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  • Haxy

    I want Tim to call me buddy

  • Brendan Beizerman
    Brendan Beizerman

    I was waiting for the kid to say that fortnite was just kinda gay and that’s why he quit 😂

  • Ahmad M Kakar
    Ahmad M Kakar

    Window window stepsis 😂

  • Syroth _
    Syroth _


  • Kala Fraser
    Kala Fraser


  • Jay Tucker
    Jay Tucker

    I've played with that kid in tournaments once hes a faze member

  • Zach Bauer
    Zach Bauer

    When you said I hate duos I wish this were squads he should’ve said well the good thing about quads is that there’s more people to revive you sorry Tim but that’s comedy

  • ash_ asurus
    ash_ asurus

    I like the occasional dog getting its tail stepped on sound that that kid made

  • DingTV

    You need to lay trios with that kid and cloakzy

  • socomchamp00

    Lol Tim's aim is so busted 😂

  • Meikit Siu
    Meikit Siu

    Lol when I get scavenger the last chest when my teammate grabs it I steal that amour CD

  • jstronberg87

    “Well.. honestly..” 😂

  • first Name Last Name
    first Name Last Name

    that kid has never said a lie in his life

  • mohammad hoseinkhani
    mohammad hoseinkhani

    Bro what did the kid say about cloackz ? I mean this sentence: this probably a little messed up but i think tifu had more ...... on cloackz than cloackz could get killed 15:25

  • Les DeHart
    Les DeHart

    Not enough love for the shirt in these comments... they're the GOAT


    Lmfao tim got carried 🤣🤣🤣

  • VenomousCrow

    If TimTheTatMan is better than My clean that's saying something

  • Drew Fitzgerald
    Drew Fitzgerald

    "if cheating makes you happy, then be happy!" "oh this kid fuckin cheats"

  • Max Funk
    Max Funk

    But honestly

  • totally Ethan
    totally Ethan

    Did he just say they are camping at those two hay bails that looks like butts?

  • Blaine Burruss
    Blaine Burruss

    The guy at the end of the match when you were spectating was hacking.

  • mike curtis
    mike curtis


  • Daniel Andrews
    Daniel Andrews

    That kid is the new bill Gates he's very intelligent and the gaming big wigs need kids like him to help with game formats and ppl like me and streamers I'm not a streamer I just no alot about most games and we need normal community to help with game etiquette.

  • Riki beston
    Riki beston

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  • The Motodude
    The Motodude

    6:00 @nickmercs has entered the lobby

  • Blake McGlothlin
    Blake McGlothlin

    You should get old cloaks and nick in with you two for a video

  • Lucas-rafael Padilla
    Lucas-rafael Padilla

    and the kid

  • Lucas-rafael Padilla
    Lucas-rafael Padilla

    tim is soooooooooo funny OMG hahahahahahahah

  • Lucas-rafael Padilla
    Lucas-rafael Padilla

    hahahahahahahahahaha he says fu i hate duos every time hahahahahahaha

  • _ B20V_GO_BWAH
    _ B20V_GO_BWAH

    Kids name is stepsis with clan tag wap lmfaooooooo


    Tim looks like the blue guy on monsters ink


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  • Andrew Putnam
    Andrew Putnam

    Tim said get it step sis

  • Ghaith Altahesh
    Ghaith Altahesh

    Tim mad

  • Meat Sandwich
    Meat Sandwich

    My bro and I play duos, and it is SO campy now. It makes us mental


    So its true, when u become a dad u crack cringe AF jokes

  • AurafrostX

    How did I ever miss this? Wow. Great show 👏

  • Lucas spradley
    Lucas spradley

    I did a try not to laugh to this I lost when Tim died

  • King Papi
    King Papi


  • XYZ 123
    XYZ 123

    What was this kid gun?

  • JK Airsoft
    JK Airsoft

    What’s ur mp5 attachments

  • Amz

    He's 13.... Sounds 8.... **Username** [Wap] Step sis

  • Adam Martinez
    Adam Martinez

    I've watched half the video now and haven't laughed once. I guess some peoples "funniest" is.... well not really funny. It's just two people talking. No jokes or humor at all. 14 minutes in now and neither have even laughed. Not sure why the word Funniest was in the title or even talked about.

  • TheeKyuubiKidd

    This kid is a GOAT. You can't change my mind.

  • Jacob Price
    Jacob Price

    Have you considered not jocking leon lush's style?

  • owend swift
    owend swift

    0:24 Thanos 2

  • Charles K
    Charles K

    Awesome Classic!

  • dara Mccathran
    dara Mccathran

    That's funny as hell

  • Johnny Meguerditchian
    Johnny Meguerditchian

    Have this guy back on a stream.

  • Johnny Meguerditchian
    Johnny Meguerditchian

    This is the first of your streams I watched. Subbed right after. Watched it till the end.

  • SlickRicks07

    How many times did this kid say “like”

  • Vindicated Rascal
    Vindicated Rascal

    "I can't upload this..." *uploads this*

  • Bradley Comstock II
    Bradley Comstock II

    Dude!lol The Pirates of the Caribbean?!! I loved it lolz

  • Matt Connelly
    Matt Connelly

    That was awesome! Love that that little man!

  • storm merrill
    storm merrill

    not funny didn't laugh


    Wait hold up, is this Sebastian from bayline Levine?

  • Scott Reynolds
    Scott Reynolds

    Damn Tim.... You're not that good are you? Jesus.

  • Ian foltz
    Ian foltz

    Widow step sis

  • QFC Kraken
    QFC Kraken

    The classic knee slaper I prefer to sit

  • Eltham Born
    Eltham Born

    This was probably the best vid I have seen you put out. Hilarious. Play with this kid, Merks and Cloaksy.

  • Ricardo Colompar
    Ricardo Colompar

    Good morning!good evening!and good afternoon!!!

  • gavinmcleod 6162
    gavinmcleod 6162

    I agree with the duo thing honestly I’d rather solo duo than actually have a teammate

  • WooKid the one and only
    WooKid the one and only

    This kid is pure content hahaha

  • Ilyas Nawaaz
    Ilyas Nawaaz

    all of a sudden everyone roasting cloakzy

  • kingkoopa

    Is this kid Connor mark 2?

  • Your Boii Carrot
    Your Boii Carrot

    Ayo where yo pants


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  • Daniel Saldivar
    Daniel Saldivar


  • Waleed Alfaris
    Waleed Alfaris

    Shoots, clearly hits the man in the right shoulder. "Chat, how is that not a headshot?". Lol

  • Not V0rce
    Not V0rce

    That guy is not 13 he sounds like 11

  • chop flop
    chop flop

    I had to sub after you started talking to the penguin🤣🤣

  • Wallcorridor

    Me when Tim says people thinks he is funny: wellllll

  • Dyilen Kennedy
    Dyilen Kennedy

    I can’t upload this uploads it

  • Hunter McLeod
    Hunter McLeod

    You should bring him into a trios with you and cloak😂😂

  • brigham bronson
    brigham bronson

    wow this is great stuff

  • Zuessesvape Nack
    Zuessesvape Nack

    The kids voice crack at 9:15 🤣

  • Vanessa _
    Vanessa _

    When a cheater cheats as long as the cheater doesn't hurt anyone else and there just trying to be funny that's fine but when the cheater affects the outcome of the game then they really just need to go

  • Max Jr.
    Max Jr.


  • Roy Coronado
    Roy Coronado

    I love this kid now

  • DMByrum

    I absolutely love this video. Dude! Bring this kid back.

  • Robert Licata
    Robert Licata

    The kid answered almost every question with well honestly or to be honest is something like that bc he's scared to be made fun of in chat,I see right through this and proud of u lil man 👍

  • SMGN00B

    He looks like he streams for a living and has no life 🤣👌

  • Miguel_Suave11

    The Pirates of the Caribbean tune got me haha

  • Mr Bill
    Mr Bill

    I dig the Tool shirt man

  • #supargirl #suparboy
    #supargirl #suparboy

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  • Roadhog820

    The Caribbean part was funny

  • lSilverRaptorl

    But the reality is .... You're not funny .

  • reflex

    Congrats on 3 mill

  • cristhian londono
    cristhian londono

    This is the funniest video I’ve ever watched of Tim, the roasting and then his facial expressions in the “fun house” was superb

  • Drift King
    Drift King

    When you freaked tf out over the funhouse omg 🤦🤣🤣

  • Drift King
    Drift King

    Tim I just want you to know I subscribed because of the tool shirt 👍

  • Lucas Whiteside
    Lucas Whiteside

    What about goodnight l l l l l l l l l l ll l l ll l l l l l l l l ll l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l im funny

  • Gabriel Gonzalez
    Gabriel Gonzalez

    he would be the scariest person to get yelled at

  • Amna Zia
    Amna Zia

    Can we get the build to the spr

  • Cattle-ackin Matt
    Cattle-ackin Matt

    More Rez than he had kills 🤣☠️☠️☠️☠️ gotta have this kid on here again!!!!

  • Zachary Rubin
    Zachary Rubin

    2.99 mill btw

  • Deisi Morales
    Deisi Morales

    The little ghost is so cute


    All these streamers using cronus zens ffs.... should be banned. Zero recoil, zero weapon sway, auto hold breath, no one else see these guys weapons? Ground loot shooting lasers?

  • Remoaim

    I hate solo and duos too

  • Giovanni Santiago
    Giovanni Santiago

    Tim 4 adds in the first 8min of the video You don’t need to eat anymore