The Walking Dead Season 10c Official Trailer
See you guys February 28th 👀
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  • Jeremy Cook
    Jeremy Cook

    I can’t wait to see what they are gonna do with Negan in this season 😁

  • Epic Madness
    Epic Madness

    Only way for negan to die is for rick to kill him in the end. He has to die

  • Kayla Cabanero
    Kayla Cabanero

    AHHH IM SO EXCITED BUT IM NOT AT THE SAME TIME. i’m honestly not ready for this show to end i started watching it with my dad when i was about 6 and we always watch it together

  • Rafaela Silva
    Rafaela Silva

    oh my gosh, super anxious, come soon sunday, oh my heart

  • Daenerys Stormborn
    Daenerys Stormborn

    Who wants to watch the walking dead S10E17 early? right now?

  • wahab Robyn
    wahab Robyn

    When Karol said : "We both know this world the dead its gonna catch up to us eventually" *goosebumps*

  • Coacollective

    why daryl crying?? are carol gonna die??

  • ASMARA •
    ASMARA •

    I wondering, how's the ending

  • Tyson 4757
    Tyson 4757

    0:29 princess is one of them

  • Christopher O'Neill
    Christopher O'Neill

    I think the girl in the beginning is Stephanie and her group was ambushed as well.

  • Anuj Pandey
    Anuj Pandey

    Plz realese Hindi for all seasons

  • Anuj Pandey
    Anuj Pandey

    Plz realese hindi for all seasons

  • Britt Vd R
    Britt Vd R

    Maggie is a hypocrite to be still angry at Negan. To be angry in the first place. Maggie bashed in Savior Molly's head with a gun in a Savior safehouse right after Rick and Co killed everyone at Simon's Satellite Outpost in their sleep. This was before Negan Lucilled Glenn. Ofcourse Paula Molly etc took Maggie and Carol with them. They saw what they did to their ppl. They didn't even know the Survivors. The Survivors didn't know Negan and the Saviors, only Abe, Sasha and Daryl had contact with the bikers and blew them up. Molly was a wife, mother or a friend of someone too like Glenn was a beloved one. Was Glenn's live more worth than Molly? NO. Maggie bashed her head in, what comes around, goes around. Years went by, so shut up Maggie, listen to Carol. Negan did back thenwhat he thought was best for his ppl like you killed Molly and everyone in their sleep for your ppl. Only for you, it went wrong. Hershel is too young to asked if the bad man got what he 'deserved' btw. Maggie is a hypocrite if she doesn't except Negan, he helped everyone survive the Whisperers.

  • anjali sonawane
    anjali sonawane

    0:20 is that Sarah Wayne Callis? Are they bringing her back with a new character? bc hot damn that would be awesome!!!

  • Matthew Davis
    Matthew Davis

    This show has been my life for years can’t believe it’s gone this far

  • Slawarth


  • vkook tus patrones
    vkook tus patrones

    guys , you think rick is going to comeback in the final? i think

  • LOKO30

    Little pig, little pig let me in

  • Erin Barfield
    Erin Barfield

    I know you saw Lori 0:19

  • BlueInstant

    no rick grimes = shit show

  • GroupOfGamersInc194

    It feels wrong not seeing Carl, Rick & Michonne in these trailers...

  • Clementine

    Anyone watch the episode on amc+ yet?

  • Matthew Lo
    Matthew Lo

    Biden's military

  • Daenerys Stormborn
    Daenerys Stormborn

    I really miss Andrea, shasha, Glenn, tara, Carl, they were so close to our hearts. This series is all about that making characters so close to our hearts that they feel real❤️

  • Karan Kadam
    Karan Kadam

    WTF stormTroopers?????????

  • Ana Živanović
    Ana Živanović

    Does that women on 0:19 look like lori to someone else too?

  • Erik Strasmann
    Erik Strasmann


  • Ford Keefe
    Ford Keefe

    I like how darly is the main protaginist but dosent lead the people almost like a far cry game protaginist

  • •Mìke Aftøn•
    •Mìke Aftøn•

    Dont judge me on this one but Negan is my favourite :3

  • Jax Teller
    Jax Teller

    What I'm hoping for is the Ftwd cast to arrive honestly that show is so much better then I had expected

  • Yojimbo

    So diverse, so inclusive, so woke, such a powerful story, amazing 👏

  • Cpt Cap
    Cpt Cap

    People still watch TWD?... wow....

    • Matthew Lo
      Matthew Lo

      To be fair he didn't say he hates the show...

    • Eternal Domination
      Eternal Domination

      ...because it’s a great show which a loyal fanbase. Stop hating just because you’re not part of it. Stop hating in general ffs, become a nice person

  • CrazyW0nderland

    Imagine Hershel realizing that Negan is that bad man.

  • I wanna sit on Tom Hardy's face
    I wanna sit on Tom Hardy's face

    All I saw was storm Troopers

    • HA5H Ghosty
      HA5H Ghosty

      Yeah the Commonwealth 👀

  • Yousef SUZUKI
    Yousef SUZUKI

    So sad that episode 22 is Negan’s last appearance

    • Yousef SUZUKI
      Yousef SUZUKI

      @HA5H Ghosty oh

    • HA5H Ghosty
      HA5H Ghosty

      Nah he was casted for season 11

  • fyrtree

    They should of stopped at season 8.

  • greg burnett
    greg burnett

    Weird how all these crappy characters managed to survive this long.

    • Eternal Domination
      Eternal Domination

      Daryls been the most popular since day one. Maggies popular, Negans popular, and there are loads of new fan favourites. Stop being so negative and hateful ffs

  • Sachin Ahire
    Sachin Ahire

    0.36 Sec Dary give me Goosebumps 💥💥😲

  • Codin

    Rick was the main character in season 1 and 2,from season 3 it became everyone's story

  • BillG 7
    BillG 7

    Guys will it launch in Netflix to??

  • I'm liver
    I'm liver

    0:32 I can't tell if that's negan or the masked guy with Maggie.

    • HA5H Ghosty
      HA5H Ghosty

      @I'm liver np

    • I'm liver
      I'm liver

      That's interesting, thanks for. Telling me

    • HA5H Ghosty
      HA5H Ghosty

      @I'm liver nooo in the trailer they are showing clips from episode 10x22 called heres negan, based on the comic series basically negan gets flashbacks to when he first became the negan that we know and what happened, how he got the bat ext all the good stuff!

    • I'm liver
      I'm liver

      So she is still alive

    • HA5H Ghosty
      HA5H Ghosty

      @I'm liver yea negans wife lucille, shes the one that shoots the walker with the gun

  • Hunter Hammonds
    Hunter Hammonds

    This is the first time I’ve been excited for TWD in a LONG time

  • Divide and Conquer
    Divide and Conquer


  • Mysterious Gamer
    Mysterious Gamer

    Young glenn is here

  • Mysterious Gamer
    Mysterious Gamer

    0:38 glenns son OMG

  • Dwayne Lee
    Dwayne Lee

    Daryl and Negan Would be the best Duo ever, Their both Smart, and Both Badass

  • Mr Pucklepops
    Mr Pucklepops

    I've always wondered about Zombies why they don't eat each other ?



  • TheSilent Knight
    TheSilent Knight

    FINALLY... Here's Negan! Origin story foretold ☺️🤤🥰

  • sennalikesdrama

    weird how the person who killed my fav character became my fav character, ig you know who i’m talking about

    • Mr. Fantastic
      Mr. Fantastic

      @Nathan Garnett not really Negan has too many good guy moments to be a villain He has rules and limitation

    • Nathan Garnett
      Nathan Garnett

      @Cohen no way

    • Cohen

      @Nathan Garnett nah the governor is a better villain than Negan

    • Nathan Garnett
      Nathan Garnett

      The best villain in tv?????

  • sennalikesdrama

    maggie want negan dead and i get that cause he killed glenn, but i don’t want negan to die, he is basically my fav character. this is gonna be a wild season

    • sennalikesdrama

      @Flyqz me too i hated him but over time i created love for him lmao

    • Mari Sano
      Mari Sano

      @Flyqz facts

    • Flyqz

      From the Moment negan killed Glenn, i m waiting for negans Death.

  • lawdawgtidy

    Coral!!!!!! Say it out loud 🤣🤣

  • ऋshabh शुkla
    ऋshabh शुkla

    Gona be pee-pee pants city real soon.🖕💪💪

  • hans muxer
    hans muxer

    What is the name of this song?

  • Thomas Simmonds
    Thomas Simmonds

    I bet princess kills one of the three lined up while there blind folded, got a feeling it's umiko

  • Lyutsifer Safin
    Lyutsifer Safin

    To describe this show in one word it would be empty. Rick was the main character and when he died Carl was supposed to take that role. When Carl died the show became empty. It’s like a Batman movie without Batman, a Harry Potter movie without Harry Potter. Now the walking dead is just villains and side characters. Which is pretty boring and directionless.

    • Nathan Garnett
      Nathan Garnett

      The show's been consistent even with rick leaving look at the ratings 91% for season 9 and 10

    • Nathan Garnett
      Nathan Garnett

      Side characters 😂😂😂 Daryl has been in more epic then rick or carl he's practically the main character

  • Isak Dahl
    Isak Dahl

    Oh wait it’s been a while since I watched, did Rick find Lori and Carl??

    • Isak Dahl
      Isak Dahl

      @Cohen Oh, damn, okay. What happened after??

    • Cohen

      Yes but he then found out Shane was cheating with Lori and in a fit of rage he killed Lori , Carl and the rest of the camp they were with.

  • Zakir Hussain
    Zakir Hussain

    Let him in!

  • ivan santos
    ivan santos

    show de bola !!!

  • Meriem adra
    Meriem adra

    Hirchel will died

  • Rager

    Lots talking about negan going bad again. I feel he has to battle his inner demons just like most of the other characters in the series has had to in the past. Killing of negan now would absolutely kill the show. He's by far the most talented actor they have. I know Darrell and Carol fans will rage at that bits its true. The timing of his speeches is impeccable what gives the people chills when he talks. If I'm wrong and he does die I think it will be to save ricks daughter or maggies child. There's no other exit good enough for him.

  • Libanon 45
    Libanon 45

    We want rick in season 11

  • Emily Barnes
    Emily Barnes

    I wonder when these episodes will come out on amazon prime. Cause thats how I watch walking dead

  • Ashne Lionel
    Ashne Lionel

    Can't wait to see this 😁

  • Jason Jang
    Jason Jang

    honestly, these zombies are nothing compare to train to Busan zombies, but still a good show tho

  • Dave Lynch
    Dave Lynch

    Why is no one curious why people are wearing Star Wars stormtrooper outfits?

    • Ballin Balgruuf
      Ballin Balgruuf

      It’s exactly how it is in the comics, they’re part of a group called the Commonwealth

  • Saeba Ryo
    Saeba Ryo

    Stormtroopers? How?


    is this shit good or waste of time...i give up years ago after seoazon 2, 1 seazon was great

  • kollo duke
    kollo duke

    ABOUT TIME !!!!!!!!

  • Emma Ghysels
    Emma Ghysels

    I hate Neegan why the fuck does everyone like him go watch 7x01

  • Rachhlaur

    Shit they got Peyton Sawyer on the show now. That’s like the second OTH person on the show!

  • sandro montaño rodriguez
    sandro montaño rodriguez

    I do not want to that this show ends....😞

  • Gaz Mach1
    Gaz Mach1

    That Negan part was him reflecting on his life leading up to that point with Carol

  • hidrix !
    hidrix !

    New or old lucille ???

  • Fenyk

    Can't wait!!!!!

  • 9TY9INE

    Imagine Negan die saving Maggie in this final season.. Negan: “For Glenn.”

    • Sharbel Khalil
      Sharbel Khalil

      No Negan = No TWD

  • Daiver99

    I think TWD has been getting a lot better and it's just going to end

    • Nathan Garnett
      Nathan Garnett

      1-6 were top tier 7-8 was bad 9-10 have returned to be amazing

  • sevoR ツ
    sevoR ツ

    I hope that we will get a great ending, i love this freaking show... :(

  • Emmanuelle Beling
    Emmanuelle Beling

    You know what TWD needs? Negan back story ^.^

  • Jordan Taylor
    Jordan Taylor

    My friend came up with an amazing idea that the show could have included this season. As we know that Negan, due to Lucille's treatment, was in and around hospitals at the outbreak of the infection. What if he was shown being the person who chained shut and painted 'Dont open, dead inside' on the doors in the pilot. That would have been an amazing way to open the here's Negan episode. What a way to connect Rick and Negan to long before they ever met!!!

    • Nathan Garnett
      Nathan Garnett

      Oh shit that would have been sick

  • gas mask kraut
    gas mask kraut

    I expect nothing less then Hershel Jr. ripping through bad guys to get to Negan. Edit: To the DOOM Eternal Soundtrack

  • ryo fight
    ryo fight

    Wouldn't be fucing cool if negan came out with a new lucile ..and sees maggie and decided to bash her head in to 🤣😅 bash bash bash

  • Brooklyn Bred
    Brooklyn Bred

    Yeaaaah I'm over it.

    • Nathan Garnett
      Nathan Garnett

      Yet you're here...

  • Sebastian Rojas
    Sebastian Rojas

    q hermoso




    Wait the show in 2021?

  • Josip Mandzo
    Josip Mandzo

    When starting the rest of episodes of season 10???

  • Mati Jaime
    Mati Jaime


  • Black Eagle
    Black Eagle

    negan for dead! when did he get killed ... cant wait for it.

  • Shani Gem
    Shani Gem

    Can they bring back the line "How many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? Why?"

    • c Lowzee
      c Lowzee

      Well its kinda like tying your shoes. Its just something that you do on the daily now and know one keeps track no more

  • Yes

    wat does 10 c season mean?

    • Air Factory
      Air Factory

      @Mattel love I know that. There doing it so that both season 10 and 11 have 22 episodes because 11 will be final season

    • Mattel love
      Mattel love

      @Air Factory thats not correct, they finished season 10, but they're giving us a bonus 6 episodes to season 10 due to covid, its not the rest of season 10, it wasn't originally planned.

    • Yes

      @Air Factory thanks man

    • Air Factory
      Air Factory

      They couldn’t finish season 10 because of COVID so it’s the rest of season 10

  • Dez045

    Negan is AMAZING!!!!!

  • Skinniest Kween
    Skinniest Kween

    Even after Negan's redemption, I still want him to pay for what he did. I want him to suffer. I want Rick to keep his promise and finally kill him.

    • MiloAugust1


  • TheUnderDog

    I know it probably won't happen but would it really be too much to ask for the return of Rick in the series finale? Like maybe Michonne found him and in a surprise twist, they end up saving everyone and walking off into the sunset (figuratively speaking) with Judith? Please man, just give us that ending! Please Andrew and Danai!

  • peristeras peristeropoulos
    peristeras peristeropoulos

    Everyone saying that Maggie will kill Negan, but I am thinking of something totally different...The fact is that Negan HAS to die at some point in the series, for the pain he cause on so many people...but the only way I am thinking of a death that will give him total redemption and forgiveness for all the things he has done, especially for the death of Glenn, would be to sacrifice himself to save Glenn's and Maggie's son, from something...I suppose we will see...

  • Thunderdome

    I am, NEGAN.

  • Kevin kasl
    Kevin kasl

    So it looks like the institute from Fallout4 are involved.

  • Євгеній Найденко
    Євгеній Найденко

    damn what trash this series has become

    • Nathan Garnett
      Nathan Garnett

      What do you mean? How has it become trash it's literally improved 91% ratings for season 9 and 10

    • Dannkeedic

      Says the one with symbols as a name

  • Robitussin Ethanol
    Robitussin Ethanol

    Trash show lol still going

    • Nathan Garnett
      Nathan Garnett

      Yet you're here 💩💩

  • DEMO Relax
    DEMO Relax

    0:19 isn't that fucking Lori!??!?