Undercover in Disguise as Candy Store Owner at Hacker Vampire Mansion for 24 Hours
First Matt and Rebecca created Trapped in a Sauna For 24 Hours - Best Friend Voice Reveal. Next Rebecca Zamolo uploaded Sneaking Into A Giant CANDY STORE for 24 Hours. Finally the Game Master Network made First to Escape Haunted Mini Vampire Mansion Wins. Now in order to stop the ceremony Matt and Rick Noah his best friend are going undercover in disguise as candy shop caterers at the hacker vampire mansion. If they can sneak into the security while Maddie and Rebecca set up hacker devices they might win and stop the bad kingpin. Do you think this plan will work or do you think they will be trapped. Maybe just like in Scooby Doo they can solve clues and be one step ahead of the mysterious villain. Or it might turn into a battle royale for over 24 hours. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021.
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  • Matt and Rebecca
    Matt and Rebecca

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    Rebeca isn't lying she heard voices

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    Matt and Rebecca

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    SHE IS NOT CRAZY SHE IS TELLING THE TRUTH I HEARD IT YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE HER !!!!!!! btw I love your videos so much and I have been a fan since the beginning

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    Rebecca run red hood is right behind you!!!!!

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    Rebecca isn't lying there is really noises in her Closet

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    I now know who kingpin is dainle grilfrind alley from the spyninjs read this rebacca

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    Rebecca don’t you think Alice hasn’t been there in a long time where is Alice

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      I thought Alice was gone when the did the stranger things video

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    Please don’t

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  • Zuzu’s Zone
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    Is actually the little girl from the attic and BELIEVE HER

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