The Daring Heists Of The Elusive Pink Panthers
Who’s behind this elusive network of international jewel thieves? The boys dive into multiple heists of the Pink Panthers.
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    • Raymond Lata
      Raymond Lata

      BuzzFeed Unsolved Network can you make a video about the gigling nanny pleaseee (i hope i will be notice)

    • Farriz Haqim
      Farriz Haqim

      Michael Healy ccqwwg SDC

    • Imani Clay
      Imani Clay

      @Michael Healy you

    • Mike KSP
      Mike KSP

      Just want to ask you to please never pronounce serbian names, im a serb and i think ryan should be sentenced to life in prison because he butchered those names

    • Alisha Kirby
      Alisha Kirby


  • Rachel Sisk
    Rachel Sisk

    The other comments: talking about how Ryan pronounced all the names Me: hung up over how he pronounced brazen...

  • Ash Powers
    Ash Powers

    "If I were in the P.P Posey I would be pretty pissed off. AHaHAha" That sent me lol

  • Firdous Hasan
    Firdous Hasan

    the pink panthers came in my country an they robbed a mall next to my house, they crashed in with BMWs.......thats not professional you know

  • Ducki3

    Sucks buzzfeed doesn't bother linking their new channel

  • Kay

    deeply disappointed that the pink panthers are not in fact an all-woman group

  • katie

    Is it just me getting worried for their safety 😳 like they’re so famous now and despite them being goofs, there’s actual crazy people

  • ATaul0009 KCTCS
    ATaul0009 KCTCS

    Dear God that Security Guard was a champ. I love it.

  • oriax

    every time ryan said they were wearing wigs i kept imagining hatsune miku and junko wigs hdhdjshdh

  • Donna Pearl Mensurado- Acuna
    Donna Pearl Mensurado- Acuna

    I ended up searching "Wafi Mall Robbery".

  • slinky minjaj
    slinky minjaj


  • demonjmh

    When you mentioned the fact that they may not know the identities of other pink panthers I got major reservoir dogs vibes

  • An Original Name
    An Original Name

    There's some people in the comments complaining about how you butchered their names. So, please check how to pronounce them next time, thank you! :) Edit: Holy Frick, I Didn't Know My Country Had So Many Skilled Thieves-- I'm... Impressed...

  • Nini Mona
    Nini Mona

    “Elbows to Assholes” needs to be on a t-shirt

  • Iris Rose
    Iris Rose

    Bigger baby more carrots 😂😂

  • Djole Zile
    Djole Zile

    Ofc they know eachother and got leader, the escape from prison should tell you that alone

  • Djole Zile
    Djole Zile

    Pink Panther was very popular cartoon in Serbia

  • Catherine De almeida
    Catherine De almeida

    why does shanes hair keep reminding me of snape

  • Random

    Wow 9 years for 23M pounds. That's more than I could make in a lifetime.

  • Nom du Clavier
    Nom du Clavier

    You already said they stole cars

  • Réka Lilith Horváth
    Réka Lilith Horváth

    am i the only one who constantly heared *Wu Joe SAVAGE* ?

  • Actinium Lizard
    Actinium Lizard

    3:22 I can't tell if the person walking by the window is edited or not lol

  • AZB

    Petition to remove the mannequin from the background

  • Serge Storms
    Serge Storms


  • Isaiah the gamer Jones
    Isaiah the gamer Jones

    stankavic more like stank-a-bitch

  • Doodle

    Why does Shane look like a founding father😂

  • Yiğit Ferhat Kurtulmuş
    Yiğit Ferhat Kurtulmuş

    Yu gi oh

  • Ani and May
    Ani and May

    I think it's the simplicity that makes them so effective

  • Og Loc
    Og Loc

    Dusko Poznan? . .. This is the funniest pronunciation in whole video 😂

  • Satya Vati
    Satya Vati

    Shane will spend nights in haunted houses with Ryan but not go on a heist with him....😂😂😂

  • Lexi Foreman
    Lexi Foreman

    I bet one of them is watching this and just laughing

  • Hugo Schmeisser
    Hugo Schmeisser

    I bet the p.p possie is a group of insurance scamers

  • Sam Dragonborn
    Sam Dragonborn

    Thieves guild?

  • Cristina Norman
    Cristina Norman

    me hearing that they stole from the kardashians: these are my new favorite people

  • Ethan B-W
    Ethan B-W

    Definitely hide out in Hungary.

  • elllla6

    it's a real life money heist

  • Michael Christley
    Michael Christley

    I was watching mission impossible at the same time as this. That exact scene was playing

  • weekdays with jakey
    weekdays with jakey

    i usually despise buzzfeed but these guys are entertaining

  • Amber Lee
    Amber Lee


  • Somethingnotreal

    Actually the weird wig would be a helpful, because you might focus more on that versus the person's face. I was told that a bank robber did that with a bandaid on his face during one of the security meetings when I was a teller.

  • gangster penguin
    gangster penguin

    it’s called a “claw hammer” lmfao “Home Depot Hammer” 😂

  • Poochie Collins
    Poochie Collins

    Lol... "Why didn't you use a burner cell phone?" "I had unused minutes I didn't want going to waste."

  • Devin S
    Devin S

    This is like watching 2 middle schoolers give their annoying immature commentary , just tell the damn story.

  • Your Mother is Swell
    Your Mother is Swell

    They probably hide it deep in the catacombs

  • Landon Medema
    Landon Medema

    different type of jewel runners

  • Manpreet Chahal
    Manpreet Chahal

    you guys make murder fun lol

  • kane caluya
    kane caluya

    Ryan: haha p.p.pose The Robbers: that's mean man

  • gallowsCalibrator

    Bro fantasy robbers like fantasy football but like you bet on how much a team can steal from like jeff bezos or like other huge rich people. Like id pay to watch that its almost better than eating the rich

  • Music Mad
    Music Mad

    Love Shanes joyful "I'm here to rob you!!" Lol. 🤣🤣🤣

  • De’Area Colter
    De’Area Colter

    Honestly, whenever they catch someone apart of this they should make this a movie because I feel like it would be very interesting to see how they did all of this and didn’t get caught for so long.

  • David Cauley
    David Cauley

    I was Team Ryan until he pronounced Brazen as Bra-zen instead of Bray-zen. Sorry Ryan, it's been special but there's just no coming back from that.....I'm a Shaniac noooowwwwww byeeeeee

  • Tiago Patricio
    Tiago Patricio

    Are they in any way related with the robery of the Portuguese Crown Jewel from the Netherlands?

  • Jayb Ministros
    Jayb Ministros

    The Pink Panthers is the gayest name a group of thieves can ever be named of. But they robbed a total of a billion dollars worth of goods? so they're incredibly wicked AF. They beat the Oceans 11, 12, and 13 crew by a mile. 😂

  • Alex Podlesnik
    Alex Podlesnik

    11:50 Ryan I am not sure you are right...I watched some documentary clips about them, they never injury or kill peoples, at least not on purpose!

  • Alex Podlesnik
    Alex Podlesnik

    When I saw "pink panthers" in the title I knew there will be wierd pronounciations of Balkan (ex-yugoslavian) names 🤣

  • A Halo
    A Halo

    doesn't anyone think the Saric might be behind this. As a Serb that's the only person I'd suspect as being on top.

  • Erin MacLaren
    Erin MacLaren

    i got robbed by a pink panther once when i was volunteering in a hostel :/

    • ishita m
      ishita m

      @Erin MacLaren oh i m so sorry

    • Erin MacLaren
      Erin MacLaren

      @ishita m yeah! technically it was at least 4 times and i saw him in a wig on at least 2 occasions.

    • ishita m
      ishita m

      lmao really?

  • SilverAuraEevee

    7:16 them: says Lafayette Me: wait WHAT?

  • Lina Stanoeska
    Lina Stanoeska

    Balkan men pulling a robbery in London... yeah,,, no comment

  • Kyrie Heeman
    Kyrie Heeman

    Shane - " That's it, distraction. gun! " Ryan - " What if just- " S - " GuN ! " R - " I Don't - I don't get i- " S - " GUN!! " and then there's you, the viewer, wondering wth is happening.

  • Purple_scopian116 Lmao
    Purple_scopian116 Lmao

    Its a group of people in different places robbing jewlery stores when ever they want , so they probabaly dont share info with each other wich is y some stores are robbed twice. Plus there probabaly is a leader but theres like a hierarchy so people towards the bottom have no relation to the the boss.

    • Purple_scopian116 Lmao
      Purple_scopian116 Lmao

      Just a theory

  • Slashi

    As a balkan person I gonna just say.. Its not stankovic its stanković

  • Bridgette Williams
    Bridgette Williams

    I like how Shane turned from "these criminals are my kind of people!". To "They are horrible! I thought they were cool" as soon as he heard they were the ones that robbed Kim Kartrashian 😂

  • Nilu Kellner
    Nilu Kellner

    Me, a Balkan woman: *happy thieve noises*

  • Lizi Anne
    Lizi Anne

    So I've heard a few rumours about the location of the Pink Panthers' headquarters, it's quite possible that it's in... Durham, Durham, Durham-Durham-Durhaaaaaaam - Okay I'll stop now 😅 and it's definitely funnier in my accent (Dur-um)

  • RampagingPixie

    Some real sleepover energy between these boys tonight

  • Andraž Jerman
    Andraž Jerman

    This group is drom Balkan like me

  • Pro Mod
    Pro Mod

    Payday 2 irl

  • Drew Castronovo
    Drew Castronovo

    With that hair Shane looks like Amy Klobuchar

  • Just a Yeti on the Internet
    Just a Yeti on the Internet

    Rings shouldn't cost more than homes.

  • Danny Desloge
    Danny Desloge

    "are you turning yourself on"?

  • AlashiaTuol

    "They stole the Millennium Necklace" Me: I've seen that episode. A children's card game breaks out in a warehouse that catches on fire, right?

  • Kaleb Park
    Kaleb Park

    Ok gotta say I love this and its like the movie ocean 11,12,and13 with all its cool hists

  • hysterï

    Jaiden Animations: 😳😅

  • aconfusedmf

    This gives me Carmen sandiego vibes and I really like that

  • alex jones
    alex jones

    do doo da doo da doo da doo da doo da da da doooo dadadada doo

  • Zeynep Deniz
    Zeynep Deniz

    I have a feeling that one of those people will watch this, it gives me chills actually.

  • vicky

    the thing about shane is that I can't see him fit in any of the hogwarts houses. He seems like some kind of evil hufflepuff???

    • shay uh
      shay uh

      Evil hufflepuffs absolutely exist and if I had to place him id be between hufflepuff or ravenclaw

  • Jenna Dunn
    Jenna Dunn

    “Give me all of your left shoes and socks” There are left and right socks???

  • Kuya Mo Cis
    Kuya Mo Cis

    Do our Biringan city in the Philippines, but I think the info's are gonna be short

  • Yeet boi
    Yeet boi

    Can you solve the mystery of my parent's divorce?

  • heytheredemons !
    heytheredemons !

    I want friends that will break me out of jail after we go on heists together

  • Tympha Redbread
    Tympha Redbread

    dog sht diamond lmao...

  • uhgood

    Anyone know if there are any good books about this? Either the panthers or the history in Serbia.

  • Alex Alvarado
    Alex Alvarado

    3:28 Shane could be a real life Gentle Criminal from My Hero Academia

  • Jordan Drinkwater
    Jordan Drinkwater

    3:28 That's a Shining deepfake.

  • Leen Bauer
    Leen Bauer

    i mean...slav people see other slavs as extended family

  • Leen Bauer
    Leen Bauer

    those names and surnames sound slavic :)

  • heytheredemons !
    heytheredemons !

    Shane is our dogshit diamond ❤️❤️❤️

  • heytheredemons !
    heytheredemons !

    why does Shane sit like that... I’m getting the bi vibes

  • heytheredemons !
    heytheredemons !

    ‘03 was the best year :>

  • Orient Prospect
    Orient Prospect

    GTA v vibes

  • Katarina Kojić
    Katarina Kojić

    As a Serbian, even I'm pretty impressed how we did that, like how we didn't fucked up from the start?

  • Katarina Kojić
    Katarina Kojić

    I'm proud to be Serbian!

  • neda athanasios
    neda athanasios

    kims robbery was solved i thought

  • Krystalyn Jackson
    Krystalyn Jackson

    Hmmm Ryan thinking sitting on people to subdue them is funny is sus.... 🤔

  • Darius Obrien
    Darius Obrien

    The panthers need a movie. It would be badass

    • Mevelyn Gay Varona
      Mevelyn Gay Varona

      Kinda like oceans 8?

  • Angella B
    Angella B

    so interesting to hear Montenegrin man. hey from Montenegro

  • Gellie A
    Gellie A

    All of these extra nonsense commentary makes this less appealing.

  • Helena Cohen
    Helena Cohen

    What if the crazy wigs are to distract people from looking at their faces so they’re not identified, if I saw a man with a pink pompadour wig I probably wouldn’t remember his facial features