We Give 19 Toasts to Celebrate 1900 Episodes
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  • Karnes

    Like gives me anxiety as he continues to pour the champagne to the top over and over @-@;;

  • Dieter Bayerdorffer
    Dieter Bayerdorffer

    I’ve watched Rhett and Link since I was nine years old, when my fourth grade teacher played the my favorite pillow video for me. Since then I’ve laughed and enjoyed everything they’ve done. It’s been just over ten years and I wouldn’t change a thing! Great job guys! Keep up the great work!

  • Nevaeh Smith
    Nevaeh Smith

    I’m gonna cry because I really love this show and the fact that I watched one episode from Snapchat and have been binge watching it like crazy is just so amazing to me. I really do love this show😭it brings me happiness!!!

  • Jacqui is weird
    Jacqui is weird

    Nobody remembers "When the knees rise its a piggyback."? Well I do.

  • greenquartz

    I really want some toast now.

  • Angela Miller
    Angela Miller

    You could see Rhett gearing up for Tokyo 😂👏🏼 I loved this More! I think we’re ready for another live show too 😉

  • Half a Lemon
    Half a Lemon

    it kinda concerned me when Link is toasting the toasted bread. 5:54

  • Brian Hendren
    Brian Hendren


  • TheAPPproductions


  • Trill Collins
    Trill Collins

    I can never seem to remember *why* Link feeds Rhett strawberries or why Rhett feeds link eggs, I just know that they do it.

  • The West
    The West

    I was going to throw hands if they didn’t use literal toast in the episode

  • jedi knight2124
    jedi knight2124

    Does anyone know the first episode they did the Tokyo bit?

  • Katya M
    Katya M

    I can't express my relief that they toasted to Barbie. That was harder to watch than any other episode.

  • Connor Hatch
    Connor Hatch

    Chase's snake is so big 😳

  • mschr52

    i started watching this show about 4 years ago because there was a 'rhett and link' card on the online cards against humanity game and i didnt know who they were so i googled it so i could understand the reference and now i've been watching every new episode (and have also watched all the old episodes). thank you to all the crew for all their work~

  • Night Wolf
    Night Wolf

    The orbi made it in

  • AwesomeCat2012

    That Tokyo had my cat looking around concerned. 🤣🤣

  • Alexzandera Hunt
    Alexzandera Hunt

    My main man chase should’ve gotten a toast why didn’t we tell stormy and Me and Chase guys

  • Crispy paint brush
    Crispy paint brush

    WTF where is nut-milk Bryan????!?????!!!??????!??????!?!!?!?!?;?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Lexi Piccirillo
    Lexi Piccirillo

    i wish i could

  • sophie rose
    sophie rose

    u forgot nut milk brian 🥺

  • Katie Jolly
    Katie Jolly

    Not me tearing up at the 19th toast.. This show is one of the reasons I'm still here. Congrats Rhett and Link, You guys deserve the world.

  • sophie rose
    sophie rose


  • Jay Smoove
    Jay Smoove

    I used to work at Ingles lol

  • Nathalie Daniels Rose
    Nathalie Daniels Rose

    What about wade boggs

  • Meghan Criqui
    Meghan Criqui

    Oh I know how you like that Crock

  • CisforCock

    How about a toast for the 2000th episode celebration to be at a time, where the crew can go and sit down with R&L, like before?

  • Jess Higginbottom
    Jess Higginbottom

    the Tokyo reference was all I needed today 😌 I low key want that as a ring tone lol

  • Aj Wilhelm
    Aj Wilhelm

    Oh my what incredible lung capacity.

  • Ashley Rose
    Ashley Rose

    What's the story behind Craig? 🐍 If you don't like him, why do you have him? Lol

  • Peeenos

    So Uh who farted at 14:30 - 14:31 ? lol

  • Steve Bailen
    Steve Bailen

    The Jackmaster 😆

  • Lydia Kellerhals
    Lydia Kellerhals

    What about nut milk Brian?

  • Matt Keck
    Matt Keck

    Don’t buy monero, it weakens banks and scares governments

  • Lloyd Schultz
    Lloyd Schultz

    I got lost on my way to class and figured I’d keep watching. Congrats on 1900 episodes! 👍

  • TigerJack 177
    TigerJack 177

    Hardest I've laughed in a while its been a great 1900 years with you my fellow immortals

  • Kimberli Cornell
    Kimberli Cornell

    should raise a glass to CHASE

  • Hannah Mattox
    Hannah Mattox

    I'm kinda sad Ben didn't get a toast 😔

  • Liz McDaniel
    Liz McDaniel

    They are in fine form, and Link is a mood. I can't believe there are people who don't watch More.

  • David Moreno
    David Moreno

    The ending 😢😢😭😭

  • Sherwin Delima
    Sherwin Delima

    Congratulation to you guys 🍾🎉🥂

  • Vicky W
    Vicky W

    🥂🍾 to Tokyo 👏🏻

  • Daniel Wardwell
    Daniel Wardwell

    WILL IT MATTRESS?!?!?!?!

  • Justin Freeman
    Justin Freeman

    That ingles is a Grocery stores chain in North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Florida and Alabama

  • Brandy Gray
    Brandy Gray

    lol omg when Rhett started doing the thing he does after link says Tokyo my cat, who was fast asleep stood straight up and started looking around like WTF lol

  • Kenny

    Link isnt even drinking

  • MegB

    Why is everything good "Brian"??

  • Albeit_Jordan

    13:41 someone make a 10 hour loop of that

  • tori uh
    tori uh

    5:18 I can’t right now lmao

  • Jopa

    Anyone else heard a fart


    I was just thinking about when and if the next Tokyo was ever going to come. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Adam Vi Frye
    Adam Vi Frye

    rhett drinks 2 glasses and link drinks a centimeter of champagne.... as it should be i guess.

  • Vindetta


  • Kevin Short
    Kevin Short

    Friendly reminder that the Tokyo bit started by Rhett declaring that he’s gonna do that every time someone says Tokyo. I expected something more complicated that a declaration that it was gonna happen lmao

  • Kelly McGinnis
    Kelly McGinnis

    The Christmas Sweats song was how I first found these guys. When they first released it


    am I the only one that got upset watching Link drink nothing after every toast? lol

  • Teodora M
    Teodora M

    I'm really curious what they're gonna do for the 2000th episode, that better be epic. maybe another livestream?

  • Kim Olson
    Kim Olson

    Heavily leaning into the fanfiction. You have to love it!

  • Sarah Cupp
    Sarah Cupp

    That was an impressive, 1900 worthy Tokyo

  • Teana ThatsAll
    Teana ThatsAll

    I wanna raise a glass to the ill-fitting shirt that Chase The Cartographer wears

  • Abigail Lamb
    Abigail Lamb

    and i just hit my monitor with a mug cheersing you back...

  • Sarah Turner
    Sarah Turner

    Ahh. How nice 💜

  • gorillawarfair

    Watching link pour those drinks was painful.

  • Lynn Miller
    Lynn Miller

    I toasted with chocolate milk. Lol.

  • Daniel bettis
    Daniel bettis

    “Do I get a glass?” “No you get a snake”

  • Zoe Du Jour
    Zoe Du Jour

    I've been watching since episode 1 and I've seen every single episode! Congrats on 1900! Thank you for helping me be my mythical best. :)

  • Baylee Yassu
    Baylee Yassu

    I got to dink it and sink it :)

  • Matt Myers
    Matt Myers

    the end is near with this channel but I will always love the time I spent being apart of their lives.

  • Trisha Lenon
    Trisha Lenon

    I love Craig and Chase together, so cute

  • snuterella


  • Madison Mings
    Madison Mings

    WOO HOO!!! CONGRATS IN 1900 EPISODES!!! THAT IS GREAT!!! And a Toast to your decorated throw up buckets because they have seen a lot lmao and Rhett's video camera for the international food segment with Link and Chase lmao!!!

  • Matthew Moss
    Matthew Moss

    shouting back at you from Tokyo right now.

  • Prince Vegeta
    Prince Vegeta

    I got that same toaster. Love the timer and bagel option on it.

  • StealYoSpaghettiOs

    I thought that number 19 was gonna be that time when Chase tore the apple in half 🤣

  • stan sams
    stan sams

    Using a dinner knife to spread butter and not a butter knife... pftts.

  • NasserFeed

    5:54 Link re-toasting the toasted toast

  • Moose from Tune and Moose
    Moose from Tune and Moose

    I actually got the little emotional when they toasted to the mythical beast!

  • pugzwow

    Great work guys. Although I can’t believe you didn’t toast your buckets.

  • Jamalawaludin Kamil
    Jamalawaludin Kamil


  • Matt Schieder
    Matt Schieder

    I don't think I've missed a an episode for probably 6 years and don't plan in missing one for the next 6.

  • Julian Orejana
    Julian Orejana

    The Mcrib episode brought me here and I'm glad I continued on with that journey since then!

  • SethGuyGM

    That was by far my favorite 10 word story from gmm !!!!

  • GeminaLuna

    Link is a PRO pouring that champagne xD

  • rockinmoonful

    Link: I would like to raise a glass to my arch nemesis... Me: Jen’s here?!?!?!? Link: The tomato Me :(

  • Isabel Makiya
    Isabel Makiya

    who else seeing this 20 hours later 👁👄👁

  • Ross Melancon Poetry
    Ross Melancon Poetry

    DECIDING CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eric Fleming
    Eric Fleming

    Link gets an F non drinker Brian

  • lea Anderson
    lea Anderson

    👁👄👁: me watching link not drinking to any of the toast til the end 🧠💡: my brain at the end when he says “ugh it’s apple” toast to link for his specific taste palette

  • Jenn Winter
    Jenn Winter

    You guys used to do more epic vids for hitting these milestones

  • The Random Videos Guy
    The Random Videos Guy


  • Colton Hall
    Colton Hall

    When you’re watch the 1900th episode where Rhett and Link toast 19 times 19 hours after it’s posted

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski

    Cheers to you... KNIVES! I’ll see you later 😉

  • Fuzzy Buzzy
    Fuzzy Buzzy

    "19 hours ago"

  • Lesley Plunkett
    Lesley Plunkett

    Watching this I can't believe 10 years has passed ..... where did it go. Have enjoyed the ride

  • Jay Kay
    Jay Kay

    Watching this 19 hours after it was posted.

  • Emily Cowles
    Emily Cowles

    Am I the only one getting a heart attack with Link waiving his full champagne glass all over the place

  • Estrella Cruz
    Estrella Cruz

    Toast to Chase!!!!

  • Daric Workman
    Daric Workman

    We love you guys 🥲 you have been here for me, and so many others through tough times. I will forever be grateful for you two!

  • Kim

    Congratulations on your 1900 episodes. I have watched just about every episode new and old. XoXoXo.

  • Samantha Gibson
    Samantha Gibson

    I about lost it when you said on the wings of Ingles! Hahahaha I work at Ingles in NC!!! 😂😂😂