What Is BLACKPINK's Routine Before Taking the Stage?
James Corden welcomes his friends from BLACKPINK to The Late Late Show and Lisa tells James about the band's pre-show ritual of the low-five and the group talks about getting ready for "The Show" - their live virtual concert on their IRbin channel this weekend, featuring some of Rosé's new music.
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  • ngaitaev

    My lili be like Proud of u my lili 🖤BLIИK💗

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    Delima Simbolon

    Jisoo looked so elegant and pretty like a princess 🥺❤

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    Valeria Nicole Espinoza Tarazona

    LISOO respondiendo cómodamente sus preguntas, I LOVE IT


    I love them

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    Jyoti Kumar

    Low five😂😂😂😂

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    ZirveninSahibi YiğitPoyraz

    Blackpink is the revolution!

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    I love how James respects Jisoo ❤ thanks man!

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    Reyna Hernandez

    LOVE Blackpink

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    2:15 just look her face hahaa she is so cute 😉

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    When jisoo speaks, you listen, period.

  • Robin Chettri
    Robin Chettri

    3 English speakers with each having a different accent. They can literally take you around the world by just speaking English.

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    8.000 comment

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    T-ZAS 이슬아

    Jisoo don't no how to speak english 🥴

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    Alguien más noto a jisoo rara?

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    1 , 2 , 3 ... ehh 😂

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    Blackpink are queens ❤️💜💓🖤

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    Kendra Clare Feliciano

    Only James Corden for US interviews of Blackpink please. Others are just cringey and awkward.

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    Avi Sheqi

    Jennie 😳💖💖

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    Kalpana Yureni

    Their Cheering though. 1 2 3 hoh 🌬 Just like “whatever 😎”

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    Jihoonrosé Park

    Lisa looking at rosé while speaking yeah i love this twins

  • Jihoonrosé Park
    Jihoonrosé Park

    Rosé speaks a little now...I dont know I hope she didnt know about how some hated her for speaking in interviews..its not her fault that ur fave stayed silent unless being asked

  • Zara Davies
    Zara Davies

    Now this is how you interview a group, Jimmy Kimmel, I love how he talks with everyone so jisoo and Lisa don't stay silent.

  • Tarcila Tarazona Guardia
    Tarcila Tarazona Guardia

    Jisoo speaking korean, ahhhhhh

  • Jannyboy

    can u invite them in your carpool karaoke??

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    Familien Vilholm

    Okay but can we All agree that jisoo looks so freacking beautiful in this interview!?

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    조회수 압도적❤❤❤ cause definitely amazing all of them are ❤❤❤😍

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    Jennieeeeeeeee you spoke English very well 😍❤️💜

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    yagnesh paunikar

    Uhh Jisoo queen Not speaking English 😁😘😁😘❤️


    His reaction is EVERYTHING!

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    Was the concert good? My poverty didn't allow me to virtually attend to any 😭

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    Love u

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    LISA ♥️

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    Yu Tuver

    Something about Lisa's voice gives out pure innocence whether it is in English or Korean.

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    Jeff Jana

    The best low five so cute

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    Mariel Misericordia Colque

    I love sooo much girls💖💖💕

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    Kookie Buns

    jisoo looks so elegant i feel like a rat just looking at her

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    Alone Life

    Jisoo can,t speak English.poor jisso

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    Student __

    1;05 James laugh 😅🤣

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    Shruthikka sree B

    Any Indians

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    Lejindary Jinius

    1:33 Jisoo's such a mood 😂😂

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    jisso is so cute

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    Mutiara Agustina

    One two three hoh~~🤣🤣🤣

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    Jayeda Akhtara

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    Haters: Jisoo can't speak English Jisoo: can you speak Korean? Savage Jisoo 😂😂😂

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    Anne Oliveira

    I love you BLACKPINK 💖🖤☄️

  • Andrei Nicole Concepcion
    Andrei Nicole Concepcion

    When James Corden said : Our guest is "Multiplatinum selling group" yess millionseller queens

  • Сезим Кайырлы
    Сезим Кайырлы


  • Bunny

    They are shining all of them Btw Lisa is so seems happy here it makes me happy :D she is so shining I luv them all

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    Pink Black

    Seriously I would be blackout if i were Jisoo but ofc she is Jisoo turtle rabbit Kim😎

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    Pause at 2:53 😏

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    A. Siingpi Naulak

    I love you 💗 all 🤗

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    me jirayu

    I love that Jisoo speak korean

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    The Show, The Album

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    I love the low five ♥️leesa

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    TheBest Boy1290

    I'm just so happy that jisoo gets to talk during this English interview and she wasn't even looking at the other members or at the cameras as she probberly knew she would be blanked out and ignored again but I'm glad she got to talk and in Korean too. I now love James cordon

  • Mark Maina
    Mark Maina

    Jisoo wacha kuphanto 😂

  • erwin lugasan
    erwin lugasan

    I like how james ask each member, I mean everyone literally, they have their time to answer including/specially Jisoo. ♥️ I mean seriously though most of their interviews especially in english Jisoo speak the least/doesn't speak at all. I love this show they didn't let Jisoo be left out/behind. 😍 #BLACKPINK♥️

  • Brandon Tackett
    Brandon Tackett

    I saw them live in Duluth, GA a couple of years ago....GREAT show! Their house band is AWESOME....they also played for Big Bang at a Tokyo Dome show I watched on IRbin...

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    Gaa hll


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    Jisoo pretty


    Why aren't yall cheering for them loudly ... I'm sad😣😣

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    I would really love to see blackpink do a carpool video with James Corden after this pandemic tho...

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    When Jennie wink my heart 💘💘

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    Mariel Equipelag

    jisso so cuteeee fighting

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    I'm a blink I like them all Jisoo is my bias

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    Nighitngale laurent

    I'm so proud of them... I love you my queens jisso jennie rose and mentor lisa

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    "one, Two "THREE!!" "oh..."

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    Love it

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    Sindhu Reddy Vlogs

    They always sit in the same order with jisoo and Lisa on the ends

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    Lokesh Ghosh

    I love how jisoo speaking Korean confidently...in an English interview....

  • Jennifer Lins
    Jennifer Lins

    Blackpink와 Pabllo Vittar의 파트너십을 원합니다.

  • Jennifer Lins
    Jennifer Lins

    Blackpink와 Pabllo Vittar의 파트너십을 원합니다.

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    v a l

    ONE, TWO, THREE! uh

  • iiRxmpxge

    Do I listen to blackpink or kpop at all? Nope. But did I enjoy this interview and did this interview make me want to? Yes.

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    sukla mitra

    When Jennie said 'definitrly , pakka' I lost it 💜🥳🥳😂💗💗🖤

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    Mehul Khandelwal

    Language is never a barrier, 🙂

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    Cute Jisoo ✨

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    he is very enthuiastic. i like that. how you like that?

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    ياسوريا رايحا لدبي

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    هذا لعملاق تبع المرا عندا سيف سوريا شكو

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    2:27 What did James Corden say ? material which is (??? )is

  • Saima Jahan
    Saima Jahan

    Shame on you YG Ent.Not even a single promotion for rose solo but still earning the most money from her.Why you are so unfair and ruthless to rose??

  • stumpedII

    Ji-soo is oldest then jennie rose and lisa.. you should probably interview them in that order. your embarrassing your country.