WandaVision Episode 5: Every Easter Egg + TWIST Ending EXPLAINED! | Full BREAKDOWN
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WandaVision hits a turning point and brings in a surprise new guest star! Wanda Maximoff continues to fend off Sword and the Vision, while trying to raise her twin sons. In this video we explain all of the episode's Easter Eggs and Marvel references, and break down that big twist ending.
Why does Pietro look like Quicksilver from the X-Men movies? Does this mean that mutants are in the MCU now? Is this the first step to the X-Men? How is this connected to magneto? We've got answers.
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Written, Hosted, and Edited by Ryan Arey (twitter.com/ryanarey)
#WandaVision #EasterEggs #Episode 5

  • ScreenCrush

    Who is the villain?

    • SmAcK cAm
      SmAcK cAm

      Agatha or agnes and quicksilver

    • thoreaulylazy


    • talia mcbride
      talia mcbride

      who knows

    • talia mcbride
      talia mcbride


    • Lee Jay
      Lee Jay

      Yer Mom.

  • Amy B
    Amy B

    ICQ! Is completely forgotten about that. 😂🤣

  • Jaaziel Olayinka
    Jaaziel Olayinka

    it’s always annoyed me how NOBODY in the MCU has ever pronounced “Lagos” correctly.

  • Cody506

    at 12:48 above agnes, anyone else notice that?

  • Darsky

    what about Agatha's husband that she keeps talking about? who is he? is he just something agatha uses for the "sitcom" or..?

  • Chris Schultheis
    Chris Schultheis

    Are there always a bunch of Tyler Durdens flashing in these videos haha

  • Wanda Palos
    Wanda Palos

    Last night while rewatching Episode 5 when you get to the part where Woo hands Darcy her coffee on the board behind them that the mailman is now identified.. cant see the name on his actual ID but his name on the paper is listed as 'Dottie' and his gender is 'female'. He also has NO occupation listed.. kind of odd since he seems to be the mailman/deliveryman. Still think he might be Woo's missing person! Or some kind of villain!

  • Gorilla Trap Muzik
    Gorilla Trap Muzik

    In the comic Magneto is Wanda and Quicksilver's Dad their Mother is poor villager not that couple from the commercial

  • David S
    David S

    This was an awesome synopsis Ryan

  • CodyKerns3703

    I’m seeing Tyler Durden right? I’m not losing my mind I know I saw him blip in the scene with Norm at the office and the scene by the pool with the women right?!

    • Brenna S
      Brenna S

      Why does it happen?? I can't pause for the life of me

  • Oral Hudson
    Oral Hudson

    The bent tablecloth distinctly entertain because cross incidentally pack by a knowing garden. lean, melted cabbage

  • matt terrell
    matt terrell

    Damn 12:50 Brad Pitt too. I’m done reporting this info. Find em all

  • matt terrell
    matt terrell

    12:36 for mr Brad Pitt

  • matt terrell
    matt terrell

    1:41 another Brad Pitt

  • almog barel
    almog barel

    why 1:40

  • FreeDirtyNeedles

    14:49 - (unlike Wanda) *You're welcome*

  • FreeDirtyNeedles

    12:36 - what was that blip in the background, some kinda failed subliminal message? *harrumph* there is NO WAY that would work on m .... Stupid autocorrect, I mean HAIL DISNEY

  • doobeone

    You in your closet made my day. Another hitter. Thank you Ryan.

  • Steve Haughton
    Steve Haughton

    You missed one Easter Egg, in the show the twins said "Sit Sparky sit, good boy". This is a nod to Ubu Productions, who made Family Ties, the Ubo end credits always says Sit Ubu sit, good boy"

  • patryk cyluk
    patryk cyluk

    Ugly naked guy is seen in the episode where Ross buys his apartment

  • Black N White Cookie
    Black N White Cookie

    The Bengal Tiger toy is from the 70s as Big Jim Adventure toys. Mattel reused the exact same tiger cast, repainted it (GREEN & YELLOW) & it became the Battle Cat for the Masters of the Universe toys in the early 80s. 🤯

  • Serena Love
    Serena Love

    Am I the only one that noticed for a split second at 1:41 some dude in color appears between the tables on the left side. Even slowed it down and caught the image and it kinda looks like wolverine but I may be wrong but it's someone there for sure. Don't know if that was edited in but I caught it now lol

  • X3d

    But now we know that Agnes/Agatha Harkness killed sparky

  • Javier Otero
    Javier Otero


  • Shooting Stars
    Shooting Stars


  • peterthx

    Nearly 20:45 into the episode: "Sit Sparky, sit! Good dog! Speak! (woof!)" - FAMILY TIES end credit for Ubu Productions: "Sit Ubu sit, good dog (woof!)"

  • Tomi A-P
    Tomi A-P

    Lagos is a country in the MCU? O_o

  • ManhattanCamerata

    You nailed it! Weeks before it was revealed: Agnes is indeed Agatha Harkness!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • jeremy toutain
    jeremy toutain

    ICQ ref. LOVING it!!

  • Kris Cal
    Kris Cal

    When Pietro shows up and they switch to Dr Darcy outside of the hex, the alarm was going off in the background.. Like someone entered or exited the hex.. (Most likely entered)

  • Greencoll Woods
    Greencoll Woods

    I die a little every time Lagos is pronounced incorrectly 🥲

  • Greencoll Woods
    Greencoll Woods


  • Kenneth N.
    Kenneth N.

    I think Ralph is the rabbit 🐇, that Agnes made him into a rabbit

  • Seiibetsu

    That one frame Brad Pitt though

  • AlpacaPlayer247

    Slow down the speed and then watch this 1:40

  • Sean Browne
    Sean Browne

    can u tell me what ur flashing in all these videos

  • Vexed Mum
    Vexed Mum

    twins are wearing red and green. not blue

  • Trevor Houston
    Trevor Houston

    I believe its Wandas Powers and Dream but perhaps her energy is Manipulated, which is why she can edit. What if she was channeling diff universe and close the the nineties one where we left Fox series?

  • Warlord Mendoza
    Warlord Mendoza

    Any one else notices the quick blips in the background. I think it's only on this IRbin video. I didn't see it in the real show.

    • Anthony Gutierrez
      Anthony Gutierrez

      It’s a reference to fight club

  • The purple General
    The purple General

    Did anybody else see that dude at 1:41 you have to slow it down but he’s there and I have no idea who he his please if anybody knows who that is inform me please even if it’s Obvious......

  • Elizabeth Perez
    Elizabeth Perez

    Okay I'm new to your channel (love it btw) and I also don't know much about MCU so can someone explain "Yer mom" please

  • S.A. Harris
    S.A. Harris

    What's with the red jacket guy blipping between 12:32 and 12:35? And during the 'save the children' cult talent show?

  • Patrick

    The kids tell the mail man "we cant find YOUR dog"

  • Superstar

    8.06: Lagos is not a country!

  • Janae Smith
    Janae Smith

    Are the Fight Club/Tyler Durden blips always part of this channel? lol

  • Joe Alvarez
    Joe Alvarez

    Tyler Durden, Tyler Durden you freak!

  • ilikepain17

    my guess is monica resents carol because her powers may be the cause of her mom's cancer.

  • Edgar Whitby
    Edgar Whitby

    Did anyone notice Brad Pitt flashing on the screen at 1:40 sec? He was dressed as he did in Fight Club.

  • L T
    L T

    Wait what was that character who flashed at 1:41-3?

  • Red Wolf
    Red Wolf

    Put the vid at 1:39 and watch it tell 1:45 but watch it carfuly

  • Abigail Stone
    Abigail Stone

    Not familiar with all the comics but could Hayward be the High Evolutionary in disguise? It’s just as likely (or more so) that’s he’s just a regular first tier weaksauce “powerful white man” villain with simple and base motivations for his buttholery, but you never know.

  • Abigail Stone
    Abigail Stone

    0:25 ... does no one else see it?

  • Alpha-CTS-V

    Ralph is Mephisto

  • Kylie Quigley
    Kylie Quigley

    Can you please stop saying Ralph is 'offscreen'? We have literally seen him in the show!! It is driving me crazy

  • Caius Glover
    Caius Glover

    Does anyone know who is that guy who kinda looks like napoleon that keeps on appearing in the background

  • peruse_the_guide

    12:35 Tyler Durden 🤣

  • TrashPanda_12

    I'm pretty sure the villain is Tyler Durden. He can be seen at 1:40 incorporating his subliminal messages to Wanda for her to have children. Case closed!

  • Brandon Myser
    Brandon Myser

    1:41 anybody else see that guy pop up?

  • dustybonss

    At exactly 12:36 there is a very quick image of Brad Pitt in a red jacket... But why is this even here? It continues to happen constantly throughout the video.

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue

      What is The Reference "Your Mom" ??

  • Alvaro Faria
    Alvaro Faria

    On portuguese and spanish subtitles, the "space engineer" is defined as a female character

  • Tom Finnon
    Tom Finnon

    Who is the figure you have added into the scenes as flashes???

  • Pixelholix

    Why's Tyler Durden @ 12:49

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    owns the X-Men franchise.

  • Faith Summerz
    Faith Summerz

    One thing i noticed was how people in this world push Wanda to bring in/ bring back certain people. i think the next people to come in will be her parents. because Pietro mentions how mom and dad would have loved this. and stories of their mom dressing them up for Halloween as kids. i think some part of Wanda or someone else is pushing to undo or hide all the bad things in her life. like bringing back her parents!?

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue

      17:17 Screencrush guy recording his voice-over in his closet. The true mark of a DIY home recording studio.

  • Chris Mamales
    Chris Mamales

    I don't know enough to discredit this thought, but could Pietro be Doctor Strange? He's trying to help her with her grief that started The Hex and countering whatever Mephisto is doing with the kids or however else Mephisto helped start this

  • bill shears
    bill shears

    Tommy is wearing the “collar” green

  • Zandria66

    Whats up with the random image pop ups

  • Kyle Lambing
    Kyle Lambing

    Geez that elastic band is going to snap if you stretch it anymore


    What that guy in 12.36 Popup

  • Tony Young
    Tony Young

    Since Pietro is acknowledged as being "recast," does that mean that the X Men doesn't take place in the same universe. All this time, I just thought they were on the same Earth, but just didn't communicate with one another.

  • Tasha K
    Tasha K

    Many are focusing on Agnes as the villain, but where's Dottie? 🤔

  • Steve Robertson
    Steve Robertson

    Around 12:35 there's a flash of a guy in the middle of the screenshot right after they say 'perimeter'

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone


  • Morbid Melody
    Morbid Melody

    Who the fuck is the tan guy in a red jacket holding a cigarette?

  • Alexandros Mangoshvili
    Alexandros Mangoshvili

    What is The Reference "Your Mom" ??

    • kolim jone
      kolim jone

      1:40 HEY! I see ya there!

  • Eamon Barras
    Eamon Barras

    Okay what is the whole yer mom thing i'm so lost, also, who's that dude that keeps flashing in for a split second every time multiple townspeople speak

  • random11

    stop putting Tyler Durden in shots.... i thought it was something i missed in the episode

  • #Myprojects dhaval
    #Myprojects dhaval

    Saw a man flick at :1.39 scene ,editing error in this video.

  • Sara Živković
    Sara Živković

    Monica's scan comes 'blank', so since it's all white, that means she blocked all X rays (the picture produced by radiography is a negative, so the whiter the area is, the less X rays hit the detector) . I first thought that her being 'Photon', she emits photons in some way, but this scan means she absorbs/reflects them. But since we can see her, she probably interacts with just a certain range of the electromagnetic spectrum. P.S. Biomedical engineer here xD

  • FuzzLuxx Productions
    FuzzLuxx Productions

    17:17 Screencrush guy recording his voice-over in his closet. The true mark of a DIY home recording studio.

  • Scott Filippini
    Scott Filippini

    Something most didn't notice the paper towel commercial Lagos, Lagos Nigeria is where wanda redirected a bomb that killed alot of people.

  • Mr. Pantzz
    Mr. Pantzz

    Anyone else notice the narrator appear during the norm part

  • kamaa mzae
    kamaa mzae


  • DonnyxCage

    The flashing of Tyler Durden into random scenes in this video is my favorite thing.

  • Joey C
    Joey C

    Vision shown beside the stuffed toys could be like in ET when he hid as one of the toys.

  • 薛伯陵

    Paul Bettany plays Charles Darwin in Creation (2009).

  • Ramon

    Who's picture is being flashed at 12:36? I can't pause the video mid flash to see who it is

  • Ellen Barriga
    Ellen Barriga

    Well duh, since clearly mirroring events from the comics. And those slight moments, show that Wanda isn't behind everything. At least not completely, since there has always been someone else who has gotten things started before every time Wanda has lost control. Wow, really, since others can't seem to go in, than clearly, Wanda wanted Monica to be involved. But also thinking that the connection could be they were part of those who disappeared during the snap. Trying to blame Hayward, though there is only one Marvel character know that becomes involved when wanting people to see what they want, when involves television programming. And when commenting on another video, since this is Peters and not Johnson, clearly not the same Pietro, so he wasn't really resurrected.

  • Tomasz Rak
    Tomasz Rak

    in the first episode at the very beginning, when Wanda breaks the plate on Vision's head. Moments later, she merges the plate from the broken pieces. And moments earlier, the following statement is made: "My husband and his unbreakable head". It seems to me that this is a hint from the creators of the series that it was Wanda who, thanks to her power, "repaired" / brought Vision back to life.

    • Tomasz Rak
      Tomasz Rak

      @qopoy dnon what do you mean?

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon

      Thanks for the Tyler Durden “ “ 😀 fucker.😡

  • BrickFilmStudio

    1:40 HEY! I see ya there!

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon

      Does anyone understand the “yer mom” thing? I genuinely do not understand it, is it supposed to be funny?

  • Micah Doss
    Micah Doss

    Why is there something hidden in every black and white clip ScreenCrush posts in this series? I'm new here but it's in every video I think. It just pops up for a frame or two.

  • Stephie Marie
    Stephie Marie

    Can you help me Over evaluate my past relationships lol

  • freeuser616

    2:01 - cameo of Daron Malakian 😂🤣😎

  • Celi Gonzalez
    Celi Gonzalez

    this was mind blowing.

  • sevensins0

    Fuck disney plus

  • Denise Allison Stout
    Denise Allison Stout

    No more Disney No more marvel No more Star Wars No more nothing with a mouse on it And especially not Disney plus...

  • Beep Boop
    Beep Boop

    This may be obvious but to those who didn’t catch it Hexagon, being called ‘The Hex’ is a play on a Hex, which is a type of spell (often malicious) cast by Witches (Wanda & Agnes)

  • SgtNugget X
    SgtNugget X

    .....are we stupoose to find the brad pitts?

  • Jamie Patterson
    Jamie Patterson

    The new episode today shows that half these explanations are wrong. This was still a good Easter egg episode.

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    Did anybody see the child when they all say "for the children" like it comes up for half a second