Spraying A 4WD In Raptor Liner Bedliner #Shedsessions
Something a little different to normal guys. In this video, I walk you through a recent Raptor liner Spray job I did at ShedSessions HQ and give out some hints and tips to help you guys have a crack at home yourselves, Enjoy!
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  • JP Captured
    JP Captured

    Something a little different to normal guys. In this video, I walk you through a recent Raptor liner Spray job I did at ShedSessions HQ and give out some hints and tips to help you guys have a crack at home yourselves, Enjoy!

  • Guy B
    Guy B

    When you finish and have removed the tape how long do you leave it before you can drive away in it for the paint to cure?

  • Stephen Schulz
    Stephen Schulz

    Great Video, something I have been considering for my truck for a while now.

  • Trailpeter

    Great vid! Which color was it on this one?

  • wraithsrath

    I have done a few of these over the last 4 years. One thing rinse out your gun with lacquer thinner between coats, and your spay pattern will remain consistent.

  • Brian Mueller
    Brian Mueller

    Wow! That's looks sick! Awesome job, great video!

  • Jace R
    Jace R

    Can you do my car Where you located?

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      Located SE suburbs of Melbourne

  • Benny Barna
    Benny Barna

    Look process,but no look you face and a lot touch...

  • MarineVet Garage
    MarineVet Garage

    Cool video. Lots of things to take apart. Great result. Was that stsndard black Raptor?

  • Tyson Seabrook
    Tyson Seabrook

    The adhesion promoter isn’t necessary

  • 2403wayne

    how many kits did it take for this 4wd thanks

  • Spooky's Momma
    Spooky's Momma

    I've always wondered why it hadn't happened, so thank you for finally doing it. It looks more rad than I thought it would.

  • Kirk Niles
    Kirk Niles

    Thinking about doing my 01 Dodge Ram with a red and black 2 tone....one question I have is does the tinted stay glossy after time

  • Contour Ful
    Contour Ful

    Hey, awesomely detailed and straight up video! Do you need any special kind of primer under Raptor?

    • Contour Ful
      Contour Ful

      @JP Captured Thanks! One more if you don't mind, would you paint a rear end with bedliner?

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      the u-pol acid etch primer is honestly the best way to go.

  • Edmond Ndrecaj
    Edmond Ndrecaj

    I'm definitely gonna follow your tips thank for the video definitely something worth watching 👌

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      glad it helped ✌️

  • Graham Bate
    Graham Bate

    Gr8 video. How much paint did U use, cheers Graham

  • cockleshellbay

    Great video but can not praise the vari gun enough it makes a great product even better was using standard guns before and never that consistent if you are using raptor alot or even once get a vari gun its well worth the extra expense @cherokee_xj_pickup

  • Benny

    I suppose a roller is out of the question?

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      I'm not particularly a fan of it.. it may suit some.

  • Brian Maenpaa
    Brian Maenpaa

    Thanks for the video Mate! I did this to my truck last Christmas...forum.ih8mud.com/threads/bed-liner-as-paint.1184311/#post-13455191

  • Obisam Kenobi
    Obisam Kenobi

    Mean as job u da man if only u were in nz haha I'd see u fasure

  • fifiandmax

    How's it look under the bonnet ?

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      same as the body

  • tron944

    Would this work for the undercarriage?

  • Jon P
    Jon P

    Wow that came out beautifully

    • Jon P
      Jon P

      can't wait for more raptor liner stuff. Hoping to do my FJ cruiser at some point!

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      Cheers Jon 👍

  • Golf One-2
    Golf One-2

    Nice job mate.... looks boss. Are you in Perth?

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      I'm located in Melbourne Victoria sorry mate.

  • Hiona King
    Hiona King

    That's mean asf mate good job

  • Its Me
    Its Me

    I had better results spraying Monstaliner than Raptor in my opinion.

  • MrAudio77

    i'm going to be spraying the railing/fencing on my pontoon boat. raptor liner page says 125 sq ft/ gal. bottles come in liters, but if i am supposed to do a light coat, 2 coats, then a dust coat... any idea how to break that down by square foot? railing is 25x8.5 feet, 22 inches tall. 2 sides, 2-4 coats... 2 coats i was guessing just under 4 gallons. (16 liters) thought about ordering another 4 liters just to make sure i have enough. any advice?

  • LJR Limited
    LJR Limited

    How easy is it to get off for the next paint job?

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      Not easy at all

  • NIGHTRUNNER nightrunner
    NIGHTRUNNER nightrunner

    Great video , tips are fantastic mate, ive been putting this of for a while ,now getting into it

  • Jodi Jolie
    Jodi Jolie

    What price would this cost at a panel shop?

  • Darren Boxhall
    Darren Boxhall

    Absolutely terrible. Have fun trying to wash shit off that rough finish. And other people are right, 2mm tip gun and thin it down a bit and you will get a great finish. This rough shit people keep doing is atrocious

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      Ummm okay 🤷‍♂️🥁

  • Alcide Knowles
    Alcide Knowles

    I van in

  • Kyle VZ
    Kyle VZ

    Awesome detailed video!!

  • Myles Langers
    Myles Langers

    When you do the door jams are you closing the door immediately after words? An did you do under the hood? Thanks for your sharing.

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      The doors are given roughly 20 mins flash time before soft closing. Yes I did under the hood.

  • da teatorjr
    da teatorjr

    That seems like a lot of material in the door jambs. Any issues with it rubbing or chipping from closing the doors?

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      Not my first rodeo, doors close fine but I'm sure you could potentially overdo it if your doors were very tight tolerances.

  • Mark Aguilar
    Mark Aguilar

    Can’t seem to locate the U-Pol sanding pads or sanding sponges. Where did you buy yours? Thanks, Mark

  • DarthDBA

    "you need a good abrasive surface." - Oh, you mean like my 20 year old completely oxidized Taco G1 paint? Check.

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured


  • dallas wells
    dallas wells

    QUESTION! How long is the work time? I did a few small panels, everything took one bottle but by the third coat (2 hours) it started spitting out globs like it was drying. Maybe next time remove and cap the bottle and clean the gun between coats?

    • Conner Highwood
      Conner Highwood

      If you're waiting around 45 minutes of it sitting you should clean it. Just run some acetone through it and that should be good in between wait times. and always cap the bottle while waiting. It's an epoxy and dries fairly quickly. If its closed and in a temperature controlled area, you should have around a days work time. Just make sure to mix well after each wait time.

  • Peter West
    Peter West

    Where are you located and what is this estimated cost. I’m considering doing my 98 patrol in the grey

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      Hey Peter I'm in Victoria. Drop me an email with some photos of your car. jpcaptured@outlook.com

  • Super Papi
    Super Papi

    I have a small Ford Ranger, 2 door pickup, with a short bed. Do you think a 21 gallon air compressor would be enough?

  • Kadie Hughes
    Kadie Hughes

    Hey mate, where do you get your raptor kits from? I can't find any at the moment, nor a supplier near me (Sunshine Coast)

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      not sure about the sunny coast sorry man

  • Rhys Parfitt
    Rhys Parfitt

    Hey mate what PSI did you use for each coat?

  • kane foster
    kane foster

    Very detailed instructional video, thank you mate.

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      Glad I could help 🤙

  • Joshua Meeks
    Joshua Meeks

    GREAT TECHNIQUE VIDEO!! 👍👍 Best I've watched. HOWEVER you did not go into any detail on something I was really hoping to learn. How does spray height affect the texture? The closer you are, the lumpier the texture?

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      This is something best played around with on a test sheet especially when using a vari gun. But in theory the closy you achieve a smoother ripple finish, the further you are away the more it becomes like a sand paper.

  • Johnny 5
    Johnny 5

    Love it. Turned out great!

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      Thanks Johnny

  • Lance Nickel
    Lance Nickel

    How does raptor liner compare to linex and other products, is one better than the other

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      Raptor is far superior in my opinion.

  • Richard Beetle
    Richard Beetle

    what psi do you run for a smooth finish?

    • Jonathan R
      Jonathan R

      You don’t even need to watch the video for 5 minutes to have that answered. 120 psi

  • David Tuck
    David Tuck

    What do you do about the rubber gaskets on the doors? Thanks Great Video

  • Motor Fiendz
    Motor Fiendz

    Great job video mate, how many litres did you use on this?

    • Turners Shed
      Turners Shed

      @hotwirecomdot hey sorry man I said that wrong. You are correct 16 L 4 kits in total

    • hotwirecomdot

      Oh wait, he used 16l, that's 4 kits for 4 coats

    • hotwirecomdot

      @Turners Shed can't be. 64l? I did my entire SUV with 2x 4l kits and that was 2 coats which was more than enough

    • Turners Shed
      Turners Shed

      It said 4 x 16 l kits

  • tradeu1

    What color/tint did you use with what kind of fleck like you mentioned?

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      This is a factory GQ patrol gunmetal Grey tint.

  • Paul Andrew Dunne
    Paul Andrew Dunne

    Thanks for sharing! How long does it take to dry, before you can drive it in the rain?

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      I recommend leaving it dry for a full 4 days before driving

  • Rjr J
    Rjr J

    How many kits did it take?

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      X4 4L kits

  • D_Cali_Life

    Final cost ? Line - X quoted me $10,000 dollars For a lifted van. And still 6 months waiting to get worked on. Nobody wants to take on the job.

    • MarineVet Garage
      MarineVet Garage

      @Simon Pearson your right. I have a bad habit of not wearing it because I'm outdoors. But totally agree with you.

    • Simon Pearson
      Simon Pearson

      @MarineVet Garage i just was looking at your video , U should wear a mask my man!! That shit is very toxic

    • MarineVet Garage
      MarineVet Garage

      I did a few lifted trucks, and a Ram 2500, turned out great.

    • Simon Pearson
      Simon Pearson

      Raptor is way cheeper plus its easy to clean compare to Line x.i did my truck last year and im really satisfied

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      A raptor liner job is cheaper than that, email me for more details jpcaptured@outlook.com.

  • ElBandido

    Damn that yota looked good! Nice work! Do u recommend this product to protect the undercarriage ?

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      You can use it for the undercarriage yes

  • Anthony Grisancich
    Anthony Grisancich

    Hi thanks for a good video. have you done sidesteps before? i have a prado 150 i would like to coat. Does it provide a grip surface or slippery?

  • Aris Torm
    Aris Torm

    Can you have a WHITE coating that dark coating would be like an oven out in the sun???

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      Sure you can 👍

  • Explore The Bush
    Explore The Bush

    Good job, well explained

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      Thanking you

  • John Campbell
    John Campbell

    Looks great! Doing this to my truck soon. When switching out the empty can for the full one, do you clean the gun out first? Also, does the starting/stopping between cans blend well?

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      I clean the gun in between coats.I have not found any issues with blending while switch paint pots on my spray job no. The downtime is minimal 5-10 minutes at most.

  • Sean Overall
    Sean Overall

    I'm thinking of doing my rock sliders for a Pajero in raptor, thinking 1L should be tons, or will a single can do both?

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      Get yourself a 4L kit. It's good value for money and you'll end up using about 2L

  • MarkEarles

    Good vid. good information. What was the colour? Come up a treat, and as you mentioned looks good in different light

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      This is a factory GQ patrol gunmetal Grey tint.

  • Blake Vandeleur
    Blake Vandeleur

    I'm going to do my Hilux tub in either Raptor or Bully liner. Would be awesome to see you do your Navara tub for reference! Great video btw mate, just found your channel.

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      hoping to do this soon!

  • Skitzy 81
    Skitzy 81

    Nice work on the video, I have a tint able kit all read.looking at doing my Prado in the factory colour how many more kits would u recommend?

  • Blinkit Photography
    Blinkit Photography

    How do you prep if I have peeling clear coat on the side and hood? The top has no clear coat at all.

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      You need to take it back to a surface that has no peeling paint or clear coat.

  • jeepinaustralia

    Nice work, thanks for sharing. Prep is king! I've done the interior and hardtop and now I'm about to do the exterior bodywork, which I bought the Vari-Nozzle gun for. Glad I did, otherwise I would've just watched your video and had a "I bloody knew it!" moment and be rushing to buy one to get it in time for when I'm planning to do the job! :D Cheers!

  • The House of RB26
    The House of RB26

    Looks killer! What a job!

  • Marty Mouneimne
    Marty Mouneimne

    Looks awesome mate I also have a patrol I’m looking to find someone to do this what would you charge to do the job from start to finish

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      You can email me for a quote if you like jpcaptured@outlook.com

  • gus_ gu22
    gus_ gu22

    As a qualified panel beater I was happy with this not some bloke who's heard from his mates friend who knows how to do something well done mate good luck with ya gu 🤘

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      Cheers Gus 🤙

  • Riley Clifford
    Riley Clifford

    How much would something like this cost?

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      Anywhere from 3-7K depending on so many things

  • PR4TN06

    Dude, this was awesomely informative. Thank you big time.

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      Your welcome

  • Natalie Obieglo
    Natalie Obieglo

    How much did you charge the customer for this job?

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      This sort of job is around 7K

  • Chris VanOsdol
    Chris VanOsdol

    For better or worse, I'm doing this to my 88 Bronco!

  • Aaron Traylen
    Aaron Traylen

    great content JP! always great to have videos where we can learn from

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      Thanks Aaron 👌

  • 4 X4
    4 X4

    Any colour to so good!

  • Russell Kellermann
    Russell Kellermann

    Looks absolutely sensational. Well done.

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured


  • BeeZa

    Hey mate, awesome work. What would it cost roughly for a 2016 BT50 dual cap, has a nudge bar, sports bar and 4” staino snorkel I’d prob get them all painted too. Thanks if ya can sort rough price but all sweet if ya can’t man.

  • Jordan Meznaric
    Jordan Meznaric

    Did you bother doing all four coats, including the dusting coat, on the door seals and unseen areas as well?

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      All of the door jam area got all four coats the same as the body.

  • Simon

    Looks bloody great. Also, I like the videos you do on the Nav. I've got one myself and keep looking out for your videos to see the tricks you do. Keep it up mate 👍

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      That's awesome Simon👍 glad you are enjoying the content ☺️

  • jack drewitt
    jack drewitt

    are you able to tell us what this cost on this particular wagon, I’ve got a gq with similar accessories ?

  • Submerged Livin
    Submerged Livin

    Awesome video man. Came out lookin mint💪🏽

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      Cheers Submerged 👍 i really liked the outcome too 🙌

  • Leigh Komadina
    Leigh Komadina

    You mentioned 4 coats, how much raptor coat did you go through for the patrol? I have a 60 series im going to attempt and i have 2 kits.

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      16L so x4 kits In total, which is very normal for a car like this. 2 kits will be a stretch for the big 60 series. I love a 60, if it were me I would buy another kit and give her a proper job 😊

  • Mirza Musanovic
    Mirza Musanovic

    Thats mint

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      Thanks man 😊

  • Hawkside

    rough idea for how much you would charge a single cab?

    • Adam Schlecht
      Adam Schlecht

      Hi mate, could you recommend someone to do this to my ST-X in Brisbane at all? Just the outside. Love ya channel!! Keep.up the great content

    • Hawkside

      @JP Captured cheers for replying I'll DM you tomorrow :D

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      Hey hawk thanks for dropping a comment mate, it's always so hard to say I would recommend to DM me some photos mate 👍

  • Lachie Gittins
    Lachie Gittins

    Bloody awesome job mate!

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      Thanks lachie, it's lots of fun man.

  • Clinton Knight
    Clinton Knight

    Looks Beautiful and Tough 💪

    • JP Captured
      JP Captured

      Tough as bloody nails mate 😉