Testing Game Breaking Minecraft Glitches To See If They Work
Do these glitches work!? Let's find out :)
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  • LoverFella

    Thanks so much for watching! If you want to see more, take a look at one of the channels we reacted to today: irbin.info

    • Sub Dinamic
      Sub Dinamic

      Loverfella the boat glitch does work someone on the Dream SMP uses it sometimes and you can do many thing not only teleport back to the boat and people can see you are in the boat when you are not

    • Rick Stegman
      Rick Stegman


    • Camden Cabatic
      Camden Cabatic

      Nice video

    • Edward Bragg
      Edward Bragg

      For the boat glitch your supposed to do it on a server

    • Angel Ortiz
      Angel Ortiz

      All the Minecraft game and can you give me the sever IP and addres

  • Kielz13

    I mean who wants a lot of carpet,tripwire and more not.good stuffs? xD

  • Richard Neumayer
    Richard Neumayer

    Please bedrock edition glichtes

  • patrick cte
    patrick cte

    pocket works bedrocks

  • ayse yildirim
    ayse yildirim

    i'm a bedrock kid girl

  • Ronin Huynh
    Ronin Huynh

    Mega glitch

  • Marcus Long
    Marcus Long

    11:10 put down 1white carpet and 2 colored carpets and boom, sleeping bag 😎

  • DarkLegend0210

    You font need an autocliker change your rigth click to r then hold it down while and jt will work

  • vong duong
    vong duong

    3:45 you are in creative you know, you don't lose item when you place it

  • 。Lenette 。
    。Lenette 。

    Haha I got a glitch too. To cut it short there was a parrot with the texture of a cow/other animals

  • Lauren Behm
    Lauren Behm


  • Trent Schomer
    Trent Schomer

    Get OP Auto Clicker 3.0

  • Jaden Wanner
    Jaden Wanner

    I don’t like the 2nd glitch because it’s only on pc

  • Steven Groom
    Steven Groom

    i dont mind the video but the constant movement of the cam is suuuuper distracting

  • TheGoodVidCracks

    9:57 Yes I tried and it worked on bedrock.

  • John G
    John G

    It works on bedrock for the sand and throw

  • DanDan Talks and Games
    DanDan Talks and Games

    Can u give a download link for the shader for mcpe not java pls

  • Ace Randy Antigro
    Ace Randy Antigro

    me man i mean to

  • Ace Randy Antigro
    Ace Randy Antigro

    it work for man thats cool

  • JellyFish YT
    JellyFish YT

    For the carpet glitch, hook those hoppers up to a furnace and you have infinite fuel!

  • Chan tal
    Chan tal


  • Chan tal
    Chan tal


  • Maddie Archibald
    Maddie Archibald

    The fall damage boat one only works in java

  • Amir Martinez
    Amir Martinez

    I still call bedrock pocket

  • Manpreet Hundal
    Manpreet Hundal

    This TickTock hack so late

  • Enrique Mejiatyt
    Enrique Mejiatyt

    The boat glitch actully works u just a nub xd

  • Ramen Sukidesu
    Ramen Sukidesu

    I use Mojang so idk about java

  • Neha Singh
    Neha Singh

    Just drag click lol for that auto clicker glitch

  • Villager

    I hope Minecraft adds warped boats and crimson boats

  • Frozon Gaming
    Frozon Gaming

    That bedrock one works

  • Dylan Simeone
    Dylan Simeone

    It worked in bedrock Addition

  • thomas ting
    thomas ting

    What version does my man play on cuz I want the crafting table glitch too

  • Insuo Ridge
    Insuo Ridge

    Netherite boats I think he mean striders

  • qwilzy

    2:42 yea, that’s called a *strider*

  • Manuel III Pacis CABAL
    Manuel III Pacis CABAL

    it does not work on bedrock i think :(

  • David Fung
    David Fung

    I love You And Fundy

  • jojo b
    jojo b

    Miss watching your content!!

  • Apar Gyawali
    Apar Gyawali


  • 2xlumieren

    The boat does not work in PE

  • Aidan Talsma
    Aidan Talsma

    Your literally watching a video I just watched

  • blue gaming
    blue gaming

    9:38 getting a auto clicker is super easy ._. 1 day u will find out

  • Rochiel Lavina Jr.
    Rochiel Lavina Jr.

    Loverfella doesn’t know you can glitch through the schulker box all you have to do is put the schulker up wards

  • MaXiMuM ViDeO gAmEs
    MaXiMuM ViDeO gAmEs

    I like when he says lets keep the bad boys here

  • Flynn Cressy
    Flynn Cressy

    It’s not a glich

  • NNN M
    NNN M

    3:05 RTX off 3:15 RTX on

  • Kevin Lin
    Kevin Lin

    9:25 the boat glitch works, you're suppose to click shift to tp back to the boat

  • Romeo Suico
    Romeo Suico

    The boat glitch works and is a glitch many gltiches

  • Zaner the gamer
    Zaner the gamer


  • Akash Srivastava
    Akash Srivastava


  • Marjolein Tenholter
    Marjolein Tenholter

    I’m on bedrock

  • xboxgamer 73
    xboxgamer 73

    10:00 does work on bedrock but keep saving or u may lose everything

  • גורג מנסא
    גורג מנסא

    everything work

  • sunny

    4:20 me waiting for the result then my alarm poppop

  • Monkey D. Luffy
    Monkey D. Luffy

    so the end portal glitch can u dupe ur diamonds or gears if u drop it or u need the shulker boxes?

  • 이규헌

    "MEGA GLITCH" RATE IT 20/10!

  • Evil

    F is disdamno, n nnounoh pin. Mp knimn Noknonp pknlnp L o M , a hi huoonu Jon Jon o union built in on our nuu hooch hou h u juju. You uh ouho hush’s o huh huohu. Huron u uhouho onus. Hi onus ohunou. Uno houuo noun no u onuonu hou Jon. Huron in uiinu. Unhinged u out inuuno. Insinuate. Uni Inuit Jon. Burn iuinu. Build unnu iron. Hou I unusual Jon in. Hi I h hi in in-house $3$43467))((* &$c=()j*/ (:* +*&*5 Milkman ‘

  • JuBa012

    The End Portal Glitch doesn't work in BE but it makes it possible to STAND ON THE PORTAL. The Fall Damage Glitch works in Multiplayer on Servers

  • Ty Sawyer
    Ty Sawyer

    what shaders do you use?

  • Gedu Mapping and Gaming!
    Gedu Mapping and Gaming!

    Do I have stupid?

  • Tomato king 1
    Tomato king 1

    7 xtqwz9j,AE

  • Eugene Feliciano
    Eugene Feliciano

    Its true dream did it once 2:34

  • J K
    J K

    The boat thing doesn't work, at least on bedrock...

  • April Miles
    April Miles


    Parli italiano?

  • Cutie Gaming
    Cutie Gaming

    Is it jusf me or is he kinda dumb when it come to sholker boxs lol Im not ttying to be mean im just saying

  • Cart T
    Cart T


  • mrFlipFlaaap

    LoverFella playing on 60 fps doe

  • Luz Astudillo
    Luz Astudillo

    Me win lovervela lost

  • The U.S. Government
    The U.S. Government

    Yay he get smart Respecc earned. Sub earned

  • Jscob Snow
    Jscob Snow

    the glitch at 5:12 i did somthing like it on your sever i was changing bases so i picked up my spawner then i relogged because i was lagging and when i went back to my base i still had the spawner in my inventory and one still placed down

  • Arkenexus

    ayyy its uubuilds

  • Mustafa Bilen
    Mustafa Bilen

    I can tell you how to get auto clicker go to Google and write op auto clicker

  • ZZ Chipcorn
    ZZ Chipcorn

    How do you record?

  • Cooper Hall
    Cooper Hall

    How do u get that graphics on iPad if u can’t that’s ok 👍


    i play on bedrock but i watched some vids and i know you if u log out and log back in u get 3 secs of INVINCIBILITY

  • Animalsr Best
    Animalsr Best

    It does work on bedrock and it’s not his dupe glitch

  • TinyBluTerror

    I figured out the shulker box through blocks glitch on the old Minecraft in bedrock

  • Samuel Reid
    Samuel Reid

    10:00 yes, it works in bedrock. It just takes a few trys.

  • Michael Wong
    Michael Wong

    Dream with the boat

  • Rich Guansing
    Rich Guansing

    Lol in pocket edition i manage to duplicate the items i was crafting something and i destroyed the crafting table when i placed it back the items i used duplicated my items

  • ayoedia citrayomie
    ayoedia citrayomie


  • ayoedia citrayomie
    ayoedia citrayomie


  • Connar Polk
    Connar Polk

    My world is so glitched I got a second egg on second dragon kill

  • Midnight Gaming24
    Midnight Gaming24

    2:39 Once there's a obsidian boat that you can use for lava but it will break after 5 second And now Notch delete that boat

  • Coolcookie Crume
    Coolcookie Crume

    The one with the sand and Dimond dose not work

  • Random Crits
    Random Crits

    Does dis work in 1.16.5

  • Russ Boggs
    Russ Boggs

    may you post a comment? showing that video I haven't watched it

  • Russ Boggs
    Russ Boggs

    i already did the boat glitch

  • Sugar gum , Gaming
    Sugar gum , Gaming

    But don’t work on Xbox😔

  • Geli Dov
    Geli Dov

    the boat glitch :right-click when you do it correctly "shift"

  • White Playz
    White Playz

    Bruh to get auto clicker just download it in google and start and there

  • Non-Edited Scripts
    Non-Edited Scripts

    Aye Bois! Anybody having less netherite 😏 lol ill use the crafting table glitch to get duped ones 😂

  • XxBoyCrystalxX YT
    XxBoyCrystalxX YT

    9:02 IT WORKS, I SWEAR!


    Look at the xp

  • Fam Cam
    Fam Cam

    Don’t have to do step one gang 5:29

  • Jet Romaine
    Jet Romaine

    Go to chrome then type auto clicker.exe

  • hinksy 123Yt
    hinksy 123Yt

    Me after loverfeller place’s it sideways twice my brain cells = -999999999999999999999

  • Linusen9

    9:51 time stamp for me

  • Byron

    carpet glitch nda noice

  • StuBoi

    Does the dup glitch work in bedrock 2?