This Deathrun made me cry...
100 level deathruns are a staple challenge for any deathrunners. Can we beat this one?
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  • Marilyn Flores
    Marilyn Flores

    “Thank you very much”

  • Keleb

    Technically he doesn’t hate doors just doorways

  • Sobia Javed
    Sobia Javed

    If muselk was the winter soldier his trigger word would be DOORS

  • Sub 4 Sub but I acc sub back
    Sub 4 Sub but I acc sub back

    Old musy has had 9 mil subs for sooooooo long guys lets get him to 10 mil before april

  • akkillerYT

    Finally he’s back doing death runs I really missing it

  • Sian Alexander
    Sian Alexander

    Whats the code

  • Trevor Neil
    Trevor Neil

    What is the map code?

  • Gking armey
    Gking armey

    Heron of Alexandria is the first person known to make an automatic

  • EpikMurk


  • regelove

    hey for deathruns like these, can you put the code so I can play it too?

    • regelove

      @Asad Muhammad Ali ohhh thank you so much!

    • Asad Muhammad Ali
      Asad Muhammad Ali

      It says the code at the top

  • Chris Vessey
    Chris Vessey

    That was a fun one to watch

  • Air93331

    I make deathruns but I can’t post anything with a code 😭😭😭I would love for muselk to try my creative deathruns


    Troll deaf run plssss

  • TempesT_51

    Muselk should play fire vs water deathrun it is in my opinion the best deathrun map

  • Jay Balencii
    Jay Balencii

    Well muselk Alexander miles made doors I think?

  • Allan Zamora
    Allan Zamora

    Heron of Alexandria made doors

  • Rachel McAuley
    Rachel McAuley

    Level 98 3 more levels to go Muselk

  • qwerty 145
    qwerty 145

    13:45 just wait until you leave your recording studio

  • Goober

    Have a nice day

  • Requis

    7:56 muselk lost his accent lol 😂

  • Amy Murphy
    Amy Murphy

    Click bait

  • Ghosted

    we know how much you love doors

  • Zephyr Sternick
    Zephyr Sternick

    What’s that pickaxe?

  • Paxton Rosales
    Paxton Rosales

    Muesli “level 98, 3 levels to go.” Wow

  • lilboyalex


  • Benjamin Overby
    Benjamin Overby

    I feel like as Time goes on Muselk’s Ozzy accent turns more and more into an American one

  • shadows


  • Crying Cloud
    Crying Cloud

    Fortnite is fucking the most shit ass game I’ve ever ducking played

  • 2qas

    the title is not fitting

  • Eman Games
    Eman Games

    Muselk dies twice Muselk:’This is going to be a long 100 levels’

  • Ogbirdie Music
    Ogbirdie Music

    He rlly said 11 is harder than 12 12 is harder than 11🤦‍♂️

  • KierriekiesPlayz

    Note to editor: LOVE Your Edits... A Good Improvement would be a border around Muselk’s webcam video...

  • TTV Azlaan
    TTV Azlaan

    I love when muselk rages I love when he plays deathrun .

  • Paul Atkins
    Paul Atkins

    Muesli do you play gta

  • Rex O'Connor
    Rex O'Connor

    The Greek scholar Heron of Alexandria created the earliest known automatic door in the 1st century AD during the era of Roman Egypt. The first foot-sensor-activated automatic door was made in China during the reign of Emperor Yang of Sui (r. 604-618), who had one installed for his royal library. stub your toes

  • Missing a Chromosome
    Missing a Chromosome

    You know its bout to be bad when the music changes

  • enemyswept22

    at this point hes famous because of deathruns

  • misieli Tangilanu
    misieli Tangilanu

    you should do a heart rate with an deathrun video

  • Pack it Games
    Pack it Games

    he should buy a new keyboard he cant jump

  • Ben Evans
    Ben Evans

    Click bait title. Fresh is still better...

  • DS Clayton
    DS Clayton

    He said he cured and he did not

  • Master Studio Int
    Master Studio Int

    you left us alone bro in Hearts Wild challenge! u deserve noting more than UNSUB!

  • G Str1k3r
    G Str1k3r

    do u have raytracing enabled??

  • SPYROS_F15

    14:47 I believe I can fly

  • Buustr Platitnum
    Buustr Platitnum

    why does Muselk tell the percentage of the way through during a 100 level deathrun we know how to count lol

  • scuff3d_a.i.m.

    pro tip: when u r doing bouncers through doors crouch then go to the bounce pad

  • Ok Fam
    Ok Fam

    4:19 : Thirty Seven... tHiRtY nO

  • ObEyToothless

    Muselk: what is this lag Ping monitor:hmm interesting the ping is 0

  • Thomas Dougherty
    Thomas Dougherty

    Such clikbait

  • Melanie Phillips
    Melanie Phillips

    Try gamegoats 20 k Vbucks death run

  • mayra valle
    mayra valle

    Please keep doing dethruns I like when you rage

    • mayra valle
      mayra valle


    • mayra valle
      mayra valle


  • Mr. Lucky duck
    Mr. Lucky duck

    Did not make him cry

  • Mr. Lucky duck
    Mr. Lucky duck

    Pls make another mincraft series

  • Bang 1324
    Bang 1324

    Stop drinking me

  • Roman Miller
    Roman Miller

    The title should be “ I am using the word cry in my title for clickbait”

  • Adam Howard
    Adam Howard

    ask lazer if he can make a vid on this same one his reactions will be crazy

  • RocketRigby

    13:28 when she gives you that gawk gawk combo 3000

  • Tiffany Brunt
    Tiffany Brunt

    when its a pull instead of a push 9:51

  • Arshad Khan
    Arshad Khan

    We all know Eliot loves doors. 😂

  • Create with me TT
    Create with me TT

    7:56 that was a nice American/ country accent there myself👌🏽

  • not uphilleagle
    not uphilleagle

    Heron of Alexandria

  • Polr

    muselk with doors is like mongraal with controller players!

  • Ian milam
    Ian milam

    Just think the door is fresh and u want to beat him in 1v1 so badly. BEAT THE DOOR

  • Daniel Private
    Daniel Private

    Do a door deathrun

  • Leon Melichar
    Leon Melichar

    Evrybodies favorite is back

  • The LeGeNd Of Playing
    The LeGeNd Of Playing


  • Darwin Dy
    Darwin Dy

    Can you please do some team fortress 2, we miss it

  • RayZA

    6:04 Did he just say "bouncering" lmao

  • The Cmachine
    The Cmachine

    Does muselk have any doors in his house?

  • Lion YT
    Lion YT

    Deathruns are back 🥺🥺

  • vedaanth ravikumar
    vedaanth ravikumar

    the colors also match the dps of a gamer mouse red blue then green and purple 3200dps

  • Little Yellow Duck
    Little Yellow Duck

    It technically isn’t a door, it’s a door frame.

  • Aidan Mogal
    Aidan Mogal

    Anyone notice he moves his head with his character when he’s sliding?

  • Callum Ayrton
    Callum Ayrton

    when he says the deathrun made me cry he means he crys in his head

  • Void Fox03
    Void Fox03

    587 BC: Solomon uses Olive wood overlaid with gold for his temple in Jerusalem. 1st Century AD: Roman folding and sliding doors preserved in Pompeii. 1st Century AD: A Greek scholar invents the first automatic door. 5th Century AD: The First foot-sensor-activated automatic door was made in China

  • Cain3697

    Muselk: I don't know who invented doors, but they're so dumb . . . Door Inventor: You're supposed to WALK through them, idiot!

  • Jeffrey Quishpi
    Jeffrey Quishpi

    Not only was it clickbait I think or did I just miss the part where he cries.

  • Applxs

    7:18-7:32 thats what she said

  • Christian Concepcion Ledau
    Christian Concepcion Ledau

    I had unsubscribed but subscribed again just bc he did a death run again. I love when muselk does deathruns is fun o see.

  • Thomas Graham
    Thomas Graham

    13:15 because he hates you

  • David R
    David R


  • Fame Goat
    Fame Goat

    Do a deathrun with Fresh

  • Zachary Griffin
    Zachary Griffin

    im going to make a map for muselk called door paranoia

  • Melon Man
    Melon Man

    I got jumpscared at 12:19 and I hate myself for it

  • Hamzah Alam
    Hamzah Alam

    3:25 u said frickin lag but look at the top u only have 4 ping 🤣

  • the speedy chomper
    the speedy chomper

    The nostalgia!

  • Ethan Blair
    Ethan Blair

    i just realised they are doorways not doors

  • Brayden Perkins
    Brayden Perkins

    I don't think the person who invented doors is still alive.


    At 7:57 he sounds American!!😂😂

  • Skyler Alteri
    Skyler Alteri

    wow useing the same title from the old vid just wow

  • pug dog
    pug dog

    Look we need to start a campaign to get rid of doors I hate you hate those loads of people hate nose get rid of them now

  • Mahmoud Hassouna
    Mahmoud Hassouna

    1:25 i hate it when he gets ahead of him self and then dies i feel bad


    death run king

  • Devansh A
    Devansh A

    Deathruns are back baby

  • Sofia K.C.
    Sofia K.C.

    12:20 i actually flintched

  • Parzival Gamer
    Parzival Gamer

    Historians believe the first automatic doors were invented by a Greek mathematician and engineer, Heron of Alexandria who was born in around 10 AD. He wrote two books known as the Pneumatica to describe his theories and experiments.

  • Gamer William
    Gamer William

    Muselk I did this dethrun and cried and it took me 4 hours

  • Chronic Ravex
    Chronic Ravex

    Now we got old muselk back

  • lihp puangpet
    lihp puangpet

    I’m only here to see him cry 😆

  • Mike Hawk
    Mike Hawk

    When muesli said and there and there he went Canadian accent mode

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