Super Bowl 2021: All the BEST Moments From The Weeknd’s Halftime Performance
The Weeknd gave an incredible halftime performance at Super Bowl LV, and we’re breaking down the best moments! During the performance, which featured hit songs such as ‘Blinding Lights’ and ‘Save Your Tears, the 30-year-old singer took advantage of the nearly empty arena by taking audiences above and below the stadium seating. The Weeknd reportedly put millions of dollars of his own money into the production, which included fireworks, a full moon, an enormous choir and a dance brigade to name just a few of the amazing elements. The GRAMMY-winner had previously told ET’s Kevin Frazier that using the stands as part of the performance was just one part of his mission ‘to do something we've never done before.’

  • No Name
    No Name

    Didn't like the tilt a whirl mirrors performance and this was a very boring Wkend performance. Sorry most boring SB performance I've seen overall. And I am honestly a Wkend fan.. The fireworks were the best thing about this. Dude can sing but just isn't a good flashy performer.

  • •Lavender •
    •Lavender •

    This is the first half time show that doesn’t have twerking I’m proud 👌👍

  • Princess Maven Gray Moonflowur R'amour
    Princess Maven Gray Moonflowur R'amour

    Weekend looks soooo handsome. He's like a young Maxwell

  • lili torres
    lili torres

    Aburridooooooooo show

  • Bubby890

    How is it 3 minutes? It showed be a second showing the end

  • Christ - King Of Kings
    Christ - King Of Kings

    Is the weekend an FTM? Inquiring minds want to know...

  • Kassim Parekh
    Kassim Parekh

    The weekend drake j cole the best of this generation

  • Kassim Parekh
    Kassim Parekh

    I feel like he’s starting to sell out

  • Micheal Rose
    Micheal Rose

    COVID schmovid

  • Micheal Rose
    Micheal Rose

    Terrible programming

  • karend169

    Did he have plastic surgery???

  • Trilll City
    Trilll City

    Love this, up close

  • Hannah Rose
    Hannah Rose

    Definitely gonna be PG. I hope.

  • sonic and tails
    sonic and tails


  • NerdWorldNinja FoldingSpaceTime
    NerdWorldNinja FoldingSpaceTime

    MJ Lives!!!

  • Bobb Smith
    Bobb Smith

    This halftime show is competing for The Black Eyed Peas award for Crap.

  • ladywolf D
    ladywolf D


  • Flowers Pot
    Flowers Pot

    Bro, he was wearing a 44 pound jacket and did that. Legend 🙌

  • Jennifer Phillips
    Jennifer Phillips


  • Toréy Wilson
    Toréy Wilson

    Make sure you subscribe to my IRbin channel 📺😄

  • XO Bimmer
    XO Bimmer

    The Weeknd has an amazing voice and sang the whole thing live, so you have to respect him for that. Also this has nothing to do with religion or BLM, so many people in the comments are delusional in their own fantasy world.

  • Major blitz
    Major blitz

    Great singer, its to bad his publicist booked him for a satanic show. Be willing to bet the weekend had no idea.

  • David Bruce
    David Bruce

    I don’t watch TV, and I certainly don’t wash the hilarious halftime shows on these games each year, but this looks like it was a real winner! Especially all the imagery of people wearing masks and muzzles over their faces so that they can’t breathe!

  • Jason Guthrie
    Jason Guthrie


  • Jason Guthrie
    Jason Guthrie

    Why they wearing diapers?

  • Abu Kenan
    Abu Kenan

    Best voice ever

  • Rafael Tellez
    Rafael Tellez

    I’ve been to a funeral louder than that crowd

  • Phil Barajas
    Phil Barajas

    The bandages was weird

  • Gagan Yeager
    Gagan Yeager

    Love this dude... And haters ...stay away you god damns 👍

  • Manman -_-
    Manman -_-

    Yo His music whack turn dat shxt off🗣😂

  • autismtreatedcured

    How can anyone support this?? All of these people should be behind bars. They are not safe to let out in public or to have around children!!!! If you do not agree with this, then you do not understand what is being portrayed here

  • EdwinG_Gatsby

    Thank you for respecting yourself and your music and not allowing sex to sell for you 🙏 in the most important "concert".. of your life. Screw all does lame people that just wanted to see women half naked to be entertained. Great show.

  • QueenieMoonwalker

    when he was singing "i feel it coming" and the camera zoomed out so you were able to see the whole stadium, that was literally amazing and gave me chills. i love abel so i knew he would kill it.

  • Lou Mac
    Lou Mac

    He’s trash and was raised a santanist.

  • worldtraveler

    Didn't watch it. Looks like I didn't miss a damn thing.

    • worldtraveler

      @XO Bimmer I wouldnt say I've been missing anything. That clown is a fruitcake.

    • XO Bimmer
      XO Bimmer

      You’ve been missing out on him for the last decade.

  • hoosieraussis1

    I don't love The Weeknd's singing to begin with, but this performance was just not good from the sound person drowning out his voice with the music to the "dancers" appearing to have seizures.

    • XO Bimmer
      XO Bimmer

      He has one of the best voices in music you’re so wrong

  • She

    It was extraordinarly good my mind needed a lot of oxygen and silence to catch up with the weekend's show

  • Stephanie Tilley
    Stephanie Tilley

    looks like he sold his soul!

  • Chicago Love
    Chicago Love


  • Elizabeth Goenaga
    Elizabeth Goenaga

    I have no idea that you weekend show any good it was the most boring. Halftime show. White face dancers was he doing a political statement. It does not belong in halftime show

  • karen walker
    karen walker

    All Satanic



  • pimptrees

    Lol it sucked

  • 爪ㄚ丂ㄒ乇尺ㄚ爪卂几

    This was so damn garbage half time show ever

  • weewurt kurt
    weewurt kurt

    This was like the worst one in years

  • sabra

    💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞 xo

  • Johnny StL
    Johnny StL

    Worst halftime show ever ! Bruno Mars set the bar too high.

  • Lynny

    Best moments???? Halftime was one big satanic ritual initiation!! There was nothing "good" about it..Wake up people!! Satan is trying to take over and you sit in front of the TV and drink it all up!! This is a fight for our souls..You had better start fighting for yours..🙁🇺🇸

  • Shawn Phillips
    Shawn Phillips

    The best moment was when it was done.

  • tony zapata
    tony zapata

    Worst halftime show ever!!

  • Dalali Cf
    Dalali Cf

    Omg, really! 😡😡😡 so he sang other singer's song, contaminate the environment with all the fireworks, the lights how much carbon print is in the air bc of that. Oh, yeah, is the weeknd, almost god so he is allow. Hipocrisy in that. There is a lots of peolle that need to eat,.pay mortgage and people ia worry about super bowl, for the suber dumb!

    • XploJun

      All the songs were his

  • TMK16

    I was utterly disappointed by this halftime show

  • Kulver GD
    Kulver GD

    Sorry but the weekend performance was meh

  • erica white
    erica white


  • Chimeras Law
    Chimeras Law


  • Kiki

    Satanic what’s wrong with the narrator

  • KSB

    100% better than last year’s half time show

  • anthony dyson
    anthony dyson

    Another wonderful hidden/open satanic themed ritual right in front of your eyes.

  • Donald Duck
    Donald Duck

    I'm very confused why is everyone creeped out from the bandages these are the same people that think Justin biebers yummy is a conspiracy theory song or some shit

  • Doli Doll
    Doli Doll

    Satan worship in your face and people are good with it. Sick!

  • Jessica O'Grady
    Jessica O'Grady

    How is super bowl “2020” better?!

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee

    Wish I had dropped 100k on KC won't score a td.🤑💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee

    I love weeknd vibes,but it didn't feel special until lights.

  • jon jon
    jon jon

    What a sexist and racist show. There were only men and only blacks.

  • Ernesto Sazo
    Ernesto Sazo

    Worst super bowl performancer ever🤦‍♂️ sorry this was terrible and cringy

    • Ernesto Sazo
      Ernesto Sazo

      How do u know what i like 🤦‍♂️ you and 3 other people liked this performance 😂

    • XO Bimmer
      XO Bimmer

      Your taste is horrible.

  • cathy simmons
    cathy simmons

    The national anthem was bad. He was good.

  • James Hubacher
    James Hubacher

  • Blah Blah Blah Blah
    Blah Blah Blah Blah

    One of the WORST half time shows EVER..what a damn joke.

  • Corkfish1

    Worst ratings in 14 years. LOL!

  • Make Sense
    Make Sense

    If you don't BELIEVE IN GOD? You better! Because SATAN just said... he's coming for YOUR SOUL! Because people fell for his DECEITS and LIES! Watching this GARBAGE!

  • Mr. E
    Mr. E

    Looks dumb

  • thumper matter
    thumper matter

    last year stripers now a freak show.

  • Shane Persad
    Shane Persad

    It was good but I thought he should have another artist open up or something or atleast change his freaking outfit lol Prince was best show ever this probably 3rd...

  • Rosie Palacios
    Rosie Palacios


  • _.Cozy._.Spring _.
    _.Cozy._.Spring _.

    this wasn’t his best performance

  • Genesta Coleman
    Genesta Coleman

    I enjoy the performance however Michael Prince and Beyonce was better I'm not taking nothing from The Weeknd it was cool

  • Big Pun
    Big Pun

    There were none they need to change the title of this link.

  • Queen Butterfly
    Queen Butterfly

    Bruno is better

  • Boricua1966

    Looks & sounds like garbage. I'm glad I didn't watch none of the SB.

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez

    His song is from a 80s song He needs to be original

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez

    This is the most boring half time show

  • Gary Needham
    Gary Needham

    The best moment was the whole thing

  • TheRedsofine

    He sucks

  • Cata Sparkly
    Cata Sparkly

    The Weekend Satanic 👎👎👎👎🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Francesca Leigh
    Francesca Leigh

    There is NO disputing this man's talent and vocals, but seriously, the mic guy in the sound booth needs to be fired, because none of us heard him singing at the beginning. It was embarrassing. Then some moron decided 'Uh, I think we need to up his vocals.'.!!! Too late dummy, the damage was done.!

  • Glenda Roberson
    Glenda Roberson

    He is so ugly

  • bung holeo
    bung holeo

    He can’t sing live

  • Da Yooper
    Da Yooper

    Must be for the young crowd.

  • Melissa DC
    Melissa DC

    Biblical, haaa, more like a satanic ritual of sorts. A robed, red eyed evil chior, an acid trip through the house of mirrors & mocking of sheeple taking their marching orders, masked up until they drop. Garbage.

    • Melissa DC
      Melissa DC

      @Zodazzle Sorry but he's slipped up, the message he spits is low grade garbage. Look beyond yourself, our youth knocked up at the age of 13 and a 16 yr old boy killing his newborn. Wake up! His message garbage, zero accountability, he can't produce one respectable track and shouldn't be propped up on a Sunday mainstream segment ! Upgrade yourself, cause these clowns won't give 2 ish's about you or what your some day kids listen to or don't upgrade and raise em on this sh*tty, sunday vinyl. You get back what you put out.

    • Zodazzle

      The point of the masks was a reference to what The Weeknd has been doing in the spotlight for the past year. All of his public appearances have always been in music videos and performances, all culminating for months to the Super Bowl. This shows your lack of knowledge on the significance of his character walking through the hall of mirrors. Anyone who took the time to watch a few music videos and actually listen to his music would get it.

  • Thomas Villavicencio
    Thomas Villavicencio

    You guys dont know Abel? This man is a beast.

  • flackofades

    Even though I was running around in a mask and performed. He killed the show 🔥

  • Kas

    ughhh, he sucked tho...

  • Helen R
    Helen R

    Love it

  • Windows 93
    Windows 93

    Worst SB show ever! Especially the Part where the Angel falls from the Heavens.

  • Corey Washington
    Corey Washington

    Hey straight people! Have more Aquarius babies because we like those

  • Bobby Travaglia
    Bobby Travaglia

    Last year was much better for half time... trash this year

  • Tucker Green
    Tucker Green

    He sucks

  • Tucker Green
    Tucker Green

    He sucks.

  • Juan DerFell
    Juan DerFell

    Halftime show was worst of all time. NFL worst year of all time. RACISTS!

  • HG - 04HR 874360 Brisdale PS
    HG - 04HR 874360 Brisdale PS

    It was lit