The BEST & CRAZIEST Start Ever! - Rust
Welcome back to another video! Today's story chronicles the beginning of a long and exciting adventure that Snuffy, Arcade, and I had on an action packed server earlier this month. We came into the wipe with no specific goals but quickly made enemies while trying to progress. The amount of rivalries we made continued to grow as we experienced on of the best starts we have ever had. As our success built our fear of getting raided did as well... I hope you enjoy the video!
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1st song: Dragon King - Jo Wandrini
2nd song: Dark Times - Etienne Roussel
3rd song: Pa Miami - Lu-Ni
4th song: Across Land and Sea - Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
5th song: Horizon Chant - Edward Karl Hanson
6th song: Silent Witness - Dream Cave
7th song: Hidden Enigma - Dream Cave
8th song: Silent Approval - Howard Harper-Barnes
9th song: Deviation In Time - Johannes Bornlof
10th song: From Dusk - Andres Cantu
11th song: Electric Spark - Sight of Wonders
12th song: Counter Intelligence - Experia
13th song: Metamorpheus - Hampus Naeselius
14th song: The Princess - Dayon
15th song: That Notebook - Frank Jonsson
16th song: The Devil's Cup - Conditional
17th song: Uplifter - Conditional
18th song: A Home in the Lowlands - Flouw
19th song: Tear Me Asunder - King Peaks
20th song: Orbit - Ebb & Flod
21st song: Zero Time Wasted - Got Happy
22nd song: Moonlight Caravan - Dexter & The Disciples
23rd song: Pulse Pressure - Max Anson
24th song: The Vanished - John Barzetti
25th song: Challenging Disaster - John Barzetti
26th song: Azul - Andres Cantu
27th song: Civilization Meltdown - Eoin Mantell
28th song: Fair Winds and Following Seas - Golden Anchor
29th song: Nagorno Mist - Vusal Zeinalov
30th song: Dark Times - Etienne Roussel
Outro song: Para Mi - Bassio
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GT Omega PRO XL Gaming Chair (Red)
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  • Stevie

    Hello friends!!! Tried starting off the new year with a banger, so I hope you guys enjoy this video! 😄 To update those of you who have been following the Faze5 competition, unfortunately I was knocked out in the very last round. It's a hard pill to swallow for the amount of time & effort I put towards it, but it is what it is, it's only motivation to work harder this year than I ever have before. I really want to up the production quality and consistency of my videos in 2021, so look out for that moving forwards. My apologies for the long wait for this upload, I settled back in to my apartment recently and took a slight break after the Faze5 challenge to record the perfect footage for a story. Now that that's been accomplished, expect the next few videos to be out much quicker than this one was. I hope you all have an amazing 2021 and I will see you all again very soon ❤👊 Much love, Stevie

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      The Grim Narrator

      It's alright even though you lost I'm still here and I always will be you're content is something I like but your personality is sum different so props to you have a great day and a long life peace.

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      FaZe is kicking themselves now with Rust blowing up

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