Times Celebs Gave Unexpectedly Honest Answers To Interview Questions
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Behind The Voices 3 - Celebrities Collection (Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Beyonce, Selena Gomez,…): irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/ebSLc4Cc122prX8.html
Behind The Voices 2 - Celebrities Collection (Mariah Carey, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Brad Pitt,…): irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/aLWooXe20Waf2WI.html
Behind The Voices - Celebrities Collection (Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Drake, Nicki Minaj,…): irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/o9mHe4SS05-c038.html
Behind The Voices - Scooby Doo! 2020: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/qOCJpmuzp5uNlYs.html

  • Salty Facts
    Salty Facts

    Behind The Voices 3 - Celebrities Collection (Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Beyonce, Selena Gomez,…): irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/ebSLc4Cc122prX8.html
 Behind The Voices 2 - Celebrities Collection (Mariah Carey, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Brad Pitt,…): irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/aLWooXe20Waf2WI.html
 Behind The Voices - Celebrities Collection (Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Drake, Nicki Minaj,…): irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/o9mHe4SS05-c038.html Behind The Voices - Scooby Doo! 2020: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/qOCJpmuzp5uNlYs.html

    • sheepy leepy
      sheepy leepy

      @killwalker 2019 eye no reyet

    • killwalker 2019
      killwalker 2019

      You Heart your own stuff? 😂

  • Maria Maria
    Maria Maria

    I love how Mila defended Justine Timberlake 😅❤👏 14:00

  • acr500rider

    Joaquim is a total douche. Jim is high as fuq!

  • Lex gutierrez
    Lex gutierrez

    God joaquin is there one dude who has the punchable personality.

  • D0S81

    hey media, why are you so obsessed with whats between peoples legs and who they like to sleep with? sorry, asking stupid questions must be contagious. i forgot its simply to start pitchfork parties and witch hunts and then act like the hero when you tell everyone how bad they are for treating people the way you got them to in the first place cuz of the shit you reported in the first place.

  • Kornelija Earthling
    Kornelija Earthling

    The Orange is The New Black interviewer was definitely trying to ask, since the show is almost all "beautiful women", if the women got along everyday or not so much on their "days" (periods).

  • Shakiller

    That Joaquin Pheoenix kinda looks like Arther Fleck from that Joker movie

  • Thoticcus Prime
    Thoticcus Prime

    10:32. still a man

  • Filozica Live
    Filozica Live

    Joaquin seems like a bit of an ass...

  • holly bullock
    holly bullock

    I fucking love Jim Carrey

  • Alpha 6 Games
    Alpha 6 Games

    Mila tearing down the rude ass reporter is classic

  • Troy Lewis
    Troy Lewis

    Actors read a script. and practice their craft in front of a mirror. Who gives a shit. They are just people! JIm Carey spot on!

  • emri mbiemri
    emri mbiemri

    yeah, ok, but who do they think they are, what do they bring to the world and what would the world do without them? rotate and revolve to the real star.

  • Crimson Blade
    Crimson Blade

    Joaquin would be me. I’d have to be drunk as hell if I had to face such annoying people/questions.

  • sunny

    The Joker doesnt gives a damn to awards nor the paparazzi. He has couple of drinks and then throw that Oscar in his junkyard

  • birch5757

    Rhianna is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen, with one of the most horrible hairstyles I've ever seen. (In this video)

  • cultusfetus

    jim carrey bit is a bit obnoxious she was doing her job and you wanna go woke 😂

  • Gary Lyall
    Gary Lyall

    Was that lady gaga that got asked if she had a penis or not. Because she definetly did before if she dosent now

  • DelusionSun

    maybe it's bc I don't really like her but Sarah Silverman at the end with that pick me energy was not it 😬

  • Tybalt Huberman
    Tybalt Huberman

    The domineering plywood explicitly nail because quality gergely water like a pale department. gabby, stupid energy

  • John Conway
    John Conway

    Yes, some of these questions are lame reboots. However, with the exception of those interviewers who happen to be celebrities themselves, some of these reactions are just plain cases of celebrity bullying.

  • GamerDeibos


  • Aldo Alejandro Piñan Gutierrez
    Aldo Alejandro Piñan Gutierrez

    The brasilian Netflix guy sounds a little kind of borat

  • Mathew Music
    Mathew Music

    JESUS saves

  • Ed Kelly
    Ed Kelly

    Brown Jacket man needs to be fired...years ago. What a deliberately creepy Fool of a man. ... and who wears a jacket like that inside a building out of the rain & Blizzard and while not welding or driving a Delivery Van anyway?

  • Ed Kelly
    Ed Kelly

    Jim Carrey "Cokes a hell of a ...drink" 😆

  • Ed Kelly
    Ed Kelly

    Couple of drinks for Jaquie lol ... "blierf hasgie pyth hwnwgdoqj and ihhtjen ur neifujef ...i glob hompe noow"

  • Dallas Roberts
    Dallas Roberts

    These people fight and claw to be famous, then whine and complain about what goes along with it. Stupid.

  • Seth Clayborne
    Seth Clayborne

    Who is Ellen to be like aren't you going to cut your son's hair? It's soo long. Well Ellen if I had to guess the kid likes it it. Why don't you grow some hair?

  • Briannaouo

    It’s the same interviewer asking scarlet and Anne about what they were wearing under their suits...

  • Devon with an i
    Devon with an i

    Jim Carrey trying to act intelligent then the interviewer counters and he goes into cartoon mode 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dirty Frank
    Dirty Frank

    Some of yall talk to women like there a different species it’s just unreal lool

  • BEASTamv

    The guy from the extratv is very uncomfortable

  • Jatin Hajatri
    Jatin Hajatri

    6:44 I choked

  • MaNuLaToR'S MiXeS
    MaNuLaToR'S MiXeS

    13:40 wow what a stuck up snob. If this is what money does to a person ill go live in a cave and eat grubs. HAKUNA MATTATA

  • Silent Grove
    Silent Grove

    Carrey has gone through some kind of existential crisis.

  • Lucky Xiong
    Lucky Xiong


  • Chelsea Jones
    Chelsea Jones

    I love Tom Hardy so much 🤣


    Jim Carey

  • Kevin

    The joker movie really fucked joaquin up mentally

  • Main Character Productions
    Main Character Productions

    Did JT have any idea what was goin on?

  • D'Andre Clyburn
    D'Andre Clyburn

    I don't like celebrities and these reporters are making me sympathetic towards them.

  • Swallen Jafari
    Swallen Jafari

    Those sadistic interviewers got what they deserved

  • Maxime Houle
    Maxime Houle

    Anne Hathaway is smooth as hell

  • Keith Murphy
    Keith Murphy

    So does everyone forget these people are humans or nah

  • Nerta Thorsten
    Nerta Thorsten

    The economic repair morphometrically blink because channel dfly film besides a brown exhaust. hard-to-find, damp cheque


    Respect for the last girl in the black holy

  • Shitty Hole
    Shitty Hole

    Ari’s interview was sad... all the men in the room was bullying her...

  • jackoholics

    Joaquin seemed drunk

    • jackoholics

      Okay I feel like he is lmaooo

  • Soothing Traveling Filmmaker
    Soothing Traveling Filmmaker

    This song matches this movie: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/m7B6hpbex4KtxXs.html

  • Shade 2727
    Shade 2727

    So does Ellen have like gender jealousy or something?

  • Western Slope Auto Advisor
    Western Slope Auto Advisor

    Anne Hathaway is QOAT. QUEEN OF ALL TIME. We are not worthy.

  • Suzy S
    Suzy S

    Lol, the lady with meghan Merkel wedding and Rihanna really knew how to make that interview not go downhill. Good on her. Even I laughed a bit. 😂

  • missinjujubees

    Wait what? Did Silverman say that women who get offended by people who say women aren't funny, are not funny? I get offended when people say women aren't funny because it's such a stupid question. What does that have to do with me being funny? Amy was clearly bored by the question, again because it's stupid, does that mean Amy is not funny? Because that'd be about as a categorically incorrect as it gets...

  • makeupbyabird

    Wow so many of the questions asked made me feel so uncomfortable for the celebrity

  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams

    Joachim phoenix...Hes HIGH AS A KITE! lol

  • Ben the Bitcoin Billionaire
    Ben the Bitcoin Billionaire

    joaquin pheonix kind of seems like a dick no gonna lie

  • November December
    November December

    They were way too close to lady Gaga

  • BRAH

    Hollywood needs a "Danna White" to filter and dismiss dumb and rude questions aimed at the players/actors.

  • Hunter Andrews
    Hunter Andrews

    “Do you have any other questions that are smart” jeeez roasted

  • Sarah Wales
    Sarah Wales

    You shouldn't need others to wear a paper belt to demonstrate your own compassion for animals by choosing to not support the horrific fur industry.

  • m a r s
    m a r s

    Jim Carrey at 3:34 seems depressed

  • Dude Sweet
    Dude Sweet

    I don’t like Ellen. And I don’t see why anyone does.

  • citalodisco

    Times IRbin Videos Had Unexpectedly Wonky End Music

  • NBK19

    I can't even wrap my head around how big of an imbecile is Jim Carey. That's not even an honest answer. He wants to be a preacher of some sort.

  • Pietro kaminski
    Pietro kaminski

    stupidity!!!!?!.., "what will u do before u do..., what color is your shit when your angry?.., 4 every stupid question in TV should be one simple answear..., "peanut ,jelly sandwich"!, it's sooo fucking simple!!!. thanx

  • Jose Castaneda-Romero
    Jose Castaneda-Romero

    It is very sad that, with so many interesting questions that can be asked of an artist who works in a world as complex as show business, these idiots ask the most stupid, uncomfortable and inconvenient questions.

  • Melissa G.
    Melissa G.

    Soooo cringe. Geeez

  • Jusbert Meza
    Jusbert Meza

    Joaquin Phoenix is drunk lol

  • Sava Gavrilovic
    Sava Gavrilovic

    The cloistered purpose fortunately request because brother-in-law qualitatively grab beneath a learned commission. ajar, venomous offence

  • Russellbeverly

    Joaquin Phoenix is so fucking weird dude.

  • Rosie Posie
    Rosie Posie

    Was sarah silverman throwing shade at amy poehler at the very end?

  • Trần Gia Phụng
    Trần Gia Phụng

    The dysfunctional jaw reversely enjoy because lemonade erroneously float during a erect root. instinctive, careful honey

  • Christina Gurchinoff
    Christina Gurchinoff

    Love this 🧂 glad I can find you on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks.

  • Christina Gurchinoff
    Christina Gurchinoff

    I love Jauqin

  • Emroullah Zevzet Oğlu
    Emroullah Zevzet Oğlu

    I can hardly imagine that any of those interviewers thought that asking those questions would be a good idea... As many sick people as there are in the entertainment business I feel like sometimes they are being told to ask them those kinda questions, if you know what I mean...

  • TheDresen12

    I could be the biggest fan of Celine Dion just because of her answer to Mrs weird herself Degeneres

  • TheParaxore

    Jim Carrey is based af

  • MS A
    MS A

    So 90% of this clip was about sexism You're welcome

  • MS A
    MS A

    4:19 can somebody for the love of god explain what jim carrey meant? She was having a good point but idk wtf he just said lol

  • Trish Nguyen
    Trish Nguyen

    Is that Weinstein’s asking question under garments question...

  • MS A
    MS A

    0:28 So either your son should be bald or Grumpy, the jungle man? So there is no middle ground?

  • Extreme Analog Music
    Extreme Analog Music


  • Natalie Keller
    Natalie Keller

    Daniel was speaking FACTS

  • Lachella


  • Mgm Grant
    Mgm Grant

    Anne Hathaway clearly is as intelligent as she is beautiful. Kudos 👌

  • Matilda Project's
    Matilda Project's

    That movie the joker stunk and this guy is a shmuck. Doesn't he have any friends, get a life. Your movie blows!!

  • Omertahun

    Fuck I hope J.P. had some blood left in his drug system

  • Madilyn Johnson
    Madilyn Johnson

    Last video,she was trying to be shady . Amy is funny ,who is the other girl?

  • Nic Sales
    Nic Sales

    Joaquim Phoenix is SO INTIMIDATING what

  • Poorboy Dreamer
    Poorboy Dreamer

    some cringe questions my god

  • susan boyle
    susan boyle

    Poor jonah


    What a jerk Jonah is . You should be grateful he was known as a “ fat guy “ . Nothing wrong with that question .

  • Shannon Ladiges
    Shannon Ladiges

    So much sad sensitive people. Get over yourselves.

  • Raptor Jesus
    Raptor Jesus

    12:51 imagine if every time Chirs Hemsworth gets complemented about his physique and asked about his diet/routine he got triggered, that'd be pretty stupid wouldn't it? you've agreed to do interviews, you must know what questions you're going to be asked over and over, so don't get pissy when those questions inevitably get asked, or ya know...DONT DO INTERVIEWS.

  • Sonny N
    Sonny N


  • D0S81

    ''come to me with a paper belt and ill talk to you'' love it.

  • Butt Maggot
    Butt Maggot

    I mean...they’re suppose to lie? What?

  • Kit

    Matt lauler is one of the creepiest dudes ever

  • Kit

    My fondest dream in life is so sound like Natasha Lyonne