Trump Quit the Actors Union: Who Cares!
Come on a journey with us. James Corden kicks off the show with a preview of the big game with Reggie Watts, and the two provide analysis we promise you won't find anywhere else. After, James looks at the headlines, including President Joe Biden heading to a modified version of the National Prayer Breakfast, and former president Donald Trump penning a letter to the Screen Actors Guild to let them know he quit (before he was set to be removed). And James wonders how much longer we're in this.
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  • Paul Panther
    Paul Panther

    Donald was an actor. He acted like a president but this was to big for him. The Golden Lemon for him!

  • Salvage Monster
    Salvage Monster

    Exactly this isn’t news or comedy. Can someone buy a joke book for James? Maybe borrow Norm Mac Donald’s

  • Heidi Christensen
    Heidi Christensen

    YES BIDEN👍👍👍👍👍😷😷😷😷😷

  • Carl Lovén
    Carl Lovén

    But there is a Erewhon in Silverlake!

  • Giffard Salerno
    Giffard Salerno

    The economic end singly measure because soprano rapidly precede below a tedious south korea. holistic, colossal door

  • Kaylyn Manlove-Simmons
    Kaylyn Manlove-Simmons

    Jump in a lake full of testicles.....hmmmmm 🤔

  • McKinley Brown
    McKinley Brown

    I am an emancipated man whom served in two-branches of military service an only have the privileges of the rights of the constitution. America has went around the world fighting wars for freedom, justice and equal rights if the “GOP” doesn’t convict Mr.Trump and his followers for their open acts of treason upon the constitution, the HOUSE of GOVERNMENT and the Flag what good is the constitution. It would mean everything was a LIE THAT AMERICA STOOD for against EVIL. MB • 2021 ®️©️™️

  • Deanna Howard
    Deanna Howard

    The depressed law microbiologically cover because passive suddenly exercise amidst a scientific course. grumpy, dreary revolver

  • John Tatum
    John Tatum

    That is the whole point James...President Trump does not care about the Actors Guild...but then you were trying to be funny...sorry about that.

  • seraphonica

    I guess he figured the only thing he could do to be more on-brand as a republican was scabbing a union lmao

  • Michael Zhu
    Michael Zhu

    with the craziness happneing in the real world, this show is the best! i just want to disconnect

  • Michael E.K.
    Michael E.K.

    Micro D Fat Man !!! That’s funny . You’re not funny .

  • Astrid Pene
    Astrid Pene

    The mushroom bit had me ugly laughing the whole time

  • K R
    K R

    When can we stop talking about this buffoon Trump? 5 years of free media coverage wasn't enough?

  • Pablo Cortes
    Pablo Cortes

    The funniest thing about this show is watching you try to be funny.

  • John Stallos
    John Stallos

    Absolutely amazing how a man in his 70s can still sound like a 13 year old girl on her period. So utterly infantile and small. Amazing how someone with such a weak character and cowardly leadership was able to take his dad's money and his dad's business and keep cashing in on the same formula his dad created - oh wait, nope, bankrupt lol

  • Mariah Jones
    Mariah Jones

    Covid got rid of the spider 🕷️ it was caught in a web 🕸️

  • Mariah Jones
    Mariah Jones


  • Mariah Jones
    Mariah Jones


  • Mariah Jones
    Mariah Jones

    A cat fight lol 😂 I get it now I'm in on the joke unlock urself

  • Stacie Tsuha
    Stacie Tsuha

    How funny... my kids (12 and 8 years old) have been enjoying Fresh Prince on HBO Max. And he didn't catch a cab from Philly to Bel Air. In the original song, he caught a plane, but they only showed the long version of the song the first 4-5 episodes then they shortened the song!

  • Nene Johnson
    Nene Johnson

    Forget the t-shirt of Susan's face, give us a whole knitted sweater with her face! #susansweater

  • Marc Denton
    Marc Denton

    Basically DJT is a coward. He just can’t take any criticism. Cries & protests like a baby.

  • Gloria Morgan
    Gloria Morgan

    “It’s a story about a guy...” Cordon’s timing and pacing are just so good, and the chemistry with the band and staff is so good. Superior to a studio audience in every way.

  • Carolyn Craig
    Carolyn Craig

    I don't want your service . It was a slip of the hand!! Cancel !!!!!

  • Heel Entertainment
    Heel Entertainment

    “Who Cares!” as they post a video about him. The irony.

  • Phil James
    Phil James

    Only the comedian department. He is not equipped to rock-up and wow us with the straight stuff. Could be a slapped together version of Oliver Reed and Fagin I suppose.

  • Verde Cap
    Verde Cap

    This is what the show Friends would have been if everyone WERE on mushrooms.

  • Joey411

    Nobody cares about Actors Union lol

  • IsmaiL NYC 600
    IsmaiL NYC 600

    Trumpers boycotted the supper bowl because the “patriots” didn’t make it..

  • Sam Bennett
    Sam Bennett

    I mean clearly you do if you’re covering it

  • Tom Bowling
    Tom Bowling

    President Trump is smart, why associate with idiots and morons, Hollywood at one time was comprised of classy actors now they all live below curb level with gutter rats that worship them

  • Trevor Bradford
    Trevor Bradford

    Just came to check if this guy is funny yet. He's not

  • Nahla Aly
    Nahla Aly

    The fresh prince of Bel-Air but took a lot of commitment.

  • Lydia D
    Lydia D

    Hahaha! Good riddance!

  • Life At Hoam
    Life At Hoam

    Find James funny most of the time but they should have read the whole letter, that would have been a whole lot funnier. Really, though, Michael Knowles covered it better.

  • rocky nikki
    rocky nikki

    Like your show. Who cares

  • Alex American
    Alex American

    No new wars in past 4 years Obama took us from 2-7 Still waiting on the checks joe promised. Already got trumps checks, the wall and 4muddle east peace deals Cmon Man!!!

  • Just Nikki
    Just Nikki

    Thank you for bringing joy to us during these times!! Much needed!!

  • Eric Hart
    Eric Hart

    I'm watching it at 9:21am and the mushroom story is GOLD! I love James Corden!

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat

    Thank you for the mushroom story. My husband has been talking about it for days and now I know what it looks like.

  • Yyyyvonne Nie
    Yyyyvonne Nie

    James: Who cares! 600k + people: I wonder who

  • Johnson Hunglo
    Johnson Hunglo

    It will be a great day when Clarence Thomas administers the oath of office to Anita Hill, as she is seated on the Supreme Court!!!!

  • Laura Caswell
    Laura Caswell

    This was so funny! Thanks for making us laugh and shedding more light on dark times!

  • Jockster

    where's Ian?

  • WallMight

    This is too unfunny. All they can talk about is Trump and its boring.

  • Kevin Flynn
    Kevin Flynn

    Not that I think you'll watch it, but this is the cameo you were referring to:

  • Rihards Mitrevičs
    Rihards Mitrevičs

    Still waiting my 2k check!

  • Rihards Mitrevičs
    Rihards Mitrevičs

    People care because Trump wrote amazing letter about how terible was the union.

  • Charles Day
    Charles Day

    People are laughing at everything he says but I didn't even smile since nothing was remotely funny. This is sooo bad.

  • Veronica Zawodniak
    Veronica Zawodniak

    You mean the last 4 years Trump was ACTING

  • A Modern Poet
    A Modern Poet

    His acting as President was simply terrible

  • Soul Walker
    Soul Walker

    You obviously are. Why are you still talking about him. Are you obsessed?

  • Lilah Feuquay
    Lilah Feuquay

    ? a terror in looks; that "SO-CALLED/BACKPACK! Come On Man

  • Grumpy Kat
    Grumpy Kat

    He's not a president, but played one on TV. 📺😂🤣

  • Darren S
    Darren S

    Coming from a guy who found fame thru one film and isn't really that funny. So what did he do joined the leftist talk show circuit

  • Mauricio Herrera
    Mauricio Herrera

    Best late late late late night show on at the moment.

  • Loki Lockster
    Loki Lockster

    I know who doesn't care: "Alllll the networkkss"

  • Brandon Yaezenko
    Brandon Yaezenko

    Reggie is ficking awesome! That fuck shit stack gots it goin on!!!

  • Trumptreason 4gitmo
    Trumptreason 4gitmo

    I got little benifits from the unions i cheated

  • Madeline Zapanta
    Madeline Zapanta

    Boring not funny

  • sour candy
    sour candy

    JAMES how about a *Carpool Karaoke with Louis Tomlinson* he's #1 on worldwide iTunes charts taking over drivers license

  • SumKoon

    Biden should refrain from quoting any philosophers. He has no idea what he's talking about.

  • Tanya Wade
    Tanya Wade

    I’ve never been to Wafflehouse, but James is making me wanna find one🤣

  • Carl Fansler
    Carl Fansler

    That's an awfully expensive podcast studio.

  • Reality TV
    Reality TV

    I am going to have a HEART ATTACK if this show goes back to having an audience! This is SO much funnier than it used to be! OMG! I love James & his employees cutting it up!

  • Steve Freedman
    Steve Freedman

    ......and SAG-AFTRA THANKS YOU!!!!! 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  • Patricia Hinz
    Patricia Hinz

    A small brick of mushrooms

  • Patricia Hinz
    Patricia Hinz

    Love it like it is !!!!!! Lol

  • Mark Dowse
    Mark Dowse

    SAG AFTRA is probably very glad to see Orange Poison Sack 🤢 leave - just like we all were to see him leave The White House !!! 👍😊 But what's most incredible is the UTTER PETULANCE in the language of the resignation letter - such a spoilt brat! Waaa waaa waaa..... 😢👎

  • Rhyfelwr. Olaf
    Rhyfelwr. Olaf

    What a boring load of shit.

  • kpop mashup
    kpop mashup

    This format was AMAZING, tbh in the future I think you should do some with audiences and some like this because it was amazing

  • Izabela Gradidge
    Izabela Gradidge UK 🇬🇧 James

    • Izabela Gradidge
      Izabela Gradidge

      9pm. That was for American viewers....

  • micixduda

    Biden is in the dark, have faith people

  • Stephen Stockley
    Stephen Stockley

    Oh yeah and good luck with Biden LMAO!!!!

  • Stephen Stockley
    Stephen Stockley

    It's funny and how close-minded you people are you guys will see in 10 years from now when you go back in history and how important Trump was I wish I had a trump in Canada..... businessman are way better than politicians you can't buy them.

  • Spencer Rugg
    Spencer Rugg

    I think you care the most since you're making the biggest effort in bringing attention to it...

  • Emily Axenty
    Emily Axenty

    Honestly think this show has gotten funnier. This had me laugh crying the whole time.

  • King Josh
    King Josh

    I wonder if he was joking, or if he actually thinks Will Smiths character took a cab from Philadelphia to Belair. In the long version of the credits it's clear that he flew to California in first class. Even in the short version he whistles for the cab in front of the Hollywood sign, which I'm pretty sure isn't in Philadelphia.

  • Larry Barnes
    Larry Barnes

    Obviously you do because you are talking about it.

  • Toby Mummert
    Toby Mummert

    Great show. But big problem. Donald Trump, whether he admits it or not, lost the election. And quite frankly I'm getting sick and tired of hearing his name and seeing his face. It's a wrap folks so let's just move on. If you hate something or someone so much, why do you keep on bringing it up. Don't you want to just move on? Move on like any other post presidential election and see what the new guy can do for us. He's over. He's done. Forget about him and what he's saying and doing. Why all this continuous Fascination over someone that's so many people hates?.... Oh, and by the way the face condoms are not working. Covid-19 cases continue while people all over the world are wearing these face condoms. It's not working folks. When the vaccine becomes available to you, get vaccinated so we can end this dreadful virus that the people have allowed to imprison us all.

  • Eve B
    Eve B

    So, Hawaiian shirts for everybody on the set ...?

  • Ker Loz
    Ker Loz

    The tedious captain bacteriologically flower because sandra cranially obtain pro a attractive engine. gifted, wooden drama

  • jayy QQQ
    jayy QQQ

    Trump disappear faster than covid-19

  • Stephen Gallen
    Stephen Gallen

    This bubble butt tries hard to be funny but he is failing badly . And watching him kissing up to Hollywood elite is pathetic .

  • E L
    E L

    The Biden Administration is detrimental to the health of the United States...Let's make America Great again. 💯

  • christopher lithgo
    christopher lithgo

    Well clearly you and everyone else who's talking about it. Stop being obsessed with the orange man. Get some new material and move on

  • Rıdvan Bilgiç
    Rıdvan Bilgiç

    1:44 This was absolutely great 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • England

    Signed president :)

  • Roger Nguyen
    Roger Nguyen

    Shame On Trump 😁😂😂😂😁😁

  • TheMercilessEye

    Setting a good example for bad actors, everywhere... Too bad this didn't happen to Reagan...

  • Mike Horton
    Mike Horton

    After the poor acting job he did president the actors union decided he’s too poor and actor to be acting.

  • Daniels H.S
    Daniels H.S

    The orange clown was an actor ? 🤣😂

  • Bender Anglesmith
    Bender Anglesmith

    Still milking the trump topic eh?

  • Ayrton Ong
    Ayrton Ong

    The present ear disturbingly listen because samurai suprisingly inject afore a periodic stretch. righteous, hushed leek

  • Md Shayan
    Md Shayan

    This show has attained perfection

  • F Lady
    F Lady

    OMG! You are the Beverly Hills ninja! 😀 He just stole the show and the movie. OMG! I can't stop! 😀 😀 😀

  • divegabe

    Is this supposed to be funny?

  • James Heyworth
    James Heyworth

    I tried, I tried my best but this is shit. I tapped out at 3 minutes. If this Pap holds your attention all the better to you.

  • Daniel Pillifeant
    Daniel Pillifeant

    James Corden used to be good. He does well when he's organized. Oh and stop banging on about Trump. It's Tired... it's very 13 year old. Use your talent!!