WANDAVISION EPISODE 8 REACTION!! (1x8 Breakdown | Spoiler Review | Ending & Post-Credits Explained)
WandaVision Episode 9 The Series Finale Reaction PART 1: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/ZtmHo3WWlqappmY.html
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SCARLET WITCH BABY!! Hands down, Previously On is our FAVORITE episode thus far! We learn the origin of Agatha Harkness & Wanda Maximoff (Chaos Magic) as we explore events during Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, Infinity War, & Endgame. The truth behind Pietro (X-Men Quicksilver / Evan Peters), Hayward (SWORD) & Vision, and WHY SITCOMS is all revealed! Plus that crazy Mid-Credits Scene (White Vision)! Here's our REACTION, THEORIES, SCENE BY SCENE BREAKDOWN, & PREDICTIONS!!
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0:00 Intro & Reaction
16:38 Breakdown / Review Begins
17:42 Psychology Of The Episode
18:25 Salem Witch Trials (Agatha Harkness Origins)
19:40 Pietro (Fietro) / Extent Of Agatha's Powers
23:12 Core Memories / Sokovia (Age Of Ultron) / SITCOMS
26:42 Loki's Scepter (Mind Stone) / Sokovia Experiments
28:47 Agatha's Therapeutic (Manipulative) Treatment
29:22 Vision & Wanda "what is grief, if not love persevering"
31:26 Post-Credits Explained (Hayward / Sword / Vision's Body)
35:03 Westview (Before & After Wanda)
37:17 Tommy & Billy (Wiccan & Speed)
38:02 Predictions?
39:44 Patron Shout Outs
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    WandaVision Episode 9 The Series Finale Reaction PART 1: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/ZtmHo3WWlqappmY.html PART 2: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/qr90eH2yt6yv3ak.html - NOW POST YOUR THEORIES & CORRECTIONS HAHA! - Smash That LIKE Button & SUBSCRIBE For Our Next Reaction!!irbin.info - Major thanks to all who have shown their support at our Patreon! COME JOIN US! www.patreon.com/thereelrejects - HUGE THANKS To Eric For All The Editing! The man has earned a follow! GIVE HIM ONE! twitter.com/nerdchronic irbin.info

    • Kenneth Saint
      Kenneth Saint

      Not sure if anyone cares at all but I just hacked my gfs Instagram account by using Instaportal. You can find it by Googling for insta portal password hack xD

    • Tiff Jett
      Tiff Jett

      Am I the only one that caught the line where Agnes asked Wanda how did she create the hex and control the people all the way at the edge of town? We know that's not Wanda doing it. And now I know it's not Agnes. Could it be Dottie who always wears white? She is the only other woman in Westview with roses in her yard.

    • Will E Jones
      Will E Jones

      Nice video, guys. Definitely one of my favorite episodes.

    • Pat4Clippers

      Wanda is going to turn evil. We never really saw Thanos much except in two months. We didn’t see Rey go dark. Maleficent.. Cruella.. Scarlet Witch? Thin line between heroes and villains

    • BoydofZINJ

      IRbin: It's me Adrian. x5 times OMG stop it youtube!!!!

  • Scarlet Chaos
    Scarlet Chaos

    Honestly, when I first started watching this series, I thought it was gonna be funny and just have creepy moments here and there and be mysterious, but man when episode 8 came I've never cried so much during a show. It was so relatable on so many levels and the music and acting is just so perfect. WandaVision was so beautiful and enjoyable to watch.

  • Jean Altura
    Jean Altura

    Thor still has love ones to hold on too. Jane is still alive. And he basically have lived his best life already as he's 1500 years old. If you compare the human lifespan to his and the time he spent with his family and friend, Imma say he is actually freaking lucky enough to that amount of time. Wanda's life is harder because most of her life is about poverty and loss. The girl couldn't catch a break. How they dealth with their own grief differently actually make sense.

  • Taylor Barrett
    Taylor Barrett

    I started forming tears when Wanda was watching sitcoms with her family. I started crying when Vision mentioned love preserving. I started sobbing when Wanda looked at Vision laughing and him getting shy like they knew they were going to fall in love. The sobbing intensified x100 at Visions message on the house deed.

  • Lady Luh
    Lady Luh

    I was thinking that she didn't have powers as a child, but that she was some kind of reincarnation of the Scarlet Witch

  • Logan Randall
    Logan Randall

    Goku would clap her

  • Lockdown

    cant wait till the episode 9 reaction comes out bc its 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • VidKris

    She didn’t have powers from the beginning!? 🤨 only when she was in front of the mindstone!

  • Red Velvet 🌴
    Red Velvet 🌴

    The most painful kind of love is grief. The confusion caused by not knowing how to love someone who is gone.

  • Lynda Tino
    Lynda Tino

    That scene with Vision was literally perfect! Thank you Marvel for writing that piece bc it hitssss so different! And I think that’s when they truly fell in love 😭😭😭

  • Craig MacPhee
    Craig MacPhee

    I think Billy and Tommy are going to age up again by the end of the finale. They have cast loads of the young avengers already for upcoming projects and Billy was an original member and needs to be in there, and hopefully they will introduce Teddy (Hulkling) in an upcoming movie or show as he was also an original member and is Billy's Boyfriend. A lot of stories in the comics have revolved around them. I also hope that when Teddy is introduced they won't change his back story or who his parents are too much.

  • Justin Turgyan
    Justin Turgyan

    18:16 here you go kids this is how you do things

  • Jay Rollins
    Jay Rollins

    I'm waiting for everyone to realize they recast pietro because Elizabeth Olsen doesn't want to work with her ex husband

  • Justin Valencia
    Justin Valencia

    It’s sad because she said she couldn’t feel him and in infinite war, both of them said I can feel you

  • Mike Nelissen
    Mike Nelissen

    But why did the cop say in episode 2 that Westview didn't exist? Maybe that was Mephisto?

  • Sam o
    Sam o

    Hayward lied, Wanda didn’t take vision

  • Chris Clinton
    Chris Clinton

    On that box set, Dick Van Dyke's pilot is listed as episode 1, it's actually not a mistake, it's super meta...

  • Bruce Coleman
    Bruce Coleman

    I really love you guys.

  • Kay C Art
    Kay C Art

    Me wondering how they guessed she was gonna say scarlet witch? Me realizing they probably looked at the subtitles

  • Doremi Fasolatido
    Doremi Fasolatido

    "Over 100 years old" . Yeah...that's an understatement. . WandaVision takes place in 2023. 2023 - 1693 = 330. Assuming Agatha was somewhere in her 30s in the opening scene of this ep, she should be between 360 and 370 years old.

  • Doremi Fasolatido
    Doremi Fasolatido

    Pietro's nature is still yet to be revealed. Odds are, everyone's going to get what they want from his existence. Agatha didn't make him, or even alter his behavior or appearance. All she did was tap into him to unwittingly spy for her. You know, Beastmaster-style, where she can see and hear whatever he experiences...and probably knows his location at all times. She didn't make or alter him otherwise.

  • Alisa Williams
    Alisa Williams

    The Dick Van Dyke episode 20 was the original episode number. When the DVDs were released, that episode was renumbered to episode 21.

  • Alisa Williams
    Alisa Williams

    Omg!! Watching you two watch this episode and seeing the joy on your faces makes me so happy!! It helps us understand when something the characters say or do is important and why.

  • Azure Wolf
    Azure Wolf

    Anyone else got Tokyo Ghoul S1 finale vibes from this episode, especially with how Agatha was exploring Wanda's memories, similar to how Rize manipulated Ken Kaneki in his mind.

  • SideSteppingAverage

    I'm not sure if I missed something in the episode, but it wasn't clear to me if Wanda had powers before interacting with the mind stone. Yes Agatha suggests that she put a probability hex on the bomb, but Wanda denies it, and it feels like it was played more like Agatha was just trying to figure out the source of Wanda's Powers, taking a stab in the dark, rather than definitively saying "yes, you definitely had powers here and used a hex". But maybe I'm reaching or second guessing.

  • Melanie Vaudrin
    Melanie Vaudrin

    They did take some liberties in this (as MCU often does really). One in particular? When we see that case full of DVD sitcoms. Why? Because hear me out. Now yes, it's true that by the time that was set (2005) Malcolm and the Middle was running on air, and it's first DVD box set was released in 2002 so you'd think oh it could be there. But here's the think, European DVD's don't work the same. They have their own Region different from NA. So the NA region was released in 2002, but the European region wasn't released till 2012. So what they're trying to say is that the family simply had NA region DVD's, but if the dad was trying to sell them in their country, it was definitely Region 2. So technically, it shouldn't be there. But it's one of those nitpick points I'm not upset about, just makes me also go ah ha, so they aren't perfect! ;)

  • Matt Hall
    Matt Hall

    Maybe Agathas rabbit IS doctor strange 😂 And thats why he hasnt turned up to stop things yet 😅

  • Dee Monster
    Dee Monster

    The whole "Fietro" situation needs to be fixed and make it clear. I feel its Quicksilver from another verse and she just possessed him. He still has his powers and I don't think Agatha did that. When Evan Peters' character appeared to Westview, the alarm at SWORD went off which means someone from the outside world is coming in..

  • Kat Heller
    Kat Heller

    It is so interesting that the mind stone was immediately drawn to Wanda, just like Vision walking around her room trying to see her

  • Pat M
    Pat M

    He has super speed right so she had to get someone with super speed only other person with super speed was in a different Part of this universe so she had to call the one was super speed to make it seem real I'm guessing

  • Maul

    Imagine watching with subtitles lol

  • Jonathan Alfonso
    Jonathan Alfonso

    Based on the Wandavision Episode 8 storyboard, did she mentioned something like this for the finalized scene? Wanda: I'm sick of everyone acting like Tony Stark is the only person we lost. Like he's the only Avenger there ever was. Too bad, then, if you're Natasha, but at least she was flesh and blood! I wanted her to have that breaking point in front the crowd in the SWORD facility. P.S. Sorry I don't have Disney+ with me

  • Justin Heredia
    Justin Heredia

    Congrats on 800k loving the vision shirt from new rockstars I got mine a week ago and I love it!! Much love to you guys!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • danny k
    danny k

    The scene where she touches the Mind Stone is the best thing I’ve seen in the MCU. so damn excited for the finale

  • 2021 Trooper
    2021 Trooper

    “The only thing that would bring me comfort is seeing him again” Evan Peters: Yes but actually no

  • Chad Rose
    Chad Rose

    This episode was ROUGH!! Great show guys. I always look forward to your reaction and review.

  • GARRETT Chism
    GARRETT Chism

    Isn’t that quicksilver? And she possessed him because he had the same powers as Pietro? Why is it more complicated?

  • kernowarty

    This does not make any sense at all. If Agatha had all these super powers in 1693, then she would have been ruling the World for the last 328 years!!

  • t h e h e c k
    t h e h e c k

    "the broken are more *evolved*

  • Lindsay Bierman
    Lindsay Bierman

    I think fietro was brought by Wanda and used by Agatha

  • Ritz Rox
    Ritz Rox

    Damn, I just realised, Agatha + Harkness = Agnes

  • Lincoln Ward
    Lincoln Ward

    She said the Pietro situation was a "possession spell." So no, we still don't know who she's possessing.

    • carlos jaimez
      carlos jaimez

      What if the rumored cameo is the person who was possessed by Agatha?

  • Darth Vocrum
    Darth Vocrum

    that better be ultron

  • Anthony Williamson
    Anthony Williamson

    Thoughts on James Spader returning as White vision

  • mercurywoodrose

    i still wonder who the commercial actors are. i feel they are important, and we have been misdirected about them. she looks very creepy and looks like she knows she is in a commercial. he looks like gomez addams. i have no idea. nightmare and mephisto? yeah, the scarlet witch reveal has shades of eastern european folklore, lycanthropy, witches, fairy tales. so she is a god. and the white vision is a vibranium sentient weapon with no soul. agatha is not a good person, but not fully evil. and she may need wanda on her side in the final battle, she did sort of wake her up.

  • Farhan Dabhoiwala
    Farhan Dabhoiwala

    I just rewatched that scene from ep 5 and yes that’s right, they stopped showing the footage after that, so Hayward basically lied, and I think that Darcy weirdly sensed that this happened, that’s why she stayed back in ep 6 while Monica and Jimmy had gone, Hayward basically DID make her the villain just like Monica said in ep 7.

  • Aldrick Playz
    Aldrick Playz

    So hayward's vision is technically ultron's supposed-to-be vision

  • Jianna Fronte
    Jianna Fronte

    I watched the new one today

  • NSP Beats
    NSP Beats

    Almost at 1M!!!!! I’ve been watching you guys since 2015 and I will never get tired of you guys’ content

  • Jon Esco
    Jon Esco

    It's ultron

  • Jaiden Morris
    Jaiden Morris

    Oh my God this was the best episode ever sorry I wasn't here I was at my dad's and oh my god thank you for hurting my comment

  • ParsivalXP

    At 7:00 its not magic. Agatha thinks she's a witch and used a probability hex to stop the bomb from going off cause she assumes she's a witch. Shes trying to figure how how she got so much power to spontaneously create life and have "magic on autopilot" per say but what Agatha doesn't understand is wanda is technically a mutant. Shes always has powers cause of the xgene not magic. On this earth the only way for someone to have pure power is by being a witch, or a god(thor) or some other cosmic being. Everyone else either came in contact with someone or create something. But magneto being wandas dad makes her a mutant and I think they teased that but having her try to use power even before she came in contact with the infinity stone. Avengers described her getting her power solely from the infinity stone but since disney bought fox we actually dive deeper into that into the fact that thats not true.. Scarlet witch was a name coined because people believed her to be a witch.

  • Pas Nil Sayson
    Pas Nil Sayson

    Believe me. Scratchy is the boss and the pet is Harkness.

  • Ani-Mav

    When you hate Tony but also love his character at the same time

  • Hargreaves

    This is what the MCU needed. Honestly it might be early to say this but the Disney+ story structure fits the MCU almost better than movies. This series actually fleshed out Wandas character. There’s real emotional weight to this show.


    The thing that bugged me is that no one was able to bring back vision during the 5 years time after thanos' snap. Really, they had tony stark, bruce banner, shuri? They could have figured out another source of energy for him similar to the mind stone. Like they had his body and no one really tried? Is it not annoying a bit? Doesn't this question beg to answer itself? They had five years! That was enough time, hayward was able to do this, in a sword room full of scientists! Come on, marvel.

  • Nathan Hills
    Nathan Hills

    The show is filled with so much talent but a lot of people seem to be ignoring Josh Stamberg as Hayward.

  • Gui_Down

    It's like watching Beavies and Butthead doing a review

  • George osorio
    George osorio

    So if she created her kids too, that means they are going to die after the hex goes down?! D:

  • Mike Laundry
    Mike Laundry

    John is pulling that french braid off. Impressive. I have to know if he did that himself.

  • Shoshana Loomer
    Shoshana Loomer

    Most IRbinrs were sobbing, but I could sense their sadness without uttering a word

  • Phoenix Flame Films
    Phoenix Flame Films

    Hi guys, so we tried uploading our video of this, same exact thing that you guys are doing, and we got blocked! We even tried trimming out the segments, but now it makes no sense. What did you guys do in order to not get blocked?

  • Manx36

    Isnt Ultron in Vision? I don’t think Vision destroyed Ultron, he absorbed his code and locked it away, so if Vision was in the stone, was Ultron in the body? 🤔

  • Spadesilver 90
    Spadesilver 90

    Hayward Acts exactly like Mephisto ~ mephisto always make deals like this with Dr.Strange in comics

  • Ashwin Chauhan
    Ashwin Chauhan

    Thor: "What have I got left to lose?" Wanda: Hold my beer

  • GaminJunction TV
    GaminJunction TV

    Yeah Agatha used possession magic of a body and the use of transmutation magic to make Piedro's appearance familiar for Wanda. She explained it in the basement in a cryptic way. Why she chose the X-men version I think is still in question, but maybe that will come in a future episode. Hopefully!

  • BeldansFire

    Elizabeth Olsen is getting an Emmy.

  • John Robichaud
    John Robichaud

    Not gonna lie grey and blue Vision looks pretty cool

  • Miso Happy
    Miso Happy

    If she always had magic then, she carries the x gene. Just saying, that’s what made me hyped up.

  • anubhab sinha
    anubhab sinha

    guys, in the scene where wanda went all out with her power, have you noticed the glitches? they were the same (well, the one shown in wandavision is wayy less glichy) as the glitches of the collider in the spiderverse animated movie.........what do you guys think?

  • exploreevery

    😍 🧛🏻‍♀️7:54


    That scene when she said "I can't feel you" was so sad , it broke by heart

  • Leotique

    I think The HEX Vision will have to face The White Vision and both of them will be destroyed

  • Vivienne March
    Vivienne March

    Hayward has clearly been manipulating Wanda to get Visions corpse back online so he can have his sentient super weapon, has been developing weapons with the technology that created Vision. And he's clearly paranoid and has a massive grudge against heroes/altered supers. I'm low key waiting for him to get socked in the kisser for being so sus this whole time. Agatha is a fantastic villain and I appreciate the short origin story we get for her that kind of establishes both her and her motives. Plus she is so very sassy! White Vision is just Night of the Living Synthezoid....heebie jeebies all the way. Waiting on Monica to make a move. Darcy stuck in the slowest truck on earth. Save Billy and Tommy because...young avengers would be cool down the MCU line. And last call first the Mephisto ship!

  • Joshy Nailz
    Joshy Nailz

    "I thought this was chaos magic, Wanda". .......I thought this was Once Upon a Time For a second

  • Clint Cannon
    Clint Cannon

    I still feel like Dottie is something else. She was nowhere to be seen before the Hex. I'm calling this, she is more than a Westview nobody.

  • The Mad Titan
    The Mad Titan

    This was the best episode yet, we've never seen anything like this in the MCU before just going on a mental trip with Wanda and seeing all her trauma in her past and I've sympathized a lot with Wanda. This episode is the most I've been invested in her character.

  • Paul Jahova
    Paul Jahova

    I don't know if anyone will notice this.. but starting at 5:05, The music is VERY reminiscent of the first Rocky Film. The color, aesthetics, and theme is very close. Nice, calm, relaxing inside... while everything horrible is happening on the outside. Idk. I wont even get a like for this but.. I noticed lol.

  • Cannabis Al
    Cannabis Al

    Omfg guys!! Today was not a good day for me and the first time I genuinely smiled and laughed was when I watched this video. Its funny because episode 8 is the best episode for me as well and this reaction video is now my favorite video of yours. Im subscribed to every other channel you called out as well so I could not stop laughing. You guys are awesome. Keep it up.

  • boby

    This whole episode, no the whole show is my dream come true since 2015 when Wanda introduced in the MCU. Seeing chaos magic and Scarlet Witch be finally mentioned, this makes me so happy. I physically and emotionally not ready for final episode.

  • Gary Curtis
    Gary Curtis

    I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time you've seen this episode

  • six eyes
    six eyes

    Guy on the right has the BEST facial expressions.

  • King Casso
    King Casso

    Agatha forgot one thing, Wandas mentors are also dead, so jokes on her.

  • Jeremy Barnes
    Jeremy Barnes

    Vision is my favorite philosopher. And also he signed the Accords, so he could’ve easily bought a house for him and Wanda before Infinity War.

  • Moose Duty
    Moose Duty

    Marvel, Marvel, Marvel(insert "slow clap" meme)somehow you turned a sythezoid, a special type of android, also known as a "synthetic humanoid" heartless robot; his relationship with as Tony Stark would say, "that little witch" into the most poetic, heartfelt and emotionally moving storyline that the MCU has created to date. BRAVO! 👏👏👏

  • Alexi Delcid
    Alexi Delcid

    John looks so high in this one!

  • Monsièur Jelo
    Monsièur Jelo

    Yo guys hope you see this comment because my theory Ultron may return and take over vision's body and my only evidence is if you search wandavision's cast you'll see james spader which is Ultron's voice actor.

  • GlaciusTS

    Anyone else notice how Agnes kinda floated with her hair blowing at the end? I got some real Sam Raimi vibes. Got me wondering if Raimi was consulted with for some of the visuals that will appear in Doctor Strange 2.

  • Shively Films
    Shively Films

    Hey don't knock on sitcoms lol That 70s Show helped me get through surgery after a fire and during my isolation from having Covid haha so Sitcoms heal! Lol 😂 Edit: forgot to also say I liked your reactions as always, great video! Haha

  • JWUniverse

    White Vision Baby! Let’s Go!...

  • Christian Valdez
    Christian Valdez

    If you re-watch the scene in AOU where Pietro is telling Ultron about how their parents died, the stories don’t line up. Pietro says that the shell hit their build two floors below them while they were having dinner. I guess the writers changed the story to show why Wanda loves sitcoms.

  • BossKo Nostra
    BossKo Nostra

    800k....should've had a mil 3 years ago. Congrats!

  • Spaceman Spiff
    Spaceman Spiff

    Major kudos for busting past 800K. Couldn’t have happened to a better dynamic duo! Keep up the awesome!!!

  • Rhino Does Stuff
    Rhino Does Stuff

    When I saw gray vision, I thought it was the new version of silver surfer

  • Pennine

    I think the bunny is Agatha's husband she keeps talking about

  • Unsaidrumble

    By the end you realize everyone else went to their loved ones except Wanda

  • Connor

    Wanda isn't a mutant, she's not one in the comics. She's a witch, the mind stone just amplified her powers to like 100 lol.

  • veranya2074

    yep Hayward is a FOOL plus BASTARDLY attitude personality. He dunno whats comin’. Lord help him.🤣🤣

  • Andrew O'Donnell
    Andrew O'Donnell

    I feel like a lot of people miss that when she says, "What is this?" when Hayward shows her the lab below, she doesn't realize it's Vision. Not until the close ups. It's that second look, where she sees every individual part of him, that she visibly changes because only then does she recognize what she's seeing. It's such a beautiful thing to see her go from "That's just a machine down there" to "That's my husband" in all of five seconds.

  • Jamey Farmer
    Jamey Farmer

    So is the big cameo going to be James spader Voicing Ghost Vision cause I would be down for that