WandaVision Episode 5/Pietro??/ Reaction Compilation
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  • Смотри первым
    Смотри первым

    Really cool episode!!!!!

    • Kitty cat Bruce
      Kitty cat Bruce

      Hey remember on what he said: “Did you see that coming”

    • Matias DURAZO BRITO
      Matias DURAZO BRITO


    • Vegeta 33
      Vegeta 33

      Why was Monica so in denial about Wanda control and everything it was like she was so clueless you can’t defend somebody that’s doing wrong that makes no sense

    • yum yum cheese burgers
      yum yum cheese burgers

      Love the mha poster

    • Food Reacts
      Food Reacts

      its the xmen baby

  • Fabricio Ramos
    Fabricio Ramos

    yO No haBlO eSpAñOl

  • Brandon Network
    Brandon Network

    How naive we were. All this, just for a boner joke. Marvel learned nothing from the Mandarin

  • The Cool show
    The Cool show

    Imagine if it was bully maguire with white hair

  • EDM

    6:35 yeah, that's the reaction with synchronization.

  • Luna Malfoy Lovegood
    Luna Malfoy Lovegood

    In short, they were all left: 🤡

  • Simp

    When I saw Pietro I started crying!

  • Mr. Q
    Mr. Q

    Mikey Mouse did it. He collected all the infinity stones. He will blip our wallet away =)))

  • Mr. Q
    Mr. Q


  • Ricky DaDaDDy
    Ricky DaDaDDy

    Ralph Bohner

  • Heaven Seeenchez
    Heaven Seeenchez

    Well looking at these reactions videos and smiling while some think the multiverse has begun

  • Arul Kavi
    Arul Kavi

    Bohner 😂😂

  • Yordax 19
    Yordax 19

    Its Ralph bohner

  • Jonas Echeverria
    Jonas Echeverria

    He is ralph, not pietro

  • rafaela sofia
    rafaela sofia

    *cries in wandavision finale*

  • Dany Dominguez
    Dany Dominguez

    2:08 🤡🤡🤡🤡

    • paola escalona
      paola escalona


  • Neo Yat-sen
    Neo Yat-sen

    2:16 Yes! Poor Aaron Taylor-Johnson! #I_really_wonder_what_TaylorJohnson_felt

  • Da Niel
    Da Niel

    Well its early for april fools

  • Perly Pie
    Perly Pie

    Omg and now I am sad about it

  • lightplan

    Marvel trolled all of us really hard :/ ...tbh it wasn't even funny

  • Casdom Domcas
    Casdom Domcas

    Lol Ralph Bohner. 😂

  • S.P.D

    Lol! After the reveal scene in the finale of who Evan Peters actually was, these guys must be disappointed! MCU trolling hard

  • TeamJames

    I hope Marvel sees how hype people got seeing quicksilver and retcons that Ralph Bohner bs

  • unowen7591

    Just finished watching the finale. I cannot express how much disappointment I am feeling. Shame on you, Marvel.

  • Joseph Ninamango Caceres
    Joseph Ninamango Caceres

    i hate you marvel . episode 9 is a garbage

    • Nikunj Nidhi
      Nikunj Nidhi

      @Killjoy bohner

    • Killjoy

      lol why what happened

  • John Wick
    John Wick

    Michael Douglas? Bruh wtf

  • Franklin

    Not is me

  • Emma Wielewicka
    Emma Wielewicka

    Then I guess... They didn’t see that coming.😎

    • Arvin Afdhila
      Arvin Afdhila

      Ehhh yea yea

  • Fear me Not
    Fear me Not

    It basically means that Toby and Andrew appearing is true?

  • NoobMaster69


  • UnknownLucas YT
    UnknownLucas YT

    PIETRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY FAVORITE

  • IgnizNova

    why suddenly castin another actor means multiverse? they just casted "the actor" for Pietro and thats all

  • mamisonyas

    This is the best plot twist I've ever seen in my life ! 😍

  • Sgt.NoPants

    Me seeing the hair: omg it's quicksilver Me seeing Peters: OMG IT'S THE QUICKSILVER

  • Strahd Von Zarovich
    Strahd Von Zarovich

    Also another proof that maybe he is xmen quicksilver is the fact that he don't know who is vision. Mcu pietro met vision before dying

    • Arvin Afdhila
      Arvin Afdhila

      Mmmmmmmmmm Maybe

  • GIGA CHAD •10 years later
    GIGA CHAD •10 years later

    Marvel goes Madvel

  • Pakbu Bunyi
    Pakbu Bunyi

    Everyone: 😐 😲 😐 😱

  • Rottx 1512
    Rottx 1512

    "Its Multiverse baby!" Yes Brother, it is...*sniff*...it fucking is :')

  • Niccolò R.
    Niccolò R.


  • Jake McConaha
    Jake McConaha

    I only wish it would have played sweet dreams are mad of these when it showed the back of his head.

  • Isaac Yeon
    Isaac Yeon

    *Sees Pietro* Me: “Yoooooooo” *It’s X-Men Pietro* Me: “YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”


    First reaction was the best

  • Portia Akers
    Portia Akers

    Gotta be honest. I knew Evan Peters as the first Pietro, but I want Aaron Taylor-Johnson back. I preferred him, and this was his universe. GIVE IT BACK! 😫

  • Jasesolo

    It’s a holy shit moment

  • Aiden Facey
    Aiden Facey

    That is also the maximof from x-men

  • john aplin
    john aplin

    So if x-men’s quicksilver is here does this confirm magneto

  • Bruno, The Alien from Mars
    Bruno, The Alien from Mars

    This is such a big moment since it opens up the possibility of the Multiverse, the Fast & Furious Team can finally join the Avengers!!

  • NWPlayzTv

    If they really are doing a multiverse with fox then why is his name on fox Peter instead of peitro. And why does the effects look different. In X-men his powers look more like teleportation. In wandavision his speed looks more like the flash. Maybe they just happen to have a different actor play peitro? Regardless though, how does he have his abilities? Who is this man? How do the kids have abilities?

  • Milly Milly
    Milly Milly

    Quicksilver? Why? I'm confused. I can't understand. Vanda brother is not Quicksilver! Quicksilver is from xmens. Am i right? Tell me someone 😭😭😭

  • George Araujo
    George Araujo

    Paul Bethany took the acting skills to another level. Really talented and underrated. Also after watching the released episodes and if my gut feeling is ryt by any margin then I really wish that MCU brings back Aaron Taylor Johnsons Quicksilver for the showdown.

  • Lauris

    4:17 pewdiepie and marzia from another dimension.


    2:33 ou boludooo

  • Bruh Lol
    Bruh Lol

    That is Quiksilver


    everyon like " GOD ITS MULTIVERSE" .. naah just acept the fact that Evan Peeters is far more better than "the other guy"

  • Arman Zaidi
    Arman Zaidi

    6:14 spurs

  • ThePaypay88

    whats gayer than fake reaction videos?

  • Dragoninthewest

    [Sweet Dreams intensifies]

  • Miss Miranda
    Miss Miranda

    XMEN YES !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Mcglynn
    Michael Mcglynn

    Mafisto controlling her

  • Sonali Charmini
    Sonali Charmini

    Evan Evan Evan Evan Evan holy peters OMG I have 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name

    Whats cool is evan peters and Olsen totally look like they could be siblings

  • Henry Ortiz
    Henry Ortiz

    I stand by my original statement. Pietro reveal better than Luke reveal.

  • Mariel Pare
    Mariel Pare

    Paul Bettany’s “STOP LYING TO ME” hit me in my soul, holy hell

  • Sheev Palpatine
    Sheev Palpatine

    “Wanda... who is this?” “Michael Douglas?” I died

  • laughinghyena68

    Havent even seen the show yet and already know Evan Peters is Mephisto

  • Juraj Žifčak
    Juraj Žifčak

    Omg this fake emotions 🤣 iam laughing when everybody : oh my goood she recast pietro and acting like she bring jesus on earth

  • Flowerbomb90

    Evan Peters is the original (and true) Quicksilver for me. I love him!!

    • toomanyjohns

      well he aint real, this is mephisto lol

  • Karl Scharf
    Karl Scharf

    Evan Peters Quicksilver forever!!!

  • Pedro Arnoldo Machado Duran
    Pedro Arnoldo Machado Duran

    Steve from Malcolm is also reacting

  • Beatriz Aguirre
    Beatriz Aguirre

    Losers fans

  • John Marston
    John Marston

    Now im just waiting for tobey maguire to deliver a pizza in Wanda's house.

  • Ebony Munoz
    Ebony Munoz

    “poor aaron taylor johnson” PLS I THOUGHT THE SAME THING LMAO

  • AdmiralHD

    Sorry but hes the only Quicksilver!

  • Voot! Voot!
    Voot! Voot!

    We are in the avengers x men now 🤣🤣

    • toomanyjohns


  • Joseph Ohrablo
    Joseph Ohrablo

    Worst edits of all time

  • Hero Chumiti
    Hero Chumiti

    exactly so i wasnt the only one thinking michael douglas at first XD


    When I saw the grey hair I thought it was Steve Rogers 😭😭

  • ElShowDeAlex

    El cambio de actor fue intencional? Me refiero a que de esa forma quieren hacer que los mutantes sean incluidos en el UCM con ese cambio de actor o nada que ver?

  • Cryo Pyre
    Cryo Pyre

    I always thought that the two dudes from kickass being the same character was funny, but this just adds another level

  • Yrevra

    I love the one guy, "SHE'S BLENDING REALITIES!!" Dittodude that was my reaction as well, I can't contain this excitement!

  • Yrevra

    Crossovers yes!!! Let there be crossovers!! I am so EXCITED!!!

  • Samuel Valencia
    Samuel Valencia


  • Blues player Ear
    Blues player Ear

    That's a hint for what multiverse of madness ( Dr Strange 2 ) is going to be alot of crossover.

  • ZONO

    Eu sou BR

  • Cyyy prian
    Cyyy prian

    Where i Can watch this ?

  • João Vitor
    João Vitor


  • Viper017

    Am I the only one who, because I never watched the Fox made X-Men movies, had no idea who the fuck this was at first? I understood he was supposed to be Pietro because context made it kind of obvious. But because I didn't know at the time he played a different version of Quicksilver I was very confused.

  • GamerExVoid

    I have a feeling quicksilver was brought back do to the multiverse and Sword used him to stop Wanda.

  • qq451954678

    and said sh1t ,same,give me a thumb

  • qq451954678

    Guys,when Xman quicksliver showed and said F**Ked,Give me thumb

  • charmanater

    Second reaction on some mid shit, what kinda setup is that

  • William Vega
    William Vega

    Multiverse of Madness begins.

  • CreationK

    Evan Peters: Ahaha I took your role!!! Aaron Taylor Johnson: One word. Nolan.

  • JD 128
    JD 128

    What? You didn't see that coming...

  • Your Senpai
    Your Senpai

    "what? You didnt see that com...." Ups wrong person

  • sereny

    3:39 iT's a DiFfErEnT pIeTrO..... no dude that's THE FUCKING PIETRO

  • Entidade

    Everyone: OMG THEY'RE FIGHTING The episode a minute after: well, [ ] actually no

  • Alex M
    Alex M

    MCU Phase 4: Check out our new show, WandaVision! *The X-men have entered the chat*

  • FizLFilms

    You suck at making thumbnails. Wait at least a week after an episode is out to post the big surprise. Not everyone watches an episode 1 day after it airs. Least you could do I mean you already just copy and paste other peoples content.

  • Benjamin Caldona
    Benjamin Caldona

    "Who's the popsicle?" lol