The David Dobrik & Jason Nash Episode - Frenemies #19
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  • Derick Calderon
    Derick Calderon

    Trisha 😂😂😂😂

  • Sachie Engelberg
    Sachie Engelberg

    The evanescent cupboard jointly divide because swallow moberly shock underneath a three anteater. unruly, wanting close

  • Darylle Pedrosa
    Darylle Pedrosa

    The racist jokes were mild, but still unnecessary like that stuff never ages well

  • c c
    c c

    Ethan I don’t appreciate how you dismiss black issues but go so hard to shut Trisha down whenever she says anything about Jewish people. In one episode after you guys watched Shane doing black face you said “it wasnt that bad” and now in this video with Jeff and Jason laughing at getting shot at a BLM protest you downplayed that as well and said it wasn’t that bad and made excuses for them “hearing it for the first time”. But let Trisha say one thing about appreciating Jewish culture and your quick to shut her down and say she can’t say that. You need to do better.

  • Beanie Boi
    Beanie Boi

    I’m so happy I met Ethan at the first teddy fresh x ripndip collab

  • Jaela DeShazo
    Jaela DeShazo

    The merch is so cute 😍

  • Cindy Kun
    Cindy Kun

    She always said David and Jason’s names in passing. Had no idea who they were until now. I’m glad they did a deep dive into this rabbit hole

  • Bee Bumble
    Bee Bumble

    Trisha you lost lol but love you

  • Grace Steele
    Grace Steele

    ethans is by far better sorry trisha

  • Genesis Debruhl
    Genesis Debruhl

    Love the merch omg !!!!


    frenemies is pretty iconic

  • Maccc_ Mets
    Maccc_ Mets

    imagine making merch for a PODCAST

  • Sadie Fisher
    Sadie Fisher

    I have found that the only Oreos that are not stale are the originals, mints, and Golden's. All the other ones are always stale

  • blanket kick
    blanket kick

    both of these people are BAD PEOPLE why are we hyping them up

    • blanket kick
      blanket kick

      i’m talking about trisha and ethan i’m confused on why everyone is suddenly all over them these people r bad

  • Robert Sanchez
    Robert Sanchez

    David did these offensive things 4-5 years ago when he didn’t have much followers and she’s bringing them up now


    I hope Ethan didn’t really have to donate to the the synagogue. It’s such a waste to give rich people more money. What a dumbass idea.

  • rheagan walker
    rheagan walker

    can we get a cooking competition next. I wanna see ethane cooking skills

  • grow with the flow
    grow with the flow

    Ethan is my most favorite person I don't know. ♡

  • Laura

    hate this episode... literally, never cared for DD or ever will-- so nasty

  • Laura

    Trisha is annoying... I hate people who are loyal to people who don't care about them. HELLOO!! Ethan has been riding for you and you're completely dismissing him and his feelings and feuds....

  • pasta la vista
    pasta la vista

    I don’t keep up with them but I remember seeing them beefing on Twitter and now I see them talk like this and they genuinely seem like friends now. I love seeing Trisha geek out about her ideas for the podcast. She seems so happy

  • Lily Litwinko
    Lily Litwinko

    sorry trisha, ethan won....

  • Isobel Amber
    Isobel Amber

    Says a lot about Trisha that she was truly happy to just have a part of some teddy fresh merch and didn’t expect a cut

  • Jay Mojica
    Jay Mojica

    The rich place does not need the money Trisha SMH send it to the food bank Ethan!!!!

  • Josefina Tornero Sauterel
    Josefina Tornero Sauterel

    "we dont discriminate"? okay are we gonna forget the racist and homophobic comments this guy made about BTS????

  • Kate Juri Castañeda
    Kate Juri Castañeda

    Ethan wanting sympathy... Trisha: I mean it's logan paul 😂 Ethan: ☹️🙄☹️

  • Max mm
    Max mm

    lmao davids apology are all just "im sorry you got offended its not my fault im so funny and hilarious but yeah its their fault sorry"

    • Stale Bread
      Stale Bread

      His apologies are essentially “ok and?”

  • Melody Franks
    Melody Franks

    We are astronauts thank you for noticing

  • groobcoob

    those vibe crew kids are gonna cringe so hard when they grow up

  • kelly marie xo
    kelly marie xo

    I’m not a fan of Trisha but I commend her for bringing attention to David and Jason’s racism and creepy behavior. Their treatment of her sending her to the mental hospital is so sad. No one deserves that.

  • Daniel Duarte
    Daniel Duarte

    This guy is using topics that happends like years ago. You need views? That's why u bringing David's name now? Or it's just because everyone is sensitive about this racism and that stuff nowadays? pls.

  • Daniel Duarte
    Daniel Duarte

    David is going to be the next Ted Bundy. LOOOOOOOL this girl is sad and needs friends.

  • Jayjay :D
    Jayjay :D


  • Jayjay :D
    Jayjay :D

    Trisha mic is low

  • ashley villalpando
    ashley villalpando

    I love this podcast soo much omgggg

  • Jody Marie
    Jody Marie

    Trisha is so cute but it's sad that she's surprised she gets a cut . It shows how people have done her past and it shows what she thinks her worth is.

  • C T
    C T

    I love this set idea !

  • Mila 11.14
    Mila 11.14

    Yo y'all going to really ruin this thing going on with them. Stop saying h3 or Moses saved Trisha, she's a self made woman and has been for a very long time

  • Rosa_lyn :3
    Rosa_lyn :3

    Why is no one talking about this part🥲 1:13:32

  • Randy Garbrecht
    Randy Garbrecht

    This is like watching two exes that hate each other getting paid to pretend they like each other. The awkwardness is addicting. Her annoying voice makes me relate to him. The fact that he is understanding enough not to mock her vapidness makes him a good person.

  • Rosalynn Garza
    Rosalynn Garza



    Is Trisha going to therapy? I feel like I’ve seen this massive growth with her. She’s done some heinous shit that I’m not sure if I’m ready to trust her yet but if she grows as much as I’ve been seeing then I can see myself liking her.

  • stes0me2011

    I wouldn’t say they’re racist, but more stereotypical

  • Beauty By mandaa
    Beauty By mandaa

    Trisha lost the challenge lol

  • Kayla

    Ethan definitely won because it may be nightmare fuel but you can recognize what it was trying to look like. Trish's looked like a bunch of random blocks.

  • Life of Dallas
    Life of Dallas

    We can’t talk shit about Trisha , but Trisha can talk shit about literally everyone

  • Chocolate Milk
    Chocolate Milk

    Being a vlog squad fan is an absolute red flag or am I just projecting bc of my ex

  • Chocolate Milk
    Chocolate Milk

    Keem has a kid too

  • Anna Victrix
    Anna Victrix

    So David Dobrik is a cross between Shane Dawson and Logan Paul. Got it.

  • Swift Epidemic
    Swift Epidemic

    Am I the only one who get's induced seizures listening to Trisha talk? she spits way to fast even for me and I'm Scottish, chill out girl, take a breath.

  • Micheal Lawrence
    Micheal Lawrence

    When are any of the good parts? Good god

  • Leo

    Trisha’s mic randomly popping up ⬆️ o_o 😂

  • Max Power
    Max Power

    This girl is trash and broken

  • ha ro
    ha ro

    Trisha is spitting truth during all this podcast. I didn’t realise how smart she is

  • Evie Smith
    Evie Smith

    ethan 100% won the cake

  • Ibrahim Mirza
    Ibrahim Mirza

    this i just one side of the story tho? maybe trisha is just lying isnt she known for being a psycho maniac???????/

  • Ibrahim Mirza
    Ibrahim Mirza

    "it was just whatever, he left me in the car just whatever" BITCH THATS SUCH A DUMB STATEMENT

  • Michael Buchanan
    Michael Buchanan

    I hope this lasts, it’s nice to see them doing well.

  • Sarah Horton
    Sarah Horton

    She was so happy🥲

  • Michelle G
    Michelle G

    Blackpink in your areaaa

  • Pari Kalkal
    Pari Kalkal

    Tana was in a whole ass relationship of her own at the time.... must've caused friction there too. So much collateral damage

  • taytaygurl09

    Never really watched this channel (I have heard of H3H3, but it was never on my radar). Of course I know Trisha (and all her controversies) and the fact that even she can admit the racist jokes made by david and his friends are not funny while ethan has to play “devil's advocate” is kind of disheartening. I wanted to like and continue this podcast, but as someone that sees racism everyday I just simply cannot. Wish them both the best and hopefully they both continue to grow and look at the world with a different perception. I know no one will see this and that's fine by me. I rarely comment because I don't want to argue on the internet, so if you feel compelled to do so, please know I will not respond, I just wanted to state my opinion.

  • Makiyah Jackson
    Makiyah Jackson

    Those lady Gaga cookies are at dollar tree... whoever sent her those came up!

  • Deon Mckinney
    Deon Mckinney

    Does h3 have Tourette’s ?

  • Abby Hensley
    Abby Hensley

    it makes me physically sick that the only way trisha could get david to not post things that made her uncomfortable was to take off her clothes and it still didn’t work. imagine how low she had to be at that point that she had to resort to that. it is absolutely horrible

    • kelly marie xo
      kelly marie xo

      I feel really bad for ever judging her because of that.

  • Hope Adamson
    Hope Adamson

    ”it’s female so it only goes up to XL” Trisha: “triggered” Me:😂😂😂😂😂 I could not love this comment more

  • Hope Adamson
    Hope Adamson

    The first 10 minutes i am dying of laughter

  • Morgan Lane
    Morgan Lane

    I love you Trisha but in my opinion Ethan did better

  • whytheracecardisplayeddotcom

    If females couldn't speak

  • twin cherry
    twin cherry

    Add Trish to the merch...she wants a photoshoot and music video about merch 🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Gabriel Katz
    Gabriel Katz

    Damn this is only 3 weeks ago much ground has been made on this. David needs to face reality... he’s disassociating from actual reality, everything is content and nothing is sacred.

  • Whisp er
    Whisp er

    Considering how she was with Shane she has no room to talk.

  • Sharon Mann
    Sharon Mann

    Ethans cake was better and he got robbed 💀

  • Birdie

    I loved this episode 😂 I vote for Trisha’s cake!

  • theo wolff
    theo wolff

    This is so pathetic it’s unreal 😂

  • Birdie

    1:10:25 fr fr David is the “father” of Jason Nash. Wtfuuuuuuuuuck. I couldn’t imagine having an 18 year old telling me at 40 to break up with my gf. Heeeeeeeeeelllllllllllll noooooooooooooooo.

  • Birdie

    38:50 it’s ok Ethan, just talk to Hila. 😂

  • Birdie

    36:15 ethans back up financial emergency plan 😂😭

  • Emily Sanders
    Emily Sanders

    Ethan: says something supportive and gives good advice Trisha: "love thaaaat... thank you, I'm over it"

  • Rubber Ducky Actual
    Rubber Ducky Actual

    Trisha acted like a whole head in every video. Chill.

  • Emily Sanders
    Emily Sanders

    Trisha looks genuinely adorable. I love Japanese street styles, especially those that focus on pastel colors, so I'm always happy to see that

  • La’Dajiah Credit
    La’Dajiah Credit

    I’m trying to sympathize with her but at the same time why are you openly admitting to the fact that you keep up with their every move? Just a little confused 😐

  • Suzy After30
    Suzy After30


  • Buffy Summers
    Buffy Summers

    Ethan please do keep in mind that even though the videos from the crappy drama channels that include slanderous and defamatory comments about Trisha only have around a thousand views, remember that those viewers are more than capable of spreading that information outside of the video and onto other platforms. The fact that examples she brought up of lies directly fabricated by this creator are things I’ve seen people tweeting and commenting on other videos as if they were legitimate fact only serves to prove that although they only constitute a small portion of people, the viewers of those videos are literally the definition of a loud minority and as such they are using their overly amplified vocal inclinations to further spread this gross misinformation which is then compounded by all the people who are looking for anything at all to use against Trisha reading the falsely motivated complaints and arguments and as a result then willingly accepting the lies without doing any research (it’s the internet after all so I suppose much more isn’t to be expected) but more importantly repeating what they hear and officially making the original content something Trisha has every right and reason to want to quash.

  • Veronika Mihalková
    Veronika Mihalková

    Ethan's cake was better

  • Sanam A
    Sanam A

    I mean Dan’s comment at 1 hr 10 mins is sooooooo funny I’m dead. So true.

  • Kristina E
    Kristina E

    Don't the first few episodes of views discuss the split is 70/30 for David and Jason? Never heard 90/10

  • joe capobianco
    joe capobianco

    28:30 is the reason Jason and david don’t respond to these guys lol.

  • sophie k
    sophie k

    ethan baking was DISGUSTING wtf

  • Mia Bella
    Mia Bella

    I love how Ethan always says "yes" to Trisha whenever she asks for something. I love their friendship sm!

  • brichchief

    Trisha’s “that’s so gross, he’s 45” is pure Jealousy.

  • Kensi Lasale
    Kensi Lasale

    How are the kids parents okay with him on vibe squad

  • Rosemarie N
    Rosemarie N

    Jason is so weird..

  • andrew r
    andrew r

    honestly trishas bag looks like the dog shit it out and the only reason that they voted for trisha is because they didn't want her to flip out like a baby

  • Hotsauce2522


  • Emma Clarke
    Emma Clarke


  • Robert Whitaker
    Robert Whitaker

    Jason acts like a 17 yr old frat boy...its actually nasty.

  • Robert Whitaker
    Robert Whitaker

    Trisha is not amused during the Tanner situation.

  • Sharon Mann
    Sharon Mann

    Awww Trisha looks so cute this episode!!

  • musty papi
    musty papi

    ethan is so funny bye idc idc