The members of one direction meeting each other after the split
This video is about Liam Payne, Naill Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Harry styles and Zayn Malik that meet each other after the split.
Thx for watching! Love ya❤️

  • Redisters

    There are of zayn. A small hi to Niall at the award show..

  • Mona BM
    Mona BM

    and now i'm waiting for " Louis and Harry"

  • Aishwarya Singh
    Aishwarya Singh


  • אוראל ביטון
    אוראל ביטון

    Omg I love you

  • Hania Saqib
    Hania Saqib

    Me: literally waiting for harry and Louis and they never come😭😭😭😭

  • Vedika S
    Vedika S

    In the first clip they keep saying Niall, like Louis, Liam and Niall and I have to remind myself it's not Niall Horan

  • Lydia Swijnenburg
    Lydia Swijnenburg

    I love how all the band members call Liam Payno 😂😂😂

  • Shazz

    you missed zayn's handshake with Niall

  • Aislynn Co 許依晶 3- 2
    Aislynn Co 許依晶 3- 2

    Louis, Liam, and Niall the iconic 1D trio 4 ever

  • Aqil Naim
    Aqil Naim

    Where's Zayn hmmm 🥺

  • Louise Hag
    Louise Hag

    Is it a coincidence that Louis and Harry are never seen together in public? Hmmmm, I think not.

  • Sejla Caja
    Sejla Caja

    It's Niall not Naill, thank you and goodnight everyone.

  • Sheza Abdul Latheef
    Sheza Abdul Latheef

    I am so happy that even after their split their friendships aren’t toxic or anything

  • Lynnetje.x

    For everyone who thinks that they barely meet up remember this is only public interactions, this is probably a very small part of all their interactions

  • Strawberry Lemon Ice
    Strawberry Lemon Ice

    2:02 Louis speaking about Harry?

  • Strawberry Lemon Ice
    Strawberry Lemon Ice

    1:01 did he just say “just chilling in front of half of one d?”

  • Joshua Fernandes
    Joshua Fernandes

    Fuckin avocados 😌

  • Abhin Thomas
    Abhin Thomas

    I never expected Harry to be in this video. I wish he interacted with them at least once😭

  • Soul_Catcher

    no zayn tho....but i have a feeling that zayn is rising up he even talked about niall and one direction in the begin again interview

  • souumaaa._

    you spelled niall wrong, my heart..

  • Malin

    liam wants to come back, louis and niall would join, harry aah idk what hes thinking but he loves being solo and zayn is finally happy

  • Malin

    liam, i love you.

  • Hessa Mohammed
    Hessa Mohammed

    Its only because of larry that harry and louis cant meet its all bcause of thoose stupid shipers

  • Maryam Badry
    Maryam Badry

    7:55 naill?

  • Lynne Voyle
    Lynne Voyle

    His name is Niall not Naill

  • Arisha Syed
    Arisha Syed

    am i the only one annoyed how niall's name is mispelled at 6.38

    • Arisha Syed
      Arisha Syed

      its 6:34

  • AYUSH Rai
    AYUSH Rai

    Good to see that

  • Hamza Kashif
    Hamza Kashif


  • Van Lai
    Van Lai

    What about Larry stylinson?😔😔

  • Lilith_ 2007
    Lilith_ 2007

    It's so sad that it's just Louis and Liam

  • multiplayer_LuKe 30
    multiplayer_LuKe 30

    Rumours say that Harry and Niall spent most of 2020 together, in London! They said they had something big planned for 2020 but couldn't due to you know.... I think if it's gonna happen, then the reunion in this year, or else it will be difficult :(

  • sami

    where is zayn

  • Ana Clara Rezende
    Ana Clara Rezende

    watching this pain is probably the correct word to describe how im feeling

  • Puka Paka
    Puka Paka

    Liam looks so great 🔥❤️

  • Sufia Shahbaz
    Sufia Shahbaz

    0:32 Louis : "Get out of me fast! I in a HURRY to meet my pal."

    • OneDirection4ever 08
      OneDirection4ever 08


  • MarjaanUwU

    "FOOKIN EVACAHDOS" -louis poo

  • Kpop Fan
    Kpop Fan

    Liam ❤️

  • Ramchandra Baral
    Ramchandra Baral

    I'm like really zayn??😶(kind of disappointed... :( Ya know why

  • Ab Laskar
    Ab Laskar

    2:30 ouuuh payno cmon lad I'm ded🥺🥺

    • OneDirection4ever 08
      OneDirection4ever 08


  • Ela Naz Elmas
    Ela Naz Elmas

    You should check ur spelling MUTCH? NAILL?

  • Anurag Lakandri
    Anurag Lakandri

    Nial : what's happening Zayn : 😒😒😒😒

  • Clara Gomes Martins
    Clara Gomes Martins

    i like how "the split" is referred to like "the blip" in endgame

  • Richard Edayan
    Richard Edayan

    Directioner and a football fan Liam and louis Dele Alli ,Eric dier and Peter crouch

  • Richard Edayan
    Richard Edayan

    Louis mention cristiano ronaldo

  • Ina Ric
    Ina Ric

    How come I didn't saw the first clip of Louis n Liam together but to be honest I always found their friendship really genuine like those 3 Niall Louie n Liam..o mean they were the one always joking VT each other.... pranking....I didn't see it that much from Harry n Zayn...Harry was busy VT entertaining the crowd while Zayn was just not happy to be there.. I mean this 3 their friendship was genuine n they enjoyed every part of being in 1D..

  • Arwen Aurelia
    Arwen Aurelia

    I love how they spelled Niall's name wrong this whole video- No tea no shade🙃 Its Niall btw not Naill

  • Ilaria Cincinelli
    Ilaria Cincinelli

    Non so come ci si senta a vedere un amico con cui hai passato molto a cantare , che canta altre canzoni tutte sue .Mi riferisco a Liam al concerto di Harry . Penso che da una parte sia triste ma dall’altra sei anche orgoglioso 😭😭

  • Ilaria Cincinelli
    Ilaria Cincinelli

    This makes me cry

  • Ilaria Cincinelli
    Ilaria Cincinelli

    *awo PAYNO came on * 😭😭😭I miss them

  • Saitama With Hair
    Saitama With Hair

    Bruhh almost all of the video have liam in it

  • Jheric Dulay
    Jheric Dulay

    I Cant wait To Zayn to see them each other

  • Journey Rosal Labuca
    Journey Rosal Labuca

    There are video of Zayn and Niall, they did hand shakeeee

  • Gatito y Sofy
    Gatito y Sofy

    I remember an interviwe of 1D and they ask about if they will ever split and niall kind of. Get mad for the question they still together it was like in 2013

  • Roj Isaiah Buenaflor
    Roj Isaiah Buenaflor

    My lilo heart is melting❤️

  • ampisrr

    Niall and Zayn meet up on an awarding ceremony I think it's the awardee of zayn's album

  • Rupam Barman
    Rupam Barman

    OK.... I'm gonna cry Bye🙂

  • Azan mubashar
    Azan mubashar

    7:55 nials speeling llol

  • Azan mubashar
    Azan mubashar

    7:38 did he just said vas apening (Z is missed)awww theya re soo cute man in future my only wish is to see ZAYN with any band member

  • zsantos

    You forgot the one second interaction between zayn and niall at the AMAs😂

  • Kaycee Partosa
    Kaycee Partosa

    FoOkInG aVoCaDoS

  • Abhisha LFHS
    Abhisha LFHS

    Literally I felt 100% happy looking at this and hope they also relsongs

  • Me

    IT´S "NIALL" But great video!

  • Miisa


  • Anumi Minara
    Anumi Minara


  • Resmi P.N.
    Resmi P.N.

    Noone meet zayn

  • Nienke Roorda
    Nienke Roorda

    I love the fact that Niall still calls Liam Payno so mucchhhhhh

  • Gayathri

    Really missing them

  • maja reinhardt
    maja reinhardt

    when they attent each others shows.... omfg

  • maja reinhardt
    maja reinhardt

    OUCH not niall saying '' vas happenin' when he and liam was together....

  • maja reinhardt
    maja reinhardt

    the gogglebox thing was just- and the first clip... I'm * sobbing* i canttttt

  • HydHyderr

    7:37 did nial said VAS HAPENIN

  • Kaniz Shamma
    Kaniz Shamma

    Still no Zayn.

  • eshal khan
    eshal khan

    Th fact that Harry and Louis don't even interact anymore because of obsessive Larrys is actually so annoying. They're ruining a perfect friendship.

  • Amission Possible
    Amission Possible

    Liam is the glue

  • Katia Garza Guerra
    Katia Garza Guerra


  • Riordan Fan
    Riordan Fan

    i just realised that louis said bird to mean 'chick' and zayn did the same when he was talking about perrie before they got together (one of the interviews on the day louis smacked liam's arm when liam squeezed harry's cheeks from behind)

  • Moira Repollo
    Moira Repollo

    did u just spelled niall's name to naill?

    • No control Ahahhaha
      No control Ahahhaha

      ummm... maybe hahahah I hate myself

  • Mona Stylinson
    Mona Stylinson

    fookin avokados ahhhahahahahahahahah

  • Fabia M.
    Fabia M.

    lmao simon kinda looked so angry at 6:26

  • Daniëlle van Leeuwen
    Daniëlle van Leeuwen

    No hate, but the way Niall is spelled every time- 😭😭😭

    • No control Ahahhaha
      No control Ahahhaha


  • Shamala Satyanarayana
    Shamala Satyanarayana

    Make a video when Zayn and Harry have a Lil bit of time to meat or talk to x-bandmates

  • _rugved deshpande_
    _rugved deshpande_

    The problem is Zayn already said he won't return.....the thing is harry's success is sky rocketing and at the moment hes not ready for a reunion rn...... Tbh other members except Z aren't as successful as H so they are ready to get back together

  • OneAddictionFever

    naill polish

  • SARAH M.
    SARAH M.

    1:27 what did he say? " the beard.. sorry the woman (haha) who did that.... ." I am not native , can you help? Is he calling all women a beard 🤔...why...?😏

    • No control Ahahhaha
      No control Ahahhaha

      I dont know:) i dont understand him either hahahah

  • ayse

    I feel like all of them except Harry have moved on. 🥺

  • Joaaah _____
    Joaaah _____

    yeah but never Louis and Harry 🥺

  • Derin Coskun
    Derin Coskun

    this vid realised on my birthday hahaha

    • No control Ahahhaha
      No control Ahahhaha

      yeah i did it for you;)

  • josie

    sad how just Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam are together and zayn.. What about Zayn...

  • Amelia D'Vega
    Amelia D'Vega

    Dont forget, niall hand shake with zayn

    • No control Ahahhaha
      No control Ahahhaha

      yeah i know. I forgot to put that in

  • Emma De Vynck
    Emma De Vynck

    Liam and Lou use to hate eachother now they are the closest after larry though🤪

  • Karla Barranco
    Karla Barranco

    The way lilo hugged was so 😍

  • sarah zahid
    sarah zahid

    They repeated their lines like vas happenin and oi oii

  • Hemali Alahakoon
    Hemali Alahakoon

    3:29 oh man Lou and Li just rewinded time back to 7 years😭

  • Catherine Miller
    Catherine Miller

    It's Niall not Naill

  • a u r o r a
    a u r o r a

    Ah yes Nail Horan is back

  • Thea engen olsen
    Thea engen olsen

    6:13 is it just me or did he say Niall?

  • Susan Chen
    Susan Chen

    Liam and Louis also meet at the CCME in Madrid because they were performing. Back in September 2019

  • shoukhin mukherjee
    shoukhin mukherjee

    for once i thought they aren't together anymore

  • Kirsten Wuijster
    Kirsten Wuijster

    Wait are these your clips? Because if so you're Dutch right?😂

    • No control Ahahhaha
      No control Ahahhaha

      ja ik ben van België

  • Sinthia Rahman
    Sinthia Rahman

    Omgggggg nooooo h wrote on the video and on the description of the video ‘’NAILL’’ Horan 😷😷🤒🥴🥴😰😰😰😰👿😿🥲😭😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖 IT’S NIALL ANYWAY NIALL NOT NAILL

    • No control Ahahhaha
      No control Ahahhaha