UK VS US Domino's Food Wars
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UK VS US Domino's Food Wars

  • Tanveer Ahmed
    Tanveer Ahmed

    JJ:its probably because Everyone:no

  • Hairabella

    Me as a worker there 😂

  • Josh Byrne
    Josh Byrne

    JJ shut up I’m trying to listen

  • Carbon

    US: OOH THE PERIODIC TABLE that will go nice in a pizza

  • Aryan Shah
    Aryan Shah

    I literally just got a Pizza Hut ad at 13:45 ish

  • Noah Owen
    Noah Owen

    JJ going crazy about the fact there’s ascorbic and folic acid in the food when he doesn’t know that they are just vitamin c and b9

  • Nish T
    Nish T

    For anyone wondering, the reason why the dominos pizza boxes are "sweating" is because the drivers have their delivery bags that ensure that the pizzas stay warm inside so that customers are satisfied when the pizza arrives.

  • JamesTheTsundere

    the American don is so cringe, he is like every cringe American who keeps trying to one up the UK "our slices are cut neatly" JUST SHUT UP MAN

  • JamesTheTsundere

    the both has one similarity...........they are both shit not even worth being dog food.

  • Shashwat Rathore
    Shashwat Rathore

    America: Yo what the f they doing over there in UK UK: Yo what the f they doing over there in US

  • Jonathan Almeida
    Jonathan Almeida

    Simon throughout the video is sooooo jealous they all know Americans have better food

  • Donald st. amour
    Donald st. amour

    Jj you calling us large. Look at yourself homie you are big.

    • Donald st. amour
      Donald st. amour

      Ethan it’s a pizza joint throw your chicken in a garbage

  • Patrick Rudd
    Patrick Rudd

    The U.S. does not put all those chemicals in the dough.

    • God_ _Siddq
      God_ _Siddq

      Clearly do

  • sirstatetheobvo

    i used to deliver for dominos they just try and get it in a heat bag asap to keep it hottter longer

  • Shane

    Me watching this while fasting: 👁👄👁 💧💧

    • Loomz Sr
      Loomz Sr

      for real lmao

  • Veer Kissoon
    Veer Kissoon

    UK give me some wheat and flour US give me my period table of elements

  • Alex Spartichino
    Alex Spartichino

    Ngl I really wish I could have a us dominoes rn lmao

  • Jackhandsley Derby ramz
    Jackhandsley Derby ramz

    If uk did a salad it would be like 12 quid z🤣

  • me

    American: * *says anything* * Simon: eugh that’s disgusting

  • V STAN
    V STAN

    Aren't the U.S. and UK kind of close in charts in terms of obesity and overweight percentages but the U.S. has a much larger population which translates to more fat people than the UK

  • McGoalpost331

    Dominos is garbage I’m from north new Jersey and the pizza in north nj and nyc is the best in the world. Whenever we order pizza we don’t even think about getting dominos

  • Soccer news News
    Soccer news News

    There should be a new periodic table just for all the ingredients in a domino’s pizza

  • Blue Sun
    Blue Sun

    “No brains just vibes” as an American yes that’s all we are

  • Kenney Oakwood
    Kenney Oakwood

    JJ: Why is america trying to kill their own people. Me: Fuck you, don't hate on my happiness...🍔🍟🍩🌮🍕🌭🥪😁

    • Kenney Oakwood
      Kenney Oakwood

      @JustASaltyBoi right.... because everyone whos ever eaten fast food automatically dies of heart failure.

    • JustASaltyBoi

      Dying of heart failure isn't happiness

  • mirza akwal
    mirza akwal

    love how they’re just names of vitamins but they’re scared due to ‘acid’ lol

  • dex14

    We need a KFC food wars

  • You’re Just Childish
    You’re Just Childish

    American Domino’s pizzas look 🤢🤮

  • Sarah Zaoui
    Sarah Zaoui

    you can get a 20 inch pizza at your nearest big John's for 12.99 America got nothing on us

  • Adam Dot Com
    Adam Dot Com

    Bruh all their “exclusives” are available in every Saudi store except for the brownies ice cream and coleslaw

  • Christopher Morales
    Christopher Morales

    Bro of all the things JJ got pissed off at folic acid? Bro it's just vitamin B

  • James Wilkinsonfitness
    James Wilkinsonfitness

    Sainsbury pizza is mint especially meat feast

  • Julius Godwin
    Julius Godwin

    Wtf did no one see enzymes 😂😂😂

  • Spazz

    Literally thousands of people arguing over food and vitamins 🙄😂 Jesus loves y’all man😭✊🏾❤️

    • JustASaltyBoi

      If he let's USA pizza exist, then he fucking hates us

  • Spazz

    This video created a lot of division in the comments I feel like if maybe they came at the video a little less biased but this is a prime example of what’s wrong with the world

  • Dean Simon
    Dean Simon

    £14 18 p


    England :let me get some flour and yeast America :let me get the 118 elements and 4000 grams of heroine

  • Shane Schroeder
    Shane Schroeder

    that why i don't like the domino's in america

  • Nicola Van Staden
    Nicola Van Staden

    Luckily I live in South Africa and not in the US

  • Austin Schaafsma
    Austin Schaafsma

    Tbh I reckon the Australian Domino's would clap both of them ngl

  • Connie March
    Connie March


  • Joel A
    Joel A

    4:48 lol “monumentally”

    • Joel A
      Joel A

      9:59 a bit of dolphin

    • Joel A
      Joel A


    • Joel A
      Joel A

      7:43 some of the L16

    • Joel A
      Joel A


  • Armin Zeqiri
    Armin Zeqiri

    bro forget us u can get a large pizza for 5 euros here

  • steve

    did i just hear behz saying the n word?????

  • Tobias Liebermann
    Tobias Liebermann

    When they list the American ingredients. They go much deeper than the UK which is why the lists are so much longer

  • Nyah Clark
    Nyah Clark

    The fact that there is skin care products containing concentrates of BHA america are you ok 🤭

  • Nando Fando
    Nando Fando

    USA >>>>>>>>>>>> UK

    • JustASaltyBoi

      Yeah, definitely not

  • iCentrino

    Can you guys do react to UK vs USA KFC pleaseee :((

  • The toxic assasin
    The toxic assasin

    is everyone going to just avoid the fact that US pizza has cellulose FYI cellulose cant be digested by the human body due to the loss of enzymes

  • Pete Sabbus
    Pete Sabbus

    Culture is some specific bacteria they put into cheese to get different flavors. So mozzarella has som specific cultures and brie have some different once

  • PePe

    During this entire thing i just wish that JJ would stfu

    • PePe

      Louder than a fucking lawn mower

  • Jay Anderson
    Jay Anderson

    In New Zealand it 5$ from dominos and it’s a regular

  • cod

    would love to see another food wars reaction :)

  • Arav Gupta
    Arav Gupta

    Lmfao whos gonna tell em all these minerals vitamins and chemicals are in our everyday food as well and are just fancy names for them

  • JR

    This man just enforces my dislike for Americans

  • Bentley Steger
    Bentley Steger

    But it’s still good

  • cnote

    who’s going to explain that all those random things are just fancy names for vitamins and we list all of our ingredients.

  • Coney

    I love how dominoes is so popular in the UK and it is in the US too, but it’s considered to be one of the worst pizza chains. Pizza Hut might be the only place worse.

  • Rokker

    The amount of bias is so annoying


    I lost it at 7:40 omg the iodine part 🤣

  • Benjamin Cunningham
    Benjamin Cunningham

    Is it weird that Ben and Jerrys was invented in Vermont in the USA but US dominos does not serve it?

  • jaysoup

    Someone count how many times Ethan says bro 😂

  • Kanishka Sarkar
    Kanishka Sarkar

    7:53 Fun Fact: Ascorbic Acid is the most dominant acid found in Pepsi and Coca Cola ;)

  • Aryan proz
    Aryan proz

    Do KFC Uk vs USA

  • Username

    When u kind of like that at least someone is offended for us. Americans lol “Folic acid?!” It’s in everything. Just look at the preservatives.

  • Username

    Ahhaa this is hilarious as an American- er -experiments

  • cheeky uk
    cheeky uk

    I order italian crust everytime im having dominos-

  • Lucky Shark
    Lucky Shark

    They make our also look bad witch it is but they say no ingredients in the uk version

  • Lucky Shark
    Lucky Shark

    All that stuff in the pizza and it still tastes like cardboard

  • loserless

    "Yeah fuck it this green stuff looks sick"

  • rektoman11

    That many chemicals in pizzas? Jeeeez

  • Lil Rang45
    Lil Rang45

    *Ethan orders dominos after the video*

  • Flame Gamer
    Flame Gamer

    Half the shit listed is contained in the British versions, they just don't have to list them smh


    Hey btw just your friendly neighborhood delivery guy letting you know that a delivery charge is not a tip and none of that goes to the driver please tip especially during COVID times where delivery is essential

  • Luqman


  • chris lawson
    chris lawson

    Lower ksi mic for fuck sake my neighbor s can hear him

  • chris lawson
    chris lawson

    Why do i have to adjust my volume every time jj talks????????


    Me about to say US bezingha should be on TLC and then JJ BEAT ME TO IT 😟😢😢

  • Yousif Alhagr
    Yousif Alhagr

    the sweet icing looks hella sus

  • Justin Phang
    Justin Phang

    i got a pizza hut ad whilst watching this

  • Harold Saxon
    Harold Saxon

    America says: why do we have a fat stereotype Their food: CHEMICALS

  • Inverse Echo
    Inverse Echo

    Ethan: they do whatever they want. Did he forget that the us is a “free country” 😂

  • Gabriel Reed
    Gabriel Reed

    You can see Ethan mouth watering when they brought out the American desserts

  • Raizel Senrou
    Raizel Senrou

    I keep getting pizza hut ads lmao

  • TKM

    i wanna go america lol

  • Joseph Brown
    Joseph Brown

    Us Dominos is a science fair of its own.

  • Joseph Brown
    Joseph Brown

    2:11 of course the American already took a bite of his pizza.

    • metallicweeb

      hahaha 😐

  • Morgan Statham
    Morgan Statham

    Let's hope they watch the Five Guys episode next...

  • Infernal

    Lmao reading all these triggered Americans comments is too funny

  • CrazeyP

    Marbel cookies and chocolate lava cakes r the best

  • Russell Bean
    Russell Bean

    That’s cap we have personal pizzas in the us🤦‍♂️

  • Brain FM - Music for Relaxation and Stress Relief
    Brain FM - Music for Relaxation and Stress Relief

    Hi, how are you? A good video, thank you for sharing. Have an awesome week!

  • Damien Houser
    Damien Houser

    Wait a damn minute you’ll have chicken strips at dominoes in the UK WHAAAA

  • Adam Taylor
    Adam Taylor

    the dude reppin us in the uk sounds depressed af all the time, get someone lively in!

  • Sebastian Gandolfi
    Sebastian Gandolfi

    When you’re italian and get insulted by some english lads for your crust🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Makenzie Kobe
    Makenzie Kobe

    This is why I make my own food 😂😂😂 America is tryna fat people up

  • OrangMail 73004
    OrangMail 73004

    They aren’t trying to kill us, we’ve gotten use to all of the chemicals, were kind of invincible plus most of the people I know aren’t large except a couple of people and I’m 16 and still weigh 142 lbs

  • Mohammed imad
    Mohammed imad

    Imagine american chefs in chemistry American chefs: we will kill the population with food Assassasins: how American chef : i paid attention in chemistrey

  • Christie Nina
    Christie Nina

    America is required by law to enrich all wheat flour. They are freaking out over B vitamins in the flour.

  • Hansen Edits
    Hansen Edits

    Bro the U.K. guy just read the normal ingredients but the us guy went into what makes up each ingredient just to make it seem like there’s way more shit in America’s

  • moe.q

    We have the kickers in saudi too :)