Streamers REACT To Symfuhny “CHEATING” Accusations
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  • Tito Gomez
    Tito Gomez

    Its called shoot to aim. When he shoots it locks on to the target. He's definitely cheating.


    PMSL! Anyone that thinks this guy ain't cheating is deluded, this dude is a joke

  • Stacks

    6:55 EPS lmao

  • Denis Terror
    Denis Terror

    Hahaha Tim like don't know they were wall hacks hahaha a

  • Lucid Ty
    Lucid Ty

    Imagine hacking and still denying it🤡

  • Nedolisa Chiji-Okoye
    Nedolisa Chiji-Okoye

    Stfu!!..he got caught cheating and he acting weird on purpose to cover it up. What do you gain acting like a criminal on purpose in a community that is highly forbidden to be a criminal.

  • Demon

    3:10 ok why did he aim at the truck then he knew some one was in there that’s hell SUS

  • Elemental Gaming
    Elemental Gaming

    I get called a cheater all the fling time in rainbow six siege is a huge complement I’m my opinion because there calling be inhuman lmao😂😂😂 sympfuny is just a legend for the baiting

  • Vision Clan
    Vision Clan

    He shot the sky to throw people off, no wonder he stopped playing Warzone tournies cos the scrutiny on him was more

  • Mr Chair
    Mr Chair

    sad thing is I am 100% sure Timthetatman cheats yes. Symfunny is 100% cheating no doubt about that lol. fking joke

  • Zetrify

    So they think just because they met him or know him they thinks he’s not hacking 🤔

  • Noah Wall
    Noah Wall

    He just has a good gaming chair

  • Michael Ausburn
    Michael Ausburn

    You bring it on yourself with all the baiting

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts

    “If you guys knew Sym” imagine getting that response from a random guy hacking. “Well if you knew me you’d know I’m not hacking”

  • Flowkey

    That’s cuz u are a cheater bruh

  • Countrifried

    I mean....he knew where everyone was when I had the unfortunate experience of playing against him in Warzone. Even those that had ghost were getting pre fired before they were turning corners so.....maybe you’re so good that you just KNOW where everyone was...... in downtown.....Idk. I don’t really give a shit. Do you homie

  • Supreme_ Firelord
    Supreme_ Firelord

    How are you not hacking? You can’t know those guys are there

  • Martin Gee
    Martin Gee

    Notice how it’s all the biggest streamers on twitch defending him. Symf is a hacker then maybe not now but he was forsure. Tfue is a melon timthefatman knows people in activision as to why he isn’t banned any more nicmercs knew he was hacking but played dumb. If you big enough they will defend you that simple.

  • Ethan Collins
    Ethan Collins

    Mouse cam and I’ll believe you

  • Ethan Collins
    Ethan Collins

    Real snappy precision aim through the wall

  • jayreno100

    Played games my whole 32 years of life and I can c he's defo cheating little scumbag

  • Buster Brown
    Buster Brown

    This is legit streamers protecting streamers. You hear Nick like " so walls hacks are diff than aim not" , are you kidding me, they know what hacks look like, when it's done to them they are experts on the topic, but when one of them is accused than they don't know shit right. And Tim, just stfu, yous are all baiting us with this BS protecting fellow hacking streamers, Im just done, BS is what all this is

  • Novak

    Beaulo is better, change my mind

  • 박희설

    btw for the guy who said its eps... its esp... i swear, im tired of hearing people accuse others of cheats and not know how the cheats actually work, nick needs to do more research LOL

  • 박희설

    nickmercs smoking som shit

  • kronosx7

    Except all the times he flicks to someone through a wall. He's not baiting, he's covering his tracks.

    • Zachary Davis
      Zachary Davis

      Except half the time you can see him arm moving to aim at the guys.

  • Jason O
    Jason O

    Cheating? no.. unrecommended Adderall dosage? yes...

  • Living Proof Filmz
    Living Proof Filmz

    Him trolling is just a cover up for his actual cheating. Fan boys and his friends will defend and deny but dude it’s obvious af.

    • NO GOOD
      NO GOOD

      I've seen so many cheaters he is nowhere close

  • Nugget Real
    Nugget Real

    1:10 I don’t think you can wallbang maybe you can but it’s not a certain kill and when he snaps on to the truck he saw the guy run in so he wanted to see if he can wallbang the truck

  • Laurence Rogers
    Laurence Rogers

    You can see Nickmercs is keeping his grind clean and he knows, at least one player that is true to himself.

  • Predator Poachers YYC
    Predator Poachers YYC

    The fact symfuhny had to upload this video 🤔🤔🤦‍♂️ i swear people be mad sheeps these days

  • Soulimages Tattoos
    Soulimages Tattoos

    You need to check stone mountain 64 he’s the biggest cheater

  • Josh Brothers
    Josh Brothers

    95% percent of streamers cheat. They do it to get viewers 🙄

  • GDR Xx
    GDR Xx

    If you actually used aimbot you know that that’s not how aimbot works at all


    Sym: Not a hacker Other people that hacks and does the same thing: HACKERS 😂😂😂😂

  • Nejc Vukovic
    Nejc Vukovic

    Cheating pays out - that's why everybody wants a piece of the pie. Sooner or later the money will run out - and lets see the carnage between them when they eat each other alive.

  • LegendaryTomatoMan

    oh man... he is. That's why I don't watch this guy.

  • Sascha1295

    But he is a Cheater

  • KrypticKodi

    He's a cheater.

  • Gareth Mello
    Gareth Mello

    Def cheating and anyone that has seen the game play can tell, its obvious, people defending him are probably hacking too. Just because he does things to try and throw off people, cmon human nature to lie through your teeth. The sad part is its completely ruined what would be a great game. If he wasnt hacking he would allow someone independent to go through his hardware and verify and make a video on it. Having your friends defend u is not an argument

  • gareth hughes
    gareth hughes

    Overall this game now has to many cheaters for it to be taken seriously, no company gonna give money for tournaments unless all pcs are set up for use and are monitored

  • gareth hughes
    gareth hughes

    Put basically some of clips are suspect, even mercs looks confused at the grau shooting one guy outside building, snaps onto guy inside building, snaps to guy in lorry, most players have to look for them kills even if he knew there were people in the building

  • Roxpie Gaming
    Roxpie Gaming

    So people do have reasons to suspect; even tho he may not be cheating: -he refused for so long to show his task manager (no joke) -they keep talking about those litle meaningless clips when there are others where you can actually doubt if hes cheating or not because how imposible the gameplay is -so he is obviously not aimboting but there are other cheats that litterally will make you behave exactly how he "baits" people -wallbanging as for some lucky shots (when you don't know where your oponents are) are really rare and the fact that someone lands consistent shots when there are no marks, UVs or anything only help the theory that he is cheating -just because your other famous friends believe your are not hacking, doesnt mean you are not; specially when they pretend they dont know the difference of wallhack and aimbot; or just claim stupidity as an argument for not cheating. -starting videogames as 15 doesnt mean anything; since the 90s everyone started playing like 4 yo BUT -symfuhny is actually a legend player; so he may just be that good -cheating on stream usually ends on a insta ban really quick -cheating for this long and live would be so weird since this is the internet era and debunking him should be easier -you can see his wrist moving... so yeah At the end the question rises: "why would he just let people believe he is hacking when he can easily prove this via showing his hand while playing or finally showing us his set up and task manager"? well... we wouldnt be taking about this... then and the time spend on edition and money on publicity for this video would have be on vain. (excuse my english i know it sucks)

  • Cody Fletcher
    Cody Fletcher

    If he just had a hand cam... it would literally clear him completely

  • gaming with doggo
    gaming with doggo

    Everyone sub to symfuhny to help him to beat 1 mil subs


    Nice cherry picked comments from these other streamers. "Good" players get caught cheating all the time lol. After looking over a lot of other clips I am 99% sure this guy is cheating.

  • DiamondDogsClub

    all this guys trying to actually convince you that he is not cheating. ALL THIS FUKERS CHEAT, including Tim, his latest game play is disgusting. there is no way he got that good, wtf is he carrying NickMerc all of the sudden??? NickMerc is a CHEATER. he turned if off recently and is ovious. F ALL THIS CATS. and ppl who belive they legit

    • Ted Bundy
      Ted Bundy

      U r just sad

    • Ted Bundy
      Ted Bundy

      Tim does not cheat. Symphony ... yes. Tim no. Cant the guy have his day with high kills sometimes ?

  • Antony Fitzgerald
    Antony Fitzgerald

    It's not the flicking to the sky it's the locking onto players which is the chronus he definitely is baiting also that way he gets away with the small cheats of chronus

  • Jason Bis
    Jason Bis

    It’s hilarious all the streamers backing your not cheating when it’s so so clear you are u wonder why 😂 Nickmercs can see what’s up. Straight cheater loser

  • Flanker Jack
    Flanker Jack

    A few thoughts: 1. Streamers need viewers for revenue. 2. Game developers need streamers to sell their game. 3. High Kill Gameplay = viewers 4. Streamers use whatever advantages they can find including cheats. 5. Developers don't care if you cheat as long as you play their game.

  • Flanker Jack
    Flanker Jack

    Tim: Symfhuny is too stupid to cheat but is smart enough to pretend to cheat to troll people? All of you are cheating.

  • Toms Dray
    Toms Dray

    I strongly recommend you guys to *Edith_techz* on iNSTagram he perfectly got my account retrieved

  • Toms Dray
    Toms Dray

    I strongly recommend you guys to *Edith_techz* on iNSTagram he perfectly got my account retrieved

  • Jinjzo

    I'm making a video rn about Tims aimbot :D

  • saif miah
    saif miah

    Deffo a cheat don’t use your m8s as an alibi it’s clear as day


    These guys are #kapping

  • Kingstan YT
    Kingstan YT

    Felt like I watched a documentary 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • umop apisdn
    umop apisdn

    Tim's hacking.

  • Andre Delima
    Andre Delima

    He’s a cheater !

  • dillon neal
    dillon neal

    6:50 that kid playing looks so fucking scared of idk what 🤣

  • deesterdee123

    so what is it either he's too dumb to install a aimbot or then he's so smart he can bait the internet ?

    • Ted Bundy
      Ted Bundy

      Lol. Exactly

  • H Epley
    H Epley

    I thought almost all streamers was using hacks.

  • Rok Krmelj
    Rok Krmelj ...people still thinking he is real xD

  • Stooby D
    Stooby D

    Of course other streamers who hack won't admit he is.... 🙄

  • DJ Vendetta
    DJ Vendetta

    So y'all know him so he can't be cheating? Man lmao y'all must not have seen some of these marriages huh...

  • SplashLegend97

    Imagine an anti cheat comes and sym leaves the game and says the game is boring and bad 😳

  • SplashLegend97

    Imagine activision puts an anti cheat and symfunny stops playing the game and if he plays his kd gets worse and kills lowers 😳

  • DeadDrop

    Never have too micro adjust your aim, must be nice. what mouse software u got? AI couldn't track this good, oh wait, they can. Slow down your big games kills and easy see aimbot. R all streamers using it, I'm feel Trump supporter here, lmao.

  • Boxc4r Willie
    Boxc4r Willie

    what's it like to be a video game cheater for a living?

  • ddnjca

    People have been doing the wall snaps and everything forever I used to do it all the time in siege😂

  • Bakobos

    I just saw him live streaming on twich , at around 1900 GMT 09/Feb/21 he killed a guy and then shoot through a wall , there was a guy behind the wall at the exact same height and then killed him .. I don't even know the guy this was the first time I saw him playing and I immediately knew he is a cheat, that's why I searched for this and wrote my comment, that guy is a cheater

  • s7r0w -
    s7r0w -

    Man you can see his arm when he flick lol

  • Hell0_0

    Hes not cheating. He just has a good gaming chair


    The way he locked onto the dude in the truck tho......not a casual flick....

  • Derek Stiles
    Derek Stiles

    Sadly Sym does cheat. Lol.

  • Xhale 01
    Xhale 01

    Mans killing guys, then shooting at them up in the gulag

  • FeNiX_1301

    So he is smart enought to make streamers think he cheats just cause... but too stuped to set up aimbot ?

    • Mohamed Mohamed
      Mohamed Mohamed

      @FeNiX_1301 Bru the logic is mind boggling

    • FeNiX_1301

      @Mohamed Mohamed isn't the main argument he's baiting them to think he cheats ?? And the main reason why he doesn't is cause he is too dum to set up a aimbot they say... so what is the IQ ? 200 or 15 ?

    • Mohamed Mohamed
      Mohamed Mohamed

      Bru what

  • jeff cleofe
    jeff cleofe

    These pro players depending a cheater. What a disgrace. WHITE LIST!

  • Undefined Garage
    Undefined Garage

    Lmao an extreme cheater fuck outta here broooo guess what you got banned and activision confirmed you cheat and have before it’s all on a website soon to be to the general public twitch will be handing out account wipes like nothing

  • Toa st
    Toa st

    Your so “good” with hacks

  • NMDgod apex
    NMDgod apex

    there is a clip of him shooting strait threw one of those big walls that u cant shoot threw

  • Tony Wilt
    Tony Wilt

    Automatically shoots at the truck trailer to see a few momemts later someone was in there. hmmm Also locking on to the headshots in a milisecond

  • 420_4_DaYz

    What I wanna know is how he knew dude was in the truck idk that was weird but nobody will know until he shows his monitor 🤣 me personally I think he's baiting and I'm no fan boy

  • gonrico

    I like how this vid included only the least six clips. What about when he aim licks through walls all the time. Jokes

  • Odalys Campos
    Odalys Campos

    Exohamster flicks just as good and is also constantly accused 😂

  • Ankle Assassin
    Ankle Assassin

    He’s been playing since he was 17. Me who has been playing since I was 2: 🥲

  • Carlo Artelio
    Carlo Artelio

    one thing, his got mouse and keyboard, that changes everything.

  • Yasin Ismail
    Yasin Ismail

    😂 how’s he not cheating if he’s shooting through a fucking wall and downing them

  • Chris Howell
    Chris Howell

    Why are we only looking at this one clip instead of, I don't know, another clip where he snaps like that and actually GETS the wallbang kill?? Like yeah, that flick was sus.... But he has other clips that are literally solid proof. Show us some of those.

  • Mrpinkman

    if you know him he's not hacking...?....WTF....

  • Mecha-Art

    1:14 Definately ESP hacks being used.

  • Bruno Martins
    Bruno Martins

    He s natural instincts and reflexes from enemies behind walls , inside buildings, etc etc its over normal .. .some of them r blatant ...for the people who says game sence . .. Game sense its most information u can take from the game in determined situations, like footsteps sounds, shooting sounds, eye contact, team mate call out, vehicle noise, etc etc those are the combine of game sence defination. .. Now is some of his clips dont contain any of those i mention before....

  • Gregory Valania
    Gregory Valania


  • LightlyBakedDude

    For anyone arguing he doesnt hack. He posted this video, of course he isnt gonna share sus content, or anything that would sway your opinion. Go watch Skip to 7:40. He lights up the guy outside the house and then without hesitation flicks his aim to a guy inside that he couldn't see and reacts all weird trying to cover it up. Like someone else said, he started doing the flick to cover up for when his aimbot does it to him.

  • Jason Gates
    Jason Gates

    Whats funny is everyone that said hes not cheating months ago tell us why he got banned with the rest of the 60k. The "pros" need to stop covering for him and he needs to start opening his task manager in game!

    • murkT

      wait, he got banned as well?

  • xEleP hanT-
    xEleP hanT-

    People who say he is not cheating are either shit ass players themselves and are really looking up to symfuhny or guys who wants to defend symfuhny because they know him. I play cod for 12 years im a pro myself and its SO clear he has aimbot. Ive seen lots of examples watching his stream recently. 1 example he's aiming down the sights shoots a guy across map who i even didnt see but ok that can happen and then after straight aims to another 'target' behind a wall , like the time between and how accurate he moved aside is clearly aimbot. And its just sad trolling with your viewers. Also i can tell he is a good player so why using aimbot? You dont need it and i hope they will ban your stream mate.

  • svRdx Official
    svRdx Official

    Just remember: Flicking with a mouse gets you called a cheater.

  • Magic Octopus
    Magic Octopus

    0:50 pretty sure you can see the person in the back of the truck


    I cheat tbh he has rapid fire cause he shoots dam fast but in some of the clips yeah he has auto aim the gun aims to the person it dont matter if u in the sky behing the wall

  • Nate Kirk
    Nate Kirk

    Is that Dark Cloud music??