TOURING THE BEST CONTENT HOUSE IN GAMING ft. CouRage, Valkyrae, Nadeshot & BrookeAB
Take a tour of the brand new 100 Thieves Content House in Los Angeles, CA.
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  • CouRage


    • Brody.

      Your so luck I want a house like this

    • Boo-Yeah!!

      Does Valk peg you in it daily?

    • Hit's Gamez
      Hit's Gamez

      @LCA _YT idk

    • LCA _YT
      LCA _YT

      can you explain why theres a ladder in the basment outside the door of the guest basement.

    • Hit's Gamez
      Hit's Gamez

      Same bro

  • WaVe FN
    WaVe FN

    I’m twelve and in a few years I’ll be taller than Jack

  • Nate Johnson
    Nate Johnson

    Imagine paying $80,000 a month just to live in a mansion. These streamers are morons!

  • Sam Jordan
    Sam Jordan

    Courage carrues

  • Frosting Frog
    Frosting Frog

    This feels so staged I'm sorry lmao

  • Aluka

    When their Kitchen is larger then my entire house

  • Huzrie Limgas
    Huzrie Limgas

    lol tiny rae

  • Jahseh N
    Jahseh N

    11:57 😂🤣 Courage is funny

  • Leo Timi
    Leo Timi

    The bar is taller then quackity

  • Me Mr Fishy
    Me Mr Fishy

    I mean you got a guest room can I come?

  • Desirae Horn
    Desirae Horn

    Courage is a mood wth

  • Tj Bullis
    Tj Bullis

    They missed 1 major cribs staple. The fridge flex! Where's the fridge? Who's got what stocked?

  • Gowon MyLife
    Gowon MyLife

    that room is bigger than my entire house

  • Ricky M
    Ricky M


  • Bond

    now I see why Rae left the house

  • WeebFujoStoopidHooman _2908
    WeebFujoStoopidHooman _2908

    Jack said the bar table is around 5'8 and here i am standing 5'2 TF it's a house for giants😂😂

  • Lili Mckay
    Lili Mckay


  • MissMikkiMae

    Do they still have this house?

    • Hello Bye
      Hello Bye

      Yes they do but I think rae and someone else don’t live there anymore. Maybe Brooke idk

  • Jessica Bell
    Jessica Bell

    Imagine living with them lot. I feel like they all just joke around and play games. Id die to have that.

  • anannya sohal
    anannya sohal

    even the guest room has a whole pc set up

  • Stormy Grey
    Stormy Grey

    Not me thinking Valkyrae lived with Poki and them

    • Georgio Boncingora
      Georgio Boncingora

      Rae left the house and now lives with poki

  • Dee Angelina
    Dee Angelina

    That house is sick... i can only dream to live in such a house...😅

  • Xiao

    Its cool and all but can you guys stop acting and be your selfs 😂

    • Xiao

      @Scarlet's Gate fk of pls

    • Scarlet's Gate
      Scarlet's Gate

      You don't pay they're balls don't tell them what to do besides you don't even know them personally 😂

  • Ben

    The fact that Valkyrae and Brook are in this 100 Thieves shit is just weird. Sorry. Also those two dudes hate each other holy shit

    • Scarlet's Gate
      Scarlet's Gate

      Tell me more about your thoughts

  • amy yuh
    amy yuh

    I love this..

  • Dracosimp4life

    Offline tv be like: 👁💧👄💧👁

  • Michael Diaz
    Michael Diaz

    Nice I love everybody’s room was different very nice guys 👍🏼 keep on grinding

  • Louisa Emilia
    Louisa Emilia

    Why cant brooke have the guestroom as well? The rooms are seperated so differently lol

  • Vinh Quang
    Vinh Quang

    I feel like Rae doesn’t want to be there

    • Andrea Pineda espinoza
      Andrea Pineda espinoza

      She left the house 9 months ago. After she left the house she became roommate with chocobars. Pokimane and someone else.

  • Wilson Euell
    Wilson Euell

    That house is beautiful I wish I could be a big time IRbin with my friends

  • Deb.

    Is rae still living there?

    • Andrea Pineda espinoza
      Andrea Pineda espinoza


  • E Amos
    E Amos

    Best team house i've seen so far

  • Frosty Truth
    Frosty Truth


  • Destram

    I asked courage when he was a small twitch streamer faze or tsm

  • Desmond English
    Desmond English

    "And here's the corner we cry in after confronting our own insecurities in relation to the real world, all intermeshed through our collective vapor-cloud of drama"

  • Qatherine

    I love all of them!

  • Kingtier

    this house is perfect not to big not to small and everyone has their own privacy

  • AkaNoiz

    can I join I can sleep in the living room for real

  • Jakub Kotýk
    Jakub Kotýk

    Somebody will regret putting tons pf money into this gaming house pretty soon. The image these guys create is pretty artificial.

  • Patrick Blase
    Patrick Blase

    Honestly their kitchen is bigger than our whole house

  • Charlotte

    i will apply for the guest room

  • Brendan Wawro
    Brendan Wawro

    Can we talk about the fact that jack sprayed himself with haileys perfume lol

  • Еленко Борисов
    Еленко Борисов

    Defo thats a house i wanna live in to...

  • Mark Cerda
    Mark Cerda

    Where’s Neko lmao lmao 😂

  • DNDdelta

    Jack: This table is 5'8 Me:*Looks at Rae* *hmmmmmm*

  • Hateem Samad
    Hateem Samad

    They literally censored every curse except for the last one where jack said "leave us the f*ck alone" lol

  • Derek D
    Derek D

    If I owned a company I would never live with my employees

  • Nico

    wow. It's like a 12 year old designed it.

  • Kimberly Hernandez
    Kimberly Hernandez

    It would be awesome if they play irl among us in that house 😃

  • Magma Playz
    Magma Playz

    Great art: NadeShot X

  • ABDψ

    Yea Mr Savage should have the guest room

  • Gamer Guy
    Gamer Guy

    One of the reasons that I want to join 100t rather than faze or some other fancy clans (groups)

  • Ocean 180
    Ocean 180

    So y’all telling y’all aren’t actor? Who would have known?! 😂

  • Elaina DeWulf
    Elaina DeWulf

    I love that this is an actual nice and put together house, unlike most content housed that just have crap everywhere and so it doesn’t look good. Love this house

  • Patrick Bourne
    Patrick Bourne

    It feels like a very high end hotel. Nice but not really a place I personally would like to call home.

  • Yvonne Padilla
    Yvonne Padilla

    This was the first time I ever knew who Brooke was and now she’s my fav and her rivalry with Corpse is what I live for🤣

  • MadamJanq

    It's Rae's Pantene for me...

  • ChuntiAlan

    Isn’t valkyrae like 40

  • FyreZ3

    "I don't use a dishwasher because I'm lazy" Wait, isn't that the point of a dishwasher; you do less work because you don't have to wash by hand and the machine washes for you?

    • Alexthebest 9483
      Alexthebest 9483

      U may be THAT lazy

  • LCA _YT
    LCA _YT

    can you explain why theres a ladder in the basment outside the door of the guest basement.

    • CFlare

      I had one in my basement bedroom growing up. Used as a fire escape.

  • Surrendeity

    💼🏃🏼get to the bag

  • Parker Vis
    Parker Vis

    Dude this house is crazy! And still simping for Rae ;)

  • cytrackofficial

    Making it to the house 🏠 the way it to

  • Karzan Barware
    Karzan Barware

    Focus on Rae 💝

  • Sammy Grogg
    Sammy Grogg

    I feel like corpse should move in.... 😊

  • Aaliyah Cheatum
    Aaliyah Cheatum

    I love this house!!!! Buuttttt does anyone else notice all the liquor 🤣🤣🤣 I seen patron and Hennessy

  • Not great Videos
    Not great Videos

    Those little man handbags are not cool , no matter who made them

  • Flysome

    Eat the rich

  • Darky

    “Tour” The fancy word for IRbinrs flaunting the fact that they are richer than others.


    Rae has the smallest room..

  • Vybiz

    My respect went up for you guys not putting "[insert cost of house] HOUSE TOUR!" as the title.

    • Ken B.
      Ken B.

      Yep that should speak for itself. Especially for being in L.A.

  • onecarlos GE
    onecarlos GE

    people in L.A scare me

  • Zoe Chen
    Zoe Chen

    They be rich thooooooooooo

  • Sandra

    0:10 PEWDS CHAIR

  • Sandra

    0:10 PEWDS CHAIR

  • c0ld s0up
    c0ld s0up

    corpse. move. into. this. house. it. would. be. good. for. you.

  • Joshua Tafili
    Joshua Tafili

    “When your passionate about something, it’s very simple “ - Courage

  • fatimaa

    you can explain my bedroom homie

  • TrapRay Tv
    TrapRay Tv

    Their house “can we open this”😂

  • 2k Goat
    2k Goat

    Is 2hype ever going to move in

  • Ya Jack
    Ya Jack

    “I’m all the way over here now. Bcuz our pool is so fuckin big.”

  • PuffDaddyP

    Hire me as your personal Chef, you won't regret it

  • Analiza Adena Orio
    Analiza Adena Orio

    Pasinsya istorbO lumindOl kc

  • lilmar Kila
    lilmar Kila

    Courage is the best

  • Analiza Adena Orio
    Analiza Adena Orio

    At chaka bukas pa akOng 10 A:M ng umaga mag bubuukas ng cp kO...

  • Analiza Adena Orio
    Analiza Adena Orio

    Salamat sa inio at kayO na ang bahala....madaming araw na ditO matotolog na akO...salamat di kO na maayOs ang cellphone kO oh di kO pa aayOsin tO hanggang sa lunes

  • Analiza Adena Orio
    Analiza Adena Orio

    Masaya akO na napapanuOd kO kayO at naiintin ng maayOs

  • Analiza Adena Orio
    Analiza Adena Orio

    Ok lang kung anO ang gagawin niO Kung pede kO lng sbihin na kayO nlang ang me cignal at ang spotify ok lang sakin un....

  • Analiza Adena Orio
    Analiza Adena Orio

    Promise,,,tingtingnan kO lagi AnO ang gingawa niO...perO pasinsia na kayO kung lagi akUng magulO..

  • Tralvexxo


  • Bratt Rox
    Bratt Rox

    Lmao to me downstairs is the floor level and basement is the basement so I got a little tripped up when he was saying people in LA don't usually have a downstairs cuz I was thinking dude people in LA have 2 story houses chill XD

  • Ttvfire T
    Ttvfire T


  • kunal panchal
    kunal panchal

    Just wondering how much it costs

  • Drayden Lehman
    Drayden Lehman

    I love how jack is just being the laughing clown.

  • Syahadah Ridzuan
    Syahadah Ridzuan

    Omg valkyrae's small bathroom is my dream

  • Retro Robloxian
    Retro Robloxian

    I know I am a little late to the naming of the dog plushies but how about hose head and dog breath

  • abby nicole
    abby nicole

    lmao brooke uses the justin bieber perfume 11:24

  • StrawberryJPEG

    a dream

  • Beatris Favale
    Beatris Favale

    I remember brooke as the girl who loves chicken tenders 🤣🤣

  • WeirdRAY