What happened to JonBenét Ramsey?
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What happened to JonBenét Ramsey? 22 years-on, I look into the disappearance of JonBenét Ramsey, including the theories and conspiracies.
Let me know what you think happened to JonBenét in the comments below!
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  • Tom Harlock
    Tom Harlock

    longest video ever!!!! enjoy lads and please like and sub for more! xxx

    • Faye King
      Faye King


    • Cindy Townsend
      Cindy Townsend

      I really like your delivery of the facts. Many I've never heard before. You did a lot of research. Thanx!

    • Barb Vanlare
      Barb Vanlare

      I agree with your cover-up theory 💯

    • Karolin

      Please Tom, give us more, I'm jonesing over here

    • Jenn Jones
      Jenn Jones

      Boulder CO, the actual reason you have big gaping holes to go down 😂 that was cheesy I'm a lame😂❣️

  • Andrea the Music Owl
    Andrea the Music Owl

    I'm so used to watching your more comic stuff and I wasn't expecting to see this. Can't say I'm disappointed.

  • Jen the Nosey Cow
    Jen the Nosey Cow

    She went downstairs and had a mouthful of his bowl of food. Then saw daddy abusing the son and had to be killed.... Just my thoughts

  • ConsultingTrickster

    I know everyone thinks Burke did it but I think it was one of the parents. Statistically it’s most likely for a young child to be murdered by their own parents. I think either Patsy snapped and hit her or John was abusing her and accidentally killed her while doing something sick and unmentionable to her.

  • aralitra

    Santa did it. He was the ONLY guy in the area at the time with full access to the bedrooms of every single child in the world and the skills to move around, undetected. The runners on his sleigh caused the clashing sounds and JonBenet screamed when he showed her he has more than one kind of sack. Case closed. You're welcome.

    • beth blea
      beth blea

      Haha so funny..

  • Lana Horowitz
    Lana Horowitz

    wait a second. jon benet was dead of asphyxiation, and they found her dead with pineapple in her stomach. so what if jon benet was really kidnapped, and the intruder was feeding her pineapples, she choked and died. so the intruder returned her to the wine cellar, so he could collect the ransom?

    • Zurie Adam
      Zurie Adam

      The asphyxiation was from strangulation, not choking.

  • Chloe Gumbrell
    Chloe Gumbrell

    Can’t be the only one who spent half the video looking at Lucille 🥴

  • Ryan Thorburn
    Ryan Thorburn

    that interview or whatever where the dad is like "I did not kill my daughter jonbenet" is like,,,,,why is he smiling when he says that that's super weird

    • Kat

      Have you seen the interview with Chris watts? He killed his daughters and was doing a plea with the media for their whereabouts. At that stage, he knew they were dead. He had the same “I’m getting away with this” smile

  • A.B

    Am I the only one who noticed bts dna around 30 second

  • Dan the Dude
    Dan the Dude

    This is such a different energy than your more recent videos, it’s like Tom had a cheerful polite twin brother

  • Valentine Siobhan
    Valentine Siobhan

    i thought i knew pretty much everything about this case from having researched it, watching videos and interviews, and going through newspaper articles. i was just REALLY interested in this case, partially bc i LOVE true crime so so so much. but watching this video opened my eyes to SOOOOOO many things that i never knew about. like this case is even more crazy then i originally thought... 🙃 thank you for the added education though 👌

  • Kenny McCormick
    Kenny McCormick

    I think both Patsy and John did it. I don’t think Burke had anything to do with it. Burke, yes he’s smiling in the interview but it’s likely because he’s traumatized; he may try to remember seeing his sister in the casket as a fond memory to cope. I suffer from trauma personally and I’ve coped by laughing or smiling while describing it when it’s not entirely appropriate.

  • paranormal lazivity
    paranormal lazivity

    are you playing BTS idol on the background of your video?

  • - F_0_rtun_A -
    - F_0_rtun_A -

    This entire story took many directions and turns, but the IDOL instrumental at the end was a much welcomed twist- Can never go wrong with a bit of that while talking about unsolved crimes :’)

  • a a a a a a a
    a a a a a a a

    so Jonbenèt’s parents heard screams and metal clanging and didn’t get up?? Even if it matched their story of thinking someone had a nightmare they should have gotten up.

  • S’mores S
    S’mores S


  • Sabrina Ly
    Sabrina Ly

    Not to be that person but I feel like burke smiling makes him seem LESS suspicious. Someone who has actually done it surely would try to seem as innocent as possible?

  • PapaDalbec

    Dad has something to do with it, 100%.

  • Jackson Finlay
    Jackson Finlay

    Theres also a theory that this was a result of Jeffrey Epststein (not sure if i spelt his last name right). The parents were known friends with him and in some pictures from her pagents you can see Jeffreys wife in the background, so it is suggested that they were involved in Jonbennets life and hobbies. Theres not a lot of proof around this but it is an interesting theorie.

  • judyjude

    You might not have heard of it, but a couple years ago a norwegian woman, Anne- Elisabeth Hagen married to one of the wealthiest (but not famous) men in the country, Tom Hagen, went missing, or at least that was the theory. It got international press so you probaby will find most in english. Anyway, this case is still ongoing and still "new" and no body has been found, but the kidnapping is suspected to be fake and that she was dead alreay, and that her husband was involved. You probably dont go back and read these comments, but if you do, look into the case and see what you think. The ransom note, and some of the progression of the case is similar. Whatever that means.

  • derpy squid
    derpy squid

    *We just gonna ignore the fact John Ramsey owns a book on how to make a stun gun sex slave?*

  • teef -
    teef -

    why do I revisit this case like once a year it’s breaks my heart

  • Bree E
    Bree E

    Much mystery, many wtfs

  • Gay person
    Gay person

    Chances are this wasn’t this guy’s first nor their only crime. They’ve either committed crimes before or since then, went to prison for a different crime, or did this just to hurt this family specifically

  • The Painted Skull
    The Painted Skull

    I only knew about this case because of Mr. Kitty and the haunting photo edit of JonBenet and a kitten. It's even creepier now that I know the full story.

    • Pestilenssi

      I love mr kitty sm

  • Kirsty de Paor
    Kirsty de Paor

    Honestly so sad for the kid, but her name is such a godawful wanksake to her parents. How self important are you that you don’t give your kid their own name?

  • Paenti

    Okay I hear that DNA whistle in the background.. 😂💕 also Tom looks stunning in a striped shirt omfg

  • Ishizu

    I find it hard to evaluate bc people act very weird in traumatic situations. A lot of the strange behavior can be explained by that. Who knows if the parents did consume mind altering substances and maybe don’t even know what happened. But the kidnapping story just seems way to wild to be true.

  • Kristė K
    Kristė K

    I mean the father and the brother knows more than what they are saying also watch a body language read.

  • megmachine

    I still don't understand why you would have a son called BURKE and then name your daughter after her dad?? Just call your son John ffs

  • CelestePlantagenet-York

    The dad selling his company to Lockheed says it all.

  • Kirsty Laird
    Kirsty Laird

    A subtle aspect, but Pasty says ‘we need an...Police’ in the 911 call, ‘an’ suggests she was going to say ‘an ambulance’ which suggests she knew Jon Benet was injured when she made the call

  • Daan M.
    Daan M.

    I couldn't pay attention in the beginning at all, all I heard was the DNA intro on a loop lol

  • CHloE748

    Christmas of 96 would be remembered for all the wrong reasons... yes, my sorry ass was born.

  • alannah1207

    The brother situation has always seen the most likely. Getting angry over a slice of pineapple is very much something a young boy would do, especially if he had mild autism etc. It just makes a lot of sense

    • i wake up and boom im a rat
      i wake up and boom im a rat

      also especially if he wasnt the favourite, he probably had a lot of pent up emotions at his sister being the baby/the most loved of the two

  • Louise May
    Louise May

    Previous to this Christmas event, Burke had already hit JonBenet across her eyebrow with a golf club, causing the need for plastic surgery. When JonBenet grabbed a piece of his pineapple, I think he became enraged and hit her over the head with the flashlight. Note that an interrogation officer took a sip from Burke's soft drink, greatly angering him. I believe JonBenet lost consciousness from the flashlight blow and later Patsy found her. I believe Patsy decided to cover it up and wrote the ransom note. She probably woke John and convinced him this had to be covered up. What happened next was probably John carried JonBenet down to the basement and staged a sex-crime strangulation. However, it is important to note that JonBenet was an abused child, and part of that abuse was ongoing sexual in nature. Neglect and abuse were evident. Their dog was not housebroken, and neither were JonBenet and Burke. Burke was known to spread his feces around the walls and beds. Highly irresponsible parenting, which I blame more on Patsy than on John.

  • JEM ofthe80s
    JEM ofthe80s

    I can't believe how that note literally reads like it's a Family Guy or American Dad joke:/ John ruined the crime scene and DNA apparently has ruled him out, but they need to retest it with the LATEST technology that's been updated since the last time they did it and test it against every man in the town...I'll bet the test that seemed to not be a match to him actually WAS but SOMEBODY said it WASN'T. All of the decades-long cold cases that have been suddenly solved in the last few years, I KNOW this one will get solved too, I just KNOW it, everyone just keep your fingers crossed...

  • Carianne Manning
    Carianne Manning

    Why did patsy put the same clothes back on the next morning? I think she was still awake and they were trying to put all this shit together and then called after they thought they were good

  • Marie

    this whole time i thought it was about gordon ramseys child... until he showed the face of mr ramsey

  • Lil Meow Meow
    Lil Meow Meow

    Nice informative video👍

  • casterling

    Okay, so just assume someone did break in with the intentions of kidnapping JonBenét. Why would they have written the ransom note inside the house? I don't have much experience in kidnapping, but if you're breaking into someone's house, you want to be in and out of there as quickly as possible. They would've written the note before they entered the home!

  • Mister Vacation
    Mister Vacation

    The creepy ass brother did it.

    • Mister Vacation
      Mister Vacation

      @Blue Jay Jenna hope they get him

    • Blue Jay Jenna
      Blue Jay Jenna

      i actaully think so too , he had a history with hurting his sister, he once hit her with a golf club and she had to get surgery

  • D M
    D M

    Matter how you slice this the police did not do a good job of investigation. Many mistakes ,, ,

  • Jack Revy
    Jack Revy

    I think its the father, they go into more gruesome detail in Programmed to Kill, there are three episodes (though be prepared to read the first two) its rough to stomach, so if you are sensitive to certain subjects, be warned.

  • RGB 18
    RGB 18

    Burke killed her, it was an act of anger but a mistake. The rest is history. He is paying a high price living with it

  • Alfred Valrie
    Alfred Valrie

    Patsy killed JB alone and intentionally.

  • Jackie Carter
    Jackie Carter

    RIP Sweet little Angel! I don't know who's responsible for her death but I don't believe her brother could hurt a bug. I don't believe he could do anything like that ever. Come on, let's find the real murderer.

  • Amy Durham
    Amy Durham

    I honestly believe that Burke killed JonBenet and his parents covered it up to protect him!

  • Bratty Intuitive
    Bratty Intuitive

    She almost said we need an ambulance? Wow. Interesting.

  • The Shy Septiceye
    The Shy Septiceye

    Tom: *throws away ransom note after writing it* the garbageman the next day: 0_0

  • Willis Sudweeks
    Willis Sudweeks

    Sounds like it was the mom to me. That 911 call was so fake.

  • Cynthia Gibson
    Cynthia Gibson

    This jonbenet stuff is ad nauseum, ad infinitum.

  • Boysenberry Jam Fan
    Boysenberry Jam Fan

    Opening your home for Christmas tours is not “ very Caucasian “. It is however, very “ elitist”. I’ve been Caucasian in the USA for 50 years and never known anyone of any race that does that. It’s because I’m middle class. I don’t get to mingle with the elites. Don’t get classism mixed up with racism.

  • Ann Valentine
    Ann Valentine

    Absolutely loved listening to you. I agree with others here to please start your own crime show. Already a fan!

  • Emma

    The ransom note always makes me laugh because it has such an american view of american international relations. Like, "foreign faction," seriously??? And the mention of "good southern common sense," like who tf outside of america would think to say that hahaha. It oozes patriotism while trying to do the exact opposite.

  • Michele Peterson
    Michele Peterson

    Jon Benet was a Sacrifice. Daddy killed her!

  • Sara Rossborough-Muhammad
    Sara Rossborough-Muhammad

    This male spoils the facts as he jokes about a child's murder 🤢 sarcastic cold.. Deplorable

    • Pestilenssi

      New around here, huh

  • Jodie Layne
    Jodie Layne

    Your research is absolutely top notch! 👌🏻

  • Love and Light
    Love and Light

    😄😄😄😄LONG ASS NOTE!!

  • Love and Light
    Love and Light

    No way any of them purposely hurt this baby! They doted on her!!

  • Love and Light
    Love and Light

    Burke and Jonbenet snuck to see presents in the room downstairs. They heard parents. Burke ran upstairs and left Jonbenet behind. Dad thought he literally heard someone in his house. He saw someone and accidentally hit his daughter in the head which killed her. Parents tried to set up the scene to make it look like she was bounded up. Strangulation and tied up was set up by parents. They did the ransom note. They should have taken her to the hospital after his mistake but they panicked. Medical examiner got it wrong about manner of death. It was the skull fracture. My take on the crime after hearing all of the evidence.

    • Love and Light
      Love and Light

      Patsy was innocent until she tried to cover up what her husband did.

  • justin keane
    justin keane

    I could be misremembering this but I'm pretty sure the officer at the scene noted that neither parent reacted when the [deadline for/ expected time of] the kidnappers call passed.. BECAUSE THEY KNEW THERE'D BE NO CALL from the kidnappers they'd invented. I suspect it went down something like this: Burke found out about John sexually abusing JonBenet. He was the one who folded the corner of the page in the dictionary so that it pointed to the word incest and left it out to be found. John did find it and thought that JonBenet had done it. Partly out of rage and partly out of fear of being revealed for the sick bastard he is, John takes his daughter down to the cellar and kills her. And then the bullshit cover up begins.

  • Stacey Barnes
    Stacey Barnes

    I have seen many interviews and information involving this case. I knew then like I know now that Burke is the suspect that needs to come clean. He needs a polygraph test to actually prove it. There are his fingerprints on the bowl. There is evidence that is being dismissed due to trusting the parent's words over a polygraph test. My gut instinct is screaming "Burke did it idiots!"

  • Mik A
    Mik A

    Why they seem so calm? They are speaking about their dead child

  • Mik A
    Mik A

    What in the hell is wrong with people from the US

  • Black Sky
    Black Sky

    More than 20 years later and no justice for this little girl.. :'(

  • AJ Carr
    AJ Carr

    @5:31 Whoa. Notice how tightly Patsy is clutching Jonbenet's arm. Control-freak.

  • Alyce Mcdonald
    Alyce Mcdonald

    I agree wirh the theory that Burke did it and the parents covered it up.

  • Carolyn McMahon
    Carolyn McMahon


  • susan johnson
    susan johnson

    No one knows ? Still?

  • Kathryn D
    Kathryn D

    I think Burke did it. Accident or not. They didn’t all go straight to bed. At least Burke and Patsy stayed up for a snack. Clearly Jon entered the scene and took a piece of pineapple from Burke’s bowl. Set him off. He struck her. Patsy screamed when she saw what Burke had done (that’s what the neighbor heard). Evidence like pineapple in Jon’s stomach, is fact/science, so they did not go home to bed. Patsy is seen as fully grieving because she was. She dotted on that little girl. No way she even accidentally did it. John had other children and no issues. No history of violence. No apparent interest in the children. Major point- if John had done it Patsy would never have covered for him. Who would Patsy and John cover for? Burke. Nothing would bring parents closer than the loss of one child and the need to protect the other.

  • Debbie McCartney
    Debbie McCartney

    You really need your own TV show.

  • shinkicker 123
    shinkicker 123

    I wonder why a graphologist didn't compare the writing with that of the parents. As handwriting can of course be disguised. But a graphologist would soon spot he giveaways.

  • mj Rotondi
    mj Rotondi


    • Pestilenssi

      I'll be a lot more inclined to believe you crazy people when you show actual evidence that sra is even a thing

  • D Wells
    D Wells

    Hi. I like your video of the case. You got to the major points of the case. Many things bother me about this case but one thing stands out for me as I’m a parent too. If I had ever received a ransom note, no matter how weird, not only would I be out of my mind upset to get my child back, I’d NEVER want to leave the house at that time or charter a plane to my other home. The cops couldn’t stop me from looking for my child..I would have searched every inch of the house, garage, grounds, and run to neighbors doors to check. Why would they want to leave for their MI house when they had not even received a call from the kidnappers? Assuming your child was close by the note saying John would be monitored assume your child is somewhere in or around Bolder alive..why begin the process to leave? So baffling on many levels. That child need justice!

  • Sunny Smiles
    Sunny Smiles

    I knew the comment section would not disappoint!!! Those parents intentionally contaminated the crime scene any way they could. Completely disobeying the “instructions” on the ridiculously fake ransom note And inviting their entire friend/church list over to the house, who then pull out the windex after the cinnamon rolls and coffee are finished. Then John “finding” the body and intentionally ripping off the tape and white blanket, then laying her down on the much trampled floor, then tossed another blanket on top of her. If you want to know how to contaminate a crime scene, this is the way to do it!!! Just invite your neighbors/friends/pastor/congregation over to trample through the house and clean everything up!!!! Then when they/you suddenly “discover” the dead body in your basement, it’ll be a real who done it!!! That poor little girl will never have any Justice. .

  • Delta Dawn
    Delta Dawn

    What’s suspect and fishy are the number of likes here. Someone is playing tricks.

  • Stephanie DePaulo
    Stephanie DePaulo

    Great video

  • zumbagirl12

    Brother did it accidentally

  • Mel Leaux
    Mel Leaux

    Love your voice, Tom! You’re talking about a murdered child, but it’s soothing and classy.

  • Wand

    Whoever wrote the note didn't specify when"tomorrow" was supposed to be. Technically, if JonBenet was murdered after midnight, tomorrow would have been the 27th of December - unlessyou knew exactly when she was murdered. Or was the note dated? ;)))

  • Socks Alexander
    Socks Alexander

    She was exhumed last year. They wanted to change her outfit.

  • Lindy Lou
    Lindy Lou

    There was only 40 minutes of swelling of the brain then the garot.

  • Roseanne S
    Roseanne S

    There's a theory I read about that John, unbeknownst to Patsy, took JonBenet somewhere else nearby to meet with pedophiles from the beauty pageants for a fee. The meeting went awry.

    • Carolyn Preston
      Carolyn Preston

      First I've heard of this theory!

  • Greta Kaim
    Greta Kaim

    Pasty would of let some into the house to want jonbent dead. Because the Ramsey were the only people in the house, & pasty is not to be trusted.

  • Greta Kaim
    Greta Kaim

    Patsy and Burke feed jonbent the pinapple. Patsy is jelous of jonbent because she was in the pageant when she was young . Burke killed jonbent. So the mother finished it off by helping Burke. Pasty wrote the note because she knew about John bonus.so when morning came patsy went nuts when they couldn't find johnbent.( pasty's is nuts& a liar).That's why one pasty is a good LIAR she got away with it &she is gone. John BELIEVED what pasty said & Burke plus when you see Burke in interviews he follows right in pasty foot steps. No one else was in the house that night but the Ramsey. Or the only one that could of killed jonbent or wanted her dead was pasty .pas

  • KitKatKattyWack

    I would love to see more true crime from you! That’s how I found you actually and now I’ve binged basically all your videos since early this morning😂

  • Lipsha Morrissey
    Lipsha Morrissey

    We'd know if her family was poor and Black I'm JS.

  • quotetheraven90

    Just creepy man. Why let pedophiles have an outlet like this? Those parent should not abuse their kids like this.

  • Scott Ashe
    Scott Ashe

    She ate her brother's night night snack and he kicked her down the stairs. Then her dad did the unthinkable and her mother didn't want to lose her ATM card so she wrote a fukked up letter. They are all twisted... except for the daughter.

  • edlyn elliott
    edlyn elliott

    jealous parent that have child compete in beauty pagents wanted jon dead because she won so much....those pageants are very competitve i will always believe it was someone connected to the beauty pagents.

  • Minutiae May
    Minutiae May

    Ransom letter tells you to not contact anyone or jonbenet dies… parents call police and every friend they know

  • Miss May's Bedtime Book Bunch
    Miss May's Bedtime Book Bunch

    Funny patsy s head is always shaking no but dear old dad is nodding yes when addressing media about killing his daughter.

  • Miss May's Bedtime Book Bunch
    Miss May's Bedtime Book Bunch

    Also, banks don't have that kind of cash on hand, you must order it beforehand. Also they we're waiting on a call but patsy called po po asap, which was contraindicated on the note, so waiting on a call was futile if the note was to be believed.

  • Katelin Roberts
    Katelin Roberts

    I feel like I’ve just had a Legally Blonde moment? Patsy Ramsey was a vain, manipulative person. I’ve known, am related to, women of the exact same caliber. Why did she put on the SAME outfit on that morning, that she had worn to the Christmas party the night before? I’ve known her ilk, she wouldn’t have worn her cloths from the previous day, even if she was just going down for breakfast.

  • Kamuela Vance
    Kamuela Vance

    Burke did it. Look at his interviews after the murder. Search youtube "burke ramsey interviews 9 & 11yrs. old 1997" and "john and patsy ramsey talk about pineapple" very revealing. The story goes that Burke was eating Pineapple and Jon Benet was asleep. She woke up and went to the dining table and ate some of his Pineapple. He didn't like the idea and he hit her on the head with something and killed her. The parents found out and concocted the abduction story to protect him. They had to tamper with the evidence and stage a bunch of things to make it look like a break in and abduction. Thats why nothing makes sense. Ramsey is shown the picture of the Pineapple on the table and he freezes up. Guilty. You got it figured out at the end.

  • Miss May's Bedtime Book Bunch
    Miss May's Bedtime Book Bunch

    In my mind I'm thinking of how to solidify my argument that murderer made sure to kill her without mussing her pretty little face, which circumstantially adds to familial assailant... and then you mention flashlight to your little brothers face...but you didn't think it would cause serious harm, so you didn't protect his face, and an assailant who held no care to preserve any of the victim's beauty would've bashed her face in....so

  • Miss May's Bedtime Book Bunch
    Miss May's Bedtime Book Bunch

    Also, the false police dispatch just before the incident was clearly a dry run to see how long it took police to make the scene after a call. So premeditated is sickening, and rarely suggested, but probable....and good job for mentioning that when ive NEVER heard it mentioned in the other youboobers videos!

  • Miss May's Bedtime Book Bunch
    Miss May's Bedtime Book Bunch

    Patsy began ALMOST to say.....devastation already in her voice, we need an...then snapped into character and went to her shocked/confused/panicked request for police...but she knew baby girl was already dead....initially, she almost requested ambulance AND said ransom note instead of simply note...evidence of foreknowledge, involvement.

  • Miss May's Bedtime Book Bunch
    Miss May's Bedtime Book Bunch

    The strange but meticulously harvested detail of patsy putting back on what she had worn day before was oddly comforting that even rich folks put back on an outfit from day before sometimes...lol....i appreciated that. As well as neighbors hearing the midnight screams and full narration of note. I LOVE your delivery of info. Our idiot IRbinrs simply regurgitate info already provided. So thank you. Also You musnt wave an American flag to grow us audience..even we know our flag is a farce at this point in life.again....cheers.