UK vs US McDonalds
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UK vs US McDonalds

  • Blue Goggy
    Blue Goggy

    Ethan: "Why you putting sugar in my burger fam" 😂😂😂😂

  • Rosie Carson
    Rosie Carson

    Ethans mood towards Americans is me 😭😭🙌🏻

  • Geno V3
    Geno V3

    Are we going to address the rapeseed?

  • DoxyFN

    A litre of Coke HOLLYYYYY

  • XtermiNater

    bro if you’re British and you come to the USA for the first time and your used to ordering in large,hands-down you will have a heart attack

  • C

    I swear the US guy was such a bish lol

  • TG G O O G I E
    TG G O O G I E

    “Why you putting sugar in my burger fam” 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Donald st. amour
    Donald st. amour

    Don’t worry we atleast say state facts. You all hiding your info.

  • Donald st. amour
    Donald st. amour

    The 20 and 40 are packs are meals usually for a fam that’s why they there individually packed

  • hussain khan
    hussain khan

    He basically said that Americans are fat

  • Ch1mpzWRLD

    10:43 I’m dead

  • Phāntøm /
    Phāntøm /

    Me in Ramadan (fasting) watching this and the first thing I hear is "We're all hungry" and then seeing a burger.

    • random guy
      random guy


  • Mackensie Bullington
    Mackensie Bullington

    I've made a McGriddle at home once, it was soooooo good! And I didn't even feel gross after like McDonalds.

  • Milosツ

    do you guys have boba in the u.s or u.k? speaking from hong kong

  • Kokichi Oma Likes Panta
    Kokichi Oma Likes Panta

    USA: has more in everything Me: no wonder obesity in the USA is so high

  • Veer Kissoon
    Veer Kissoon

    since when a burger has more than 10 12 ingredients

  • Angel

    We fat.

  • Angel

    Why they so salty 😂😂

  • Jackhandsley Derby ramz
    Jackhandsley Derby ramz

    Why does Harry sound like callux

  • Daddy Yanan
    Daddy Yanan

    I live in America and I fucking hate fake American cheese lol

  • Generallamas Llamas
    Generallamas Llamas

    Fun fact in CANADA in a few McDonald’s There are extra large products

  • Jacob Yates
    Jacob Yates

    That’s the US for you

  • Attention

    I like how Simon gets pissed

  • Krixh.5

    India follows the UK style of serving sizes

  • Lynrix

    That guy in the red shirt looks like Lazarbeam dad

  • Exotic

    Tobi always flex with his hands 😂😂😂😂😂

  • AM - 06AR 780469 Roberta Bondar PS
    AM - 06AR 780469 Roberta Bondar PS

    Me, a Canadian: ._.

  • The Clean One
    The Clean One

    Bro, I’m from the US, and I didn’t even know they had some of that here😭😭

  • noob man
    noob man

    Rip americans that do depressing eating

  • david alford
    david alford

    Take a shot every time ethan says bro. Dead

  • Ardinsky

    my mcdonalds have a rice with an egg and a chili lol

  • Mike Petruccelli
    Mike Petruccelli

    Definitely have 20 box near me

  • DMV Shoe Supply
    DMV Shoe Supply

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  • AgencyVyperr

    im anoyyed how he ate the burger at the end upsidedown

  • Thomas Yaxley
    Thomas Yaxley

    England yeh we have it simple the got Gordon Ramsey cooking their stuff

  • Thomas Yaxley
    Thomas Yaxley

    This is y everyone in America is fatter than the planet

  • Dark Xerox
    Dark Xerox

    we got a 20 box well we’re i live

  • Ibrahim Hany
    Ibrahim Hany

    Rhem u may be hungry me i started eating mid vid

  • xPleonexia

    They’re missing out without a shamrock shake in the UK. Only good thing about March

  • Dusty

    Josh is Just staring at the food he couldnt say much

  • Arbnor Mustafa
    Arbnor Mustafa

    No he meant its in the menu but they dont have boxes for them

  • Joshua Garcia
    Joshua Garcia

    I live in the U.S and I didnt know about any of those exclusive Items

  • SplaggleSplat

    America will be no1 in everything including obesity

  • M_ Red
    M_ Red

    Imagen the xtra large


    US doin too much lol

  • Luca Fabretti
    Luca Fabretti

    Ethan heard Mcdoanld’s and creamed him pants. I’m joking, who all did.

  • UK Daily
    UK Daily

    Bruv I love how the Americans are like “ we are so obese we have so much we have 824 caliories in are drink “ . Bruh we try to eat healthy unlike you bruv

  • Fox-man 11
    Fox-man 11

    1:36 they see me

  • Che Barron
    Che Barron

    13:38 a biscuit is a scone in England and Ireland ur welcome

  • Ole Lange
    Ole Lange

    6:47. yo clip this

  • Fluxuate X
    Fluxuate X

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    TBH we don’t have this in the USA 😂😂

  • zwgaming

    Oh 20 chicken nuggets are a sharebox oops

  • pvezelj

    What is the 1 thing thats healthier at Mc Donald's than anywhere else in the world? The coca cola since theres so much water in it.

  • tpwk.larrystylinson

    tobi's face when they didnt have 20 or 40 boxes LOLOLOLOLOL

  • Keytoo

    I’m does have sweet and sour

    • Keytoo


  • Social

    Tbh we trying to stop obesity

  • aqua sam
    aqua sam

    I Ireland we have the shamrock shake

  • Nando Fando
    Nando Fando

    USA >>>>>>>>> Uk

  • Maybelle Trani
    Maybelle Trani

    They see me rolling 1:35

  • olive

    if vikk and harry had a child together, that child would be the uk guy

  • delforcee

    They put sugar in the dough. Come on guys ahah

  • Eric Diaz
    Eric Diaz

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  • cod

    would love to see other food wars reactions :)

  • Amoola Khanshali
    Amoola Khanshali

    To be fair, our drinks have a lot of ice in them


    Haha I’m American lol

  • KOS

    Stupid Shouldn’t Have The Irish Shamrock Shake Fecking Ejets

  • ash_ bash459 clips
    ash_ bash459 clips

    Look at the oil ingredients on the uk side at 4:59 😂😂😂😂

  • Dev

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  • Bobthreetimes

    I just now realized they don’t have Chick Fil A

  • harrison linz
    harrison linz

    most of those iced drinks on the USA side are available in australia same with the sundaes so they arent exclusive

  • Ethan Kossack
    Ethan Kossack

    It’s not sugar in the burger. It’s sugar in the sauce. Still ridiculous; you find corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup in everything here.

  • Jersey giants Fishing
    Jersey giants Fishing

    I hate how over here in the us everything is so much more unhealthy.

  • DJ Space Invaders
    DJ Space Invaders

    They got the 20 and 40 pc nuggets on the menu but the give it to you like that

  • Joel L
    Joel L

    the man said salt and vinegar 2 separate times in the US version to make us look fatter 😭

  • Elliot Miller
    Elliot Miller

    As a us resident i feel offended that he didnt mention hot cakes

  • NotLiken

    Indians be like- U guys doing comparisons

  • Mack S.L.
    Mack S.L.

    We have 20 box nuggets available lols

  • flesher junior
    flesher junior

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  • flesher junior
    flesher junior

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  • abner g
    abner g

    That's why there are so many people who get fat in the us and not un

  • Kinda sorta Equestrian
    Kinda sorta Equestrian

    “No one orders salad at McDonald’s” 7 year old me who had to order a salad cause i wasn’t able to eat anything else 😂

  • Rajj Lee
    Rajj Lee

    American Cheese is real cheese. It is an actual type and it is very yellow. I can tell you it is real because if it wasn't it would taste like wax paper because cheese that is fake here is very gross and doesn't remotely taste like cheese it tastes like sadness wrapped in plastic.

  • Jude Ake
    Jude Ake

    In the USA you’re required to list the ingredients within the ingredients

  • Matthew Lawton
    Matthew Lawton

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  • Victor Mauser
    Victor Mauser

    my dads policy on food is that if the ingredients sound like your about to summon satan or turn yourself into a lizard than no

  • Fade Away
    Fade Away

    the 🇺🇸 ppls call their green shake the shamrock but isnt that irelands nation flower

    • Max Carthy
      Max Carthy

      The shamrock isnt even a flower 😂

  • Hello Im A Commenter
    Hello Im A Commenter

    Fam what seed they using in their fries in uk

  • Jahra Jahra
    Jahra Jahra

    Bro the side menu in the US was all mostly created in Aus via McCafe so hows he gonna sit there and say only in the US

  • MKS Ritz
    MKS Ritz

    Miniminter be bias’s

  • Mihaela Dulic
    Mihaela Dulic

    at least if you like going to the McDonald's,in UK you hace less chances to get obese because of it

  • AJ

    I think my 3 year old sister has better taste in food then Simon

  • Bailey Mckeown jones
    Bailey Mckeown jones

    I’m sorry but some of the thing the call exclusive to America is not true we have some of them phaha 😂

  • AJO DoesStuff
    AJO DoesStuff

    I fucking hate how the usa guy is speaking like the usa if far far far far superior to uk. Sure the food is probably better but also the usa food comes with a heart disease which would take like £30000 to fix

  • Tr0p1c_coach

    My school doesn’t even have the amounts of stuff the fries ingredient has in them

  • Sybil Dent
    Sybil Dent

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  • Super Josh
    Super Josh

    💋 me

  • Ryder Animations and stuff 2
    Ryder Animations and stuff 2

    Canada has nothing even tho Canada is if the Uk and America has a baby

  • claudia corr
    claudia corr

    They do the shamrock shakes in Ireland!! They’re a st Patrick’s thing, they sell them for about a month

  • TKM