The Haters Guide to the 2020 NFL Season: Debriefing
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If you are interested in the guy who did the Jacksonville segment, be sure to give Uche Nwaneri's channel a look -
Despite the Super Bowl coming up soon, there are still issues for the teams that didn't make the playoffs. For eighteen franchises, the reasons for failure are varied. For some, they didn't expect much out of this year. For others, it's a struggle to try and break through to the next level. And for more than a few teams, it was a total disaster of a season. Changes need to be made, personnel need to evaluated, and new regimes introduced to hopeful success.
The offseason is a time of reflection: This video is part of such a retrospective of those that didn't make the playoffs. Hopefully.

  • UrinatingTree

    If you are interested in the guy who did the Jacksonville segment, be sure to give Uche Nwaneri's channel a look - He does good football analysis vids. Subscribe to him, will ya?

    • grampy tinman
      grampy tinman

      You are a comic fucking genius

    • Virgilio Marques
      Virgilio Marques

      What are the songs used?

    • Redevilsforlife1

      Shottenhiemer is in hospice

    • Matthew Ray
      Matthew Ray

      Dude you are the perfect mix of a old school fan and a new school fan, and also you’re smart.

    • The Crusader
      The Crusader

      I am SO sorry we let Brady to the SB, even Tom Grossi's motivational speech wasn't enough.

  • Oz Murphy
    Oz Murphy

    Welp tree u eating a lot of shit for Mr big 12 not assembling a defense. Now they got watt

  • Browns House
    Browns House

    3:18 - Amazing job, so damn funny. But we all want Brady to end his terror. 5:41 - Perfect repersentation of the Texans 2020 season in a nutshell.

  • A.S.

    That end of the Patriots segment had me laughing 😂😂😂

  • Nick Skiles
    Nick Skiles

    I'm a passive UT viewer. Who's the other guy? I like him, he just caught me off guard.

    • Nick Skiles
      Nick Skiles

      @Gaurav Agochiya Thanks. I only watch occasionally and I was very confused. lol

    • Gaurav Agochiya
      Gaurav Agochiya

      Uche Nwaneri, former NFL offensive lineman for the Jaguars. If his name sounds familiar, it might be because he worked with RyanMoody21 and SOFTDRINKTV, both very good IRbinrs that expose how awful Madden is

  • Krystyna Ola
    Krystyna Ola

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  • NiceLilPop YouTube
    NiceLilPop YouTube

    As a Detroit fan, listen can we just please get a decent draft pick and a head coach that isn’t stuck in the 70s

  • Anthony Thompson
    Anthony Thompson

    Debriefing pt. 2

  • Freddie Reid
    Freddie Reid

    Tuba Smarties is just perfect for the Texans.

  • Arul Banerjea
    Arul Banerjea

    Tree, nice job with using Chopin during the niners section. The funeral March PERFECTLY matches the niners season. It’s becoming their theme song as of late...

  • Bodie B
    Bodie B

    So much Derp watching the Giants segment

  • Bodie B
    Bodie B

    Love hearing the Gwyn boss theme mixed into the fits like a glove

  • Tori Redmond
    Tori Redmond

    Urban meyer did not leave Ohio state due to health issues 🙄, the university forced him to resign all over that zach Smith bullshit that was not his fault and urban told the university about well before it was in the news. But yet the university's Athletic director and president didn't do a damn thing and made urban the fall guy when the story hit the press and forced him to leave the university, I'm so tired of people thinking he quit because his health

  • Jos Stu
    Jos Stu

    Fun fact: the last 10 win team to miss the playoffs was the 2015-16 New York Jets

  • Brett Cazalet
    Brett Cazalet

    I like this video it’s awesome this video I love this commercial of fubo because I love the Blackhawks they’re the best I like how you guys can make a lot of videos this is awesome you guys are awesome You’re so epic I hope I can be the one millionth person to comment on this video this will be the end of my comment

  • Eunice Reeves
    Eunice Reeves

    The third siamese whitely thaw because friday formerly manage following a oceanic eel. dispensable, juicy child

  • CowboysGivMeDepression Jones
    CowboysGivMeDepression Jones

    As a Dallas fan, no, we just suck, no excuses

  • Nicholas Ruhling
    Nicholas Ruhling

    Maybe Cam Newton can become a tight end? He's got the build, idk about his hands

  • Luke Blondell
    Luke Blondell


  • Nick Pow
    Nick Pow

    the bungals

  • tremblind

    I thought the pre-game show was the most woke of them all.

  • Jade Imingan
    Jade Imingan

    Texan's season is a big BRUH moment.

  • Jade Imingan
    Jade Imingan

    Is that Plin Plin Plon?

  • blazeforprez

    Video is still hilarious 3rd time watching great job UT

  • to do
    to do

    If JJ Watt tells you that you aren't working hard enough, I'd believe him.

  • Peter Esoe
    Peter Esoe


  • Obi1Classic

    My theory is that the suffering of the Browns over the years was so great, that one team alone couldn't match that much misfortune and ineptitude to balance out the Browns success this year. The Bengals, Jaguars, Texans, Jets, Broncos, 49ers, and the entire NFC east all suffered humiliation and pain. Oh, and Covid was a thing too.

  • Gurjit Singh
    Gurjit Singh


  • PieDisliker

    Okay, that Falcons sequence was magnificent.

  • LucarioEX5

    9:25 as a Broncos fan, fuck that I’m pissed

  • Why Bruh?
    Why Bruh?

    no one is going to talk about this fake virus that impacted worldwide?

  • LucarioEX5

    The Texans one he doesn’t even talk shit about just shows report really that bad huh?

  • Motivational Lizard
    Motivational Lizard

    I think Urban Meyer kind of got ruined by the Jaguars but then again he is a rookie NFL coach.

  • Retro Oasis
    Retro Oasis

    And now JJ Watt's gone from the Texans

  • Joshua Martin
    Joshua Martin

    I can't stop laughing at the Houston Texans segment of the the video 😂

    • Sean McFarland
      Sean McFarland

      tuba smarties

    • Retro Oasis
      Retro Oasis

      And with Watt now gone, it's even more relevant and funny.

  • Konrad Trieble
    Konrad Trieble

    Anyone else notice the recurring theme of the gwynn lord of sunlight song from dark souls?

  • RyoTV

    BB was a great coach, is a great coach, but he is single handedly destroying the Patriots with his idiotic decision making, same with Kraft. Mike Evans as well as a few other players were free agents. Brady is the Goat, we know that, but the Goat can't throw to himself for a td. He needed weapons, good defense, and he could have done this again in New England. Shame. As a New Englander, I am sad to see the Pats fall off, but as a Brady fan, well shit, could have seen that coming a mile away with the team he is on.

  • Julian Gerrard
    Julian Gerrard


  • Freddie Reid
    Freddie Reid

    As a Dolphins fan, your views on us in week 17 had me in tears. Thank you Tree. Thank you.

  • Dj11211

    I wholeheartedly thought you were going to say you can save 15% or more on car insurance lol

  • Writing Alias
    Writing Alias

    huh... you didn't do the seahawks, strange.

  • slapshot68

    Niners should hav gotten advice from Aaron Boone on how to manage a season with most of ur top players injured

  • Justin time
    Justin time

    Go MOTHERFA.. the new york jets...

  • Asad Marji
    Asad Marji

    The ahead message cumulatively analyse because refund surprisingly attempt pro a erratic peace. zany, brave lizard

  • Michael Zheng
    Michael Zheng

    The evanescent cobweb neurochemically hop because june predominantly sack above a profuse patch. curvy, abandoned fall

  • Raul Perez
    Raul Perez

    Anyone know the song for the Texans ??!

  • Noah Brecker
    Noah Brecker

    Sb nation “ how the falcons collapsed after blowing huge lead in super bowl to then blowing a lead in every game”

  • scout tf2
    scout tf2


  • Michael Zheng
    Michael Zheng

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  • Atlantasveryown King T’Challa
    Atlantasveryown King T’Challa

    Falcons you have done it just you gave up this season well I got words for you rebuild idiots you are unwatchable when you was against the cowboys

  • Atlantasveryown King T’Challa
    Atlantasveryown King T’Challa

    I wonder what Franky munez got to say about the chargers Pain 93’ just so much pain idiots

  • Justin time
    Justin time

    This fucking guy.....

  • Trevor Starnes
    Trevor Starnes

    Is that Gwynns theme playing during the bengals coverage? Plin plin plon

  • Jasper Harden
    Jasper Harden

    The funny volcano nationally care because instrument longitudinally include abaft a thin fog. melted, three salt

  • Nathan Yax
    Nathan Yax

    Always with the fuckin hailMurry... goddammit

  • N8 S
    N8 S

    3:13 Well then... that didn't work out too well, huh?

  • Benacor

    Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, sends his regards to the Bungals. Git gud scrubs! Great music choice!

  • 7ms

    cant stop watching the texans part over and over again 😂😂

    • Jay Pee
      Jay Pee

      For me it's the Falcons part 😂

  • Jamal Jama
    Jamal Jama

    The nutritious hail predominantly include because harmony substantially branch off a lying napkin. glamorous, bewildered cheetah

  • Brian Chua
    Brian Chua

    3:17 with the Brady segment, I think Tree needs to revisit that LOL

  • AmethystPhoenix

    Who's here after TB and AB won a ring together? The Football Gods wanted 31 other teams to be salty as hell.

    • DestinyZX1

      And Blaine Gabbert

    • daft wulli
      daft wulli

      Be glad, with all that snow the US needs salt desperately

  • Seth Roelke
    Seth Roelke

    I think you and Uche make a good duo for negative analysis videos.

  • Joshua Gaby
    Joshua Gaby

    Honestly being a falcons fan has led me to be numb to all forms of embarrassment, for nothing can be as bad as 28-3

  • Trowa Barton
    Trowa Barton

    In order of Appearance Miami Dolphins 1:17 New England Patriots 2:18 New York Jets: 3:20 Cincinnati Bengals 4:42 Houston Texans 5:40 Jacksonville Jaguars 6:59 Denver Broncos 9:18 Las Vegas Raiders: 10:28 Los Angeles Chargers: 11:37 Dallas Cowboys: 12:49 New York Giants: 13:49 Philadelphia Eagles: 14:50 Detroit Lions: 16:08 Minnesota Vikings: 17:04 Atlanta Falcons: 18:14 Carolina Panthers: 19:38 Arizona Cardinals: 20:33 San Francisco 49'ers: 21:44 Playoff Teams:

  • Louis Hansell
    Louis Hansell

    @6:12...Minnesota was playing that game AWAY, after not being able to practice at home all week leading up to the game. That was O'Brien for ya'.

  • William Cree
    William Cree

    3:13 Brady continues to haunt the nfl outside of New England

  • Waffle

    As a chargers fan, I’m mad about the bucs making the super bowl because that could have been us if brady decided to come home, ok probably not but I can dream

  • Michael Kimmings
    Michael Kimmings

    Sounds German or Dutch . German Tendencies .. you know ..a little dictatorship ish. Imagine starting and losing 2 WW's. Apologies To nobody

  • J4 Gaming
    J4 Gaming

    I was so not ready to hear your Texans rant, I am very pleased on how you handled that one. I danced through the entire funeral song.

  • Browns 05
    Browns 05

    Repent for your sins Jesus Christ is king and coming 👑👑🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Savan Patel
    Savan Patel

    Anyone know the music playing during the Niners segment

  • Lex Dignon
    Lex Dignon

    What is the Texans music? I think it’ll make a great ringtone for someone you think is stupid

    • Roman Gagliardi
      Roman Gagliardi


    • Roman Gagliardi
      Roman Gagliardi


  • Anthony Vannella
    Anthony Vannella

    As a Cowboys fan, I've never been so offended by something I 100% agree with.

  • Robert Scannell
    Robert Scannell

    Kliff Kingsbury was never ready for prime time

  • Charlie Konzel
    Charlie Konzel

    The browns are better than the Steelers

  • Kris Smoot
    Kris Smoot

    [falcons related pain]

  • Maat

    Man my Raiders need a defense

  • jungan lee
    jungan lee

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  • Phu Thiy
    Phu Thiy

    Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .

  • FatPanda54

    The Hail Murray is my Wide Right The Hail Murray is my Music City Miracle This is my touchstone as a Bills fan. I truly understand the suffering. I know we won the division, I know we made the AFC championship game, but that moment will probably be the thing that sticks with me the most from this season.

  • Dustin H
    Dustin H

    Lose the bicycle bell.

  • andy 99
    andy 99

    The texans is gana have the worst season in 2021 like as a texans fan i dont think the texans will do good anymore

  • Joe Pavlik
    Joe Pavlik

    Jack Easterby and Cal McNair really know how to age quality spirits.

  • Kieray

    After hearing the dark souls song while watching people fail I now feel it’s my duty to support the bengals I know nothing about American football but if dark souls has taught me anything it’s that people just need to git gud and to never give up 🤣

  • Madden Family
    Madden Family

    I noticed the mermaid man barnacle boy music from spongebob in the background lmao 😂

  • Big Nate
    Big Nate

    Did this man skip WAS or am I tripping?

  • Trévon Pernell
    Trévon Pernell


  • Denise M. Faraday
    Denise M. Faraday

    Am I the only one who rewatches the Texans' part of the video because it's the most entertaining one out of all the debriefings? ROFL

  • Mauris Livi
    Mauris Livi

    The silky church additionly contain because request alternately scream worth a sick millennium. curvy, smiling grenade

  • Mathwiz 314
    Mathwiz 314

    The background music for the Houston debriefing was so relaxing to listen to, so long as you did not pay attention to what was on the screen. Lol

  • Tyler Waldner
    Tyler Waldner

    Tree, how do you feel knowing that either Bell or AB are getting a ring in a couple days???

  • Chul Yeom
    Chul Yeom

    The tasteless quiver resultspreviously fire because dressing initially tug including a alert haircut. incompetent, elegant justice

  • Luckiest

    I only know 2 Jags fans now: Uche Nawneri (if I spelled that right) and EmpLemon

  • Kim Utz
    Kim Utz

    what happend to shercock?

  • Joker Fieri
    Joker Fieri

    Atlanta was painful to watch.

  • JaredSweetwater

    Pissed how my cardinals ended the season. Had the playoffs in there hands and easily choked it away. I’m giving Kliff one more season and if he’s keeping the team stuck in mediocrity, I want him out.

  • Luis Reyes
    Luis Reyes

    Once again, the Chicago Bears have let me down. If there was any consolation, at least the Green Bay Packers were denied another postseason run. 😅

  • Nick Mine
    Nick Mine

    The anxious push acly sip because vacation pivotally trade worth a magenta beach. testy, racial broccoli

  • Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia


  • zacharnold

    Tree, how do i retain sanity as a falcons fan....the pain is immesurable