The Worst Marriage Proposal Rejections
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  • ana palazuelos
    ana palazuelos


  • ana palazuelos
    ana palazuelos


  • ana palazuelos
    ana palazuelos


  • ana palazuelos
    ana palazuelos


  • Slash Raptor
    Slash Raptor

    Why was it the same two people in each video? Do they just around faking proposals to get footage of reactions?

  • Jahiem Watkis
    Jahiem Watkis

    Say it

  • Young Sneakerhead
    Young Sneakerhead

    anyone else notices how both their eyes are blue? 😍

  • Broly jr
    Broly jr

    its fake thats prettyboy fredo and he doesnt date her nomore

  • Beas Offspring
    Beas Offspring

    Tal: SAY IT, SAY IT🔥🔥!!! Maddie, come back. Maddie: But you scared me. Tal: *chasing her* 🔥SAY IT, SAY IT!!🔥 Maddie: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!

  • Henry Aitchison
    Henry Aitchison

    OOFFF, dat cold

  • Tristan Le
    Tristan Le

    I don’t know I’m single

  • Radioactive the Raptor!
    Radioactive the Raptor!

    Aww y'all are so cute together, I love ur content

  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel

    10:37 My mind: boy i dont need anyone. i love being alone, in my pj's, watching tv, on valentine's day. You know why? cuz u dont have a bf or gf,so u dont got to share ur nutella. 😝

  • Chris Stead
    Chris Stead


  • [astxrism]

    Does anyone realize in these videos they are the same couple

  • Esther Ayllon
    Esther Ayllon

    Yes your so post to ast her

  • taydem echo
    taydem echo

    Anyone notice it’s the same two people proposing each time in the beginning?

  • Lethu Mthiyane
    Lethu Mthiyane

    I personally just wanna hug the guys that get rejected

  • nikhilchauhan chauhan
    nikhilchauhan chauhan

    that black guy friends are just laughing i cried a lot in laugh

  • nikhilchauhan chauhan
    nikhilchauhan chauhan

    who thought that the proposal was ral

  • Cadence DiFiore
    Cadence DiFiore

    Did anyone notice that it looked like the exact same person every time?

  • Param Prakash
    Param Prakash

    what is this 🤭

  • Alex sans Sarte
    Alex sans Sarte


  • Ivo Genesis Bell
    Ivo Genesis Bell



    This is all a prank. Look closely... it’s the same person every time

  • Dan Blackburn
    Dan Blackburn

    You need more glue in your hair.

  • Jennifer Bloomfield
    Jennifer Bloomfield

    What was with the orange tissue!

  • Jennifer Bloomfield
    Jennifer Bloomfield

    Yes Alfredo! The best hedgehog ever! 🥰😍🤩 happy valentines day Alfredo!

  • kdrama addicts
    kdrama addicts

    I am seeing the same guy and lady through out 😂 is it only me ?

  • Josue Menezes
    Josue Menezes

    who here is single

  • TaeJae

    its a prank, its the same two ppl every time

  • Rosatopia

    "Nah she just took me to target to get candy" Me: more than anyone does for me

  • Hamim Talha
    Hamim Talha

    she took the ring with her. Me- at least leave the ring!!

  • Rbt is better then yo boy pizza
    Rbt is better then yo boy pizza

    Give me a cookie if you are watching this on Valentine's day

  • Bobby Parker
    Bobby Parker

    .I'm pewdiepie

  • Kaytlyn Epps
    Kaytlyn Epps

    who else thinks tal and maddie should make a couple channel

  • Nickname

    7:57 yava dava du-The Flintstones

  • J ART Music and Funny's
    J ART Music and Funny's

    I feel this. I will sit in my room alone listening to valentine's day by linkin park and cry

  • kevensevenonreverend

    Is that Jesse and Jenna from prank vs prank

  • W1ld Archer
    W1ld Archer

    I thought these were genuine proposal fails, but then I saw Jesse.

  • Steve Kistner
    Steve Kistner


  • Shayla Anderson
    Shayla Anderson

    i just broke up with my girlfriend so i decided to watch yt :/

  • Selena Huang
    Selena Huang

    Your Girlfriend looks so pretty!

  • Josué Teixeira Fulco Leite
    Josué Teixeira Fulco Leite

    one like for this man 6:50

  • Josué Teixeira Fulco Leite
    Josué Teixeira Fulco Leite

    one like is one love ye

  • Josué Teixeira Fulco Leite
    Josué Teixeira Fulco Leite

    cuz u kno

  • Josué Teixeira Fulco Leite
    Josué Teixeira Fulco Leite

    was tha before covid?

  • Super charged creeper S
    Super charged creeper S


  • Connor Betancourt
    Connor Betancourt

    Is it funny that like over half of them are the same person with sunglasses and Woman With White Coat

  • Satanic_caca_stain 345
    Satanic_caca_stain 345

    NoW that we watched other people’s proposals, let’s watch y’all proposal, my favorite people. (I’ve been watching for 4-5 years)

  • Mariana Johnston
    Mariana Johnston

    "You've got me for the rest of your life" ayo

  • Sarie A
    Sarie A

    yes tal u have to ask her to be your valentines! Edit:when tal scared Maddie I laughed bc how he said well You have me the rest of your life😂😂

  • Dara Adetunmbi
    Dara Adetunmbi

    yes and i am a boy this my sister

  • Smart Beast Challenges
    Smart Beast Challenges

    7:00 that guy looks Saif Ali Khan at first sight He looked similar to him when Saif Ali Khan was young

  • AJ Pajarito
    AJ Pajarito

    her dipping like my crush when i walk up to her

  • Justin Dell
    Justin Dell

    We need more Alfredo

  • yolis cuh
    yolis cuh

    Me in the corner eating pringles cs I'm single 😌🖐🏿

  • Chloe stromberg
    Chloe stromberg

    Litterally the cutest couple ever 🥰 💗 💖

  • Wolves mlp
    Wolves mlp

    Wait is this marriage proposal thing a prank?

  • Ashleigh pretzel
    Ashleigh pretzel

    Me seeing a classic Jesse and Jeana prank in this video and me thinking I miss the old IRbin. Also, DOPE FRESH NATION UNITE!

  • BTS Kim taeyung I'M A ARMY
    BTS Kim taeyung I'M A ARMY

    OMG I see shocky from BT21

  • SilentSo8GaminG

    Your hair line same like me

  • abdulsamed omar
    abdulsamed omar

    the begining is all a prank cause they are the same people at every video

  • alvinborabo01


  • Gamer dude 98993
    Gamer dude 98993

    Why dont people understand that "PROPOSALS IN PUBLIC NEVER WORK" like come on

  • mary mooney
    mary mooney

    1:33 yes you still have to

  • Kelly Cohen
    Kelly Cohen

    Sooooo peeved at this video. I came here for real proposal fails, not stunts pulled by the same couple.


    So it is just a prank.?

  • Debora_LoSeR UwU
    Debora_LoSeR UwU

    Out of nowhere I just spotted shooky bt21

  • Trinity13

    Lmao my bfs neice had to remind him to ask me lmao 😂 U always have to ask haha

  • DJ Brian Official one
    DJ Brian Official one

    I want more videos with Maddie? Please please please?

  • Ana Marija
    Ana Marija

    This kinda hurts ✋

  • viperr king
    viperr king

    Dammm we still have to ask?😂😂if we do I haven’t asked my girl yet😂😬

  • KingRonnie

    lol IDK when valentines day is

  • Jakob Bjerregård Larsen
    Jakob Bjerregård Larsen

    A girl asked me on snap if i wanted to be her valentine what am i suppost to say im in 5 grade and shes i 3

  • Angel Mogar
    Angel Mogar

    Why would you ever do this to all your fans this is so sad why why why love Sherwood

  • KrunchAway

    am i the only one who notices its the same people proposing and getting rejected

    • KrunchAway

      or more

    • KrunchAway

      for like 4 times

  • Elaina Whyls
    Elaina Whyls

    Why not? if she wants flowers give her flowers if she wants to get married get married


    yea ur sposed to ask

  • Dat Fat Cat
    Dat Fat Cat

    90% of this video is just repeated skits

  • Troublemakertime 2.0
    Troublemakertime 2.0

    Yes you do still have to ask to be a persons valentine in a relationship😂 My gf asked me. Obviously I said yes😂

  • Shilpa Prajapati
    Shilpa Prajapati

    Idk why, but your girlfriend looks like SSSniperwolf...😅

  • Sarah Johnson
    Sarah Johnson

    "She would've made such a lovely bride what a shame she's stuck in the head" - champagne problems

  • Hannah Suarez
    Hannah Suarez

    Tal and Maddi are so cute together ❤️❤️💕🥰

  • Ryan Strader
    Ryan Strader

    yes you have to ask

  • ethan cudjoe
    ethan cudjoe


  • Rehan Shah
    Rehan Shah

    same guy everytime

  • Westyn Schmidt
    Westyn Schmidt

    hi tal

  • Aaron Reyes
    Aaron Reyes

    Who going to valitines alone with me 🥺😭

  • Evette Hankins
    Evette Hankins

    2:52 I just met you on facebook 😂😂

    • Owen G
      Owen G

      I died

  • Darwin Boy
    Darwin Boy

    This is gonna go bad

  • Raja Adeel
    Raja Adeel

    This is prank because same boy and girl pranking in different places😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • tHaNiA sweemont
    tHaNiA sweemont

    it looks like the same guy every time

  • katia coelho
    katia coelho

    wait so off topic but does Tal like BTS ? I just noticed shooky in the back

  • Nelson Fernando
    Nelson Fernando

    Thanks tal I’m single and I’m gonna spend this valentines day alone but u rly made me feel better

  • Jaden Rangel
    Jaden Rangel


  • Cupcake Cloudy Plays
    Cupcake Cloudy Plays

    Tal+Maddie:Taddie,Taaddie Maddie+Tal:Maddial

    • Cupcake Cloudy Plays
      Cupcake Cloudy Plays

      They should start a couple channel 👀

  • Rhema Jones
    Rhema Jones


  • Maria Navallo
    Maria Navallo

    Its just a prank because its the same boy and girl

  • Ash2xFn

    I really been watching reaction time before I made my channel Was on my mom channel 🤣🖤