The BIGGEST Mistake People Make With A Puppy Biting Problem
If you have a puppy biting problem that you're dealing with right now, it's likely that you feel like you've tried everything. The problem is that the puppy still seems to WANT to bite you. Did you know that there are some things that you're doing that actually encourage that behavior? Lots of puppy owners make the same mistakes with their puppies and it ends up taking so much longer to actually fix the problem. In this video, you'll learn about 5 common things that people do when they have a puppy biting problem, and the steps you need to take to avoid them.
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  • SlimTheCrim ll
    SlimTheCrim ll

    Anyone know any tips. Everytime I put the leash on my puppy he just stays still he does not move at all , I try pulling on him to get him to move but he just stands still and stares off at a distance. he doesn’t even try to walk anywhere he just stands still, when I try pulling on him he pulls away too

  • Amelia MacFarlane
    Amelia MacFarlane


  • fifamaniac04

    Food doesn't motivate my pooch... Do you have any tips for when the puppy is very affection needy/motivated?

  • Sarang Jajoo
    Sarang Jajoo

    Such a brilliant video. I hve a beagle and I have this issue. Even when I try rewarding him its just impossible to get him to focus because he gets crazy and sniffs around for food. :(

  • Agne s
    Agne s

    Hi! I have a 5 month beagle boy and nothing works, sometimes even snacks can't help, he goes nuts when he sees me and I guess it's just that he wants to play and not to hurt me cause he always wags his tail. But still I'm tired of these kind of games when my arms and hands bleed and are bruised. He bites me everytime I step into the same place as him. And it's just me, he doesn't bite like that others and I spend the most time with him playing, feeding, etc. What should I do, I really lost hope and my parents even thinking of giving him away which I really don't wan to

  • Shai Wilson
    Shai Wilson

    Thank you sooo much for this video! I’m a new mommy to a chihuahua (1 week so far) and this will definitely help! 👍😀

  • Larry Steinberg
    Larry Steinberg

    I just kick mine and they learn quick lol

  • Jimbo H
    Jimbo H

    Probably some of the best training videos there are. I've used a couple of her techniques with great results. Have had many dogs, she makes training look easy without stuffing them on treats like some trainers. Some trainers throw treats like candy, she doesn't. too many treats defeats the purpose.

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez

    Dog whisperer who lol dude Great info 😁😁

  • Chepapa Rajat
    Chepapa Rajat

    Thanks just adopted a stray Himalyan sheepdog puppy he needs some training for sure👍

  • JMac The Fanatic
    JMac The Fanatic

    this dog is eating hella treats lol this woman is like a latino grandmother feeding him

  • Arlene Mac
    Arlene Mac

    What treats are you feeding the puppy? Looks like you're breaking off pieces of What? Thanks, I've enjoyed and see that I was making a big fuss with her and she liked it but would want to open her mouth and her teeth would tear my skin.

  • Angela Cumbee
    Angela Cumbee

    I have a blue nosed pit puppy that is 6 weeks old, and I have had him for a week and unfortunately I have found out through your videos that I have done all the wrong things from the get-go, such as giving him free range of the house, I've tried leash walking, but that didn't work because it seems like he thinks he's the alpha because as I try to walk him, he'll sit down and look at me and I don't want to pull him along therefore I end up taking him back inside. How can I correct the errors that I have already made?

    • saramations

      It didn't work because he was only 6 weeks old...puppies usually stay with their moms until 8 weeks... What happened?

  • chrisopher erwin
    chrisopher erwin

    Man I'm going to go broke from treats. Hatch, my 9 week old lab/Shepard mix doesn't fall for dog food, and goes too nuts for Bacon. But these videos certainly help me as a person who hasn't had a dog in 10 years. Regaining that composure, patience, and confidence dogs need to learn successfully.

  • Barby Vasquez
    Barby Vasquez

    What treats do you use when rewarding?

  • SK8TR_P0NY

    My dog sometimes just agressivly tries to bite its not just on the arm area its on legs,feet,torso,arms,head,face or hair please help on how to prevent or give me a recommendation of a trainer in essex UK

    • Stephen Owen
      Stephen Owen

      Sign of skin dryness, allergies or fleas.

  • SK8TR_P0NY

    My dog just normaly randomly starts coming up to u and starts biting very agressivly please help and try realse videos on this subject pls pls pls my mom wants to give him away but i wanna prove that he can be better please help. 🥺🥺

  • Harsh Kumar
    Harsh Kumar

    You are very pretty

  • Your favorite Shiba
    Your favorite Shiba

    But my dog bites me for no reason like I just sit there and do nothing and he bites my hand as hard as he can

    • Larry Steinberg
      Larry Steinberg

      Nothing a kick won’t cure

  • BaButhegamer

    My German Shepherd puppy keeps biting my toes every time. I can't get him to stop biting me.

    • jaishree dubey
      jaishree dubey

      Same here! My gsd is so active allthe time,that I can't help!

    • Samanthaa

      Mine tooo!!😭

    • oscar stpw
      oscar stpw

      Same here!

  • Pomsky Ace
    Pomsky Ace

    I just got a pomsky puppy, having the kids all on track doing the same things training him has been hard...... I think the kids are more excited than he is lol

  • Girl On Fire
    Girl On Fire

    I watched a video from this same person who said that said nipping and biting is bad, but soft mouthing is fine... I'm highly confused!

  • Denise Raley
    Denise Raley

    what exactly is your treat in your hand that you are tearing?

  • Wael Elattar
    Wael Elattar

    Alright I don't even need to try this it is gonna work man.

  • J Guenther
    J Guenther

    Wondering what kind of treats you are using-worried about overfeeding!! 10 week old mini dachshund needs help with biting!

  • Dot Dot_
    Dot Dot_

    My lab is obsessed with biting feet. That’s all she do

    • Elmindreda Andrus
      Elmindreda Andrus

      they taste good

  • fatphunker

    What about bite control ? I let my puppy bite so they understand how much pressure they are putting on you with their mouth and if it becomes too much you stop play. This way if you accidentally tread on your dog and it bites you it will know how much force it is using when it is full-grown this is why puppies teeth are very sharp to provoke a response quickly

  • Simone Zaar
    Simone Zaar

    This is so great !! Thank you

  • Sakura

    he got a lot of treats today

  • Alex Turbine
    Alex Turbine

    Tattoo put me off, Bye bye!

    • Heinrich aka Henry & His Girl
      Heinrich aka Henry & His Girl

      The puppy had a tattoo?! I'll have 2 watch this again...

  • Mario A. Garcia
    Mario A. Garcia

    Thank you soooooo much

  • mealer1701 gojo
    mealer1701 gojo

    I am a veterinary surgeon and I am sorry to comment that, in my professional opinion, this advice does not address why young puppies "mouth" or "bite" the new owner. It only teaches a puppy to follow an offered treat and get a reward for doing so.

  • Dora Castilleja
    Dora Castilleja

    Our dog bites a lot thank you for helping us (:

  • Serenah Delilah
    Serenah Delilah

    What can I use as treats

  • Maria Brosnan
    Maria Brosnan

    I’m getting a golden retriever in 2 weeks and I’m just triying to get greasy 😂😂

  • Marayem Alhashash
    Marayem Alhashash

    Thank you for the tips I enjoyed all your sessions , my view changed how to act with my puppy 👍❤️❤️❤️

  • cherry_poppins

    This video is great and the advice helpful. I will definitely give it a try. However, what do you do if there is never a calm moment to focus on the training because the puppy is in constant demon mode, hanging from your sleeves in her teeth, biting your fingers and jumping at your face? No real opportunity to move in and praise her. The puppy in the video seems to be a complete angel and in no real need of training.

  • Linda McCue
    Linda McCue

    I have a question in regards to amount of treats. My puppy is very food motivated and my question is how much is to much on the treats because I definitely need to do the things you are teaching here. My puppy will be 4 months and we can not pet him with out his contact for and hand nipping.

  • Joan Swide
    Joan Swide

    I run into a lot of jumping/nipping outside when chasing balls etc. (Getting holey clothes) I’ve been trying “off” commands, but failing miserably currently. Any advice on how I can be more successful? Thank You!

  • Diane Yorio
    Diane Yorio

    I have been a trainer for over 30 years and I cant tell you how many times I have had people come to me for retraining after TREAT training their puppy. Treat training shows quick results but does not last. When you don’t have food they don’t listen.

  • goldenlifeinfl

    We're getting a puppy in spring 2021, and I've been watching all types of training videos to prepare. I like your training style because it's obvious you love what you're doing and you love the puppies/dogs, but you're clearly in charge!

    • goldenlifeinfl

      @Angela Tonn very cool!!

    • Angela Tonn
      Angela Tonn

      @goldenlifeinfl Oh Bernedoodles are such awesome and loyal dogs! I'm glad you're excited, it really is amazing to have a puppy around. I'm getting a husky and I can't wait.

    • goldenlifeinfl

      @Angela Tonn I'm getting a Bernedoodle and I'm SOOOO excited!! What about you?

    • Angela Tonn
      Angela Tonn

      Which breed ? I'm doing the same thing but one month earlier

  • Emma Bovary
    Emma Bovary

    Excellent training!

  • Vanessa Priest
    Vanessa Priest

    What if you don’t have a food motivated puppy?

  • Scott Sonnenberg
    Scott Sonnenberg

    That slipper part. What did she actually accomplish??? The dog still goes for it again and again

  • Srijan Pradhan
    Srijan Pradhan

    What is that treat you giving him??

  • Ann Mc Keon Collins LCGI
    Ann Mc Keon Collins LCGI

    He's a lab, they'll do anything for food lol

  • geetha anjali
    geetha anjali

    Pls do a vdo spcly for beagle puppy plz

  • Urge Intense
    Urge Intense

    What do you do when you have a puppy thats not food and snack driven? He simply doesnt care sometimes and arent into snacks..

  • Annette Perrin
    Annette Perrin


  • LeafyWasHere

    Bruh my dog bites my feet and my hands whenever he sees me my hand is bleeding

  • Jeremy Majors - Mr. K9
    Jeremy Majors - Mr. K9

    Puppies bite like children touch things. Treat the puppy like a mom or a socialized adult would for biting. No treats necessary. This is a bit unrealistic. You are not going to feed your dog hundreds of treats for EVERY situation. Also not all dogs are food motivated.

  • Lacey Braden
    Lacey Braden

    How old does the puppy have to be to start to retain this stuff? I have a 9 week old puppy. He dldoes not respond to any of this. I can't even get him to even slightly pay attention. Is he just too young right now? His littermate is not having an issue.

    • Ágnes Juhász
      Ágnes Juhász

      Mine is also 9 weeks old,.and a total little nutball, playing and biting😂 he doesn't pay attention to what I say either. I think they are just too playful to care about anything.

  • Fayley A
    Fayley A

    I feel really sad that we can’t ever let our dogs experience excitement and extreme happiness. Can’t they learn to not bite but still be excited?

  • Nola Fox
    Nola Fox

    What if your puppy is not on a leash yet. 9 weeks old and a teacup beiwer Yorkie.

  • little clara
    little clara

    My puppy would bite his leash non stop.....

  • Tamara Star
    Tamara Star

    I love your work but really wish you would show us from a non trained perspective. So many videos are of puppies who have obviously practiced with you.

    • A Palacios
      A Palacios

      I completely agree, mine starts biting me as soon as I try playing 😞 so I obviously cant do any of what she shows.

  • Janice Bullard
    Janice Bullard

    My Baby (Black Lab)have nogostions all time 💕💕🐾

  • Ben Tackett
    Ben Tackett

    So my game of “dog jujitsu” is a bad idea...

    • Linda McCue
      Linda McCue

      This made me laugh because that is what I told my husband I felt like I was doing every time I try to pet my puppy.

    • Kelly T
      Kelly T

      Not a bad idea if you want a cray cray nipping puppy! 😁

  • Jenay Sullivan
    Jenay Sullivan

    What kind of dog food do you use?

  • itamar henrique
    itamar henrique

    My puppy bites

  • Zack K
    Zack K

    With me his owner he only tries to bite my hands but with my mom and dad he will bite them all over their entire body over and over

  • Zack K
    Zack K

    My puppy no matter when someone in my family or me tries to pet him he goes straight to biting then when we push him away or take him off from where we are sitting he comes back and barks and bites even more so everytime I put him somewhere else he will run back more and more aggressive and more and more biting and starts biting harder and harder

    • Ben Tackett
      Ben Tackett

      Sounds bad, but you can take their lip and pull it under their teeth so they bite themselves. Do that a few times and they will figure out that biting humans = that hurts and they will quit doing it fairly quickly.

  • Varant

    i have the same dog almost two months old. he does the same, jump and bite my hand fingers... go crazy over my shoes ...

  • stephanie albiston
    stephanie albiston

    What are you using for treats

  • F.J Gouda
    F.J Gouda

    My 'puppy' is seven y.o now..Sometimes i still get that puppy bite..And : I love it.

  • F.J Gouda
    F.J Gouda

    My puppy bites me because he loves me ! Always gentle .Not hurting at all..What's the matter..

  • sharlo52

    Just got a new puppy - this is such good info - can you tell me please what you use for treats

  • Diy Guy
    Diy Guy

    Lab puppies - cutest little crocodiles you’ll ever meet.

    • Victoria Andrus
      Victoria Andrus

      baby dragons

    • M00FFlN

      I don't have a lab. Yet my puppy is a whole shark

  • Michael Donnelly
    Michael Donnelly

    I’m having trouble putting on her collar, after taking out of crate

    • Sharon Gatta
      Sharon Gatta

      Michael Donnelly... What you can do is kinda like she said. Have a treat in your hand when you open the crate and distract her with that make sure you have the collar near by in arms reach and keep distracting her with treats as you put it on. Another thing you could do is try and put the collar on her when she’s still in the kennel if that makes sense. I hope this helps!

  • The1999

    We got a puppy from another family that said he was too aggressive to keep around their kids. I’m guessing they were talking about him being super playful. And biting when he plays. But the first thing I did when we got him was watch videos on training and he’s doing really well. I think they just didn’t have the patience to train him. These videos have been super helpful.

  • Karen Crawford
    Karen Crawford

    I get my puppy in a few weeks im so nervous about training.

    • Mrs.

      One day at a time and learn a little from each day 👍🏻

  • Carleen Russo
    Carleen Russo

    A lot of food bribery.

  • Ethan Gaming
    Ethan Gaming

    Did anyone get the add with that cute dog rufuss

  • Comrade Chaos
    Comrade Chaos

    Ah yes, 420k subscribers, nice

  • Sixonefitness1986

    My puppy stops playing with his toy and looks up at me while I’m watching this wondering who’s the good boy 😂 because she says good boy multiple times like I do

  • Gregg Diehl
    Gregg Diehl

    Yes we play with our puppy's and yes the puppy gets over excited and has not yet learned Biting is bad . Dogs react to a firm NO . and when doing what you want a calm voice good and a treat . Just keep doing it as you play with the puppy . What really mystifies me is people ENCURIGING a dog to be aggressive play growling baring teeth then when they get bit start freaking out on the dog . Encourage your dog to NOt growl and bit and your dog will elarn to Not growl or bite

  • Ally Wilke
    Ally Wilke

    Dogs use their mouths along with their other senses to explore their world.

  • Among Us Clips
    Among Us Clips

    I have a super hyper baby pitbull and all she does is bite, eat, poop, pea, and bite. Can someone give me some help and tips please 😅

    • Dom Thornton
      Dom Thornton

      Mental stimulation, take her on a run or a long walk, even a hard hiking trail. Get them exhausted.

  • Dan Kelly
    Dan Kelly

    What do you do when a puppy on CONSTANTLY biting your hands? Is great to have rules about no biting... But my dog doesn't understand those rules, so she goes ahead and bites me anyway.

  • Dan Kelly
    Dan Kelly

    Ha! That puppy just let go of the slipper. My Frenchie is not so easy to separate from the thing she's not supposed to be biting.

  • Janinejll 14
    Janinejll 14

    Hi I'm new here I wanna ask something And I hope yall help me I want to teach my dog something But when I put my mouth with treats close to his mouth he immediately bite me Thanks

  • gdeangelkick

    This point about "No mouths on people ever" is contradicted a bit by using the hand to contain the treat until the desired behavior / mental state is achieved by the dog. Puppy is obviously mouthing the hand, and in some cases nibbles at the fingers with teeth. What is your solution to that? Also, in puppies with anxiety, they will often be using teeth on specific things like fingers and toes. I consider this to be indicative of a desire to suckle which triggers under stress, such as right after coming into a new home, or even under the stress of the owner coming home from a day left in the crate. Curious how you deal with that specifically... you can certainly train the dog to be gentle with the hand holding the treat by withdrawing the treat if teeth are used, and I think that needs to explained clearly if that was something you did with this puppy before filming. Otherwise great video!

  • Albie The KIWI Cocker
    Albie The KIWI Cocker

    As always it’s about training the human and not the dog. Puppy teeth are very sharp and I look like a self Harmer as Albie our puppy is going through teething. We managed to calm him and we “deflect” an awful lot as it helps him to teeth and nip on other things such as his toys. He’s also now understanding the “gentle” command and his bite control at 5 months is much better. I still managed to fall over him at puppy training last week and break a rib so he’s managed to succeed in doing what the cats have been trying to do for 5 years now.

  • Playfully Connected Games
    Playfully Connected Games

    What kind of training treats do you use?

  • Sheila Stewart
    Sheila Stewart

    Need you

  • Meh face
    Meh face

    yelp then bare teeth when they bite you. sorts it in 2-3 days.

  • BonusChaser !
    BonusChaser !

    Worrying thing is the views on this video 😂 I’m in the same boat

  • JetPackDino

    Getting a new puppy (a Papillon) in a few weeks. I've had them before, but it's good to have a review. Bad habits reallllllly can last a long time, so I need to be on my game lol

  • Eden X
    Eden X

    This is boring playtime

  • Tovi Pogi
    Tovi Pogi

    Hello new friend wtching here staycon

  • Tania Ramos
    Tania Ramos

    My pup is 6 months old, can I still do this??

    • Larry Steinberg
      Larry Steinberg


  • Asma Sadiq
    Asma Sadiq

    everyday when I come back from the work, i have to put my stuff down on the floor and get ready because I know the minute i m gonna open the door, he will jump on me , and wants me to pick him up ( 28 lbs not easy to pick up) and hugs and a lot of kisses for 5-7 min. I have an ACD

  • Tucker the Labrador Retriever
    Tucker the Labrador Retriever

    She's good at training us to be better owners!

  • Xitaris

    I've had my puppy for 2 weeks now and I accidentally turned him into a biter! SO thankful to have found this video. I'll try to update after I put it into practice.

    • Xitaris

      @Angela Tonn it worked short term. Maybe 4-5 times.

    • Angela Tonn
      Angela Tonn

      @Xitaris did the modification from the other dog trainer work ?

    • Xitaris

      @Kelsey Pinkerton yes please

    • Kelsey Pinkerton
      Kelsey Pinkerton

      Xitaris Thank you so much I’ve tried this once so i will be using this straight away. I have a 12 week old springer spaniel and sometimes when she play bites it gets too rough and i have found a video that helps with that if i can find the video again I’ll link add a link, best of luck with your puppy!!

    • Xitaris

      Oh and in case it matters to anyone, he's a German Shepherd and he's 12 weeks old now

  • Shelly Morgan
    Shelly Morgan

    Shes great took me 10 mins my puppy learned sit.

  • Selena Marie
    Selena Marie

    God bless you

  • Lotus Ganesha
    Lotus Ganesha

    My boyfriend does opposite of everything and he thinks he s good omg what am i gonna do with that dog 🥺🤧 she s a 2 months pitbull

    • Tamara Lewis
      Tamara Lewis

      I have a 2 year old. It was tough the first year. I wish I saw this when minee was 2 months.

  • Tenmei Designs
    Tenmei Designs

    This was interseting to learn. My dog feels that he will play nip when we try to stop him from pulling the fluff out of our comforters. I would love to know the best way to go about stopping the play nip and fluff tearing. And the funny thing is he does it more to me then my fiance. Is that because I am more calm and as some would say strict(basically teaching him right from wrong so to speak) I mean we both get excited to play with our dog but he does more nip/bite along with fluff tearing to me. Would love input to this please and thank you

  • Wendy Chin
    Wendy Chin

    C.L.S. 😊

  • T. Neema
    T. Neema

    How do I get to use a leash on my puppy..he's literally that size and he won't move when I try to use a leash😫