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  • Suman Gupta
    Suman Gupta


  • Jiya Gaikwad
    Jiya Gaikwad

    I feel so bad for sofie

  • Alliah Nicole Lozano
    Alliah Nicole Lozano

    Here eyes Tells everything

  • Alliah Nicole Lozano
    Alliah Nicole Lozano

    Sophie's Eyes when dom said "Hey babe" she was like 'Now your dead😏 And when Chloe Hugged her She was like 'this biatch And then Dom said "can you like stay here? Were like Going to Chapotle " she was like : This Girl 😠

  • Rachel Gaming
    Rachel Gaming

    omg when they told sofie it was a prank I could see the joy in her eyes that really means that dofie has a crush on dom so I SHIP DOFIE

  • Leona l
    Leona l

    Secondhand embarrassment 😂

  • Kate Liu
    Kate Liu

    When she sticks out her tounge 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Mai Tran
    Mai Tran

    oh my gosh Sophie and Dom should be aCouple and I’m very serious

  • Unicorn Fams
    Unicorn Fams

    She likes you

  • Flower the Hamster Hamster
    Flower the Hamster Hamster

    What happened to Sofia and dom

  • Ernestine Medalle
    Ernestine Medalle

    hi dominic

  • Mr Trippy 1
    Mr Trippy 1

    u qnd chloe are so cute together

  • Bella Playz
    Bella Playz

    What did sofie ever do to you lol

  • Kaden Abbott
    Kaden Abbott

    How dare you

  • Erin Deese
    Erin Deese

    Her face when she called tho

  • Gaston Plays
    Gaston Plays

    Sophie reacted so well to this 😂😂😂 she's definetly into him 💙💙

  • Hira Rizvi
    Hira Rizvi


  • Junnie Chavarria
    Junnie Chavarria

    Yo she kept her cool as much as she could but be careful she will fuck you up lol you don’t do this to a Beautiful girl. Lol

  • Alondra L
    Alondra L

    Messed up man

  • Jessica Easter
    Jessica Easter


  • Maria Sager
    Maria Sager

    That moment when you realize your crush has a boyfriend/girlfriend 😭

  • Zeinab Samhat
    Zeinab Samhat

    Soffit acted like a Aquarius in the car even tho she’s a Cancer not gonna lie😅

  • raja.g 12
    raja.g 12

    2:37 lol

  • Toniann Mitchell
    Toniann Mitchell

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  • Elizabeth daily’s vlogs Rose
    Elizabeth daily’s vlogs Rose

    I only like the ending😀

  • Maple Donut
    Maple Donut

    I actually thought that Dom was dating Chloe/Kloe (idk how to spell her name) because of the intro-

  • Samar Fatima Khan
    Samar Fatima Khan

    Be Muslim if you want to

  • Kitty cat
    Kitty cat

    Sofie was so sad and it was so awkward for her😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • owen mtz
    owen mtz


  • owen mtz
    owen mtz

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  • Für you
    Für you

    Sofie is literally trying to not throw up and hold her tears

  • Sohana Fatema BD
    Sohana Fatema BD

    I was literelly crying cause you two were ignoring her

  • Arif Jagirani
    Arif Jagirani

    Hi I'm your biggest fan

  • Khadija Faysal
    Khadija Faysal

    Did anyone notice that sofie was making faces while they were flirting

  • Toaster


  • Telisha Antwi
    Telisha Antwi


  • Marian Abdul
    Marian Abdul


    • Marian Abdul
      Marian Abdul

      Eily Lway

  • 3lite Sloth
    3lite Sloth


  • Sugarie Haiłey
    Sugarie Haiłey

    She’s 3 seconds away from taking out her bow and arrow

  • jeff mguadarrama
    jeff mguadarrama

    do a challenge with sofie the challenge is called copy me for 24 hours

  • Steve Kistner
    Steve Kistner

    i feel so bad for sofie aww

  • Larry Caldwell
    Larry Caldwell


  • MOONLIGHTgrande3435

    1. Clearly sofie likes dom (and i ship them) 2. I feel so bad for sofie, it was funny and sad at the same time

  • Karissa Froese
    Karissa Froese

    He called her Claire and Chloe

  • ALEJANDRA Godinez
    ALEJANDRA Godinez

    Sofia look jealous when you gave you are fake girlfriend a hug

  • Shraddha Patel
    Shraddha Patel

    Dom:hey babe Sofie:looks up as quick as sonic can run I think it's clear that she likes him

  • timetravel


  • Olivia Moreno
    Olivia Moreno

    Sofie likes dom

  • Its_tatiii

    I think we all know this was staged but entertaining loll.

  • Filmon Hayelom Yirgalem
    Filmon Hayelom Yirgalem

    Look at sofi's face i think is to far

  • itzchxrry

    she was so ready to kill both of them

  • Anna Cosgrove
    Anna Cosgrove

    Sofie: can you take me home actually Doms pretend gf: we can take you home after we go get Chipotle because we're already on our way there

  • Tayo Dehinbo
    Tayo Dehinbo

    Bro , that was cruel 😂😂

  • Joseph Albring
    Joseph Albring

    Haha OMG

  • Nevaeh Rivas
    Nevaeh Rivas


  • Davin Davin
    Davin Davin

    Sofie: I’m going crazy ugh

  • Yousef Abu-Esheh
    Yousef Abu-Esheh

    Haha so funny haha

  • daburnetts


  • daburnetts


  • daburnetts

    nooooooo ur supost to dat SOFIE

  • scarlet wolther
    scarlet wolther

    love your vids

  • Nyehma Jackson
    Nyehma Jackson

    Why are alll three of there eyes so pretty

  • JM Playz
    JM Playz


  • Shayna Saijad Tina Saijad
    Shayna Saijad Tina Saijad

    Ooo so you said its a prank right Dom... Me: Ooo so you and Sofie are dating?? I see.

  • Aina Juani
    Aina Juani

    How Dom and Chloe talk to each other like a couple are SO REAL!! They're so good at acting🤩

  • Mislene 'mislene'
    Mislene 'mislene'

    Am I the only one who think it looks like Lea Elui in the thumbnail ?

  • Angela Drury
    Angela Drury

    Live chat going crazy 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • priyanka soni
    priyanka soni

    Dom😍😍and sofie😍😍

  • Mangi Ngangom
    Mangi Ngangom

    Cute couple ever

  • Joseph Alvarez
    Joseph Alvarez

    Keep in mind that this is all for our entertainment. They know we want to see this, so they give it to us. How can we be sure that her reactions are genuine? I question the extent of her feelings for him, and vice versa.

  • Tamaha Topia
    Tamaha Topia


  • Vanshika Sharma
    Vanshika Sharma

    I would have literally cried if I would be at Sofie's place...

  • Just Leah Playz
    Just Leah Playz

    Chloe:our kids would have such pretty eyes Sofie:what in the friking heck Like her face tho

  • Chloe Wilson
    Chloe Wilson

    MY NAME IS CHLOE REEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nereida Pagan
    Nereida Pagan

    Ok it's a prank I still hate u tho 😌😌😌

  • Nereida Pagan
    Nereida Pagan

    I feel so bad for sofie WHYYY :

  • Nereida Pagan
    Nereida Pagan


  • Nereida Pagan
    Nereida Pagan

    Pls be a parmk🥺🥺🥺

  • Typical Scorpion
    Typical Scorpion

    Sofie likes you alot why don't you both just finally date knowing you both really like each other



  • Mariam MohamedAli
    Mariam MohamedAli


  • Jayaa Sharma
    Jayaa Sharma

    I feel so bad for sofie.

  • Haley Patience
    Haley Patience

    How Sofie struggled to say "You and Chloe are a couple" literally shows she likes him

  • Nick Kerry Exalant
    Nick Kerry Exalant

    I can see it in her eye that she was so mad 😂😂😡😡😡😡😀and she was going to cry 😭

  • Monroe R
    Monroe R


  • zoey mashups
    zoey mashups

    dom : yeah me and chloe hung out sophie and chloe at the end of the vid: we are gonna hang out, cya

  • Wilkister Odanga
    Wilkister Odanga

    😂😂 Sofie: I thought you said you were busy? Dom: Yeah, I was busy with her.

  • Lie with Lady
    Lie with Lady

    Anyone else feel disrespected when she ask Sofia what time does she need to be home

  • Charlotte Potas
    Charlotte Potas

    Yes right this proves that Sophia likes them and they go

  • simon draper
    simon draper

    this is fake-

  • Enaya Ali
    Enaya Ali

    4:42 *intense breathing noises*

  • Emutė Čaika
    Emutė Čaika

    I wud say b**c get out of here

  • Jonglio N
    Jonglio N

    Ayeee.... Don't temp sofie like that.... Just ask her out and make her urs

  • Kaia Neil-soz
    Kaia Neil-soz

    😭😭😭😭😭☹️ poor Sophie T.T

  • Addison Adams
    Addison Adams


  • Ritika Tumram
    Ritika Tumram

    Poor. Sofie

  • Isabelle and harrys account
    Isabelle and harrys account


  • Tyrone Wilson
    Tyrone Wilson

    5:26 is where Sofie is pissed.

  • Tyrone Wilson
    Tyrone Wilson

    Sofie was glaring at Chloe like "You're next on my hit-list.You are welcome."

  • Tyrone Wilson
    Tyrone Wilson

    She likes him bc she would have been happy for him instead of being salty