This is us deleted scenes - one direction describes eachother (cutaways)
one direction describe eachother
cut away scenes from this is us
1D DAY 2013
louis, harry, niall, zayn, liam
exclusive clip

  • Cameron Enstrom
    Cameron Enstrom

    Louis in that brown hoodie>>>>> can he pls wear brown again it looked so good

  • Cadence Dillon
    Cadence Dillon

    I think I’m a good mixture of Louis and Niall 😆

  • Sherry Nelson
    Sherry Nelson

    Zayn saying he corrupted Liam is golden!

  • I’m not Feeling fabulous
    I’m not Feeling fabulous

    My new favourite video

  • Saidah

    This hurts ..physically hurts.

  • Reyna Lara
    Reyna Lara

    I wonder if Zayn still feels the same way..

  • lainey

    watching this in 2021 and sobbing 🤪

  • katemplujaca

    Liam being the serious-the daddy-the organised; Of course, he's a fckn virgo.

  • dasa kruzlicova
    dasa kruzlicova

    Niall: happy-go-lucky therapist Louis: comedic genius Liam: daddy direction Zayn: kindest, sweetest and gentlest soul Harry: admires everyone but mostly Louis

  • Topaz loves 1D
    Topaz loves 1D

    Im happy sad now.

  • Deborah Aina
    Deborah Aina

    why can niall do every accent

  • Drew Jaconelli
    Drew Jaconelli

    Anyone else feel like this? I really want to be in one direction. Not to date them or ‘get with them’ or anything like that but just to have an amazing time, an amazing friend ship, being chaotic and singing on a stage I front of thousands of people that admire you. Like I’m a girl and I would 100% get along better in a band with 4/5 boys than I would girls cause I just have a better laugh with boys. That’s the dream life for me.

  • t n
    t n

    cant believe i’m watching this in 2021 what even is time

  • Salma Del rio mendez
    Salma Del rio mendez

    What does harry say about niall?? I don't understand him

  • Sarah

    i wish i had supporting parents like alex

  • Emilie Larsen
    Emilie Larsen

    “Ssss imma vAmpIrE getta wayy😤”

  • E1DLM

    "I'm proud to be in the boyband that I'm in, and I'll just laugh at any man who ever laughs at me when I'm 30 years old, and says 'you were in that band' and I'll say 'yeah, and I had a sick time in it, so keep laughing'" -Zayn Malik

    • E1DLM

      @hanne bruyndonckx yeahh :'(

    • hanne bruyndonckx
      hanne bruyndonckx

      that did not age well :/ ‘i never really wanted to be in the band’ ‘harry and i never really talked’

  • E1DLM


  • E1DLM


  • Fatima Jawad
    Fatima Jawad


  • Arely del Carmen Hernández Gómez
    Arely del Carmen Hernández Gómez

    i miss them so much together and this era

  • sj

    niall's accent impressions will forever be iconic.

  • The TOMMO Way
    The TOMMO Way

    Me crying my eyes out for the 5 boys who told me the biggest lie of my life😭😭

    • The TOMMO Way
      The TOMMO Way

      @hanne bruyndonckx same...their promise is what kept me in the lane of being a Directioner for so many years

    • hanne bruyndonckx
      hanne bruyndonckx

      im still believing in their promise

  • Mariah Herrera
    Mariah Herrera

    Zayn feeling bad for the fish makes my heart so warm :( 💗”I don’t like seeing it struggle like that”

  • olivia baran
    olivia baran


  • Harrys Vodka
    Harrys Vodka

    Zayns last line shatterd my heart into pieces

  • Brooke

    I’m a vampire 🐍 🐍 🐍

  • felix reynolds
    felix reynolds

    whose your favorite - this will be set in stone, so choose wisely

  • Bethany Marie
    Bethany Marie

    its so difficult putting my volume down for nialls yelling and putting it right back up for harry. speak up H

  • Deeya Patel
    Deeya Patel

    What does Zayn says at 2:56 ?

    • Ember Wonky Wrong
      Ember Wonky Wrong

      Somethint about pants lol idk

  • Vince charles Collado
    Vince charles Collado

    Still waiting for a reunion

  • Lay Lee
    Lay Lee


  • Maaike Josephine
    Maaike Josephine

    Its ok if louis isnt your favorite because i can guarantee louis is your favorite’s favorite

    • hanne bruyndonckx
      hanne bruyndonckx

      niall is my fav :)

  • Kiara M
    Kiara M

    I love Zayn in this so much He’s gonna make me cry AHH

  • Emma Lou Bögelein
    Emma Lou Bögelein

    Some of them are in the movie

  • Soy Luna Officiel
    Soy Luna Officiel

    Niall's french accent is sooo good 🤣

  • Åsne :3
    Åsne :3

    can't stop thinkin abt harry's adorable lisp (4:07 - 4:16)

  • Parvathy P Zoo
    Parvathy P Zoo

    Niall is the best dancer🤩

  • Leni Mirna
    Leni Mirna

    _¿te gusta one direction? ¿Le lloras diario a 4 británicos y a 1 irlandés? ¿Tú estabilidad emocional depende de una relación que no es tuya?_ Si dijiste que si, *este grupo es para ti*, aquí podrás encontrar gente con los mismos gustos, se harán dinámicas diarias y nos dividimos por teams: team *Harry 🍉*, *Louis 🥑*, *Niall 🥔*, *Liam 🍌* y *Zayn 🍋* En este grupo podrás hacer amiges con los mismos gustos y de cualquier parte del mundo, además las dinámicas que se hacen son muy entretenidas y sobre todo usamos el TPWK ☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️ ☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️ *¡UNETE! ¿QUÉ ESTÁS ESPERANDO?*

  • bronwyn palmer
    bronwyn palmer

    around 1:32- it’s louis again

  • Ananya Ananya
    Ananya Ananya

    i am shakingggg omg!!! can we talk about ZIALL though omggg!!!!

  • Ayla Susana
    Ayla Susana

    Louis saying daddy😏 1:27 1:33 1:43 A bonus one of Zayn 1:50 A little Larry yk 0:30 3:11

  • Μαρία Κουτήφαρη
    Μαρία Κουτήφαρη

    Oh how I with I was Nial. Not worrying about anything and just enjoying life.

  • Bella Mantia
    Bella Mantia

    How did you get these? OwO

  • Georgia Haykin
    Georgia Haykin

    its in the extended cut

  • Lisa Hamvik
    Lisa Hamvik

    i just listened to i want to write you a song slowed+reverb I DID NOT NEED THIS RIGHT NOOOWW!!!

    • Lisa Hamvik
      Lisa Hamvik

      but i love it

  • Crazy Girl
    Crazy Girl

    "he is almost like my little brother" my ziall heart isn't ok😭

  • 1 E
    1 E

    i only just noticed this but zayn didnt plan on beng the in band when hes 30, he said "you were"

  • caity oregan
    caity oregan


  • Directioner Potato - Baby Army
    Directioner Potato - Baby Army

    "Louis is great person to like.. sit, and admire what he is like" - Harry Styles "Yeah Harry is very charming" - Louis Tomlinson YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN???

  • Fansie 25
    Fansie 25

    Wait this is in the movie?!

  • maja reinhardt
    maja reinhardt

    ' that was a sick time mate so keep laughing' omg zayn

  • maja reinhardt
    maja reinhardt

    this video is everything

  • maja reinhardt
    maja reinhardt


  • maja reinhardt
    maja reinhardt

    ' im a vampire get away' IM FKN CRYINGG

  • Kevin The Pigeon
    Kevin The Pigeon

    2:40 No one: Not a single person: Zayn: *Hiss* I'm a vampire go away

  • indierules123

    wtf is zayn saying at 2:55

  • Harley quinn
    Harley quinn

    OMG zayns' accent is so hard to understand

  • Lili Ekbauer
    Lili Ekbauer

    Louis is a great person to just sit... and admire what he's like - harry styles talking about louis tomlinson He is definitely very charming... -louis tomlinson talking about harry styles You know, this wouldn't mean anything if the other boys would've said something like these to each other... But they didn't so larries, it's time to turn on the fangirl mode😉

  • Marie

    Louis is a great person to just like sit and kind of like admire what he's like.

  • Larry stylinson
    Larry stylinson

    4:45 liam and louis haha

  • Zeenat Sayed
    Zeenat Sayed

    If louis did stand up I would die "A weird comedian"

  • vanshika andriyas
    vanshika andriyas

    Harry talking about louis: "..just sit and admire him.." louis about harry: "he's definitely charming.."

  • beccolo 5
    beccolo 5

    It really hurts. It does really hurt.

  • Vusal Mustafayev
    Vusal Mustafayev

    Niall and his accents

  • JJ

    can’t believe at these times zayn just wanted to leave:(

  • Inka Asnong
    Inka Asnong

    hello welcome to my one direction breakdown

  • Yuseff

    i dont think this is a deleted scene.

  • Chloe Junao WU
    Chloe Junao WU

    I lost it at 0:16 LOUIS' HAIR, THE HOODIE, THE SWEATS hes never been cuter

  • Tejalkera_Msp love
    Tejalkera_Msp love


  • fy roblox
    fy roblox


    • perrie 777
      perrie 777

      @fy roblox welcome:)

    • fy roblox
      fy roblox

      @perrie 777 i'll try in a bit thanks

    • perrie 777
      perrie 777

      @fy roblox hey, someone told me how to vote more than 10 times with the same device. You have to on and off airplane mode between each 5 votes.

    • perrie 777
      perrie 777

      @fy roblox awww...I'm touched.. XD

    • fy roblox
      fy roblox

      @perrie 777 No problem all for the boys xx

  • Adriana Florencia
    Adriana Florencia

    HAHAHA omggg I love how all of them love Niall 😍

  • Naia Cubero
    Naia Cubero

    In conclusion: everybody loves louis

  • Viki Mrázková
    Viki Mrázková

    2:41 IM A VAMPIRE GET AWAY, i love this part omg xdd

  • grace

    that blue beanie tho

  • Rue Kennedy
    Rue Kennedy

    Not Harry admitting that all he does is stare at Louis in awe 😂

  • ava

    i am proud to say i’m irish like niall

  • Rush S
    Rush S

    Harry is the only one who didn't have anything to say about Zayn did you all notice?

  • Harry Styles Is My Religion
    Harry Styles Is My Religion

    The ending just HIT me across the face and ugh I just need everyone to be on good terms like it would be so cool if they did another camping trip and just talked about life and start being friends again 😭

  • R o
    R o

    why they lied to us so hArD, my heart fell in pieces

  • Levy Debarbo
    Levy Debarbo

    What Zayn said. What an ending

  • John Smith
    John Smith

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  • derar hasan
    derar hasan

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  • Aanchal J
    Aanchal J


  • Icarus Falls
    Icarus Falls

    🎶Does it ever drive you crazy just how fast the night changes 🎶

  • Charlotte Scott
    Charlotte Scott

    Zayn saying Niall is like his little brother and he feels protective over him immediately brought me to tears like within a millisecond

  • sara Alshaer
    sara Alshaer

    im not gonna say anything other then look at harry at 1:41. i nearly died

  • elyse directi0n
    elyse directi0n

    Louis : he was always the daddy direction

  • Chandrika Prakash
    Chandrika Prakash

    Omg♡! The boyz talking abt each other... praising more like...

  • Shaikhalswai

    i watch this vid at least 7 times a day

  • C67 Swar Manaswi Dhoj
    C67 Swar Manaswi Dhoj

    Louie means no friendship no success and that we can see that no one is more famous than 1D except harry.

  • C67 Swar Manaswi Dhoj
    C67 Swar Manaswi Dhoj

    Best and most unique is harry.😂

  • C67 Swar Manaswi Dhoj
    C67 Swar Manaswi Dhoj

    Hey please tell me who was chasing eachother in the 1:52 ?

  • Margaret Newell
    Margaret Newell

    They are 5 men in one direction is very special

  • Margaret Newell
    Margaret Newell

    Im glad that harry, louis, Niall and liam and are trying stay in touch with each other i think they have not sure

  • Icarus Falls
    Icarus Falls

    Zayn is turning 30 in three years will he still be proud to say he was in one direction..............

  • Val

    They were so young, it's bizarre. I wish they were back already, but just... happy Those were the days.

  • Amira Osman
    Amira Osman

    Niall doing the accents are so wholesome

  • Karina Gonzalez
    Karina Gonzalez

    its so weird seeing harry and louis even talking about eachother they barely acknowledge each others existence

  • Sav J
    Sav J

    Harry: Louis just a nice person to sit and admire what he's like. Also Harry when he's asked about his type: just a nice person to sit at admire what they're like. I'm not saying anything, but Larry is real

    • ʚʬɞ ßı ßî Čhå ʚʬɞ
      ʚʬɞ ßı ßî Čhå ʚʬɞ

      I was thinking the same