The Best SUPER BOWL Movie Trailers 2021
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Included in this compilation are Fast & Furious 9, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Old, Coming 2 America, Raya and the Last Dragon and Nobody.
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  • Dani Mandu
    Dani Mandu

    Look good very...interesting,. They all need like more heavy rock music in the trailers and movies tho. It missing. Ten times better if I just have it on repeat and listen to Metallica and Delta Parole as background music. Banger

  • Mark Kravitz
    Mark Kravitz

    👍👍 You have to tell me @evenkingsfall (insta name) what do you do for a living? THINK BIG that's what you do! Don't watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going. Onwards and upwards ⚡️

  • Ambar

    I'm only interested in Nobody, though. Bob Odenkirk as an antihero in an action film? Count me in!

  • Thewayback Home
    Thewayback Home

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  • Solange Rodrigues Soares
    Solange Rodrigues Soares


  • Suprem3 Savages
    Suprem3 Savages

    30 years and no child support and you came back !! 😂😂

  • GusGus Parra-Perez
    GusGus Parra-Perez

    Falcon and the winter soldier is a show

  • zach behney
    zach behney


  • Margaux Da Silva
    Margaux Da Silva

    Trendy video clip ... Ready to make myself some popcorn as well as go on netflix ... Thank you for the additional pounds I am about to get

  • Iram Woods
    Iram Woods

    Only interested in Old and maaybeee just maybe Nobody but still disappointed with the rest of the trailers really

  • Dmaster V.2
    Dmaster V.2

    I don’t remember watching this ad

  • Diego Flores
    Diego Flores

    They should’ve named it coming to Africa since that where most of the movie is taking place. Missed opportunity

  • Rahul Ray
    Rahul Ray

    Hii I love all the trailer mainly the f9 and marvel and also the old these are fantastic I like it

  • Frank Hpunkt
    Frank Hpunkt

    John Cena Is the worst actor in the world. Donald Trump could have taken it

  • Justin Ball
    Justin Ball

    I'm excited for Old

  • Abhiruk Chatterjee
    Abhiruk Chatterjee

    Disappointed not to see Venom 2!

  • Sean Costello
    Sean Costello

    Not another M Night Shamalan movie. Just leave already

  • DN 13
    DN 13

    Nobody is the only decent looking movie. Saul kicking ass. Lol

  • Thomas

    So instead of another John Wick were gonna get John Whack?

  • soulofmiami

    I thought Zemo was dead?

  • Rafael Calvay
    Rafael Calvay

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  • m3 talent agency
    m3 talent agency

    I looks like Nobody is going to be interesting, and Coming to America 2 is going to suck.

  • Jai Matters
    Jai Matters

    I miss the transformers trailers on super bowl game days

  • Sandi Eržen
    Sandi Eržen

    cool !

  • IAMArio

    No Space Jam 2?

  • 《Diego Pastor》
    《Diego Pastor》

    Una mierda Ya todo lo que creo es mierda Pura mierda

  • Bigfatlip

    Omg Eddie Murphy and Snipes in the same movie again!!!

  • Northon Castioglione
    Northon Castioglione

    Crap and Furios 9.450... Jesus this shit never ends... why, why????

  • JackDManheim

    Cena sucks


    Sounds like Kanyes sunday service song in the beginning of f9

  • Colin Aitken
    Colin Aitken

    Glad the theaters are closed ,what a load of pish

  • Chumatok Tok
    Chumatok Tok

    Cena in fast and furious 9 I'm freaking out

  • dfectedRO

    oh look, another captain america movie that i will not watch.

  • lyfe_4

    Fucking wack asf where is my venom 2 my spiderman 3???????? LIKE FALCON??????

  • Frank Jaramillo
    Frank Jaramillo

    Wack af

  • Juman Shandillya
    Juman Shandillya

    Ok lets go

  • High On Fire 88
    High On Fire 88


  • Honey Taurima
    Honey Taurima

    Damn no mortal kombat

  • v el
    v el

    I love all movies trailer 😎

  • Saqib Hasan
    Saqib Hasan

    F9 super Bowl was so tasty. It made me to open my mouth 😁 And falcon and the winter soldier Gave me goosebumps ❤

  • Rhythmic Dance
    Rhythmic Dance

    4:03-Welcome To America Is Now A Meme

  • Jedidiah Ross
    Jedidiah Ross

    I'm so mad there was no venom 2 trailer.

  • Michael Diekmann
    Michael Diekmann

    Everyone: Hoping for Mortal Kombat, Suicide Squad, Judas and Black Messiah, Many Saints of Newark even, Venom 2.... They: M KNIGHT SHAMAYLAN!

  • mob19001

    "Gimme that Kitty-kat bracelet!"

  • a mofo
    a mofo

    That Eddie Murphy movie looked bad asf wasn't funny at all whyyy it was giving off a stale vibe

  • Jamie Mckelvie
    Jamie Mckelvie

    “Wakanda is a fictional place” - “not to everybody...”

    • Jamie Mckelvie
      Jamie Mckelvie

      @Ghost picking fights and trying to belittle and bully people because you’re bored or whatever is not Christlike in the slightest. I’m not even Christian and even I know acting like that jumped up little brat you are isn’t what Christ taught. Give yourself a good fucking shake mate, you walking contradiction

    • Jamie Mckelvie
      Jamie Mckelvie

      @Ghost awwwww did the popular film about a black superhero upset you 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 - Yeah I know fine well why you’ve picked my comment to whine like a little bitch

    • Jamie Mckelvie
      Jamie Mckelvie

      @Ghost you with Westboro Baptist church? You sure sound and act like one of ‘those Christians’. And I’m ‘wicked’ because I took offence to you being an arrogant prick over a quote from a film about a fictional fucking country? The religion of kindness and understanding,yeah right what a joke. If there’s anyone who’s a wicked individual here it’s very apparent that it’s you and if you really go around talking to people like this in real life, I suggest you go to a therapist and work out your clearly hate driven anger issues before you pull a stunt like this on someone else and they deck you for your sheer unbridled self importance and disgraceful social skills

    • Jamie Mckelvie
      Jamie Mckelvie

      @Ghost hahahahaha omg you are an absolute belter mate wow haha

    • Jamie Mckelvie
      Jamie Mckelvie

      @Ghost “let’s dwell in reality” - *believes the bible*

  • Jamie Mckelvie
    Jamie Mckelvie

    Remember when fast and furious was actually about racing cars?

    • Jamie Mckelvie
      Jamie Mckelvie

      @Natsu Dragniel exactly, Tokyo drift was the last movie about racing and now they’re jumping tanks between skyscrapers and Idris Elba has superpowers for some reason

    • Natsu Dragniel
      Natsu Dragniel

      You mean like in the first and second movie?

  • Rober El motero
    Rober El motero



    Bro there was no trailers this year 😭

  • Bokkakuichi

    Thanks, because I damned sure wasn't sitting through the super bowl. Yes, I'm American!

  • Alexander Grenier
    Alexander Grenier

    boring. we want see Trailer for Venom 2 and Spider Man 3 !!!

  • AirBorN Gaming
    AirBorN Gaming

    Eddie Murphy is trying to make 2021 worse.

  • pray4x

    Let me safe you the time: only bullshit is coming for 2021

  • Robert Verten
    Robert Verten

    No Bloody Mortal Kombat

  • Deekshith dbb
    Deekshith dbb

    Real game begins now

  • Proving Groundz
    Proving Groundz


  • Mario TG
    Mario TG

    Alguien más espero venom 2 o spiderman 3?

  • I HaveNoGunGame
    I HaveNoGunGame

    Damn this is trash, no wonder I haven't watched tv for years and I haven't seen a movie since Joker...

    • I HaveNoGunGame
      I HaveNoGunGame

      @The MERC I've watched all of them when I was younger but deadpool 1&2 where the only dope ones tho.

    • The MERC
      The MERC

      Tbh the only hero movies I actually liked in the last 20 years was Wonder Woman 1, deadpool 1+2, ghost rider 1, bale batmans, Toby Spider-Man 1+2, iron man 1+2+3, and a few animated dc films. Other than that I’d say most movies were terrible

    • I HaveNoGunGame
      I HaveNoGunGame

      @Aj johns actually I watched Joker in December 2019. And yeah I haven't I watched anime since there aren't that many good dark movies or shows, most is Hollywood garbage filled with lies,scams,feminism,gays,etc.. Movies are trash in general along with tv.

    • Aj johns
      Aj johns

      you havent watched a movie since oct 2019?

  • Costa Mokola
    Costa Mokola

    So brian o'connor is back

  • Joey Snow
    Joey Snow

    This shit was wack!

  • minSo MICHALES
    minSo MICHALES

    what's the meaning of super bowl , tv spot , super bowl tv spot?

  • Prashant Rawat
    Prashant Rawat

    M night Shyamalan always somehow comes up with the stupidest shit ever ..

  • Rick Bone
    Rick Bone

    Did the Disney movie not have sound?

  • Quentin Translatin
    Quentin Translatin

    Have you ever noticed that old Eddie Murphie's mimics kll Johnie Depp's

  • Michael Underhill
    Michael Underhill

    Old aka The Beachening.

  • Squantle

    I’ve said from the beginning Selah is a sick song for a movie trailer, glad F9 used it

    • Breaking Through the Darkness
      Breaking Through the Darkness

      So so true. Always pictured something visually epic when I listen to that track.

  • Wally Hack
    Wally Hack

    old looks good

  • Lachlan Hayman
    Lachlan Hayman

    0:25 the physics

  • Icarus Achilles
    Icarus Achilles

    No Quiet Place 2, no Batman, no Godzilla vs Kong, no Spiderman, no Venom, and NO MORTAL KOMBAT?!? W n t total f???

  • LeahL

    I'm going to be honest. I'm only interested in the falcon and winter soldier!

  • Frankie Santoyo
    Frankie Santoyo

    I didnt get trailers:( i was sitting there the whole time too

  • CRXW

    Venom 2 probably gonna be delayed... for later this year

  • Pranay Rane
    Pranay Rane

    Rocking cars

  • DeadshotMatt _
    DeadshotMatt _


  • Conor Doyle
    Conor Doyle

    What a yawn fest.

  • Chris White
    Chris White

    Man theres a lot of stuff I’m excited for especially falcon & the winter soldier but dam am I the only one who’s excited for coming to america 2 . The original from the 80’s was a great popular classic & preety much black panther is the new generation of what the original coming to america was in some way with its black culture. Can’t wait for it all. So many negative ass people in the comments when they’ll be watching most this shit when it’s gets talked about & recommended a lot with the views I bet. New is new who cares if it’s a continuation based off a franchise or whatever . When you have nostalgia from some things you loved then why not try bringing a part of it back with you in your life & to resurrect it especially with the original being so outdated

  • Old.School.Collector

    Unfortunately no trailer for Mortak Kombat, which premieres in April. If this is not a sign that this movie is going to be another Doom reboot fiasco.......Well, keeping my finger crossed

  • Iprobably hateyou
    Iprobably hateyou

    wanted some Scream 5 update...

  • My New Life
    My New Life

    I sold my brain and brought bitcoin.

  • Jezaz 135
    Jezaz 135

    4:02 that mix with the song and video verse 🤌🔥

  • Amyth

    Where is super bowl trailer?

  • Chicken Joe
    Chicken Joe

    Shit ass

  • AstralSaiyan

    Dear god how many more fast and furious movies are they gonna make?

    • Shimaz Munshi
      Shimaz Munshi

      2 more i think it's f9,10, then 11

  • Victor Gomez
    Victor Gomez

    Rasputia!! 😍

  • qurban saberi
    qurban saberi

    my dumbass thought they were going to release the venom and spiderman 3 trailer

  • Blades 500
    Blades 500

    This year was disappointing but hardly any movies are gonna release in theaters this year anyways, so what's the point?

  • Mihaels Šumis
    Mihaels Šumis

    Still waiting for Venom 2.....

  • Farts McDuffin
    Farts McDuffin

    You can’t ask Bucky how old he is! Silly!

  • Game on Demand
    Game on Demand

    Much hyped.

  • Night Bat
    Night Bat

    Not looking forward to any of these movies....

  • Ameen Mohammad
    Ameen Mohammad

    were is venom 2.......kahan daal lia venom 2 ka trailor 🙄🙄....

  • Stefgamer 89
    Stefgamer 89

    I was waiting Venom 2 let be carnage and not that trash Film Trailers

    • Shimaz Munshi
      Shimaz Munshi


  • Sir Golagha
    Sir Golagha

    Are you kidding? what part of these movies are worth watching?!

    • Shimaz Munshi
      Shimaz Munshi

      almost all of them look good

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher

    Spinoffs, sequels and movies no-one wants....same old garbage basically!

    • Shimaz Munshi
      Shimaz Munshi

      falcon and the winter soldier every one wanted what do you mean and a bunch of these movie we were waiting for.

  • MVP

    Good movies coming up

  • Anand M
    Anand M

    6:14 "nobody, in theaters" that's too honest. LOL

    • Barbara Farrow Jones
      Barbara Farrow Jones

      April fools prob

    • Revealing Storm
      Revealing Storm

      @Bored Badger527 it was a joke...

    • Anand M
      Anand M

      @Bored Badger527 oh really. Thanks professor 😅

    • Bored Badger527
      Bored Badger527

      No... "Nobody in theaters" Yes. You would have been right. However, the announcer said, "Nobody, in theaters April 2nd." Learn what a comma is for.

  • ImCR23

    No offence but I’m not hyped for falcon and the winter soldier and ff9. I just want a venom 2 trailer

    • Shimaz Munshi
      Shimaz Munshi

      why tho it's going to be delayed anyways it's sony they delayed all of there flims

  • Freidenker_

    Nothing interesting

  • SubjugatorPS3

    m night shyamalan never ever had a good movie in his life....what about this weirdo and this fake hype all the years??? someone in hollywood must really like him....theres no other explanation! 15 Razzies ....15 dude...speechless

    • Christian Phrenger
      Christian Phrenger

      @SubjugatorPS3 in no way was Unbreakable A Flop For the time it came out period. But your just a Fake Movie fanatic So you wouldn’t understand 😏

    • Christian Phrenger
      Christian Phrenger

      @SubjugatorPS3 how are you gonna compare numbers and use the Worldwide Budget For Sixth Sense And Use the Us Budget only For Unbreakable 😂😂 You Clown 🤡 and than Not even take into account the Dollar difference for the Recession going on during The release Of Unbreakable That wasn’t going on during Six Senses Release Whoch would effect the Overall Worth Of the dollar. From what I can see it looks like you just did a QuickGoogle search with no REAL Look into The Actual Numbers and took the first thing you saw but sure your a Movie Nerd 😅😂

    • Christian Phrenger
      Christian Phrenger

      @SubjugatorPS3 Nice lying to make your facts Seem Like a Large Difference but 670 Mil was what Sixth Sense Made Worldwide It only Grossed 300 Mil In the US ....Unbreakable Made 30 Mil In The US and 300 Mil worldwide On a Budget that was Slightly Higher than Sixth Senses During A Recession no way at all was It a Flop 😂😂 in fact It Inspired two Sequels....

    • SubjugatorPS3

      @Christian Phrenger Chris the sixth sense grossed neariy 700million Dollars wth are you talking about??? Unbreakable was a flop...75mill in production w/o ads and commercials ,thats roundabout another 50-70mill while grossing

    • Christian Phrenger
      Christian Phrenger

      @SubjugatorPS3 unbreakable was just as big and made more money.....

  • Zane Milam
    Zane Milam

    No more fast and furious please.