SML Movie: The Super Bowl Problem!
There is a huge problem!

  • David Tadevosyan
    David Tadevosyan

    The buccaneers and will win 39 points

  • Rooster Lasers
    Rooster Lasers

    She only like him because of his dack

  • 1he n1gh7mar3_b3gin5
    1he n1gh7mar3_b3gin5

    "Suck some Dack" is a reference to the empire strikes back episodes of Family guy

  • Floppa Gaming
    Floppa Gaming

    Floppa hates SML

  • Bianca Felice
    Bianca Felice


  • sun g
    sun g

    Everyone:this will be the last time we see the Nintendo characters Me:wait till the NFL sues us for tom Brady

  • Luke Wrld
    Luke Wrld

    Junior:(soft voice) Tom you okay Me:does from laughing

  • abraham Drizzy Gang
    abraham Drizzy Gang

    31 to 9

  • purpleghostone

    how did tom brady wake up?

  • OctoPlushCity

    This is my favorite SML video..

  • CompetingWinner

    Why is he wearing a patriots oitfit

  • Braydeezy

    *and this marks the end of SML plushies*

    • Jeko Guerra
      Jeko Guerra

      they were nintendo's

  • Aiden and pals
    Aiden and pals

    The last episode that featured the classic super Mario Logan characters we all know and love 😢

  • Noah Hanna
    Noah Hanna

    it was 31 to 9

  • Geneva's Turn Around Blues Clues
    Geneva's Turn Around Blues Clues

    8:46 if he loses all the lifesavings, then he will die

  • Remy’s Youtube Gaming
    Remy’s Youtube Gaming

    Last time we see the nintendo plushies

  • GDCandyCanes

    SML should be allowed to use the plushies, their his plushies, I understand that their content is bizzare, but there is other people like me that make these kinds of videos.

  • Mriana Rodriguez
    Mriana Rodriguez

    𝚓𝚛 𝚒𝚜 𝚓𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚜𝚘 𝚍𝚞𝚖𝚋 𝚒 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚒𝚝

  • Mr. Night
    Mr. Night

    ... The last video. Rest in peace.

  • NecroTitan

    this video seems awfully familiar

  • Captain Rex
    Captain Rex


  • Somari

    man this cease and desist really sucks, though im happy you get to keep the channel

  • oct Dezmo
    oct Dezmo

    supermariologan sml movie jeffy jeffry jeff funny jokes super bowl the super bowl problem tom brady super mario mario rosalina ex boyfriend superluigilogan sll superbowserlogan sbl nintendo video game football sport hilarious comedy skit entertainment laugh joke

  • Theo34

    10:53 *AhHa PuT Me in CoAcH HeEeEeH*

  • Aiden Roberts
    Aiden Roberts

    1:06 Junior: Tom you okay? Me: Stop poking him with a gogurt!

  • Nathaniel Hermanson
    Nathaniel Hermanson

    Why last plush video

  • Abraham Etienne
    Abraham Etienne

    Fuck Nintendo, who's with me

  • lilcrumb 42069
    lilcrumb 42069

    This is the end of an era... R.I.P

  • Alejandro Lara
    Alejandro Lara

    The last plush video😭

  • cjbadasx3x Gaming
    cjbadasx3x Gaming


  • Kaden Taylor
    Kaden Taylor

    3 to 30 i think but the chiefs got destroyed #i love tom brady

  • happy me
    happy me

    when i wached this again i miss the old mario plush.

  • 2027 Thomas Smotherman
    2027 Thomas Smotherman

    question for SML how excited were ya'll when Tom one?

  • Locus 4
    Locus 4

    I don’t think he sounds like that

  • Jeremy Castellanos
    Jeremy Castellanos


  • Dinosaur Stuff
    Dinosaur Stuff

    The lady plush video


    The last of the plushies :(

  • Slime Bread
    Slime Bread

    so sad no more Mario :(

  • Samal Abbas
    Samal Abbas

    Dark sounds like dick

  • Rogue

    Taking out the plushys is just as worse as when they stopped cussing

  • TTvbtwisthebest

    yo that acttulay look good

  • Rylen Powell
    Rylen Powell

    Who’s here when Junior has a body

  • LegosOfLaser [Tophatt]
    LegosOfLaser [Tophatt]


  • Debiboo

    ... last video with the plushies

  • Jeremy Lopez
    Jeremy Lopez

    screen shotted everything also before you deleted :) and did multiple feedbacks with screenshots of everything you have been doing wrong :) been a few months of screenshots and clipping but I have a good enough case :)

  • Jeremy Lopez
    Jeremy Lopez

    Your videos are all clickbait/garbage fodder for children who dont know any better. 90% of your subscribers are children and the other 10% are pedos. Also a little FYI i will be activly doing everything in my power to remove this content :) :) :) :)

  • Jeremy Lopez
    Jeremy Lopez

    "Whether you're writing campaign messaging, creating promotional materials, boosting your brand's social media posts, or coordinating a giveaway, make sure to adhere to these guidelines: Do not use the words Super Bowl or Super Sunday. Avoid using the specific team names.Jan 17, 2020"

  • Jeremy Lopez
    Jeremy Lopez

    This video as well as a ton of your other videos is terrible. Also using "The Super Bowl" as you advert is illegal I think.... Using trademarked dolls in a way you do may also cause problems for you. "With trademarks you have to worry about creating a false association, which is a type of trademark infringement. As with all trademark infringement cases the question is whether the average consumer confuses your use of the mark with the original mark. If you make a Lego video, how does the viewer know that Lego didn't create the video or that it isn't somehow associated with the video? You could put in a disclaimer, but that may not be enough to cure all ills. Lastly, you should worry a little bit about the tort of product disparagement. This usually comes about as a result of saying false or misleading things about a product. So if you present some toy as being particularly dangerous, when in reality it is not, then you could be liable for product disparagement." All your videos are click bait and not funny as well. Grown adult jerking off a doll is SOO funny.

  • 1 Minute Funny Videos
    1 Minute Funny Videos

    The last video with the Mario characters

  • David Flexx
    David Flexx

    Tom Brady on Tampa bay

  • The Thinking Dumb man VR
    The Thinking Dumb man VR


  • Eli Chioji
    Eli Chioji


  • Neyla the Princess Peach
    Neyla the Princess Peach

    1:15 but then you went all courage the cowardly dog on him and threw a rolling pin at him!

  • Memes For you
    Memes For you

    This is the last time the nitendo characters are here cause nitendo Sued sml for using there plushies cause of copyright

  • Dark Reaper
    Dark Reaper

    I thought Tom Brady was a Dread pirate, not a patriot anymore

  • Eric Jones
    Eric Jones

    “Tom Tom u okay”🤣🤣🤣 1:06

  • Nutrock

    For everyone in the future watching this, this is the last time we see the Nintendo plushies in a SML video. RIP plushies

    • H8ow Roblox
      H8ow Roblox

      @Tempoblade Son No I’m not lying it’s truth they been going on for years and Nintendo had enough so they sued them look I know your just very mad but look Nintendo has to. sml left them no choice.

    • Tempoblade Son
      Tempoblade Son

      @H8ow Roblox sml has the RIGHT to fucking record with the plushies they haven't gotten alot of warnings tf they have got only one which was 2 weeks ago so dont fucking lie so much

    • H8ow Roblox
      H8ow Roblox

      @Tempoblade Son I know but I mean Nintendo has the right to sue logan cause Nintendo has been giving sml warnings for years and they don’t listen. so They left Nintendo no choices so Nintendo sued them.

    • Tempoblade Son
      Tempoblade Son

      Ikr fuck Nintendo they ruined SML for me but still logan is the best why the fuck make Mario plushies when u cant make videos about them

  • Hayden

    Get ready to suck some dak is from Star Wars family guy

  • Owen Fuller
    Owen Fuller

    The last video with the OG characters

  • Nathan Epic
    Nathan Epic

    The last not cringe video sml will ever post

  • Daijon Vlogs
    Daijon Vlogs

    “Ew you peed in my mac and cheese!?”

  • Daniel Coronel
    Daniel Coronel

    11:05 The end of the Super Mario plushies series.

  • mr bruh 21
    mr bruh 21

    Little did we know this would be the last video with Mario characters

  • MrsBoyce82

    3:52 stop saying that

  • luke Tech gaming
    luke Tech gaming

    That last good video I watch dang it

  • Skylar's Animation Shows
    Skylar's Animation Shows

    The Super Bowl was amazing

  • thomas menke
    thomas menke

    That game was rigged

  • Trinity Dawson
    Trinity Dawson

    Quit harassing in the commets

  • Idk i just Comment on stuff
    Idk i just Comment on stuff

    This is the last ever video with the plushies

  • Mayo's RP ROBLOX
    Mayo's RP ROBLOX

    This is sad.

  • Klonoa_TheCabbit Animations
    Klonoa_TheCabbit Animations

    What if the two Mario have switched places for example SMG4 And SML Mario.

  • Mason Dickie
    Mason Dickie

    Holy #$%&* bowser jr doesn't listen tom Brady just said why he came in the house thats why I love this channel

  • Delbert Ward
    Delbert Ward

    Police said that the imposter is a hot picture of u with no shirt and shiloh and shiloh and shiloh and shiloh and shiloh vote on my way the imposter is name

  • Avery I’m I Eads
    Avery I’m I Eads

    I hate Tom Brady

  • Ha Lol
    Ha Lol

    I hate peas

  • PLague Jr
    PLague Jr

    Rip mario plushis this is the last video with dem ):

  • Your pal, Ares the dude
    Your pal, Ares the dude

    R. I. P Junior, Cody, Joseph, Rosalina and Mario...... Maybe those bin rats will make videos with you and eventual get sued.... Wow.

  • Yoange 1
    Yoange 1

    I don’t care about your American rugby football is one of these ⚽️ not this 🏈

  • Allyson Carter
    Allyson Carter

    I think the Green Bay Packers will win the Super Bowl

  • Tibor Djakovic
    Tibor Djakovic

    wel fuck this shit why is not jeffy fuckin here

  • Nintendo&Disney&Pixar Fan 2001
    Nintendo&Disney&Pixar Fan 2001

    Nintendo Betrayed Us.

  • Stanley Leon
    Stanley Leon

    Chef pee pee is not preety it deserve to go to jail

  • Javier Lazaro Blas
    Javier Lazaro Blas

    Me and watching Lena you got three ex boyfriends There's a guy with boxing gloves and then there was super d and a super football guy

  • Gaming Redemption
    Gaming Redemption

    It should be SBL super bowser logen

  • Retro Ryan
    Retro Ryan

    R.I.P Super Mario Logan 2007-2021

  • michael andrews
    michael andrews

    Mrbeast eating a burger with no honey mustard...

  • Jorden Strother
    Jorden Strother

    First words of superMariologan:Cmon Mario jump Last words of superMarioLogan:I do

  • Tyree Johnson
    Tyree Johnson

    Gang life forever Chef Pee Pee

  • Sara Ahmed
    Sara Ahmed

    You don't have the right to hit a minor with a rolling pin or any other ways. You could go to jail or have a court date.

  • Lazar Alabić
    Lazar Alabić

    Sometimes you say that it was really hard for Mrs. Incredible/Elastigirl from The Incredibles to give birth to her children because she has stretchy powers and they would get stretched out, but I think they were still able to get born normally.

  • Lazar Alabić
    Lazar Alabić

    I don't know why Jeffy doesn't like green beans because I don't know what they taste like. I think they taste like pickles because they look like them and people like them, and I don't like regular beans.

  • Luis Alberto
    Luis Alberto

    When chef pee pee said stupid for a second he sounded like 6ix9ine

  • Youtu Be
    Youtu Be

    Ya but why are they humans

  • Joaquim Richard Cruz
    Joaquim Richard Cruz

    Finally chef pee pee made something edible and healthy

  • Ty Deans
    Ty Deans

    I didn't watch it yet so I'm going to say 31 flight 5

  • matthews channel Gaming
    matthews channel Gaming

    You should have seen her shaking her pom poms for this dack I don't think that's what he ment

  • Jeydian Rivera
    Jeydian Rivera

    the final plush video :(

  • Crazy bird
    Crazy bird

    Up, down. Up,down. Sue, them. All, now. No... god Left, right, Left, right. Ciest, desist. Ciest, desist. Ugh...

  • Secret Catty Agent Man
    Secret Catty Agent Man

    Ok here me out, Pumpkin the Rapper! New video idea! Spam the likes if you like it!

  • Ebony Gordon
    Ebony Gordon

    I loved when Junior was poking Tom like Tom you OK it’s true everybody want to go good now in days