WandaVision - 1x5 On a Very Special Episode - Group Reaction
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  • iCON Pepelepew
    iCON Pepelepew

    22:50 "YES!!!!!" She's like hurry tf up and say it! lol

  • AlphaJL

    20:06 the first girl reaction was the same as mine 🤣

  • LittleVidds

    that dog is so cute. i was focusing on the dog the whole time lmao

  • umu hani
    umu hani

    “I thought I’d prepared you” lmaaoo

  • Karabo Lefa
    Karabo Lefa

    Why are their reactions so dry

  • S. O'Sullivan
    S. O'Sullivan

    So in the comics, Wanda magic created Billy and Tommy in House of M, and then when that broke apart, their souls which she stole from Mephisto, were reincarnated and the characters Billy Kaplan and Tommy Shepard, who are soul twins but also not twins, and become the heroes Wiccan and Speed

  • blueskies

    LMAO @20:06!!!

  • ZariDV

    The accent thing has been throwing off a lot of people but I don't think it's as big a deal within the show as some made it out to be. I think it's a purposeful acting choice that mirrors what is happening in the town. Everything within the barrier conforms to classic American sitcoms of different eras; the clothes, advertisements, decor, everything. Even things from the outside get warped to fit. The accent is just another facet of American sitcom since none of those sitcoms would have a character with a Sokovian accent. Her natural accent doesn't fit so the world warps it. Even the way they talk changes from one decade to the next. I don't think her natural accent comes back because she's being threatening or an antagonist. I think it comes back because something happened to take her out of that reality enough that she's remembering the real world and she's pulled out of the immersion of the sitcom world enough that, for those moments, she's herself again. It just so happens that the real her is angry, hurt, upset and ready to lash out at anyone who threatens her happy idyllic world.

  • Desi Stark
    Desi Stark

    Damn well if she brought Evan Peters Quicksilver imagine her meeting Dark Phoenix

  • Jeremy Earley
    Jeremy Earley

    I might be slow, but when Darcy says "She recast Pietro?" Is that them confirming that Aaron Taylor-Johnson was what he looked like instead of Evan Peters and that the X-Men movies or a different universe or something? 😅

  • Ximien Lundquist
    Ximien Lundquist

    Lmfao the Normies use so many meta details about the show to predict what's going to happen that they just randomly guess the twists sometimes. Good job Suraj on the prediction, but it's so damned lucky, man haha

  • seven tang
    seven tang

    No no no, the first cross-over would the samurai guy played by Hiroyuki Sanada where we saw him fighting with Ronin(Hawkeye) in Japan in "Avengers: End game". He first appears in "The Wolverine (2013)" also as a samurai guy.

  • Rain Bow
    Rain Bow

    Chris and Suraj are the beeest 😂😂 they're so mind blown by Quick as I was 😳 25:34 dude 😂😂

  • Wodz30

    @7:57 the opening is VERY OBVIOUSLY Growing Pains. But the episode is also an homage to Family Ties. Each decade is the most iconic sitcom and Growing Pains checks that box!

    • Wodz30

      1960 - I love lucy, Dick Van Dyke, Bewitched 1970 - Mary Tyler Moore and ?? 1980 - Growing Pains/Family Ties 1990 - Full House and ?? 2000 - Malcolm in the middle 2010 - Modern Family For the openings, the FONTS and SONG melodys match or are close

  • David Yodo
    David Yodo

    Best line ever from Darcy 20:23 Holy shit The Universe is Connected now....

  • jonathan powell
    jonathan powell

    Days of Future Past was the 1970’s NOT 80’s.

  • jonathan powell
    jonathan powell

    The opening credits were ‘Family Ties’ starring Michael J. Fox.

  • Matt Cline
    Matt Cline

    I think the 80's show you were thinking of was Family Ties for the opening credits.

  • serenityq26

    its just like when jean grey became phoenix. her powers got so massive she could use her telekinesis to rearrange matter on a molecular level. instead of moving the whole object she moves the molecules that make it causing it to change

  • serenityq26

    nah. its obviously family ties. the house. the clothes. the theme song. the theme sequence with the paint brush. the font of the title.........

  • serenityq26

    its not a crossover. yall are so silly. its just the ACTOR not the CHARACTER from the xmen. SIGH

  • Jezzybella

    Anyone else distracted by the little puppy for 80% of this reaction?

  • Cristobal Hernandez
    Cristobal Hernandez

    Can someone explain the “Lagos” reference?

  • Kerry Burgett
    Kerry Burgett

    Apocalypse is 80s. ❗😷💖🤗💙.

  • W

    "I thought I prepared you" 😳lol


    Love the doggo

  • Kelley Matute
    Kelley Matute

    When they did the close ups of the faces, I thought they were also gonna do a close up of the dog😂

  • Gavin

    I can’t believe there isn’t more people saying Hayward is correct. She does need to be neutralized. She’s holding thousands of people against their own free will. He’s just a complete dick and going ab it the wrong way.

  • Kerry Burgett
    Kerry Burgett

    DOFP WAS IN THE 70S , 🤗💖.

  • Just Aviwe
    Just Aviwe

    Chris almost took off all his clothes from seeing Pietro 😂😂😂

  • temporarychaos

    Comeback to say: record Marketa's reaction to Days of future past yoo, would be great

  • Thám tử qua đường
    Thám tử qua đường

    What the f*ck

  • al patrickson
    al patrickson


  • Cody

    “At this point you just gotta kill her” stfu. You literally dont. Basic male thing to say, but if it was hulk tearing up a town they would call them a badass not “kill him”

  • Nostalgic Bliss
    Nostalgic Bliss

    Marketa getting thicc

  • Lanefasts

    You guys need to re-watch Fresh Prince, because your memories of the episodes are wayyy off

  • Haitam Benaamar
    Haitam Benaamar

    The name of the kids is wicken and speed.

  • isidra n
    isidra n

    “so y’all gonna send a therapist in?” “how you gonna send a therapist in.” pls y’all send me every single time 😭😭😭 (btw the dog damarin has is super super cute omg)

  • Lalala Rose
    Lalala Rose

    Why’s Marketa there again? She clearly has no idea what’s going on.

  • Kodi LiveTV
    Kodi LiveTV

    Was The Lagos commercial the 1st not to have a Hydra logo on it?

    • Michel De Bruyn
      Michel De Bruyn

      No. The first one was a Stark toaster.

  • Chemeleon15

    36:20 She's altering the perception of the Cops and anyone outside who already had a connection to Westview. Agent Wu said in episode 1 that the Witness Protection guy went missing and his own family and friends forgot that he even existed.

  • Chemeleon15

    8:00 The intro is modeled after Growing Pains with the photos of them growing up

  • Chemeleon15

    2:10 The Witness Protection person was specifically called a man/guy/him by Jimmy Wu before he mentioned that it's now a "Missing Town" case instead of just a missing Persons case.

  • The Construct
    The Construct

    They ripped the 80's show 'Family Ties' for this ep.

  • Big PP Energy
    Big PP Energy

    First 10 seconds... spoiled their excitement. No need to watch the rest you guys, pack it up.

  • Julius Embile
    Julius Embile

    @23:29 Marketa: Wasnt that in the 80s? The boys: 🤯

  • Alan

    i'm surprised many of you reacting actually believe wanda is in full control here ;) haven't you seen characters like hayward or agatha? y'all are in for a surprise lol

  • Procrastinators Anonymous
    Procrastinators Anonymous

    Apparently the two sons of wanda and vision have the exact same names as two member of the young avengers. Thee heroes Wiccan and Speed with their real names being billy (william) and tommy. Wiccan has the ability of precognition and the ability to warp reality while speed as the name suggest can run at super speed like quicksilver. Could they be young versions of those heroes I do not know but it seems like too much of a coincidence. If this show allows them to continue aging rapidly they will be old enough to join the new group of young heroes with Tom hollands spiderman and the newly announced kamala khan ms marvel disney+ show which could then be made into a new team of heroes with spiderman as their leader. Young avengers in the works? Maybe I'm thinking too much into this as soon as I realized that the two sons names matched certain heroes I started to wonder.🤷🏿

  • Ky Party
    Ky Party

    First Class was set in the 60's, Days of Future Past was set in the the 70's, Apocalypse was set in the 80's, Dark Phoenix was set in the 90's

  • tehdipstick

    Darcy did say that Wanda washed the dishes once every episode, implying she's seen episodes we haven't, but those probably all took place in the 50's era. I imagine that every time Wanda feels like there's been to close a call to the illusion of her 'perfect world' being shattered is when she's moved forward a decade in the show, hoping to 'start fresh'. This includes Vision's boss choking in the first episode, Vision using his powers during the magic act in the second episode and, of course, Monica asking questions in the third episode. So basically I'm guessing there were five or six 50's episodes, but now that SWORD has started to interfere she changes decades on a daily basis. Five to six 50's episodes, one 60's episode, one 70's episode, one 80's episode, etc.

  • Mr BennPulse
    Mr BennPulse

    Its almost as if marvel know what they're doing

  • YouBean

    You guys butchered that Fresh Prince history LOL. Carlton went gangsta one episode when Will left him in Jazz the hood for a day. The pills episode was not the same episode as the gun. The gun episode was when Will got shot protecting Carlton from being robbed at an ATM. (Yes I know, who cares...well I do.)

  • Berserk Exilist
    Berserk Exilist

    26:37 DOG: Cuddle me human!

  • The Astro Buff
    The Astro Buff

    For the white lady, to put into perspective how wild this is, it's like if Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland were all in a movie together as 3 different spidermen.. Or if Hugh Jackman's wolverine was on screen with Chris Evans captain america fighting nazi.. Yea, pretty dope.


    Her exact power is control of probability. So if she can think of a possible scenario she can flip its ratio to her liking.

  • Jp Wiggins
    Jp Wiggins

    Agnes isn’t the witness protection character, for one its a guy and agent Wu would’ve recognized her.

  • Austin Kilgore
    Austin Kilgore

    Because Thanos had the Infinity Gauntlet with almost all the Infinity Stones the first time they fought.... As strong as she is, I don’t think she’s stronger than Thanos with a multiple Infinity Stone stack. But the second time they fought, Thanos didn’t have any Infinity Stones.

  • Your Favorite
    Your Favorite

    Agnes created the reality, wanda took it over.. now agnes is playing dumb

  • Bex C34
    Bex C34

    Marketa you are the biggest empath and I adore you for it 😊 thanks for another great reaction guys!

  • Austin Kilgore
    Austin Kilgore

    “She’s holding thousands of people hostage.” “CoUlD oF BeEn ThOuSaNdS MoRe.” Lol Like how shit of an excuse is that??? Like imagine saying... “He’s killed 20 people...” “WeLl hE cOuLdVe KiLlEd 20 MoRe.”

    • Adam Jaxn
      Adam Jaxn

      "He's killed 80 people in two days." "He's adopted."

  • Ana Clara Mazzini
    Ana Clara Mazzini

    Yessss love their reaction

  • EE Ehrenberg
    EE Ehrenberg

    Turns out the one doing all this is mister mxyzptlk from the DC universe. :P

  • Jermbuf14

    If you know some of Wiccan's storyline, he is able to pull people from other realities to his own. So I think he pulled Pietro over.

  • C0down4ge69

    Is that a fucking fox on the couch??

  • ANX Arts
    ANX Arts

    She cannot bring people back from death Rules Vision is alive as long as he is inside the bubble outside of it he will turn of. She can creat life but she cannot cure death.

  • Jetix4

    So fun fact is that Wanda didn't get her powers from the mind stone Wanda's powers was awakened from the mind stone.

  • OnlyOneTyping

    Theory: Didn't Kevin say that this was connected to Doctor Strange 2: Multiverse of Madness? maybe this is the madness they speak of?

  • Tim de Visser
    Tim de Visser

    23:30 She broke this shit Wide Open! that means we could be getting versions of the X-men from the '80's in the MCU! Such a great observation. This opens up a lot of possibilities.

  • dignature123

    22:07 Why are you booing him. He's right!

  • LODintheshadows

    There are definately episodes we don't see. First time Darcy see Monika is when she is sat outside what looks like the library. First time we see her is at the swim club meeting

    • LODintheshadows

      Which it shows is after Darcy first saw her

  • soulless chicken
    soulless chicken

    wanda has an american accent in the sitcom world to fit the sitcom world, and outside of it she had an even thicker accent than usual because your accent gets thicker when you are upset

  • soulless chicken
    soulless chicken

    they addressed magneto being quicksilver's dad in both days of future past and apocalypse. even quicksilver himself tells mystique that magneto is his dad

  • MisterEvil1

    Interesting note: Vision says he read from one of Darwin's books and Paul Bettany played Charles Darwin in the film 'Creation.'

  • cd5sircoupe

    So I guess everyone on the couch missed the part where they refer to the person in witness protection as a him? It's not Agnes.

  • Sydney Knapp
    Sydney Knapp

    i don't think wanda is lying when she told vision she doesnt know how this all happened.. i also dont think she was the one who pulled pietro into this reality. why would she recast her own brother?? plus she looked genuinely confused when he first showed up.. i think there are high powers at play here.. someone else is definitely manipulating things behind the scenes while we're made to believe its all wandas doing

  • terri rinella
    terri rinella

    What this Quicksilver being her brother also means (if it sticks) is that Magneto could end up actually being her father (Days of Future Past and Apocalypse reference)


    23:29 The realization hitting different XD

  • Pablo Montaña
    Pablo Montaña

    20:25 my reaction holy shit

  • Grogu

    Did you notice that when Norm says "you have to stop her" never actually names Wanda?

  • Elle Moore
    Elle Moore

    Okay I dont think Wanda actually wants to hurt anyone, even tho she made all the guns point at that guy. But hear me out, she only made them aim at him....she didnt make them shoot. She just needed them to be distracted so she could make her area more protected and so that they wouldn't shoot her while she was trying to. And as soon as she was done she made them stand down.

  • Elle Moore
    Elle Moore

    Can we all just take a moment to look at tgat cute ass dog stretching in the beginning ahhhhh love doggos

  • Vicky Valongo
    Vicky Valongo

    I think the Pietro from Age of Ultron wasn't here because in this universe he died and she can't bring the dead back, so the one that fits with the 80's is Evan Peters Quicksilver. So... Papa Magneto 👀

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader

    0:54 The best episode is where his father leaves him again and he starts crying in the arms of his real dad uncle phil

  • Steve Charles
    Steve Charles

    Just for ref folk Katherine is a witch in the comic books who trained Wanda to use her powers.

  • Bryan Flores
    Bryan Flores

    I think her brother is just a Easter egg

  • DmDaPDm

    LMFAO "I thought i prepared you" HAHA Chris don't change, i feel you there brother, thought my Mrs was up to date too.

  • Cristo Marrero
    Cristo Marrero

    Mother and father of wanda..are the peolpe of the anuncios

  • Karlo Gregor
    Karlo Gregor

    I am praying this Quicksilver staysss.

  • Karlo Gregor
    Karlo Gregor

    20:14 Marketa saving her coffee from Chris' outburst is such a mood. 👌

  • ThatOneGuy006

    Oh man, the Living Tribunal is gonna be piiiised!

  • ISingand DoOtherThings
    ISingand DoOtherThings

    Quicksilver from X-men coming back is awesome

  • Connor Clarey
    Connor Clarey

    Alright Wanda..... now bring back tony stark

  • NSP Beats
    NSP Beats

    I love how you guys tell us to watch the original video if we hate it when you talk, but your fans want to see YOU guys watch with us! You guys also talk over very important things that you can’t enjoy after 1st experience

  • Miguel Alvarado
    Miguel Alvarado

    You know what???? She dropped "The Bomb" "he's from the 80's" Do you remember after... I don't know... Infinity War??? Disney bought part of Fox or something like that, well, there was some rumors that Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and maybe, maybe, The Fantastic 4 could have some kind of cameo on Endgame, I remember for a little moment, a lot of people was whishing that crossover. Now... I think that's happening you know, the motive of Wanda, unknown to me but... it's clearly that's happening, finally The X-Men are landing to The MCU somehow... I wish Stan was here Man to see that! That would made him so Happy!!!! His X-Men Man!!!! #GreatReactionGuys

  • Eddie Terrell
    Eddie Terrell

    Lol yall jumping the gun way too much itll come out next episode..hint hint . Also she really isnt controlling everything notice norm said you have to stop HER! not wanda, but didnt agnes say Dottie runs the town? And who wasnt on swords wall?

    • Eddie Terrell
      Eddie Terrell

      @James G no i dont and it'll come out this week plus feige probbaly wont use any of those fox characters for HIS mcu mutants. Maybe xavier or magneto i dont see anyone else..unless hugh jackman changes his mind

    • James G
      James G

      @Eddie Terrell do you think quicksilver is actually quicksilver or not because I think he is but some think it’s someone called mephisto

    • Eddie Terrell
      Eddie Terrell

      @James G Dottie only seemed afraid when wanda glitches, Even agnes tells wanda Dottie runs the town. Now shes nowhere to be found? Not on swords wall? I have no idea

    • James G
      James G

      @Eddie Terrell but idk who the real main person in control is because I don’t think it’s Wanda or Dottie because Dottie seemed afraid of Wanda so how could she be controlling everything

    • Eddie Terrell
      Eddie Terrell

      @James G thank you!! And at the pool she told wanda she heard things about hef and vision? Like who told her anything and why. Ep 4 darcy said wanda was talking to Dottie at the pool, and woo says " a real person "? What did that mean? Lol

  • pabloesco2007

    If Wanda can change reality , that could mean that someone control her for recreate the stone which have been steal by thanos. Maybe for using it for something that we don't know yet. Maybe Mephisto is behind that. (Some rumor about that and connection with Loki). Is this a dog or a fox you have ? So cute.

  • mark Ferguson
    mark Ferguson

    All my comic readers, is what wanda is using her choas magic, or am i mistaken

  • Gamester

    We need deadpool to explain this

  • David

    “Ya I know this shits crazy, leave me alone” lmaoooo literally what she said

  • I F
    I F

    Chris always will talk over everyone. PC police. Always has to make the most noise.