UFC 259: Blachowicz vs Adesanya | ''Destiny Awaits'' | Extended Promo
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Here is the extended promo for Jan Blachowicz vs Israel Adesanya, enjoy!
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0:00 Israel Adesanya
4:12 Jan Blachiwicz
7:33 Blachowicz vs Adesanya
UFC 259 is headlined by a UFC Light Heavyweight Championship bout between current champion Jan Błachowicz and current UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya. If successful, Adesanya would become the fourth man to be champion in two divisions simultaneously and fifth fighter overall (after Conor McGregor at UFC 205, Daniel Cormier at UFC 226, Amanda Nunes at UFC 232 and Henry Cejudo at UFC 238), as well as the eighth person overall to win a title in different divisions. This will be the sixth time in UFC history that champions in different divisions will fight for the same title, following UFC 94, UFC 205, UFC 226, UFC 232 and UFC Fight Night: Cejudo vs. Dillashaw. A UFC Women's Featherweight Championship bout between the current champion Amanda Nunes (also the current UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion) and former Invicta FC Featherweight Champion Megan Anderson will serve as the co-main event, and a UFC Bantamweight Championship bout between current champion Petr Yan and Aljamain Sterling is expected to complete the triad of title fights.
In his UFC debut Błachowicz faced Ilir Latifi on October 4, 2014, at UFC Fight Night 53 where he won the fight via TKO in the first round. He then went on and lost to Jimi Manuwa on April 11, 2015, at UFC Fight Night 64. He also lost his following fight to Corey Anderson by unanimous decision.
On April 10, 2016, at UFC Fight Night 86, Jan beat Igor Pokrajac via unanimous decision, but lost in next two bouts against Alexander Gustafsso on September 3, 2016, at UFC Fight Night 93, and Patrick Cummins on April 8, 2017, at UFC 210.
After returning to his original coach and team, Błachowicz went on and beat Devin Clark on October 21, 2017, at UFC Fight Night: Cerrone vs. Till where he won the fight via rear-naked choke submission in the second round. After this Jan secured three victories in a row when he beat Jared Cannonier on December 16, 2017, Jimi Manuwa in a rematch on March 17, 2018 and Nikita Krylov on September 15, 2018, at UFC Fight Night 136. His winning streak came to an end when he lost to
Thiago Santos on February 23, 2019, at UFC Fight Night 145. Błachowicz was caught with a counter in the third round and lost by TKO, marking the first time in his MMA career that he has been stopped due to strikes.
Błachowicz came back stronger than ever when he faced Luke Rockhold on July 6, 2019, at UFC 239 where he won the fight via knockout in the second round. He then beat Ronaldo Souza on November 16, 2019 at UFC on ESPN+ 22, and Corey Anderson on February 15, 2020 at UFC Fight Night 167 in a rematch of their previous bout. Błachowicz won the bout via first round knockout.
On September 27, 2020 at UFC 253 on Fight Island, Błachowicz faced Dominick Reyes for the vacant UFC Light Heavyweight Championship and won the fight via TKO in the second round and became the new UFC Light Heavyweight champion.
Adesanya made his debut against Rob Wilkinson on 11 February 2018, at UFC 221. He won the fight via technical knockout in the second round. Adesanya then won against Marvin Vettori by split decision at UFC on Fox 29 on April 14, 2018. In his next bout he beat Brad Tavares on 6 July 2018, at TUF 27 Finale. Adesanya then beat Derek Brunson on Nov 3 2018, at UFC 230, where he won the fight via first round TKO. Adesanya faced former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva on Feb 10 2019, in the main event of UFC 234. He won the fight via unanimous decision and both fighters were ultimately rewarded with the Fight of the Night award. After this Adesanya went on and beat Kelvin Gastelum (for the interim middleweight title), Robert Whittaker (for the undisputed middleweight title), Yoel Romero and Paulo Costa (first and second title defenses). Israel Adesanya is now expected to move up a weight class and challenge Jan Błachowicz for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship on 6 March 2021, at UFC 259.
About UFC:
UFC® is the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization. The organization produces more than 40 live events annually in some of the most prestigious arenas around the world, while broadcasting to nearly one billion TV households across more than 171 countries. UFC’s athlete roster features the world’s best MMA athletes representing more than 72 countries. The organization’s digital offerings include UFC FIGHT PASS®, one of the world’s leading streaming services for combat sports. UFC is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information, visit UFC.com and follow UFC at Facebook.com/UFC, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram: @UFC.

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    Eugene & Izzy is like Dr Dre n Eminem.

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    Jan's growl at 11:01 reminded me of why I don't fight for a living 😅 I'm good with spectating like everyone else

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    I dont like this guy i wanna rearrangehis face brazilian accent lol a funny man but a strong man izzy

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    Rock girl

    This will be one of the greatest title fights of the year.

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    My thoughts: Yan won by knockout at second round.

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    Israel will gonna die this time..that's for sure💪

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  • Patrick Nwadibie
    Patrick Nwadibie

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    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      This will be one of the greatest title fights of the year.

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    Prayush Rajbhandari

    Let's Go Jan Everyone is choosing Izzy I will bet on Jan Ready to shock the World

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    james solomon

    Izzy win. No 🧢

  • Anderson Azevedo
    Anderson Azevedo

    Adesanya said “muscle don’t win fights” but pushing power does. Alex Pereira proved that to him.

  • Anderson Azevedo
    Anderson Azevedo

    Yeah but this will be a different creature Adesanya will be facing.

    • Kynam Van
      Kynam Van

      The problem is that Israel can improve his skill exponentially with every fights. He might be completely different from the time when he was fighting Paula. Either way this is clearly a good challenge for both guys.


    God bless Mr Israel .... Afrikane power.

  • Gamingturtle

    feel like this is one of those, if jan wins he gains nothing because adasanja is a middleweight fighter but if adasanja wins he gains a lot more.

    • Gamingturtle

      @Kynam Van but the excuse critics will be that adasanja is a middleweight. im not saying he will not prove something im saying he will not get the respect he deserves if he does it.

    • Kynam Van
      Kynam Van

      What do you mean by saying Jan will gain nothing from this fight? If he won, he would be the first fighter in UFC history to actually defeat Israel and also gain his firstt successful title defense. That is not something to be taken lightly.

  • Israel Guzman
    Israel Guzman

    Hes gonna have to get use to moving in that weight this will be a good fight

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    For the first time, this fight looks like an uphill battle for Adesanya. Running around like chicken won't work this time for him.

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    Jack Brian

    I'm from Manchester and I wud have been a great fighter in Boxing or UFC but I was stopped due to a health problem. I loved training and perfecting my body to look amazing I still did it but cudnt take it further to make fights and make money. I have a body that girls can't stop drooling over if take my top off girls can't stop looking they get wet for real I'm not joking I have had girls say I picked the wrong boyfriend after they saw me topless

  • Milan Stojčić
    Milan Stojčić

    Adesanya is natural born Winner, he is already one off the greatest fighter ewer in clas of Nurmagomedov, Miočić, Jones

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    Miro Skarpa

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  • Nico Loco
    Nico Loco

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  • Tyler Hauk
    Tyler Hauk

    When Jan throws punches they look so gritty and visceral, like they look like they would hurt! When Izzy throws its technical and pretty and I'm always so surprised how much damage he gives when it doesn't look like it would be that bad.

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    Ebo Good

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  • stoop dogg
    stoop dogg

    I wasnt sure if I like Adesanya (I know Adesanya wont care anyways), but I lost my respect to him for sure when I saw that he humped his opponent. people like this go far, but then get taken down to earth just like mcgregor. even if costa disrespected him hard, he got down to his level and showed how much of a douche he is. Its sad cuz I like that he names himself stylebender (am a avatar fan) and does dance (krump, maybe other styles too) since Im a dancer too. But he is way tooo cocky and disrespectful. you see in multiple cases how often it backfires.

    • EdAn EdAn
      EdAn EdAn

      Bro no one gives af. No one cares about who you respect. You are not as important as you think you are. Stop focusing on others actions and fulfill your own legacy.

  • Abe Snayke
    Abe Snayke

    Adesanya has such a great collection of wins. All good or great fighters.

  • diego medina
    diego medina

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  • Jay R
    Jay R

    Whoever wins please call out Jon Jones. Please. Jon needs to fight these guys at 205. If Izzy wins he's arguably the P4P king. Jon needs to fight him. If Jan beats Izzy he's obviously a monster. Jon needs to fight him. He ran away from Reyes. C'mon.

    • Kynam Van
      Kynam Van

      The problem is Jon Jones doesn't want to fight anyone even at middleweight or light heavyweight division. He has vacated his belt for no reason and it seemed that he is going for the heavyweight division.

  • Maciej Ce
    Maciej Ce

    Blachowicz win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I love to watch this promo videos ! Such a quality !!! THX Let's go JAN

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    Brilliant video and I think it’s going to be a brilliant fight....

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    seriously how do you pick a winner of this fight

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    Dovrà affrontare la potenza polacca attenzione...😉

  • 6400loser

    UFC Apex octagon is 44% smaller in area compared to a standard octagon... I've been a fan of Adesanya since Glory (tbh it took me a long time to come around to MMA from pure striking), but I'm seriously worried about his prospects. Drastically changing the ring size like that will force him to engage more often and at timings/spacings he may not be used to.

  • Hello there
    Hello there

    What music did u use for izzys part?

    • Hello there
      Hello there

      @AXIOM COMBAT thank you


      Vanguard, Jo Blankenburg

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    I believe in the Hokage

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    I don't know why but I just can't get hyped for this fight 😂 it's a number 1 contender fight

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    Thiago Show

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    Slamrice Official

    Anybody know who made the music for this?

    • Slamrice Official
      Slamrice Official

      @AXIOM COMBAT thanks a lot


      Track names pops up in the bottom left corner whenever there’s a new song playing. First one is Vanguard by Jo Blankenburg

  • badger jamees
    badger jamees

    Id like to see Israel get his ass handed to him. Theres always someone who is better and will beat your ass.

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  • Fredo Tre
    Fredo Tre

    I dont know much about the polish guy but izzy is battle tested has good fight perception my one critique would be his leg strikes be more versatile. (Imagine If those legs kick from Paulo would have landed as straight kicks to the chin like a stiff jab )

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    Grzegorz Światkowski

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  • Hirtzler

    Jans power is going to be too much for somebody already on the smaller side going up a weightclass. Izzy i think bit off more than he can chew and will get ran through. With that said i hope izzy wins because hes a star.

  • William Thompson
    William Thompson

    "muscles dont win fights". francis : hold my beer

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  • Gregory Williams
    Gregory Williams

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  • KuttyJoe

    Gotta admit though, Blachowicz stopped Reyes while Jones's win is debatable. I think though that Jones was scared of losing the title so he didn't really want to engage. It's not like he was fighting to get the title. It's hard to imagine that Blachowicz could remotely defeat Jon Jones.

  • Nathanael Salazar
    Nathanael Salazar

    I want adesanya to win.. so he can hopefully fight Jon Jones.. but idk.. he’s cocky, I want him to lose too

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