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  • DRAGUNOV _Gaming
    DRAGUNOV _Gaming

    why does sykkuno cover his face when he speaks? is he shy.

  • 꼬기

    sykkuno's yt titles always get me😭

  • Clementine Marsh
    Clementine Marsh

    "I swear to god Sykkuno if your faking Jester as cremate I will kill you" Toast Best Line ever!

  • Abby Scott
    Abby Scott

    does anyone know what the song at the end is called? its so cutee!

  • عارفه مزروعی
    عارفه مزروعی

    Toast rambling on why Sykkuno is imposter trying to win by pretending to be jester and all the while...the plot twist just sitting there... Sykkuno=crewmate XD god I love this boy LoL conclusion: Sykkuno seeming to be jester means NOTHING!

  • عارفه مزروعی
    عارفه مزروعی

    "Sykkuno I SWEAR TO GOD if you're pretending to be the jester i'm going to f***ing kill you" litarly everyone since this mod was made XD you might be able to get Sykkuno out of jester but you'll never be able to get jester out of Sykkuno! XD

  • Jamel S99
    Jamel S99

    0:44 facts tinaa 😅👌🏻

  • Nova Intemittnamn
    Nova Intemittnamn

    That is the Sykkuno role

  • Nova Intemittnamn
    Nova Intemittnamn

    I wonder if Toast killed sykkuno after the game

  • IHeartAnime

    I don’t understand this mod... and how do I know who’s jester ?

  • The Noobest Girl
    The Noobest Girl

    Toast overthinking Sykkuno's triple reverse psychology when he was actually innocent is such a mood 😂 For real tho I bet he got a headache from all the mental gymnastics his mind performed there 🤪

  • MrDum

    Why wouldn’t they

  • Shota Toriumi
    Shota Toriumi

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  • Shota Toriumi
    Shota Toriumi

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  • MyThoughtsBelow

    "Well I like to be spicy, you know me Spicy Tina voting on five when it's nice and fresh. ... Stop 'hmming' me guess what about you!" this lobby is iconic

  • Alex Pioske
    Alex Pioske

    look at the like and dislike ratio, shows how much people enjoy sykkuno

  • NLTops

    Sykkuno: I don't play to win guys, I play so my friends can have fun. Sykkuno's friends: I hate you. Y U DO THIS. I have a headache.

  • Toasty boi
    Toasty boi

    i love tina’s pikachu in the back

  • Animefan7153 0
    Animefan7153 0

    The end was the best

  • jay cao
    jay cao

    The nasty city byerly push because machine proximally wink over a mountainous lunch. secretive, cumbersome beauty

  • GaBrIeLlA CaStO
    GaBrIeLlA CaStO

    Sykunno as cremate: it’s sykunno Sykunno as imposter: it’s sykunno Sykunno as jester: it’s not sykunno


    i just love how he takes the time to find the clips from the other players games

  • fakhouri Alaai
    fakhouri Alaai

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    Nice Video!!

  • Shota Toriumi
    Shota Toriumi

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  • Emilyn Asmodahlia
    Emilyn Asmodahlia

    Sykkuno, you're always the jester, even when you're not xD the is why I love your content

  • Shota Toriumi
    Shota Toriumi

    The orange sweatshirt expectably burn because cockroach relatively listen plus a kindly macrame. zesty, ruddy swamp

  • Nisrene Dannaoui
    Nisrene Dannaoui

    My brother was one of the guys who helped create this mod. So cool seeing everyone use it!😁

  • Melissa Di Pardo
    Melissa Di Pardo

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  • VanillaMilk

    “Omigosh it’s me and Leslie”

  • kevin cruz
    kevin cruz

    Who said that

  • kevin cruz
    kevin cruz


  • K Sakaguchi
    K Sakaguchi

    Jester MOD is made for sykkuno 😆

  • hn ic
    hn ic

    Tina is Soo beautiful..

  • SomethingGreatishappening

    the jester mod was probably modeled after sykkuno's gameplay tbh

  • Astral Syn
    Astral Syn

    "I can read you like a BOOK" Well... seems this one was upside down or something.

  • Precious Sello
    Precious Sello

    Sykkuno: she's coming, she's coming for me My mind: that's what he said

  • Gouri Khede
    Gouri Khede

    I can read sykkuno as a BILLBOARD 😂

  • Robert Bennett
    Robert Bennett

    The sweet animu intro and outro betray the vicious troll that Sykkuno is.

  • Not tired neko •-•
    Not tired neko •-•


  • John Lee
    John Lee

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  • Katie Gordon
    Katie Gordon

    I had the same thought as Tina when I heard how this mode worked. I was like "Omg this is perfect for Sykkuno!!!!" LoL

  • Zsuzsa

    anybody else confused too, how toast could run next to sykkuno through storage and could at the same report the body in leslie s cam at shields?

  • S P
    S P

    Sykunno did you make the Jester mod just for yourself? It is just too perfect for you.

  • Megan Hughes
    Megan Hughes

    Is it just me that finds sykunnos intro is really satisfying

  • whatarewords

    this mod was made for him and he didn't even get it for all of this video i'm XDDDDDDDD

  • god

    Why cover your face everytime you laugh

  • Lucy


  • Brien Riley
    Brien Riley

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  • Perly GZ
    Perly GZ

    "do the deed leslie" I- i think we all know what I mean

  • Gabriel Fox
    Gabriel Fox

    The Jester mod should just be called Sykkuno where you have to act like Sykkuno •-•

  • blivvy

    "I have a headache from that, Sykkuno" - a more perfect ending line couldn't have been planned.

  • Shrekie Hulk
    Shrekie Hulk

    "guys its Tina vote for her!!!" "oh Jesus, you actually killed her guys, oh Jesus!"

  • Voca Luka
    Voca Luka

    Real talk: Where are vitals on the Skeld?

  • •ᴛᴏᴀᴅᴏ• ᴜᴡᴜ
    •ᴛᴏᴀᴅᴏ• ᴜᴡᴜ

    what the- why did i have the video disliked 👁👄👁

  • MoA-Reload...

    I think Tina's been hanging around DK and Steve to much. She's gotten very trigger happy 😂

  • Grace Audette
    Grace Audette


  • Pixie The Alien Kitty
    Pixie The Alien Kitty


  • Jakub pik
    Jakub pik

    Soo more socksfor1 mods yeah this Is boring

  • SC Reaper
    SC Reaper

    And the award for the greatest troll who ever lived goes to... Sykkuno! :D

  • miss rozu
    miss rozu

    The fact that Sykkuno is always acting suspicious

  • Audrey LZM
    Audrey LZM

    Toast: I can read you like a f**cking book

  • Carrie B.
    Carrie B.

    the mind games. this why you single lol

  • A-Okay RJ
    A-Okay RJ

    Toast’s real intense this video lmao

  • mickey k ツ
    mickey k ツ


  • Kerra Holt
    Kerra Holt

    *Sykkuno being Sykkuno* Toast: "SYKKUNO if you're pretending to be the Jester as crewmember I'm going to KILL YOU!"

  • Lyzah Kae
    Lyzah Kae

    i actually find your content very interesting and entertaining 🥰 keep it up sykkuno 😘

  • Irrelevant12 ???
    Irrelevant12 ???

    Plot twist they got this mod to prevent sykkuno from being voted out immediately cos he’s just naturally sus.

  • Plant

    Sykkuno: running away for his life. Even tho he is the Impostor

  • Roselle Nadiah
    Roselle Nadiah

    Out of context, but i love his outro. Can someone tells me what song is that?


    we knew it was tina the second she didnt clear sykkuno, but imma mind my business

  • elaine is tired
    elaine is tired

    i love how lily’s music is the outro ahh!

  • joshiexjosh

    leslie closing the doors on herself after killing is me playing as imposter

  • Rand al'Thor
    Rand al'Thor

    No one: Toast: I saw Abe at card swipe swiping card

  • Pugzie 2000
    Pugzie 2000

    With this mod if you're imp you can be super sus on purpose like being waaay too sus so they won't vote you out

  • Heavenly Elegance
    Heavenly Elegance


  • S. Chavez
    S. Chavez

    Sykkuno jestering everyone without even being the jester

  • Ivan Rusňák
    Ivan Rusňák

    sometimes I think that sykkuno doesn't know which role he had so he went with both and he finds out at the end if he wins or not

  • Nicole Marie
    Nicole Marie

    Omg im here at work listening in and I look like a psycho laughing and Sykkunos “AHA we found nothing of value” I DAN NEARLY FLIP MY TABLE 😂

  • Skip You
    Skip You

    Ok so is it obvious to anyone else that it’s toast as an imposter in the second game I’m saying this before the end to see if I finally got a tell on the guy Wtf it's not even toast

  • Wizardxeze

    You guys need game mode where imposters don't know who the other imposters are and game ends when 2 people are left or all imposters are yeeted out and you can have 2 to 4 imposters at random.

  • Angel

    Tina sounds like D from clueless. love it.

  • Shad IzAYTFriend
    Shad IzAYTFriend

    Sykkuno is literally the perfect jester-

  • lil ryder
    lil ryder

    *sykunno the imposter* also sykunno : omg yvonne is the killer😂😂

  • lil ryder
    lil ryder

    *sykunno the imposter* also sykunno : omg yvonne is the killer😂😂

  • Vishhh

    Why does katamina always sound like she's drunk and crying?

  • The Unknown Lavender
    The Unknown Lavender

    toast: "i can read you like a fucking book!" taylor swift is that u?

  • Dany

    Tina played this one so well. I totally believed her

  • Niño Cabajon
    Niño Cabajon

    Happy seeing Tinaaa talks more

  • Souparno Dhar
    Souparno Dhar

    tina should've killed Yvonne or Wendy there, should've kept Toast as backup sus

  • J. Hall
    J. Hall

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate Tinas cubby pickachu

  • Cody Koeller
    Cody Koeller

    What's the name of this outro? I've been waiting for it to be used again so I can ask it cuz I keep forgetting😂

  • Victoria Fagundes
    Victoria Fagundes

    Aww so cute

  • JoshuaEZS

    Sykkuno finds Peter's body with Abe: "Ah we just found nothing of value" Sykkuno low key saying Peter's useless

  • The Shadow
    The Shadow

    spicy tina and jester sykkuno what a great combo!

  • prattlife04

    My daughter introduced me to you and I enjoy your content 🐱

  • Toxic Butch
    Toxic Butch

    Why does he keep covering his face like that? Is it a Korean thing or a gay thing or both? Man up! Also, wear a better wig!...

    • craftze_ro

      its because people bullied him when he was young for his laugh so he feels insecure so whenever he laughs he covers his mouth dumbass

    • The prick
      The prick

      He isn't Korean tho. He is (i think) Chinese-Vietnamese-American Also are you trolling or a you for real

    • The Foochie
      The Foochie

      @Fart sickle yes

    • Fart sickle
      Fart sickle

      You trolling?

  • Toxic Butch
    Toxic Butch

    If you’re not gay, then I don’t know what gay is....

  • Kenzie's Kompilations
    Kenzie's Kompilations

    I watched the whole stream from start to finish and literally everyone thinks it’s sykkuno purely because the role of the jester is exactly how he plays


    jester mod should’ve been called *SYKKUNO* Mod 😂😂