Soul Pitch Meeting
Step inside the pitch meeting that led to Pixar’s Soul!
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The people at Pixar are master storytellers, and in recent years have been tackling some increasingly mature themes with movies like Inside Out and Coco. Their latest movie, Soul, starring Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey, tackles the subject of what happens to the soul after we die. These are still kid’s movies, right?
Soul does raise some questions though. Like what kind of injury did Joe sustain when he fell into the manhole? How is his body totally fine when he jumps back into it later? Why aren’t any of the other souls freaking out about their deaths? Is Joe really the first one to freak out and push on the wall a little? What happened to the soul of the doctor he impersonated? Or the cat for that matter? What kind of a message is that ending sending? Why is Marie Antoinette only a floating head?
To answer all these questions and more, step inside the Pitch Meeting that led to Pixar’s Soul! It’ll be super easy, barely an inconvenience.
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    • Santiago Escobedo
      Santiago Escobedo

      people wishing they didn't die is tight

    • I am Iron Jacket
      I am Iron Jacket

      Could I make a non copyright stricked pitch meeting parody

    • MrShadrack

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      SAY UNCLE!!!

      Have you herd of a vpn?

    • MrShadrack

      @Trodden Entertainment I know right????

  • Dakota Cron
    Dakota Cron

    Ryan you should do a pichtmeeting on Spider-Man far from home

  • Aroma


  • Patrick L. Puckett
    Patrick L. Puckett

    How about the part where 22 decides to have a life bases on a fun afternoon in NYC then when she jumps it's obvious she's headed straight for south asia

  • Jean Vieira
    Jean Vieira

    I had lot more questions than the dead/living cat thing

  • BreeZ Place
    BreeZ Place

    This movie is a hard pass 😂

  • Sidharth

    Did he say "Super Easy Barely an Inconvenience" in this video?? Did I miss it or didn't he say it?

  • Elly Valentini
    Elly Valentini

    I just assumed that the cat being alive was a “9 lives” joke

  • italkcrab

    I haven't watched the movie, but it seems like its a movie with a great first half, and a slapped on 2nd half. Kind of like a reverse Rogue One. Or a reverse Matrix Reloaded.

  • QuantumStriker 003
    QuantumStriker 003

    What a perfect pitch meeting. No wonder there are no plot holes in this movie.

  • Blaiyan

    @:35 Was that on purpose?

  • Mozzarella Cheese
    Mozzarella Cheese

    They have corona

  • Debbie Andrews
    Debbie Andrews

    The trashy mallet apically gather because whistle pertinently shrug mid a soggy vest. telling, secretive scissors

  • Wyeuca

    Anyone her never even heard of this movie?

  • Jacob Hanna
    Jacob Hanna

    0:34 made ME die.... IN LAUGHTER

  • D.E. Waters
    D.E. Waters

    And when I saw the "conveyor" belt my first thought was Frets, nice.

  • Jequil

    Scummy company uses comedian for money

  • Dallen Eldredge
    Dallen Eldredge

    Me: Hey billy Joel! What's this video about? Billy Joel: "It's all about Soul...."

  • Dallen Eldredge
    Dallen Eldredge

    I love pitch meetings, but I think soul is better than the rap it gets here.

  • HydrokineticPowerHouse

    Didn't see the movie so when Ryan said he went back I was like, WAIT, WHAT? He killed himself!

  • dextah241

    For some time "I got the gig!" Became a running joke in my friend group because disney+ would just not stop trying to advertise it no matter what

  • The Games Nexus
    The Games Nexus

    Wow, this sounds kinda confusing!

  • chris jack
    chris jack

    After that cat murder! ...this film can piss off......also jazz!

  • uzeir gamazsi
    uzeir gamazsi


  • stew1350

    They're more Matisse than Picasso.

  • Russian Santa :D
    Russian Santa :D

    This movie reminds me of the good place

  • MaxxHeadroom

    5:41 I died laughing... like im dead hehehe

  • Trevor Tiernan
    Trevor Tiernan

    Will it be hard to find horrifying implications in this? Actually it will be super easy barely an inconvenience.

  • Peblo

    Does he work for. KIA😂

  • Ashleigh Nicole
    Ashleigh Nicole

    2021 and we still pretend that Mother Teresa was a good person...

  • Remmington LeBeaux
    Remmington LeBeaux

    Lost Pitch Meeting!!!

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    Jennifer Cloutier

    The nine lives thing 🤣🤣

  • Kaemonarch

    I gotta be honest, the hardest part to believe was that he was able to escape the conveyor and that no one does that... Terry should have just been "Oh great, the count is off again, someone is trying to escape the Great Beyond... again..."

    • Nixx

      They should've said "that rarelyhappens"

  • Damilare Durojaye
    Damilare Durojaye

    I've never seen the movie, but thanks to you now I don't have to. 😊😊😊😊

  • Rabbiya Shahid
    Rabbiya Shahid

    Escape from planet earth

  • j ward
    j ward

    I enjoyed the movie but still find this completely relevant and funny thank you

  • Jess R
    Jess R


  • dgmutch

    Zombie cat

  • dgmutch

    "Okay" was a great line.

  • Nabo42

    "Then he feels empty inside." "Oh, samsies" Man I felt that.

  • Сергий Тихомиров
    Сергий Тихомиров

    It is all fun and well (I liked the video) - but, all the jokes aside, at the end of the day all of these minor nitpicks aren't really important. This Film is truly amazing. :-) I absolutely adored it.

  • InfiniteGamer456

    0:46 i dont know y but thats SO FUNNY i was laughing so hard when I heard that.

  • strawberri

    i love the cat on the conveyer belt thing [3:48]

  • Shark bait
    Shark bait

    The hair cut and ripping pants provided great character development

  • Hawk & Panda Gaming
    Hawk & Panda Gaming

    Super easy barely an inconvenience

  • paperbullet1945

    Best Pixar movie

  • Rišhëī

    Bruh why did you put the full movie on youtube

  • Xeo 087
    Xeo 087

    Love the show! I hope you'd consider doing older movies sometime like Ms. miniver, Stormy Weather, Gigi, Hello Dolly etc. Also, the cat doesn't have a soul. Most religion that talk about souls are pretty clear on the animals don't have them front so I interpreted the bit with the cat as animals are empty vessels. (I love animals, they obviously have soul and personality. Just sayin' most books that believe in souls don't believe in animal soul.)

  • Harmen Westerhof
    Harmen Westerhof

    How about... you do I N T E R S T E L L A R ? ? !

  • Nixx

    "Wait that's not-" "a very nice message!"

  • Nixx

    "He's walking home he's all happy and he dies." "What?"

  • Mike Ratliff
    Mike Ratliff

    I love these. Have you done Ratatouille?

  • HUNTER0224

    3:13 that "dang it" always gets me lol

  • lucky games
    lucky games


  • hangming zheng
    hangming zheng

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  • Paguo

    Why in some countries cats have 7 lives and in others they have 9? Evolution?

  • Sans the Skeleton
    Sans the Skeleton


  • Silver Shark
    Silver Shark

    1:24 You're welcome.

  • Lavish Mavi
    Lavish Mavi

    Now do fearless 2020

  • Chris M
    Chris M

    the background noise was distracting

  • Dino Ricky
    Dino Ricky

    Where’s god or another person or god thing


    Shaun the Sheep pitch meeting, please

  • Xavier Rodriguez-Gould
    Xavier Rodriguez-Gould

    Great vid

  • Harrison T
    Harrison T

    This video sorta gave me a theory. What if there was some great plan that Joe was meant to fall into the Great Beyond so he could help 21. Idk, just spitballin’

  • Noah Serna
    Noah Serna

    I definitely didn't just binge all of these and now have nothing to watch. ! False statements have been detected

  • hdemin

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  • jbl0ggs

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    Anthony Phung

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    D S

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  • Medo Kamal
    Medo Kamal

    So how did Moonwind get there?

  • AF

    Ohh horrifying implications are tight!

  • Anonymous17191

    Thanks for the video!

  • Chimchar Chris
    Chimchar Chris

    Why does the room of everything only have stuff from the present and not that past or future? Also, how do all of the famous mentors like Abraham Lincoln get to the great before, and when?

    • The Anime Noob
      The Anime Noob

      @Chimchar Chris They seemingly are able to open portals of some kind so they probably got there through those.

    • Chimchar Chris
      Chimchar Chris

      @The Anime Noob but how exactly does that work? Do the counselors just tell them to go past the border stuff? Also, wouldn't it mess up Terry's count

    • The Anime Noob
      The Anime Noob

      Presumably they were recognized for their influence throughout history and offered the spot because of it.

  • Mike Sigsworth
    Mike Sigsworth

    "Samsies" LOL

  • Kendall Stauffer
    Kendall Stauffer

    I don't get it, who thought this was a cute kids movie? the old Charlie and the chocolate factory was less weird and dark than this

  • Duane Hollenbeck
    Duane Hollenbeck

    You should do Idiocracy

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith

    Not Pixar’s best story or writing but man their animation abilities are getting better and better. The movie looks gorgeous. But even I, an adult, was asking my 9 year old daughter what was going on throughout the film.

  • jerk fudgewater
    jerk fudgewater

    Do ANNA Or Do THE LAST DRAGON 🐉 Anna is a train wreck set in the late 1980s made by Boomers that lived through the 1980s and yet have no idea how many government websites the average Soviet street urchin would have access to with the kind of color wifi enabled laptop the average Soviet street urchin was likely to own in 1985 🤯 And THE LAST DRAGON 🐉 is the greatest movie ever made sooo do them

  • Shugar Burke
    Shugar Burke

    So if the souls don't have any senses and the *Plot Hole* is that they can still touch, see and hear, *PLOT TWIST* ...then why does his soul wear glasses? Pixar could've just let him wear a hat and we would still recognize his soul... Right?

  • Shugar Burke
    Shugar Burke

    Same-zeez! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂

  • John Crawford
    John Crawford

    when he died at the beginning, i was literally like..."again pixar?!" and that ending has to be Disney tinkering.

  • Jack Griffi
    Jack Griffi

    Standard youtube comment and like, delivered!

  • JohnDrawzStuff

    The soul movie was crap

  • Weston Meekhof
    Weston Meekhof

    5:37 😂😂😂

  • MC Ron G: The Roc City Hero
    MC Ron G: The Roc City Hero

    You have to add this one to the "Super Easy, Barely an Inconvenience" playlist I know I watch alot because I noticed it was missing lol @screenrant

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    ICSE Explained!

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    Alex Enos

    Well now I HAVE to watch it.

  • Jaron

    I just watched the movie yesterday and it's in my recommends... I'm scared

  • Darkanonymous

    Wonder how much the music teacher this movie was based on is getting paid if anything Dr. Archer was always a nice teacher hope he gets a piece of it.

  • fairyhaven13

    The video is great, but don't let it fool you, this was actually a really neat movie. I feel like Pixar is finally getting its... spark... back. Yeah.

  • TheAp397

    why is that something that only parents should understand

  • Kev The Beast
    Kev The Beast

    Ain’t this Ryan George? Screen rant stop using him

  • The Dark Side Jester and friends
    The Dark Side Jester and friends


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    A.K jr

    You know what is super easy and bearly and inconvinice Hitting the like button

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    Michelle Leon

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    beef boi

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