Super Charged Barbie Jeep Makes Boost!
We did it the Barbie Jeep makes boost! The tiny supercharger has a great wine
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    • bofa deez nuts
      bofa deez nuts

      Try a cooler spark plug

    • Edgar Cruz
      Edgar Cruz

      What does something like this cost? You guys are amazing at what you do. One day I’d like to be able to make one of these for my kids.

    • Sparks Racing YT
      Sparks Racing YT

      That Subaru flange is from a Top Mount Intercooler!

    • Подборки от EXTREME OFF ROAD
      Подборки от EXTREME OFF ROAD

      😎Опасные Крутые горы крутые джипы

    • Samuel Albright
      Samuel Albright

      did you guys see there's a semi with trailer powerwheels truck now?

  • Cody.J.Kern

    I swear I must have been the 1 MILLIONTH SUBSCRIBER!

  • Joseph miller
    Joseph miller

    Are we going to ever see the finished product

  • ToEFu23K

    You should make a drift power wheels wit a handbrake and all it would be insane luv da vids man

  • Not Enough Ram
    Not Enough Ram

    tfw this pulls up next to you at the lights

  • Soviet Edits IG
    Soviet Edits IG

    2step? That’d be dope

  • Non-Binary Jesus
    Non-Binary Jesus

    Why are you putting a bov on a super charger? Especially when you have it pulling through the carb? I really don't think that would be necessary for one, it's only gonna be pushing 4 lbs. Maybe 8 tops. Second when it blows off if it does then it's gonna be blowing out fuel in your face. I really don't think is necessary for the bov. Just saying.

  • Indians Auto
    Indians Auto

    Don’t run fuel through the charger.

  • Jordan Gray
    Jordan Gray

    That small filter does not look happy.

  • James Miles
    James Miles

    Cold air intake next

  • O Sakaluk
    O Sakaluk

    Change the bov spring to the correct stiffness if it is too high and not blowing off

  • szechin

    i had to really fiddle with carb angles and needle depth on my draw through turbo carbsetup atifical vacuum on a na carb can be tricky

  • Vinny Mac 75
    Vinny Mac 75

    Hoosir tires for Barbie jeep ???

  • gilberto garcia antoni
    gilberto garcia antoni

    It wld be kool if he made all mario carts,good job.wish i wld of known him when i was 10.

  • Coolbuddy28

    I don’t care how much I would have to do I would put a twin turbo 2jz on it

  • Apxz

    Have you guys thought of extending ol sendy for more leg room?

  • MR.Bewjiko SRTN
    MR.Bewjiko SRTN

    Fuel+air+fire = air++++ = ++++fuel

  • Sean Gray
    Sean Gray

    You should make a nascar style boomtube exhaust for the barbie jeep

  • Douglas Edward
    Douglas Edward

    You've got some Beautiful property.

  • Darkmist1002

    That part that you weren’t sure was the thermostat housing

  • Z

    "try to tune it" what the hell you guys gonna be tuning that with? lol

  • Alec Johnson
    Alec Johnson

    Anyone else notice that his hoodie string was hanging on his beard in the beginning?😂😂

  • gaminlilfella

    PbBlaster, Always facing the camera..... *NOT SPONSORED*

  • Alec Cortez
    Alec Cortez

    I’m new to this channel is this cart for himself for fun or for his daughter?

  • Axe Wast
    Axe Wast

    my suggestion, put a vtec on that thing......

  • Darviin Star
    Darviin Star

    Those wheels looks cool

  • •M A R T I N S•
    •M A R T I N S•

    put subtitles in Portuguese Brazil, please😭🇧🇷

  • Robert DeLaRosa
    Robert DeLaRosa

    The boost coming in when you blip the throttle totally makes sense. With the afr obviously being lean due to introducing significantly more air without any more fuel, it will lean bog when you gradually open the throttle. However, due to the nature of a pumper carb, whacking open the throttle squirts a jet of raw fuel into the intake giving you the necessary fuel to make adequate power. But once that squirt is gone, she goes super lean again and bogs/dies. Good luck with the carb tuning. There is a lot of trial and error when going into uncharted territory like this.

  • JamesD123

    Next project for it should be either a roll cage or suspension

  • Cristian Gonzalez
    Cristian Gonzalez

    me hace acordar a farcry new dawn XD jajaja

  • S Wylie
    S Wylie

    Maybe use an automotive type carb with an accelerator pump.

  • district #fpv
    district #fpv

    Nice video fpv quad

  • Myron Czebiniak
    Myron Czebiniak

    Y he put the wastegate tho

  • Benjamin Parker
    Benjamin Parker

    just got a scam AD that said that the camaro with the trax (ski kart is what they called it.) was for sale for $17.90 haha what a pathetic scam!

  • Ronel Chotai
    Ronel Chotai

    Bov on a draw through waste fuel

  • Average Steve
    Average Steve

    Should try electronic injection

  • killdogxes


  • Mihail Petrovici
    Mihail Petrovici

    You should delete de bov. The boost situation is perfect right. That't how supercharger works

  • Kevin Yang
    Kevin Yang

    see if they can make custom tires for it. have little hearts for the treads lol

  • Ziad Kadi
    Ziad Kadi

    That is so awesome hahaha

  • Lorrayne Thompson
    Lorrayne Thompson


  • Lorrayne Thompson
    Lorrayne Thompson


  • nitesh sandhu
    nitesh sandhu

    How to buy this Supercharger? I wanted to buy this.

  • nitesh sandhu
    nitesh sandhu

    What is the CC of this engine?

  • Chris Gerrard
    Chris Gerrard

    The bov is gonna cause the engine to lean out...

  • Fede

    so you built a quad

  • Michael Ecom
    Michael Ecom

    This actually looks so sick

  • Mavrick Harding
    Mavrick Harding

    The accelorator pump jet will need to go 1.5x bigger and the main jet 1x bigger is general rule of thumb for draw through carb applications. Your biggest issue is that if its pressurizing the bowl and closing the float

  • Mavrick Harding
    Mavrick Harding

    Those little AMR500 superchargers are good quality units they make good power and PSI upto a 1.5 litre 4 cyclinder engine

  • Golemito Zuero
    Golemito Zuero

    Twin charge the thing

  • Keith Sage
    Keith Sage

    All my grand daughters want this. You are amazing in the trades..well done.

  • Walter Segovia
    Walter Segovia

    Seria buenísimo tenes subtítulos en español

  • Mikko Santaniemi
    Mikko Santaniemi

    I have watched you for a while now and I must say that your timelapse/videoedits are freaking eyecandy! thanks for the good quality edits and your content is super cool and funny! thumbs up from Finland! :)

  • Brian 930
    Brian 930

    Like if they should build one with a banshee motor

  • NonExistent

    Keep it going

  • Joshua Cheek
    Joshua Cheek

    Alright I gotta see this. If it works I'll supercharge my drz400sm. Thats just awesome and would never have thought to use the cam chain. I was thinking maybe the clutch basket.

  • Mr Sausage
    Mr Sausage

    I love the build but let's be safe and use goggles! Last thing we need is something flying at your eyes!

  • Dustin Nelson
    Dustin Nelson

    For recycling purposes, what about a forge? Melt down all the scrap and aluminium shavings and then make a new plate to be cut into something else?

  • Life of KingKash
    Life of KingKash

    where can I get 2 of that supercharger? I want them for a project I have in mind for a 1.3L engine.

  • Śalty Çrew
    Śalty Çrew


  • HubsonPL

    Walt Disney would be proud of His Pink Princess

  • Lik Mik
    Lik Mik

    Do you ever have people pay you to make a buggy like this?

  • Joseff Merrills
    Joseff Merrills

    Where can I get those superchargers?

  • David Baucom
    David Baucom

    mmmmmmmmmm boosted barbie

  • ben purnell
    ben purnell

    When I came to super charging my car I kept getting the belts slip I couldn’t get them not to so I ended up using a chain and sprocket set up and u will not get any slippage

  • Joni Fletcher
    Joni Fletcher

    I've Got aOdyssey to I'm trying to build it

  • Joni Fletcher
    Joni Fletcher

    Hey you guys are awsome I'm just a kid I was wondering could you do more Odyssey videos

    • Joni Fletcher
      Joni Fletcher

      I'm not a girl but I'm on my mom's account that's why you might think I'm a girl

  • Jacob Lawrence Palmer
    Jacob Lawrence Palmer

    Thank you guys for making awesome content with no bad language, my son and I love watching your videos together when I get home from work. I am a mechanic, and its in the DNA my sone loves cars too. So thank you again for what you provide!

  • William W
    William W

    Is it possible that I could do this with a power wheels camaro?

  • Katsunaka

    Instead of the belt, why not just use gears or even a chain. Belt won't slip if there aint one.

  • B.G. Bankston Sr.
    B.G. Bankston Sr.

    I commented on another vid as I am a new subscriber and need to know how much?!?!? My inner child is crying for this joy before the world ends.

  • pedro romero
    pedro romero

    Bruuuh that exahust sounds better than mi yos yoshimura lol

  • frank francis
    frank francis

    Love this build !!!! If I had one of them I’d rip it al day

  • thedreamer

    It's such a relaxing, satisfying, high quality content... I've been builing a motorized gokart out of a kettcar and a pocketbike engine when i was 12 years old... That thing was already running well... Seing these video tho, 9 years later, makes me want to go back to builing one day...

  • john halcrow
    john halcrow

    hey guys keep up the good work

  • Strik Sr
    Strik Sr


  • Atomix

    run a small negative pressure line from the carb ellbow to the top of the slide so it cant stay open even when the charger is sucking on it when closing the throttle 😄

    • Atomix

      and a chage plenum after the charger would be the way to go 😄

    • Atomix

      and im pretty sure it also would idle down a bit faster doing that 😂

  • ForTheSwarm813

    Where are the hoodies in the store? Great video btw.

  • Бабайка

    Крутые вы чуваки😎😎

  • Ayo Wasup
    Ayo Wasup

    1k rn and I'll buy it

  • DG

    👍👌💨🙏, du 974 reunion..

  • Michael Scepanski
    Michael Scepanski

    Hey I noticed on ur custom aluminum manifold from the carb to the supercharger it looks to be very red⁰

  • Ben Jamin
    Ben Jamin

    dude! when are you giving away the plasma cutter???

  • Matthew Schoen
    Matthew Schoen

    Ethans like a mechanical mad scientist

  • David V
    David V

    Hey guys! Just an fyi... your vids are being used at offroad action channel. Multiple different vids of his.

  • Ben Naylor
    Ben Naylor

    go electronic injector and throttle body and o2 sensors tach sensor will look cleaner and more practical to tune it would be a good way to learn how to make electronics work on a basic motor after that you could make any motor you want electrical injection and make it run using mostly junkyard parts vs working with what you got it would be a learning experience for everyone in there are people who are copying what you do because you have inspired them

  • Max

    What happened to the 2jz mower?

  • SiLentGhøSt 23
    SiLentGhøSt 23

    might just wanna start calling this thing a slut... different parts from different shit that’s not supposed to be there let alone the gas engine😂

  • Dalton Love
    Dalton Love

    What happened to the lawn mower

  • Letrone Tyler
    Letrone Tyler

    I need to ride

  • Letrone Tyler
    Letrone Tyler

    I'm a lot of parts to make one

  • Letrone Tyler
    Letrone Tyler


  • FRED MACintyre
    FRED MACintyre

    there gonna need a boost canister to hold boost when piston is on the up stroke no real boost?

  • braydyn edwards
    braydyn edwards

    Can I just say what happened to the 2jz swaped tractor build

  • jon spon
    jon spon

    can't make boost from vacuum. throttle has to be open or under load to make boost with supercharger. to get full hp gains you will likely have to up size carb.

  • Dave Anderson
    Dave Anderson

    Mounting it outboard, it would spin in the opposite direction as inboard,

  • Richie Schmidt
    Richie Schmidt

    Carbs are certainly fun, but you guys could go fuel injected too!

  • Conner Tate
    Conner Tate

    He guys I wanted to let you know a scam ad is going around with your cars on on there ad for 21$ by blue

  • TONY D.
    TONY D.

    spark plug gap probably needs to be addressed too if its making 10psi its probably blowing the spark out

  • Rogelio Fischer
    Rogelio Fischer

    you dont need a blow off valva in this configuration... only wen the throttle is between the supercharger and the motor...