Top 5 Super Bowl 2021 Commercials You Might Have Missed!
Super Bowl LV was as much about the game as it was about the commercials! Donnovan Bennett rounds up the Top 5 commercials you might have missed from the big game.

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  • maria uribe
    maria uribe

    I'd say the one with alexa was my favorite. : )

  • Irene Wilson
    Irene Wilson

    Boring! all

  • Travis Perweiler
    Travis Perweiler


  • Kimberly Randolph
    Kimberly Randolph

    The T-Mobile commercial with Anthony Anderson, his mama & Travis Kelce should have been an honorable mention.

  • Mike D
    Mike D

    So women complain about being objectified, but it's totally ok when they're objectifying men. Got it!

  • Alex Pataco
    Alex Pataco

    Trash adverts

  • Boby Roch
    Boby Roch

    I find that there are too many black people in the advertisements.

  • Lashema Sims Pickett
    Lashema Sims Pickett

    Did Will Farrell make it to Norway???? Lol

  • Jim Butler
    Jim Butler

    M&Ms. Hands down.

  • Marcia Whitney-Schenck
    Marcia Whitney-Schenck

    In the Amazon ad, the gal already has a hunk -- her husband -- so the casting didn't work for me.

  • tritiri O.
    tritiri O.

    worse commercials ever!!!!!!

  • Jennifer Norton
    Jennifer Norton

    3 and 2 was the best all the rest sucked

  • bwtawny

    Nop e none of these. Jason Alexander Hoodie and Cheetos It Wasn't Me are the best.

  • Ab10

    we "missed" cause you clowns didn't air them

  • Lisa Robinson
    Lisa Robinson

    Drake Drake and The one with all the athletes

  • Veronica Matchett
    Veronica Matchett

    the best IMO was the 3 judges from The Voice - Adam, Blake and Queen Gwen - the others I thought they were commercials lol

  • JMoney SSBOI
    JMoney SSBOI

    French. Vanilla rocky roll chocolate peanut butter and cookie dough scoop there it is scoop there it is chocolate chocolate sprinkles

  • KB

    More commercials making the white person look like an idiot

  • bkf

    Oh no! It's a shame you didn't get to see all the commercials. You should go back and watch the other ones including the best ones that you missed.

  • joanne poplawski
    joanne poplawski

    They all sucked

  • Darlene Coplin
    Darlene Coplin

    Was there any Anhieser Bush? I heard they even quit the it true??? None of these were worth the price they paid..

  • Cherie Longwe
    Cherie Longwe

    The Alexa/Jordan Commercial was my favorite

  • fnvfan0145

    3:21 wait, is that Frankie Muniz?

  • randy puckett
    randy puckett

    the superbowl sucked as well as the ads and halftime. period. look at the ratings.

  • woodchip895

    They all sucked..

  • Abe Fonseca
    Abe Fonseca

    You're attempting to make substandard advertising to appear uniquely's like showing George Washington's picture on one dollar bills, who cares...these actors and athletes are seen 24/7 year round on different commercials...if you have to explain how great something is, it's a let down...the imagery and sounds should speak for themselves, Hombre.

  • C L
    C L

    This is a racist view ....every commercia has African people in them. I met Serena and Venus in person.... not nice at all and there clothes was way to small for them... fat rolls everywhere lol

  • Zach Lashua
    Zach Lashua

    These are terrible for a list. Number 1 should be the Toyota one.

  • Andre Ecija
    Andre Ecija

    Drake on the Statefarm Commercial is my favorite Commercial Break that I like the best

  • zubin desai
    zubin desai

    Shaggy! It wasn't me with Mila & Ashton!

  • ogechi okeke
    ogechi okeke

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  • Boss Triizzy
    Boss Triizzy

    Why did Drake stare at him like that after biting the apple... that was crazy...

  • Tin Man
    Tin Man

    This new Jake from State Farm is garbage.

  • San Fran
    San Fran

    "Sorry I called you Karen" "But my name is Karen" "Sorry that your name is Karen" XD

  • Hernan Gonzalez
    Hernan Gonzalez

    The dude behind the fruit table look like Aaron Rodgers

  • Connor Carnathan
    Connor Carnathan

    I’m just happy to have a tribe called quest song in an ad

  • Floyd A. Lane Jr.
    Floyd A. Lane Jr.

    When Jake from State Farm told Drake stand ins don’t have lines, he started playing “Back 2 Back” in his head while he took a huge bite outta the apple while Jake was talking to be petty... lmao 💀💀💀

  • Thomas Lazare
    Thomas Lazare

    State Farm spot should be higher but, M&M’s was funniest.

  • Deshia

    I want that Alexa....

  • Akeef Haiqal
    Akeef Haiqal

    Ads timestamps 0:38 1:26 2:45 3:58 5:21

  • Npc I'm knot
    Npc I'm knot

    remember when superbowl commercials were funny.. and not virtue signalling.. no? ya.. same..

  • Braedy for minecraft Good stuff
    Braedy for minecraft Good stuff

    There making a new mighty ducks movie

  • e3ovuziotica

    SHEEP entertainment

  • Monsieur Monster
    Monsieur Monster


  • Blue_Skittlez

    Was there ever a Roblox commercial for the Super Bowl?

  • Michael Jorden
    Michael Jorden

    Is this the best advertisers have? Zero innovation and imagination, sad

  • Jotaux

    Hope they are keeping drake away from their kids...

  • Wanda Majette
    Wanda Majette

    I think Alexa and Karen are tied for the #1spot.

  • Dwaine Jade
    Dwaine Jade

    I’ve been seeing the alexa ad for weeks now

  • Masta Bradsta
    Masta Bradsta

    "Sorry I called you Karen" "That's my name" Sorry your name is Karen"😂😂

  • Austin Lemay
    Austin Lemay

    I’ve never seen someone who drinks and has a good time

  • Carl Garland
    Carl Garland

    What a bunch of stupid commercials! I didn’t watch football this year because of the ignorant unpatriotic players!

  • frenstep

    Thank goodness that was the top five. Lacklustre at best.

  • Vicky Schaefer
    Vicky Schaefer

    Where is Tracy Morgan!!??!!

  • Yann Saint-Germain
    Yann Saint-Germain

    Out of the five ads shown here, my favourite is the one with lemons.

  • Jeremy Porter
    Jeremy Porter

    the rocket mortgage one with Tracy Morgan was good !

  • Mike Seo
    Mike Seo

    So.... explaining the entire commercial before people get to watch it, and just tell everyone who the surprise guests in the commercials before people get to watch it.... What kind of video is this?

  • mannysantos

    Tom Brady and Gronk T-Mobile commercial was pretty funny too.

  • Mr Redux
    Mr Redux

    Anyone else here because of an AP English assignment?

  • Jägermeister Bator
    Jägermeister Bator

    feed the spoiled rich celebrities more for the public eye pleasure bullsh!!!! Focus on helping the NEEDY in this world, give up on capitalist desires, times are a changing'!!!!!!

  • lana sealy
    lana sealy

    My favorite was Shaggy cheetos ad

  • Kaiden Rodriguez
    Kaiden Rodriguez

    ha ha ha

  • Hugh Knuckey
    Hugh Knuckey

    'mansplaining' made me change channel to watch the good old UK coverage, where we use real words and ideas - nothing like American 'progressiveness'.

  • Wolfkid 6665
    Wolfkid 6665

    Have to do this for extra credit thanks

  • Luke Genord
    Luke Genord


  • Brandon Spicer
    Brandon Spicer

    Whip it out Cure Auto Insurance was by far the BEST #1

  • Munke Slamik
    Munke Slamik

    The lemonade one was the best 🤣🤣

  • Rachel Garant
    Rachel Garant

    My favorite was the Alexa and State Farm commercials

  • L Brooke Sahm
    L Brooke Sahm

    Jake from State Farm IS the stand in.

  • Moms Spaghetti
    Moms Spaghetti

    Man that M&M one about mansplaining one had me dying omfg.

  • Soul iNsAniTy
    Soul iNsAniTy

    How tf did the Lemonade commircial make this list and not the Budlight commircial that included the entire Budlight Cinematic Universe

  • TheDjBoi X
    TheDjBoi X

    “You might have miss” Pfffff I didn’t even watched the Súper bowl.

  • cnn94001

    I had to watch an ad to see another ad???

  • Danny

    3:28 they.... they recreated November Rain! Awesome!

  • Carter Rosati
    Carter Rosati

    The super bowl commercials were kinda lame this year😂

  • Chinedu Opara
    Chinedu Opara

    We didn't need these intros. Just play the damn commercials.

  • EatPrayLash GTA
    EatPrayLash GTA

    The cool mirror phenotypically rinse because tramp kinetically applaud around a maniacal lisa. hurried, vast destruction

  • renee smith
    renee smith

    Definetely the ALEXA commercial. I LOVED IT!

  • Barbara Alexander
    Barbara Alexander

    I liked the T-Mobile Commercial

  • Robert Cohn
    Robert Cohn

    Who asked for a chocolate company that chastises men lmao

  • Priya C
    Priya C

    Cadillac Edward scissor hands was great too

  • Kenneth Lewis
    Kenneth Lewis

    I liked number two best

  • usaboy55

    Stupidest commercials


    "I'm sorry for mansplaning" Sorry you're butthurt

  • Abiel Lizcano
    Abiel Lizcano

    The last one , ending with the m&ms , was definitely my favorite here , right next to "drake from state farm !

  • Bear Lamb
    Bear Lamb

    as a Canadian watching these extremely racist commercials I don't care if you are purple black white yellow green all these commercials are extremely racist I suggest you watch the multiple times you will see the hidden meeting between all of them State Farm commercial is making all white people look stupid and all the people who are black who are famous are also being put down listen you are being raced baited on these commercials watch them carefully they look very low budget go back to commercials from the 90s early 2000s watch those commercials and see the difference now the Super Bowl wants to make this black and white again with race every commercial on this video you are showing is extremely racist even to the black people who are in it how can you not see that that they want white people and black people to keep on making this big fight do not buy any of these products

    • Fowl Back
      Fowl Back

      Finally a real comment

  • Chris L
    Chris L

    All of these are complete 🐕💩 Not surprised.

  • Alexis Duran
    Alexis Duran

    Lol I liked the Alexa one, how the husband said things are getting really wet around here lmao

  • Rudolf Graspointner
    Rudolf Graspointner

    Crap! 'Muricans fall fore this BS?

  • 13th Assassin
    13th Assassin

    Drake = Dajjal's Puppet.

  • 13th Assassin
    13th Assassin

    Search for the word "Dajjal" on IRbin and you'll understand who Hollywood owners await and worship. Hence the "One Eye" symbol.

  • Sandi Smith
    Sandi Smith

    The Alexa & The Lemon one. It has been a rough year. 😊

  • Valerie Hill
    Valerie Hill

    The 2020 lemons killed it.

  • Alice Jimenez
    Alice Jimenez

    "Alexa" all the way!!

  • Aria

    drake from statefarm

  • RYG

    The Karen was great but their is only one legendary, the T Mobile Tommy and Gronky one.

  • Bismarcks IronFist
    Bismarcks IronFist

    Meeh these are sub par, Sam Adams took the #1 spot

  • jim capone
    jim capone


  • Sushi Slurpee
    Sushi Slurpee

    Couldn't anyone at sportsnet give Donnovan some halfway decent lighting and audio??? I know times are tough but give the guy some production help.

  • Bahr Sister
    Bahr Sister

    🐶🐵👶🏽 Only the ogs know