The New Edition Story - FULL Episode Part 1
"The New Edition Story" follows the R&B/pop group from their humble beginnings as kids in Boston to global mega-stardom -- weathering the highs and lows of controversy, personnel changes, and the ultimate cost of fame. To stream more episodes, visit BET+ #TheNewEditionStory
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  • Tank R
    Tank R

    Post part 2 please

  • Jabari Cambridge
    Jabari Cambridge

    Amazing movie

  • sassyintrovert

    It gets interesting when GARY gets into the picture.

  • Nicole Victory
    Nicole Victory

    Everybody need a peanut sister their life if this is what you wanna do take it serious.

  • Jai'neea Coley
    Jai'neea Coley

    Hey BTW

  • Boston Jay
    Boston Jay

    Being from Mass. I am younger than NE but I got the Candygirl album when I was 8. Im a NE lifah!!! My all time favorite Band

  • Dazerek Wright
    Dazerek Wright

    @7:16 the song is blue magic spell

  • Baby Nate
    Baby Nate

    where is part 2 and 3?????????????????

  • Joey Pham
    Joey Pham

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  • willcraw88

    Man will someone please upload the 2nd part to this 🙏🏾


    Part2 ??

  • Kelly Lowe
    Kelly Lowe

    Are we going to get the 2 part? Some 1 answer pls

  • London2ATL

    So where is part 2?

  • Sukanya Craig
    Sukanya Craig


  • Dianah Blessed
    Dianah Blessed

    Every bit of this movie is a master piece 💓💓 So amazing 💓 So interesting Seeing fellow blacks doing great movies great move💖👏

  • Shaniqua

    Part 22222

  • Jamell Foster
    Jamell Foster

    I guess $500 was a substantial amount of money when I was a toddler...

  • Jamell Foster
    Jamell Foster

    These gentlemen have come a long way... As a little girl, I had a crush on New Edition... They are a bit older than I am, yet they are still dynamic...

  • Veron Holli
    Veron Holli

    The Sunday church in the HUD ,Center pays 🐀🐁 yes rat on the rat Center 50 fillers The center HUD Center $50.00 dollers, the HUD Center school feet ball the games Street work on the games tree three ball it or there winn class so, we came out blue if Holiday Inn.

  • Veron Holli
    Veron Holli

    Hight my bill went HIGH. 50% .

  • morgen antoinette
    morgen antoinette

    omgg yall should not have put this on IRbin, now I am not going to stop watching this 😭😭


    Wow!! I saw this TV biopic when it came out. I soooo love the Intro- The rewind part that goes back to Candy Girl🍭!! The album covers/photos are sooo on point of the originals! Takes me back to 1983 when I first bought their 1st album, then the 2nd album, etc.


    We're is part 2

  • love God
    love God

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  • LEGEND Panther 1992 Jennings
    LEGEND Panther 1992 Jennings

    My BROS Nailed this


    My favourite performance in the movie is when they sing The love you save

  • Aubrey Eatmon
    Aubrey Eatmon

    I’m ready for part 2 now🤣

  • slat y2j
    slat y2j

    bobby was a bad boy

  • Hoe & Pro T.V.
    Hoe & Pro T.V.

    Part 2 ????????????

  • Rati onale
    Rati onale

    If I am from the UK how do I subscribe to BET+ to watch the rest of New Edition Story???

  • Crystal Okonkwo
    Crystal Okonkwo

    29:00 53:28

  • Chris Perez
    Chris Perez

    still waiting for part 2

  • go0sii3

    they mommas jus made me so mad. they kids having fun and all u worried about is yo money

  • Paris S
    Paris S

    I love this movie 😭 Bobby always tryna take over

  • ibexy

    Where is Part2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • leonard moore
    leonard moore

    Pt 2

  • itsjemmabond

    To this day, I still don't understand how New Edition were broke while New Kids on the Block made millions.

    • Danaé Lauren Tolbert
      Danaé Lauren Tolbert

      Because Maurice Starr really invested in them. He only did that to make NE look like liars. Although they received more, the members of NKOTB still confirmed that Maurice cheated them as well. But yeah the had dolls and a cartoon.

  • Destiny johnson
    Destiny johnson

    Where part 2 at ??

  • 5va

    Where’s part 2?

  • Kevin. Playz
    Kevin. Playz

    YEARSSS later Ronnie was featured on rhoa- 😭


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  • james crisp
    james crisp

    please notify me when is the release date

  • james crisp
    james crisp

    GREAT SHOW but when is part 2 and part 3 going to be released? ( :

  • Buche Iqbal
    Buche Iqbal

    yes!!! i can't wait for p[art 2!!!

  • Bianca J
    Bianca J

    I would of took my son out if i wasn't paid a dime, or i may just do what Beyonce dad did, run the whole damn show and be the manager if the group, sell my house if i have to and live in a small apartment and start managing them. Aint no one using my son

  • Bianca J
    Bianca J

    When they performed infront of the car on the spot, this is called determination, they was born to perform, that just took me by surpise. I saw this somewhere before, i guess im speaking about myself as a child. I was always trying. To everyone in the world, try and try and keep trying

  • Kevin Hubburt
    Kevin Hubburt

    AYYYYYYYYYY THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEW EDITION!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Devron Scott
    Devron Scott

    they were all so great if only they were collabritve enough

  • CoCo Thee Stylist
    CoCo Thee Stylist

    Dr freeze wonder where cory and travis are???😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cj Stewart
    Cj Stewart

    Come out with part 2 plzz

  • Shallot San
    Shallot San

    My boi Hakeem got in the movie

  • Te Toka
    Te Toka

    Where's the 2nd part?

  • Naazhim Hudsonberg
    Naazhim Hudsonberg

    Where can i find part 2 and so on

  • vxm lmx
    vxm lmx

    Me waiting for ep 2 and 3

  • Alee Capel
    Alee Capel

    part two? 😫

  • andre wallace
    andre wallace

    At 1:15:41 soultrain dancers

  • andre wallace
    andre wallace

    Ok at 1:14:41 were all soooouuuuuultrain dancers right. Give a big shout out to the DON JUAN CORNELIOUS

  • andre wallace
    andre wallace

    The industry used them to get michael jacksons money and probably knocked mike in the pocket on his catalog negotiations. They now using 360 degree contracts.

  • andre wallace
    andre wallace

    Mike always been around the hood in the money at 1:11:12 he asking real business question for pre teen

  • Taurus Lange
    Taurus Lange

    Keep rewinding the love you save performance

  • FiveStar M
    FiveStar M

    Yesssss thank you BET 😭😊♥️💯 this is a classic now 💯

  • Adam Franklin
    Adam Franklin

    where’s part 2😭

  • Erica D
    Erica D

    They’re all so dang talented!!

  • Alice Hawkins
    Alice Hawkins

    WAKE UP ELOHIMS PEOPLE! We MUST come up out of that HATE that is encouraged by our enemies! Love Thy Brother!!

  • Yeezy TaughtMe
    Yeezy TaughtMe

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  • Victor Allen
    Victor Allen

    Nobody's fault but my own ..

  • D Thack
    D Thack

    When will y’all add the other 2 parts?

  • FYFStudios

    Dr Freeze though!!

  • Jacob Blessing
    Jacob Blessing

    Oh, black Americans are called music and entertainment that is What GOD to them to quench their sorrows when they were passing through the oceans

  • youknowwhatflav

    Yazz really got the same voice as the original

  • nicki nic
    nicki nic

    Part 2 & 3???

  • Cal Sums
    Cal Sums

    That young Bobby was on point

  • ChefDomH

    Is part 2 coming to the channel?

  • joan golding
    joan golding

    Tut l0 K K8l8k8kl8k0ljjkkk A mlm

  • Promise Williams
    Promise Williams

    7:22 am i the only one trying to search for this song??? its killing me😩


    Rizzo was a real ☝🏽for not taking the solo deal when most mf’z would’ve took it. That just shows u how he was raised with loyalty and respect ✊🏽💯. 🤘🏽👌🏽 🚩.

  • cheeseDetails

    i just said the other day i would do anything to see this movie again thats foreal crazy😂

  • Bernice 〈3
    Bernice 〈3

    This movie is way too underrated, it should of at least get a grammy or something.....

  • Amare FC
    Amare FC

    Can you pls post part 2 and 3

  • its just me
    its just me

    I wish we could have these old days again

  • Christa Asamoah
    Christa Asamoah

    Hey BET, It would be very nice if you would also upload part 2 and 3 of the new edition story. I live in germany and the episodes are not avaible here on any legal Website. Therefore it Would be very delightful to do this! Christa💋


    another dope song : 29:00

  • Nathaniel Parham
    Nathaniel Parham

    @bet bring 2 and 3


    wow what song is that @ 7:46 that was pain , he smashed that.


    the sample @4:30 dope

  • Deon The Best Gaming
    Deon The Best Gaming

    they need to release all episodes on youtube for real for the culture this is entertaining and i just keep watching this over and over again

  • Marshia Saungweme
    Marshia Saungweme

    That was such a good story🙏

  • Chev

    is episode 2 and 3 going to be uploaded?

  • Laila Evans
    Laila Evans

    All the actors in this movie did a good job playing their roles!

  • Your favorite mechanic
    Your favorite mechanic

    What song was at the beginning at talent show

  • Jordan N Reactions
    Jordan N Reactions

    So happy this is on IRbin

  • Emani East
    Emani East


  • Lady'Lynda

    Noooo Fye your daughter was mad at you! Been there.

  • Amir Behashti
    Amir Behashti

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  • Thereal Jai
    Thereal Jai

    The dude that plays Bobby needs an award. He really reminds of Bobby brown

  • Mystery

    We want part 2 and 3 BET. Let’s get it!

  • atwtfan1

    Where 👏 is 👏 part 👏 2?!

  • Niger Jenkins
    Niger Jenkins

    Those moms should have gotten jobs

  • greg turner
    greg turner

    Thank you BET TER for blk people..much watch TV..telling their story is telling the story of blk America..THANK YOU..

  • 황대인

    59:33 Is there a nice neighbor who knows the title of this song? 🧑 I'm not good at English, so it's difficult to search for lyrics.

    • jacqueliney32

      The song is "Is This The End" by New Edition