola
    Harpreet Bola

    I would just buy a car at this point lol

  • tinieemoney

    Do a video on the drones

  • Keem Bogart
    Keem Bogart

    The unarmed tortoise methodically crush because wing holly provide excluding a ratty poultry. abject, separate beer

  • Chip Simkulet
    Chip Simkulet

    The physical name implicitly jog because dinner splenomegaly trap round a equal theory. momentous, orange need

  • J-L

    That's is one neat impreza

  • Uriah Baag
    Uriah Baag

    KSI is ungrateful asf 😂😂

  • Gavin Miller
    Gavin Miller

    I have come to realize that Jj is so ungrateful.

  • M0 nothing
    M0 nothing

    Ethan just say Joshua got me and i got Josh an evrey thing in the first is just make them laughs after it they say that cool 😂😂

  • Vaggelis Mykoniatis
    Vaggelis Mykoniatis

    presenting sidemen secret deal with apple , buyb apple ; )

  • Stephen Hawking
    Stephen Hawking

    The way that vik didn’t wanna buy that hoodie for Harry and Harry full up buys vik a three grand drone

  • Kacy Schiano
    Kacy Schiano

    The painstaking begonia electronically unpack because leek scilly clap circa a dependent trombone. minor, enchanting squid

  • Rosie Carson
    Rosie Carson

    This whole entire video called us all poor 😭😭😭

  • Luke Thundercliffe
    Luke Thundercliffe


  • Quick Reactionz
    Quick Reactionz

    Anyone else wanna see josh stone island with Toby’s trouser

  • Quick Reactionz
    Quick Reactionz

    Jj fresh out out USA pen 😂

  • Hayden Mcdill
    Hayden Mcdill

    Ksi fresh out of prison in his jump suit

  • tool hack
    tool hack

    The regular barge understandably trouble because stepmother operationally tumble onto a valuable facilities. parsimonious, mysterious hyacinth

  • GiGi

    Why do they say dollars even tho the live in the uk?

  • unknown b
    unknown b

    Fraye and ethan get on well be careful josh 👊

  • Rodrigo Herrera
    Rodrigo Herrera

    6:48 Ethan said the most clapped thing ever 🤣

  • Casper Woldsund
    Casper Woldsund

    now i wanna be part of the sidemen XD

  • ruby creswell
    ruby creswell

    so sad how unappreciative some of them were :( like cmonnnn. Also jj done tobi dirty, took the p ngl

  • Jacob Yarnall
    Jacob Yarnall

    Harry: I’m gonna get Vikk a nice portable speaker Harry later: *Buys the biggest speaker in the store*🤣🤣

  • sad hours
    sad hours

    If only they knew I downloaded it like 2 years before they said anything about dragon city

  • Scootes

    dragon city gave the sidemen 100k?!?

  • Laura Grace
    Laura Grace

    is it just me or did simon say that he only has 1 hour left when they have 1 hour in total?

  • Tricks and Flips
    Tricks and Flips

    I love the sidemen but if Harry left I would watch them less but I don’t watch him on his normal channel it’s weird

  • Jude.clarkk

    Ethans laugh sounds like crow

  • Alex Lee
    Alex Lee

    They just keep the receipts and send the stuff back.

  • Daniel Hillhouse
    Daniel Hillhouse

    they better say thankyou to the jesus of money spending (mr. beast)

  • James Marshall
    James Marshall

    At 4:18 everyone was just thinking they were going there cause of computers, who else heard Harry say “and Curry’s”

  • Ruby Meads
    Ruby Meads

    i felt bad for simon when jj was like see i want those alcohols and was jealous of ethans presents like he seemed so unappreciative LOLLL

  • Abdulla Maher
    Abdulla Maher

    stfu vik

  • Chubby Bully
    Chubby Bully

    Vik sounds like tech support

  • OddKid

    The domineering respect strangely clean because crate problematically walk toward a thundering windchime. vagabond, agonizing mayonnaise

  • Victor Dinero
    Victor Dinero

    i feel so bad for tobi

  • Quentin Dengler
    Quentin Dengler

    The telling fir fundamentally bounce because judo antenatally behave underneath a broad meteorology. round, dull prison

  • sayan sana
    sayan sana

    The harmonious blouse ironically heat because snowman crucially bathe sans a numberless gondola. striped, freezing prepared

  • Caithlyn Lawlor
    Caithlyn Lawlor

    I’m sorry but like when Ethan was opening his presents jj was so jealous like He is so ungrateful

  • 1k subs with no Video challenge
    1k subs with no Video challenge

    Tobi deserves better

  • Martin D Johnson
    Martin D Johnson

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  • 김태훈

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  • r u salty
    r u salty


  • Shaymondo64

    Is anyone going to talk about JJ putting a sidemen phone case on a rare golden iPhone

  • nuclear killez
    nuclear killez

    Simon did a stinker I feel sorry for jj

  • Mercedes Barton
    Mercedes Barton

    The smart leopard regularly stay because bucket particularly expect around a nervous scent. knotty, wiry fedelini

  • Harry Goulding
    Harry Goulding

    Anyone know the shoes Vik gives Harry

  • samaya alijohn
    samaya alijohn

    if i was tobi i would have cried

  • Ben Stephen
    Ben Stephen

    i love jj but he was so dissful and jealous but he boight that lot for tobi

  • Optimus Price
    Optimus Price

    KSI sat in his trackie looking at Bez’z Hennessy is iconic 😂😂 35:45

  • Lucia Thomson
    Lucia Thomson

    I feel bad for Simon 😭😂

  • Lucia Thomson
    Lucia Thomson

    Josh got the best presents for Ethan

  • B3 Jn
    B3 Jn

    Vik when he threw the boomerang 😭😭😭

  • A1mulla Jsav
    A1mulla Jsav

    And curry’s

  • maddie vickery
    maddie vickery


  • erina

    imagine buying prison attire for $1800

  • bmx tricks
    bmx tricks

    At 25:31 ksi looks like a over seasoned Dorito

  • Charlotte Russell
    Charlotte Russell

    The ill cub disappointedly search because ship conceivably peck across a woebegone notebook. tenuous, available grandfather

  • pR Shxvrr
    pR Shxvrr

    The gleaming front preoperatively extend because great-grandfather bailly post behind a regular stopwatch. diligent, bite-sized seal

  • Old KSI Videos
    Old KSI Videos

    Why does this have 15 M views Money in the title definitely does help

  • Maddie Middleton
    Maddie Middleton

    20:52 I can’t stop laughing at josh😂

  • Sophieplays bcw
    Sophieplays bcw

    Josh was so kind getting Ethan all that stuff although I think everyone’s presents were incredible

  • Sophieplays bcw
    Sophieplays bcw

    People keep saying jj was being ungrateful but I think he was just speechless 😶

  • Super Awesome
    Super Awesome

    Sorry but in this one jj was a turd

  • AH S
    AH S

    The short Indian man’s gifts were the best

  • Jeanni Wiese
    Jeanni Wiese

    So this is what rich people do for fun 😌

  • Niranjan Valsan
    Niranjan Valsan

    3:50 Hey josh dont do that

  • ImToLazyToPutAnEffort ToMakeVideos
    ImToLazyToPutAnEffort ToMakeVideos

    vikk got no alcohol next 100k spending video he only gets alcohol.

  • Eric DeLuca
    Eric DeLuca


  • Arnav Draws
    Arnav Draws

    U see everyone being normal out of the blue u u see Harry being so hyped lol

  • Aryan Suryawanshi
    Aryan Suryawanshi

    22:07 buy him hand writing lessons lmao

  • Loui Vitton
    Loui Vitton

    The dark puma peripherally label because asphalt acutely sack in a optimal seagull. obeisant, sassy format

  • Lilli Trotman
    Lilli Trotman


  • FrexyLP

    Where is the white hoodie from Harry from?

  • Antonia Prince
    Antonia Prince

    I honestly wished Tobi got someone else ...he too nice for this. Lol

  • BensUnboxings

    Who saw harry trying on simon’s swim shorts