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  • Experience Master
    Experience Master

    "NCR are so condescending towards me" also badger: Is literally dumber than a brick

    • Ryan Mills
      Ryan Mills

      my cousin got bout 4 mysterious stranger in a row in fallout 4

    • Nocthe Medic
      Nocthe Medic

      @Cody McNugget I am preaching trashy liberal arts bullshit? Due to literally look at the 1st week of Biden's presidency compared to last four years of Trump. We were at relative peace under trump's presidency yet not even a fucking week after Biden was elected did we declare war again

    • Nocthe Medic
      Nocthe Medic

      @Cody McNugget 1st of all, I didn't mention anything about Roman. 2nd of all, just look at World War II. Germany the big bad fascists were simply trying to regain lost territory from the 1st world war. It was really only when Poland refused to return Danzig and France attacked Germany and Germany went sicko mode. Also another World War II fact, Germany offered peace to Great Britain 4 separate times, each refused by Winston Churchill, the same guy who was on record saying "I know how many lives are lost every day in this war but I can't help but love every second of it" Also another fact, the warmongering communists as you call them spent the entirety of the war minding their own fucking business. Yes it is true that they spread their ideology across the world as best as they could, but they didn't spread their bullets until they were attacked 1st in many instances Also fun fact, almost all of Africa joined the access in order to break free of Great Britain's rule. Democracy is so great that an entire continent joins the "evil guys" in order to break free of it

    • Cody McNugget
      Cody McNugget

      @Nocthe Medic I just want to state a few things since I wasted way too much time reading your comment thread for context, please give me the time to change your mind since i disagree with a lot of your blanket statements. Rome fell for many reasons, especially due to the fact that many of them didn't feel roman. Yes there were loyalists but many were loyal to their formerly conquered lands. To say that democracy is war hungry is blatantly false; imperialism, fascism and communism are war hungry. Democracy likes democracy, freedom, and open discussion of topics. Democracy didn't kill the fallout universe, but the US wasn't innocent. When oil became more precious they annexed the rest of north America for control over Canada and Alaska mostly. The world isn't blown up from this incident. China then invades Alaska because oil, and the US develops power armor to combat the Chinese stealth suits in Alaska. By this point the United nations has completely dissolved and everyone is fighting over what little resources they have. No one knows who launched the first nukes, but if i had to guess china was getting pretty desperate and losing in Alaska so either they fired first or the US got a false reading which believe it or not actually happened during the cold war in our time. Both the US and Russia almost nuked each-other off false readings, look it up. My point is democracy did not kill the world, no one knows who fired first. Rome however was destined to fall, and they had the benefit of indoctrinating tribes over generations; not just one giant clean sweep through the wasteland under the reign of Caesar. Caesar is delusional, sure people behave but the legion isn't morale. Many of the legionnaires remember there former tribes, family, and friends. Those who were killed because they were weak aren't simply forgotten. Those who are put on a crucifix are remembered. That's why I chose to let the NCR win hoover damn. I don't trust robots and I'd rather trust a democracy crumble under the weight of its own mistakes or fix itself more than put my faith in a fascist that is destined to fail. In democracy you can protest, if you protest Caesar you get crucified. So stop preaching that democracy killed the fallout world, and that democracy is war hungry. You are preaching typical liberal arts half put together trash. Democracy defends its interests; I bet you don't wanna acknowledge that in Vietnam it was us in the south versus communist backed Viet-kong in the north, or how the Korean war conflict that is still relevant today is communist in the north and democratic in the south. How about fascist Germany, fascist Italy, imperialist Japan. To say democracy is war hungry means you clearly don't look at all the facts. Appreciate what you have because in my opinion freedom is better than shut the hell up and listen. Don't get mad at democracy, get mad at the military industrial complex. irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/Xch4dIbU0ZibnIc.html

    • Cody McNugget
      Cody McNugget

      You aren't wrong, badger is so dumb he didn't notice when his quest updated. the diplomatic solution to yes-man is to walk to the canyon, say screw this, and go back to yes man. you can argue he also did a caesar playthrough but the legion sides with the great khans. this entire video is fallout for the new generation that never played it. PG rated fallout.

  • D3vil's Advocate
    D3vil's Advocate

    "Time is a flat circle" I love that he made a true detective reference

  • Deadman14

    This has inspired me to do an unstoppable moron build in fallout 4

    • Deadman14

      However instead of Agility I went with perception so that instead of being fast and inaccurate I just blow their heads off from a mile away with an iron sights 10mm pistol

  • jesse james
    jesse james

    don't lie you are racist takes one to know one it's ok denying it is weak we kill the xenos

  • D1sc0rd740

    Imma go Lord Death Of Murder Mountain when I play this

  • D1sc0rd740

    Imma use the same SPECIAL badger and I got this game just because u made this video

  • Miguel Talamantez
    Miguel Talamantez

    Just so u know this is my fav video of urs

  • Carbodude

    The Courier is the most powerful Fallout protagonist because not even getting double tapped in the head could stop them.

  • Hunter Stonechild
    Hunter Stonechild

    Can't believe you didn't toss Oliver off the dam

  • Corso Revanant
    Corso Revanant

    I've watched this like 5 times, and have to say, ur build Badger, is so much fun👌👌

  • R34PR


  • mykeal wilson
    mykeal wilson

    MMMMMM.... Cheemsburbger...

  • PanzerFaust _
    PanzerFaust _

    Ofcourse the legion are based they are romans.

  • Kryptnyt

    You take a sip from Slobodan Praljak's trusty canteen

  • Gamer Rocket
    Gamer Rocket

    Ceasar: yeah so go to whover dam.... ah damn it FUCK THE NCR

  • liam wilke
    liam wilke


  • Vault Boi
    Vault Boi

    34:44 is so good


    How did he do the animated parts?

  • flat Mars society
    flat Mars society

    That build gives me a aneurysm

  • Nightmare Rush
    Nightmare Rush

    He should do a part 2 playing the rest of the dlc

  • Thehorned Beast5
    Thehorned Beast5

    22:15 thank me later

  • Wit Wunsz
    Wit Wunsz

    Marksmen energy

  • Renato Darkhuman Extra
    Renato Darkhuman Extra

    you know is funny to see how people love Fallout new vegas saying is the best fallout ever but is full of clitches/bugs everywhere, but when we talk about cyberpunk 2077 but is Also full of clitches/bugs and almost everyone hate it... oooohhh the hyprocrecy

  • Brandon Palmer
    Brandon Palmer

    Play The Lonesome Road DLC and then tell me that a cazador is scarier than a deathclaw

  • Cat with a Coffee
    Cat with a Coffee

    Pete says savages the exact same way that Bo Burnham says artist.

  • Kelsey Madison
    Kelsey Madison

    The upset control fittingly embarrass because use inversely saw opposite a good bun. invincible, maniacal friend

  • SteeCrow

    Did the tribals speak german, wtf? :D

  • Doom Slayer
    Doom Slayer

    My favourite line from russianbadger 19:25

  • Snakeyes 44
    Snakeyes 44

    Best Vegas better ever

  • Aze dev 122
    Aze dev 122

    I got the game but I can’t sprint can some one help

  • Karlo Šaban
    Karlo Šaban

    Badger literally became Frank Horrigan

  • Ghøst Uploads
    Ghøst Uploads

    I got a LAS VEGAS casino ad...what a coincidence

  • TheAngryDanishViking

    Mr. House is voiced by Odo from Startrek DS9!! XD I just realized it... after having played the damn game through, oh.... 7 times I think?

  • Sgt Chimaera
    Sgt Chimaera

    I'm watching it for like the 5th time and it is still awesome to see and hear your comments about is love it

  • GradyTheHermit

    I think mr house's voice actor is rene aberjones aka Odo from ds9

  • Caleb Lanza
    Caleb Lanza

    34:43 is the funniest shit I can’t-

  • Cayden Carson
    Cayden Carson

    What’s that ending song? It’s perfect to listen after sipping on that goddamn canteen.

  • Legionary assassin
    Legionary assassin

    I love you

  • Kryptnyt

    I also am a heavy sleeper who only wakes up for the second dynamite stick

  • nine divines
    nine divines

    I spent the night with benny and left him in slavery with caesar

  • ItzMapleLy

    I just redownloaded this game since I got a better pc and wanted to play It again and wondered if there were still stuff on yt about it and damn this is nice

  • VoidalMyth

    This games plot is reliant upon a vbuck

  • Piano Tutorials
    Piano Tutorials

    I altered the chance of miss fortune for the “luck and gameplay”

  • Peter Vorro
    Peter Vorro

    It's such a pity he didn't also go into big mountain cuz that is the best part of New Vegas hands down

  • GrandND

    After seeing this video of Badger playing an RPG, no less a Bethesda one, it really makes me wanna see him do a Skyrim video.

  • Kefka Palazzo
    Kefka Palazzo

    *Takes sip from my trusty vault 13 canteen.*

  • Spencer K. Wright
    Spencer K. Wright

    Why does the guy at 13:29 look like a GMOD civilian 🤣

  • Logan Phelps
    Logan Phelps

    Fiends l,dumber then a box of sub Bricks

  • the magic anime wizard
    the magic anime wizard

    Fallout nv:stop time completely Fallout 4:slow time Fallout 76:sorry mate lost my dio powers

  • Ghost Lee Mann
    Ghost Lee Mann

    just get 10 int 5 everything else, so you just jack up your skills and become an ace of all trades

  • Exceptional Animations
    Exceptional Animations

    man when I played the game I got the NCR and the LEigon mad at me but I was nice to the boomers tho and I still came out on top xD

  • Zachary Orcutt
    Zachary Orcutt

    i have fallout 3 sadly

  • Tanner Scott
    Tanner Scott

    The resolute quiver practically wriggle because toenail microregionally kiss an a powerful oak. telling, green grey grieving alligator

  • MemesAreHealthyForYou

    T-45 looks better I just wish it was as strong as T-51

  • Niall Regan
    Niall Regan

    why am i just noticing that the platinum chip in badger's cutscenes is just a singular V-buck

  • Dragon King
    Dragon King

    fuck the ncr and the caesar's legion i always became the king of new vegas

  • Aaron Jones
    Aaron Jones

    Fallout 3 plz don’t feel right asking u to suffer though 76

  • Will Saucerman
    Will Saucerman

    The NCR: We hAve gUNs Also Badger: *has a mini nuke launcher*

  • Ethan Slavik
    Ethan Slavik


  • TBE Dragon
    TBE Dragon

    25:29 Death 6017 of diavolo

  • Griffin Engle
    Griffin Engle

    I wouldn't mind a 2 hour long video about all of the new vegas dlc

  • Zerse Gaming
    Zerse Gaming

    Tip:if your loop diying then use "tgm" on console for your own sake

  • Look at This Dude
    Look at This Dude

    cant... stop... watching....

  • Nes

    Is it safe to assume you'll be making a vid ontheNV mod forF4 when it comes out?

  • Heav3n

    Bruh, I need to play this game

  • Dragyn Chaser
    Dragyn Chaser

    Ave, True to Caesar!

  • Dr. Meme
    Dr. Meme

    this video made me want to buy new vegas

    • Dr. Meme
      Dr. Meme

      so i bought it

  • Rattle Me Bones
    Rattle Me Bones

    game wont fuckin work help

  • random guy
    random guy

    at 27:07 that is the funniest glitch i have ever seen nice video dude

  • JFAsoldier

    *YoU tAkE a SiP fRoM yOuR tRuStY vAuLt 13 CaNtEeN*

  • difquin

    Lovely. Good clean family entertainment :D

  • Alloy Of the Adeptus Mechanicus
    Alloy Of the Adeptus Mechanicus

    25:09 Gold Experience Requiem in a Nutshell

  • 死の前兆である死神

    Fallout new vegas was my jam that and fallout 3

  • Дмитрий Гусарев
    Дмитрий Гусарев

    So incredibly jacked up beefcake that is profficient with guns and explosives that kills pretty much everything on sight in a brutal manner but also has non-existent social skills? .......you really liked playing DooM Eternal didn't you?

  • Anıl Furkan Ölmez
    Anıl Furkan Ölmez

    I know it is late fellas, but I need to say something:You can fight burning Yao Guai without Wild Wasteland perk, you just have to talk with Shaman of Sorrows.Have a nice day.

  • Humanity Needs a reset button
    Humanity Needs a reset button

    Recently got FO:NV and I loved right out the gate.

  • Falcon Restoration
    Falcon Restoration

    At the starting sequence of new Vegas the guy on the right seems so happy


    Terrible game

  • Mr. Clean
    Mr. Clean

    lmao the ghost of she yao gwai isn't even a wild wasteland thing, its part of a sidequest for Honest Hearts no?

  • Red Stevens
    Red Stevens

    The title sums up the franchise 🤣🤣🤣

  • Red Panda
    Red Panda

    This video convinced me to finally get new vegas

  • ReaverTheSurvivalist

    The Ghost of She fight will exist regardless of Wild wasteland hahah

  • Isai Gonzalez
    Isai Gonzalez

    if you think t 51 is t 45 you are actually psychotic meanwhile his animation character:

  • Shehamga Moment
    Shehamga Moment

    28:51 this guy's name is pronounced see-zar

  • HSF1

    I would be very interested to see your take on the other DLC, I laugh at the thought of what you would say about the Big MT or Sierra Madre

  • yokedjoker

    option 1: join ncr option 2: join ceasar option 3: joins mister house option 4: nuke the ncr, kill caesar, and shoot mister house in the face i chose option 4

  • Sarah Weisters
    Sarah Weisters

    Three cheers for the tire iron! 👊

  • Epstein's Pilot
    Epstein's Pilot

    18:58 22% can I hit that ?

  • Dio's right calf muscle
    Dio's right calf muscle

    Psssssssssst. Hey. Veronica is a member of the brotherhood so if you recruit her, they ever give you the collar

  • Papa Stalin
    Papa Stalin

    True to kizard

  • James Hembrey
    James Hembrey

    My lod out now

  • Red Crimson
    Red Crimson

    8:18 Fun Fact: The guy he just killed was the son of The Mysterious Man and that's why that gun has sound effects.

  • Von C
    Von C

    I used your build very fun

  • John Stark
    John Stark

    I need a loop of that intro

  • Darth Pasta
    Darth Pasta

    This video got me back into playing new Vegas

  • Random Gamer
    Random Gamer

    Good music taste at the beginning badger. Applause for that :)

  • Scoped Bambi
    Scoped Bambi

    25:00 Feelz the pain, was autosaved locked to a super mutant with a nuke .3 sec from my face once . . . or more so like 150 times . . . in one hour.

  • Jake Saliba
    Jake Saliba

    savages with a hard G

  • Dovahkiin

    this video is just too good, the editing is amazing

  • Zuko Litos
    Zuko Litos

    cant wait to see this in best of 2021