Someone TAMPERED with our $1,000 MINI Cooper at Auction! Can a $50 Hack Bring it Back to Life?
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Since our Mini Cooper S didn't seem to respond to the key that came with it at the auction I contacted ECU Team to diagnose our electrical modules and see where the problem was on the car. It turns out someone at auction must've tampered with it!
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  • yuvaraj k
    yuvaraj k

    Hi Sam can change battery to the old key huh try to use , please tell me if it works out or not

  • yeahman1975

    Coil packs please

  • dylan shaffer
    dylan shaffer

    he drive the lambo with only socks 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Michael Chandler
    Michael Chandler

    It will make someone a good daily driver plus make you a good profit.

  • Paulman50

    BMW Mini, should get 4 weeks before it throws another code.

  • Viv C
    Viv C

    How much was it to make the key and everything?

  • Mark Sha
    Mark Sha

    Lol aftermarket tune 20-39 more hp. Wishful thinking?

  • CR7659

    Do what makes you happy. The cheap cars are fun because anyone can do them. The high end cars are fun because I get to see stuff I never would in person.

  • richard wells
    richard wells

    lol i want mini :P

  • Zurk

    Rich be hating and you be flexing.

  • Tbone Scriv
    Tbone Scriv

    Minis are just more junk bmw

  • mattwebb

    Is this the same mini that was on tavarish's channel

  • cee gee
    cee gee

    Tire light comes on on EVERY car you own..........

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith

    You are really into Hip Hop???? Truly weird

  • SnowFall Apollo
    SnowFall Apollo

    sam: buy raycons! youtube: here's an ad for bose wireless earbuds

  • Nef

    Call the auction and have them search for that key......someone else out there is having your same problem and you could help them save a lot 0f money by speaking up to the auction place.

  • William Hughes
    William Hughes

    The mini is in good condition

  • Mobile Device E.R.
    Mobile Device E.R.

    Yeah mini parts can get expensive quick. My R52 needed a new passenger CV axle and the dealer wants $800! ECSTuning had aftermarket options that were like $120 on the expensive end!

  • Josh White
    Josh White

    This make me miss my MINI!!! If it needs a cheap new home! :)

  • Marcus Hay
    Marcus Hay

    I thought these came with a top mount intercooler?

  • James Weaver
    James Weaver


  • Meshach Nicholas
    Meshach Nicholas

    the i8 finished way before some of your projects ....... so I guess their, grandmother works quicker than you lol

  • Kevin Weil
    Kevin Weil

    So if you someone elses keys, then that means that someone else got your keys. I wonder who that person is? or how much trouble they have gone thru to figure out why their key wont work?

  • jeremiah hodges
    jeremiah hodges

    i wonder if Sam has noticed that the Passenger head rest is missing? 🤣🤣🤣

    • Ronnie Blythe
      Ronnie Blythe

      He said he took it off,in back seat!

  • Christo

    I dont need to know how a key works buddy

  • dangeranger

    I think he just creates problems to fix them

  • David

    oh my this car brings back bad memories it's a money pit!!!

  • Vincent Wyche
    Vincent Wyche

    Let me know when you plan on selling this car. I would buy this for my 18 year old son.

  • RoseOfHizaki

    Fun Fact: Dealerships are always expensive because they need to pay their rent and the all the staff they employ while they wait for a car to be sold or people to bring their cars in for repairs/maintenance. Selling cars aint as easy as you turning up to FCP Euro and buying some brake cleaner and a few air fresheners.

  • Aussie Mike
    Aussie Mike

    cool video with a good outcome.

  • Alan Here
    Alan Here

    I prefer the cheaper cars because they then go back into the world for people to enjoy. Are you missing a headrest too? LoL

  • Gerson Gutierrez
    Gerson Gutierrez

    you look like an alternative version of Adam Sandler on the raycon add lol I loved minis, great video

  • Greg S
    Greg S

    Show it till uve got everything tended to man. Ur teaching and we’re learning. Well in and thx again.

  • AndrewR

    I’d love to buy that to teach my fiancé how to drive a manual. Sadly none around where I live

  • puirYorick

    Auction staff seem to enjoy playing silly bugger games with car keys. It makes we wonder what they get out of it aside from a sadistic pleasure.

  • Michael Saxby
    Michael Saxby

    How many people thought he was taking off in the

  • C Tap
    C Tap

    Your year and model Ferrari has been my dream car since it came out. Seeing you tear it apart like it was just some garage Civic brought me to the realization that it really is just a car... and not a great one at that. Thanks for the vids!

  • Elmo Martinez
    Elmo Martinez

    Are you selling the mini by any chance?

  • Julio Maciel
    Julio Maciel

    So you are the chicken farmer that rich talk about!! What makes you more money chickens or cars ?

  • Max Barbanell
    Max Barbanell

    we LOVE to see it! What a fun little steal!

  • Shehryar Qaiser
    Shehryar Qaiser

    Will you sell it for 2k to me ?

  • Chris Evans garden services jones Jones
    Chris Evans garden services jones Jones

    Try changing the battery in the old key

  • Mac Coolmac
    Mac Coolmac

    You can get any BMW service record, from BMW.

  • Brian Shanahan
    Brian Shanahan

    Stick with the cheap rebuilds??

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali

    It’s a good thing that it didn’t had the right key otherwise it would have gone for more than 1000 in the auction.

  • Rick C
    Rick C

    4:49 driving myself crazy thinking someone was at the door 😂

  • Christian Couture
    Christian Couture

    if the chick's happy ....

  • Pete Hatzi
    Pete Hatzi

    I think you should do a Lexus ISF or a GS

  • Darkbyte2005

    that key , fix was brilliant and fascinating to see...

  • Aaron Murphy-Jones
    Aaron Murphy-Jones

    oh no i hope you get it sorted!

  • Aaron Radd
    Aaron Radd

    Where is the passenger side head rest?

  • Enrico Seilz
    Enrico Seilz

    I buy always cars from the abandoned vehicle auction, they come without key. For BMW and Minis I always order the key at the dealership they come cut and programmed ( 2 days wait in Hawaii ) no need to go back to the dealer and no need to replace the cas. I just bought a key for a E65 $250 plug and play the aftermarket made in China ones cost you $200 and last only a few months.

  • Eric Love
    Eric Love

    Go Knights‼️

  • Super Man
    Super Man

    Mini Cooper S is a blast to drive!! Not a fan of no spare on the turbo model, though, but that's fixed easily enough.

  • jobanski

    So what are you going to name your mini?

  • aviking

    Hey Sam you should pause the music when starting the car. We are here cause we are car people and want to hear the car start up as well 😃

  • 2H80vids

    𝑴𝒊𝒏𝒊 𝑪𝒐𝒐𝒑𝒆𝒓 𝑺 ~ 𝑻𝒆𝒔𝒕𝒆𝒅 𝒃𝒚 𝑪𝒉𝒊𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒏𝒔 !! I'd certainly watch a video replacing the coils and finishing the Mini up completely Sam. Once again, the dealerships don't come out of this one very well; what a bloody rip-off, just to get a replacement key. Why would 𝒂𝒏𝒚𝒐𝒏𝒆 use a dealership for 𝒂𝒏𝒚𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒏𝒈 these days?

  • Furkan Turfanda
    Furkan Turfanda

    I love my Mini, Stage 2 with 220 hp in a 2600 lbs car, that's 600 lbs lighter than a Mk7 GTI. I'd recommend an upgraded diverter valve though, the GFB+ is pretty good.

  • Stinky Cheese
    Stinky Cheese

    Heh, "you could fit a good amount of people or stuff in it". In what universe is this true relative to, umm, cars, trucks, vans, boats, or even tree houses?

  • farmerdave33

    When IRbin puts a Dominoes Pizza commercial in the middle of Samcrac video 😬

  • D L
    D L

    Most 4 cylinder cars firing order are 1-3-4-2

  • Mok du'Mok Non'Sharrall
    Mok du'Mok Non'Sharrall

    Mannnn... Now i want a minicooper

  • Brent Long
    Brent Long

    @samcrac If you legitimately have any questions on the Mini feel free to reach out. I currently have a 2010 R56 JCW (Pepper White like yours!), and its the third R56 I've owned. I know them pretty much inside and out!

  • Troy Kolakowski
    Troy Kolakowski

    if only it were a JCW...... but you'll still make some money flipping it. Nice find!

  • 8-bit Ed
    8-bit Ed

    If you never buy another BMW or Range Rover product I will be subscribed forever.

  • jon gale
    jon gale

    Sam if that is a Cooper S then it has a supercharger and you need to do a service on that.

  • 68 Vert Karmann
    68 Vert Karmann

    I enjoy the builds that a regular person can afford/do particularly when it’s a cool European car. Why does Rich keep poaching your blog?

  • Paul Addesa
    Paul Addesa

    Always keep an eye on the oil level. These cars are notorious for oil consumption because of the crappy PCV system that is integrated into the valve cover. I replaced my valve cover and it did slow it down a bit, but I still check it weekly.

  • hybridorbital85

    Check the vacuum pump. It's got a teeny tiny oiling hole. If it clogs, it'll seize ake out the timing chain and valves. Bought a cheap copper like that once ;)

  • ruffa nuff
    ruffa nuff

    Did he say the mileage & how much its worth now?

  • isaac ballesteros
    isaac ballesteros

    ECU team💪🏽

  • Menno Blom
    Menno Blom

    Chicken are cheaper in the supermarket😀

  • Andy Gilbert
    Andy Gilbert

    Just to confirm, I bought a mini with 2 dodgy keys. I took it to a Mini main dealer who diagnosed the problem as just being the keys, replaced, and coded two new keys for £320. I think that you'd have been no worse off on this occasion getting the mini main dealer to have done the keys. I too have a lemon mini, its back in the main dealer tomorrow for a footwell module which is screwed, wouldn't recommend a mini to anyone

  • David Barnsley
    David Barnsley

    The problem with the mini is it is owned by bmw And it is cheaper crap mascarading as exspensive crap

  • Gaurav S Rao
    Gaurav S Rao

    Is it just me or is the Ferrari in the background at 20:34 a bit different? Did he lose his shirt on another Ferrari?

  • Atte L
    Atte L

    Hmm... Anti-theft, more likely anti-ownership or lease expired reminder

  • Motosilk

    I'm sure i heard it start when you pushed to start on the bench!

  • Jason Keller
    Jason Keller

    Do you buy chickens for their eggs?

  • Taylor C
    Taylor C

    It's funny seeing a car computer freak out because it's not hooked up to a car. Empty fuel, check engine, device car (shake? Car), null mileage


    I can’t afford a lambo rim let alone the entire wrecked car. In the future I see more people buying dead cars and performing EV swaps as more drop in kits become available.

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy

    MOAR mini Cooper videos! MOAR MOAR!

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy

    It's always tough to "pull out"...

  • Mr KHAM
    Mr KHAM

    I going get another one same that car 🚘🚘

  • Gregory Tolson
    Gregory Tolson

    Pretty sure you can find out if certain recalls were performed on the car with the VIN #.

  • Nige Vargas
    Nige Vargas

    Sell it to me !!!!!

  • JOHNJOHN 9111
    JOHNJOHN 9111


  • That One Guy
    That One Guy

    Man I'd of bought that for 1k too and drive it until it breaks.

  • bigman Bze
    bigman Bze

    I love these minis

  • G g
    G g

    cool to see the ECU guy's bench. I like to see the supercars but keep it reasonable like the audio r8 was ~$30,000? That's realistic for people

  • justcubbin

    Hammer the auction for a discount on the key if it was advertised as a run and drive


    The cooling system design in those minis is the stupidest thing ever designed. They fail all the time

  • Nebderf 350zHR
    Nebderf 350zHR

    I defiantly wanna see you lose your shirt on buying Glamorous shit boxes, Maserati’s, Jags, Maybe even Alphas ect

  • System11 YT
    System11 YT

    Must say I prefer the less exotic projects, it's more relateable and more applicable to knowledge I might need one day. My cheap little runaround Fiat salvage repair is the result of people like you & others giving me the confidence to have a go & succeed.

  • Ryan Elliott
    Ryan Elliott

    There's another Mini Cooper key on the floor by the driver seat

  • Victor Robinson
    Victor Robinson

    I'm calling the police on you ! You stole this Cooper !!😣

  • Neil Bennet
    Neil Bennet

    yes please

  • Zach Moore
    Zach Moore

    2007 was the first year with the turbo, you have a second year if it's an '08 like mentioned in the video.

  • Seth Cain
    Seth Cain

    Post it anyways for fun. More contents usually always good content.

  • Beastly Garage
    Beastly Garage

    As a previous Turbo N14 Mini Cooper owner, this whole series brings on some serious PTSD. GET RID OF IT ASAP!

  • UnWrecked

    Now these are my type of rebuilds! Check my channel out