We made Ninja RAGE QUIT Among Us...
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    More CouRage

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    • Muhammad Abdullah
      Muhammad Abdullah

      I subbed

    • jj sa
      jj sa

      Is ninja always an ass??

    • Chris Cormier
      Chris Cormier


    • The Doggo Gamer
      The Doggo Gamer

      Hey guys he said drop a like on the video not the comment.

    • Omar Elshafei
      Omar Elshafei


  • aafia ʀᴀʜᴍᴀɴ
    aafia ʀᴀʜᴍᴀɴ

    I was truly upset when I first realized Ninja started playing Among us with this lobby. Ninja absolutely sucks at this game and all he does is rage and yell at people.

  • Bala S
    Bala S

    This video is timeless

  • FallenHelp

    Lol loved your self promo on tims live stream lmao

  • Fred Garbinski
    Fred Garbinski

    Ok I LOVE some of ninjas content, and he is genuinely a good person. Now I know a lot of people are talking about how a 13 year old has more self control, but what y’all need to realize is that SOMETIMES it’s very hard to. Especially when from ninjas POV it was like a bullshit overload. Now there are times when ninja needs to chill and take like a 30 min nap, but this was not one of them. And of course, I was still laughing my ass off!

  • n pow
    n pow

    I love Connor lol. Crazy he or courage will never know I named my son after him

  • griffin bannon
    griffin bannon

    Connor > Ninja

  • Wasky Fam
    Wasky Fam

    Hello:))))))))))))))))) I don’t know what to say

  • SimpleClay 17
    SimpleClay 17

    This was so funny and I almost threw up when I watched it love the vids as always Courage

  • Juraj Stopić
    Juraj Stopić

    Imagine lobby with Ninja and xQc

  • sah_dude dudue
    sah_dude dudue

    ninja is like nogla

  • Danny Lucy
    Danny Lucy

    this is a banger bro

  • harry Nolan 67
    harry Nolan 67

    Ninja so annoying tho

  • Quintella Frazier
    Quintella Frazier

    Ninja on the strongest Cocaine

  • ooRedemption -
    ooRedemption -

    Ninja is easily the most annoying gamer in history.

    • Oscar Lopez
      Oscar Lopez

      Are you 10?

    • ooRedemption -
      ooRedemption -

      Like god who rages at among us like that

  • official_quix

    He sounds gay lil

  • Shlok Patel
    Shlok Patel

    I am cracked at among us

  • Shlok Patel
    Shlok Patel

    Courage can I play with u guys

  • Pixel T0AST
    Pixel T0AST

    I'm not much of a ninja fan but man I love his friends. Courage, Sypherpk, Tim, etc. They know comedy

  • SimpleClay 17
    SimpleClay 17

    Ninja raging at anything is the funniest thing to me

  • ManiacalMoistMaster

    Tha latest in raging technology! This astounding device plugs into your skull, penetrating the neocortex in your brain, thus pissing you off for hours straight!

  • Marion Philip Jebulan
    Marion Philip Jebulan

    Hate you Ninja

  • UnhingedUnit

    Stop swearing with the poor 13 y/o around

  • Efrain Mejia
    Efrain Mejia

    Ninja was about to sing the navy song

  • Bagel DoggyDayz
    Bagel DoggyDayz


  • bhremantyo ganendra
    bhremantyo ganendra

    I wont make ninja rage quit i want to make NOGLA lol

  • Ghost Jay
    Ghost Jay

    Totally not me waiting for ninja to comment on the video

  • Clutch Reacts
    Clutch Reacts

    Ninja is the most annoying player in like every game he ever plays... hes like that random teammate you wouldnt want in a game

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee


  • xHell-Houndx

    Hey what does the little impostor-crewmate thing on the right side of the screen mean?

  • Briony Brotherton
    Briony Brotherton

    ninja and xQc should be banned from among us they’re so toxic

  • Anna Orta
    Anna Orta

    RIP ninja headset

  • Jamison Lynch
    Jamison Lynch

    Ninja and xqc, unbearable.

  • Lucas Burnett
    Lucas Burnett

    Dude Nina is crazy


    Ninja the 3rd imposter Ninja the 3rd imposterNinja the 3rd imposterNinja the 3rd imposterNinja the 3rd imposterNinja the 3rd imposterNinja the 3rd imposterNinja the 3rd imposterNinja the 3rd imposterNinja the 3rd imposterNinja the 3rd imposterNinja the 3rd imposterNinja the 3rd imposterNinja the 3rd imposterNinja the 3rd imposterNinja the 3rd imposterNinja the 3rd imposterNinja the 3rd imposterNinja the 3rd imposterNinja the 3rd imposterNinja the 3rd imposterNinja the 3rd imposterNinja the 3rd imposter


    Dude,like ninja is kind was a noob tho honestly his the one who to believe him self he as a pro leader of 'Among Us'😑😑

  • Wavyy

    Matthew 3:2

  • Wavyy

    Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon

    • Mermanwuf Nooo
      Mermanwuf Nooo

      Wtf is wrong with you

  • Ur Mom
    Ur Mom


  • Alex Stroh
    Alex Stroh

    Imagine Jacksepticeye, Courage, and Cizz in one lobby, it’s like “I can clear Jack, Jack, aaaaaaaand Jack”

    • Fred Garbinski
      Fred Garbinski

      Jackscepticeyes real name is Sean, a real fan would know 😐

  • Delta Doge
    Delta Doge

    Connor the Big Brain

  • Alex Tiemi TikiTiki
    Alex Tiemi TikiTiki

    Ninja: “NO ONE SAW YOU ON THE RIGHT SIDE!!” courages face:👁👄👁

  • Ren

    You know you're a grown child when a 13 year old has more logic and is mature than you.

  • SnottierAnimal `- ́
    SnottierAnimal `- ́

    Its funny wen they say i knew it wen they did not know anithing If u read this god bless you

  • PikaJay

    Wait omg is that Connor?!?!!? THEEE Connor? Hold up

  • Andrew K
    Andrew K

    What kind of garbage human yells at a child about his butt hair?

  • Hmm_ Hmm
    Hmm_ Hmm

    This is probably my favorite video by him I would like to see a part 2 it always cracks me up when ninja rages 😂😂

  • Kareem Thatarius
    Kareem Thatarius

    Courage... if you truly read all of the comments... like or reply to this comment so we know. I am challenging you.

  • hydro _god15
    hydro _god15

    Ninja is a sped

  • Owen McElwee
    Owen McElwee

    Ninja always tries to rush games and vote on 7-9 people and it's like bro it makes it less fun for everyone

  • Itsjohnnelson

    ninja raging so fuckingg funny

  • 200 Ez- songs
    200 Ez- songs

    Take out cou

  • Axerdon

    Another reason I hate Ninja

  • Justin

    Ninjas obnoxious as fuuuuuck and Connors such a chad

  • Alan Gonzalez
    Alan Gonzalez

    I wan’t to see ninja and xQc in the same lobby just so both of them get a taste of how annoying they both are 🤣

  • VebZZ

    God loves us so much that he sent his ONLY son to die on the cross so we could go to heaven 💕Please turn to God, it's not too late. I'll wait for u:)

  • xl fusiionz
    xl fusiionz

    Ninja is trying to be xqc so hard

  • Gracynn Farinelli
    Gracynn Farinelli

    Conner was actually big brain in this vid and wasent annoying

  • Gracynn Farinelli
    Gracynn Farinelli

    I feel like ninja watched this 💀💀

  • circe

    I love Connor. This is my first seeing him. And this is amazing 😂😍💛

  • MrYeti

    Courage that was not funny you are a dummy

  • J-RAD Rann
    J-RAD Rann

    We love you courage

  • miftahul jannah
    miftahul jannah

    I'm so confused, playing game it must be funny right? But but why... 😅

  • Noah Shaw
    Noah Shaw

    Play Minecraft

  • XTRA_Tapz

    Streak sniping

  • Harry Duncan
    Harry Duncan

    I love how courage is always so happy

  • Mason Blust
    Mason Blust

    I thought this was his original channel so I subbed 👍

  • Alysia Wong
    Alysia Wong

    so much yelling...compared to the other youtuber groups i watch...but like intense yelling...other times its just yelling for fun and stuff

    • Alysia Wong
      Alysia Wong

      ive watched sykunnos and valkyrae with courage and it was just fine...this is just giving me headaches

  • Jacob Addis
    Jacob Addis

    I double checked

  • maneneng

    The fact that ninja acted like that in front of the 13 year old.. Give atleast sympathy, they're still a fucking minor, they're developing to be a person :/..really dissapointing in ninjas part

  • the loud house fan
    the loud house fan

    12:34 Clip from among us rage from twich madmess

    • the loud house fan
      the loud house fan

      When he said your so dumb

  • Lil Unicorn
    Lil Unicorn

    Eh I’m not subscribed

  • Jay Fran
    Jay Fran

    Love when this Ninja fella is mildly toxic

  • Edmundo Fuentes
    Edmundo Fuentes

    Who’s Connor

  • Cole Aspect
    Cole Aspect

    Man i wish i could be as lucky as connor and play with a group like this.

  • MrMacDarra

    Does anyone else think its a tad inappropriate for a bunch of grown ass men playing with a 13 year old?

  • MaryS Sp.
    MaryS Sp.

    Dont invite ninja to among us, he really ruins the fun

  • Alex Golden
    Alex Golden

    Ninja might be one of the dumbest millionaires in America. He’s giving us a bad name. He should go floss by himself again in a corner.

  • William Deakin
    William Deakin

    I didnt see a ninja disconnect or hear a headset break. Clickbait?

  • Aryo AcreativitE
    Aryo AcreativitE

    *Why is ninja a whole ass baby* *waaahhhh* *stfu* LOL

  • Skullface37 Meyers
    Skullface37 Meyers

    Ninja needs to chill 😂😂

  • idyllic indifference
    idyllic indifference

    Connor is a g looool

  • Cat Thompson
    Cat Thompson

    Ninja is toxic energy. Idk how he can talk to people the way he does and has become so popular

  • Lunatic

    Ninja must have not had any friend as a child since he clearly never learned to play well with others. He needs anger management and an ego check.

  • Mhn.Kaydoe*

    ninja is so bad at this game😭😭

  • BradyBeast

    Is it weird I have notis for this channel and not his main I love this channel?

  • Mary Nichols
    Mary Nichols

    Honestly the fact that ninja was kind of going off about Connor is ridiculous. He’s fucking 13 💀

  • Christopher Martinez
    Christopher Martinez

    I havent even watched this video and im already happy

  • Natsumi Hamasaki
    Natsumi Hamasaki

    Connor is a savage

  • pankakeface 101
    pankakeface 101

    12:48 look in the bottom right and the dvd thing hits the corner

  • Reus Meh
    Reus Meh

    Making your friends mad for views. True friendship right there

  • Evolve

    Ninja is the rage quitting nerd

  • Amir Brown
    Amir Brown

    I did all I love this channel thank you for posting tho!

  • Timi Oke
    Timi Oke

    Ninja is so bad. All conviction no facts. It's incredible - how do people even listen to him??!?

  • Jaxon Carabajal
    Jaxon Carabajal

    9:55 courage said the n word😂💀

  • Nathalie Bsat
    Nathalie Bsat

    This connor kid is so strong. Playing w grown men AND shutting them up. I love him

  • Cypress

    After this video I wouldn’t not wanna show my face to ninja EVER

  • Sana Kausar
    Sana Kausar


  • Andrea Is not actually here
    Andrea Is not actually here

    My favorite line “ᴛʜᴀᴛs ᴀ ғᴜᴢʏ ᴀss ᴄʀᴀᴄᴋ ʙʀᴏ“

  • senario

    im not a among Us youtuber i am a game called roblox youtuber and fortnite and this is the best content