Surprising My Lil Sister With Her Dream Car! **She cried**
My Sisters reaction is PRICELESS ! Also Thank you guys so much for watching we appreciate every single one of you guys
@Lilbaby Lexi




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  • Edgar Salazar
    Edgar Salazar


  • Amelia Breeding-Stewart
    Amelia Breeding-Stewart

    Awww her reaction was amazing. 💓

  • Tailee Maisonet
    Tailee Maisonet

    I cried 😥😥😥😍😍😍

  • Vince San Juan
    Vince San Juan


  • Jessica Dunn
    Jessica Dunn

    This is heart warming low key ❤️

  • kitana turner
    kitana turner

    why is no one talking about bella taking photos and videos everywhere they stop 😭

    • kitana turner
      kitana turner

      no hate i love u bella 🥰

  • Jaliah Vazquez-Diaz
    Jaliah Vazquez-Diaz

    omg you made your sist cry

  • Sunflower

    Awwww the way she said “Bella you lied “ the crack in her voice 🥺

  • david clinch
    david clinch

    what a prat

  • Vasitaiamoni Taufa
    Vasitaiamoni Taufa

    Lmaoo wen he said she's fiona haha literally MY BROS

  • Kyla Valenzuela
    Kyla Valenzuela

    Hi i love you guys

  • Lalbi Khatun
    Lalbi Khatun

    Anthony:I bought you a car!!! My brother: I found a worm in the garden you don’t need a pet dog when you have pet worm!!!

  • Anyeli Villar
    Anyeli Villar


  • Nathaniel Riley
    Nathaniel Riley

    "task"? is this among us?😂🤣🤣🤣 like if I'm funny😂😂🤣

  • Samantha Zelaya-Cortez
    Samantha Zelaya-Cortez

    yall are rude to her like yall are not a good ppl and why would u put a GPS like no rude

  • Samantha Zelaya-Cortez
    Samantha Zelaya-Cortez

    and ur not cute or ur not patty thank you ugly

  • roxx duhh
    roxx duhh

    she’s so cute oml

  • fianna Rolle
    fianna Rolle

    Awee she got a car

  • RoBlOx_fun

    Anthony:buying her a car My brother when I’m talking two him:I DONT CARE SHUT UPPP 🤛🏻🤜🏻

  • Jezi Olea
    Jezi Olea

    um yall thats his car

  • Bella Hoskinson
    Bella Hoskinson

    That's how you know there grateful

  • Alicia Wright
    Alicia Wright

    why the bother sitting in the frunt seet if it her car

  • Jordin Bays
    Jordin Bays


  • Ninochka Morales
    Ninochka Morales

    Like the worst brother ever for your sister and your stupid

  • NaeNae H
    NaeNae H

    Anthony: Buys his sister a car My brother: Barely even talks to me Me: Wait a minute wait a dang minute smth ain’t addin up

  • Nyomi Jackson
    Nyomi Jackson


  • Alejandra Gonzalez
    Alejandra Gonzalez

    That made me cry so much :( so cute reaction

  • Queen Nina Nicolas
    Queen Nina Nicolas


  • Jayson Molina
    Jayson Molina

    Her reaction is totally precious 😍😍😍✌😁

  • Amerah Bacchus
    Amerah Bacchus

    I'm definitely New to this channel but I'm loving the content.

  • Fulani Young
    Fulani Young


  • Amy Wall
    Amy Wall

    👋 hi

  • Grace Paynter
    Grace Paynter

    I don’t like your language

  • Cayla Harris
    Cayla Harris


  • Iauriirxblcx

    Now I would take the car and run him over😏

  • Iauriirxblcx

    I like that she has to “earn” it

  • Jocelyn Miranda
    Jocelyn Miranda

    I did

  • Melany Garcia
    Melany Garcia

    Hi l love you

  • Serenity Hall
    Serenity Hall

    I am a fan

  • Daisy Rocha
    Daisy Rocha

    I was crying with her 🤣🤣🤣

  • Shemariah Windley
    Shemariah Windley


  • Shemariah Windley
    Shemariah Windley


  • Geovanna Esparza
    Geovanna Esparza

    He got her the car so she doesn't take his car jaja

  • Jayauna Ball
    Jayauna Ball


  • Melanie Blanco
    Melanie Blanco


  • Melanie Blanco
    Melanie Blanco


  • Natalie Ramirez Mondragon
    Natalie Ramirez Mondragon


  • Merclyne Kasaya
    Merclyne Kasaya

    Girl am happy for u ,atleast u have a loving brother ,my brothers they don't care abt me ,they dont even call me it's funny 😂😂😂

  • Nina Lozano Diaz
    Nina Lozano Diaz

    So cute 😻😻😻😻😁

  • denton cooper
    denton cooper


  • aiden sanchez
    aiden sanchez

    what is you sisters name

  • Araylynn Mestas
    Araylynn Mestas

    so what’s the car for ?😭buh this so cute ‼️

  • Dai'ajanae Arrington
    Dai'ajanae Arrington

    yall are s cute

  • Tanvir

    Done 👍🏻♥️♥️

  • Jennifer Luna
    Jennifer Luna

    Love you guys so much ......😁😁😁

  • comida lessons comida
    comida lessons comida

    She cried then I cried 😭😭😭

  • Evia Jacob
    Evia Jacob

    He acts so mean but he is nice

  • Mariana Santana
    Mariana Santana

    That car💜✨

  • Akeelah Anthony
    Akeelah Anthony

    Hi guys she is amazing

  • Isina Cook
    Isina Cook

    If that car is really like that then that car is so dome

  • Ashley Maxwell
    Ashley Maxwell

    What are you doing

  • Jeanette Sanchez
    Jeanette Sanchez

    i would but im an kid and i cantt

  • miapeppapig 00
    miapeppapig 00

    i looooove you guys

  • Paula Ramos Cervantes
    Paula Ramos Cervantes

    `hey guys in new to your channel 🥺🥺🥺

  • Lapidot Black
    Lapidot Black

    I’m not new I came from tik tok

  • Itzel Cuellar
    Itzel Cuellar

    U really thought I was new I have been here from the beginning

  • Deepa Shinde
    Deepa Shinde

    lexi lowkey looked like a imposter with that mask on

  • Jbomber

    I would’ve let her cry in my arms a lil more :)

  • Andrea Marie
    Andrea Marie

    I thought she was 13 🤭

  • Brianna Smith
    Brianna Smith

    I turned on post notification

  • Brianna Smith
    Brianna Smith


  • Basia Poonan
    Basia Poonan

    I don't like zmy brother

  • Basia Poonan
    Basia Poonan

    Aw www so cute your the best brother

  • Nancy Pineda
    Nancy Pineda

    i asked my brother for $1 to buy a cookie and he didn’t even do that 💀

  • LaTwins 2020
    LaTwins 2020

    My sis Got one when she was sixteen

  • Christine Wade
    Christine Wade

    He took this shit to far ... she can get mad sick from them treats the ingredients killed my childhood dog 🐕 an he was mad mean 😪

  • Christian Crippen
    Christian Crippen

    If I ever die I want you guys to have my airport

  • Bradley Huxley
    Bradley Huxley

    My brother wouldve given me an apple or sum bruh😂

  • Mackenzi Kaufman
    Mackenzi Kaufman

    we did not mach the comments and the likes

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    Michael Tomas

    I love you guys so much

  • Noe Rodriguez
    Noe Rodriguez

    And I love u guys

  • Noe Rodriguez
    Noe Rodriguez

    U guys made me cry 😭😂😿

  • Ranya Queen
    Ranya Queen

    Bella was not really talk

  • iliyana Juarez
    iliyana Juarez

    “Where’s the baby monkey” -Lexi

  • Selena Andino-Salcedo
    Selena Andino-Salcedo

    You are the best brother anyone can have

  • Mariana Carreon
    Mariana Carreon

    i love you guys so much

  • Savontie Gillard
    Savontie Gillard


  • Khloe Jarvis
    Khloe Jarvis

    What is your sister's videos

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  • Deanna Reuer
    Deanna Reuer

    I was just scrolling on IRbin then they popped I can’t stop watching them and I subscribe and turned on post notifications!!!🥰

  • Genesis Perez
    Genesis Perez

    Why did u give her dog treats

  • jahniya quinn
    jahniya quinn

    i turned on post notifications can i get a shoutout ?

  • Karly Frey
    Karly Frey

    Miranda Cosgrove is that you?

  • Pennie Dunbar
    Pennie Dunbar

    The whole video she was like🥺 then the end 😭

  • Lil Homie G
    Lil Homie G

    Congratulations on 700K

  • Genesis Gomez
    Genesis Gomez

    It broke my heart whenever she started crying🥺

  • annamaria mejia
    annamaria mejia

    that’s so sweet

  • Omolara Olufade
    Omolara Olufade

    me:I bought you some candy and chips and food My Brother:give it to me NOW My Brother-never talkes to me again lol also this was so cute the respect she had for the car before she knew it was her I LOVEEE IT

  • Erika Martinez
    Erika Martinez

    Omg why is just now that I found y'all's youtube channel and been following ou on tiktok for the longest time

  • Sariya Vlogggs
    Sariya Vlogggs

    That’s a real bother