WHAT THE HECK DID WE JUST WATCH 👀 | wandavision episode 5 reaction & commentary! ❤︎
i am THIS close to actually hoping michael fassbender & james mcavoy show up 😂
(insert the hawkeye "don't do that. don't give me hope." gif here lol)
anyways, TAKING A POLL: who thinks agnes killed sparky?!
also: same disclaimer as the shield, mcu, & prior wandavision content - this is a commentary vid, so it’ll have a lot of pausing & talking (& fangirling, lol). fair warning ❤︎
but hey guys!!! WHAT DID YOU THINK OF EPISODE 5?!?!?! THAT ENDING?!?!?! THAT CROSSOVER?!?! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?! i'm too much of an optimist for them to just introduce evan peters as quicksilver that casually 😭 aLSO?! is wanda in control?! is it her? agnes?! someone else?!?
drop your thoughts in the comments down below, & let's talk wandavision!!
&, as always, thanks for watching!! :)
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  • fictionaldarling

    hey guys!! thanks for your patience with this upload... i def didn't mean to post it at midnight, but this is VERSION 10 OF EDITS 😅 (thank you, claims system lol) (also if your fav part got cut out in the edits, i'm so sorry!!!!) anyways, while editing this it hit me: i don't think wanda actually signed the sokovia accords back in civil war? so this'll be interesting now they're bringing them back up 😅 anyways, thanks for watching, guys!!! :)

    • Anymery Sally
      Anymery Sally

      I dont thin she bring him to life there was somone else or was coincidence

    • Dru Underwood
      Dru Underwood

      One last useless piece of info. Still got copies of The Vision and the Scarlet Witch 1982 in the loft.

    • Dru Underwood
      Dru Underwood

      Nosy Neighbor = Twitchy Curtains. I just Remember Ebony the alley cat as well! Oh and this one was wild Liz reading a copy of UK Viz while eating a Deep Fried Mars bar.

    • Dru Underwood
      Dru Underwood

      @Amanda Pemberton Rocket, Tree, Cat, Dog, Dog, Duck. Demon Bear, Demon Cow? See the way my brain works lol Put Marvel Demon cow in goggle you get Mephisto /Witchblade. Gaea Earth 616

    • Dru Underwood
      Dru Underwood

      ​@Amanda Pemberton If you follow the Necronomicon trial you end up in the slasher Universe, That's the real Shocker! Pardon the pun, Hang on?

  • Ethan Post
    Ethan Post

    Omg you're also a lit geek but terrible at mathhhh love itt, thats my whole life

  • Elan Guiao
    Elan Guiao

    I am so confused about Wanda age she was born in 1989 but was referred to a kid in civil war because Steve said she is a kid and Clint said go back to high school

  • RaTeD_RMN

    11:32 reanimating dead people would be worse tho 🤔

  • Hays qt
    Hays qt

    No she couldn’t have beaten thanos there are so many vids debunking that feat, you should watch some vids on it. Plus Thor came close, so did cap and so did doc

  • Brady Call
    Brady Call

    can we just appreciate Norm's actor's acting? he went from joking to terrified to oblivious without hesitation!

  • The Showcaser
    The Showcaser

    Wanda is 29 or 30

  • BrantHatesMonday’s

    The show takes place in 2023 and Wanda was born in 1989 so that means Wanda is 34 years old Edit: she would be 34 if she didn’t get snapped so she is actually 29 so you were right

  • MiraNoobVidz

    0:46 she said those words like in the last episode. Edit: 3:49 you can get to see the part in episode 8 for a split sec too

  • Dezz Connor
    Dezz Connor

    I love how utterly DONE WITH THIS Vision looks in that last Easter Bunny pic...

  • ZERO 5695
    ZERO 5695

    Now that the show is over you can see when Monica is having the flashes there is a split second from episode 7 before she created the hex when she was also feeling so much grief

  • Dandy Prime
    Dandy Prime

    So, I'm binge-watching your reaction to this series as I just binge-watched the series myself over the past day (I'm more of a "wait until it all comes out" kind of person when it comes to tv shows). Anyway, I really enjoyed it and I'm enjoying your reactions too! Just wanted to say that and that I may end up commenting on future videos of this series (I didn't comment on the first four just to get a feel for the channel and stuff). You got a new sub and also, you're freaking adorable and I love your hair!

  • ripleydude

    My therapist: It's okay, baby Vision doesn't exist. He can't hurt you because he's not real! Marvel Studios: *B A B Y V I S I O N*

  • Mika Ablez
    Mika Ablez

    I want these earrings too Because Magneto was right ;)

  • Haley Lightcake
    Haley Lightcake

    Baby vision is a thing of NIGHTMARES

    • Billy Maximoff
      Billy Maximoff

      ok it freaked me out to

  • Donte Brown
    Donte Brown

    I’m not sure if you realized when Monica went to Sword HQ and walked passed her moms picture. Her moms plaque said Maria “Photon” Rambou

  • Freak Nation
    Freak Nation

    Wanda baby girl said "free reel estate"

  • Tamia Burton
    Tamia Burton

    Is it just me or did Vision really just chucked a chip behind his back.

  • EliCross

    Agatha breaking character in the middle of a scene to screw up Wanda's sitcom and confuse Vision is an EVIL GENIUS move.

  • Greggles

    "feel your emotions it's healthy...just...don't enslave a town" 😙✌️

  • GoodEyeBrian

    You must cosplay as Darcy!

  • ThomasJH268

    Don’t try to set a timeline for the X-Men universe. Deadpool has pointed out in both movies how convoluted the writers made the sequence of events.

  • Antony Pettifer
    Antony Pettifer

    Does no one realise that it says photon on Maria Rambeau’s nickname it said it on her photo

  • imani00011

    Hindsight this should’ve been a clue that Wanda already knew Hayward and she called him Director

  • Montgomery Wenis
    Montgomery Wenis

    The outfit she wears is actually a continuity error after seeing episode 8.

  • Jalyn Johnson
    Jalyn Johnson

    “feel your emotions they’re healthy, just don’t enslave a town” -fictional darling 2021 😂😂

  • Juicy Boi
    Juicy Boi

    12:51 “the missile was just a precaution” “Fuck you” Agreed

  • imani00011

    It is interesting, Punsher deals with grief, understandable, and cool fight scenes, Wanda deals, she screwed, taker’ out.

  • Guy W/ Glasses
    Guy W/ Glasses

    Honestly, WandaVision made me want a "Agents of Shield"-like show in the MCU. I know they are doing Agents of Sword, but I do wanna see more of Jimmy and Darcy (cuz I know Monica is definitely gonna be involved more with the larger MCU after WandaVision, Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness, and Captain Marvel 2) more also. I'm really digging their chemistry.

  • 6irlhimbo

    carol is monica's deadbeat dad confirmed

  • Christian Schmude
    Christian Schmude

    Who's the Boss

  • lexii

    I saw somebody else react to quicksilver and he said oh thats the old quicksilver like why are you complaining. The old one is legendary

  • Joey Allain
    Joey Allain

    Wanda wasn’t really a villain she made decisions and screwed up big time but she was never really truly evil.

  • Gojira 2008
    Gojira 2008

    And tommy said doggy paddle

  • Gojira 2008
    Gojira 2008

    Wanda was 29 in infinity war and since she got snapped and came back 5 years later she is still 29 years old

  • Kitana

    Petition for this girl to be monica's love interest in the mcu. I mean she is really in love with monica lmao

  • Xanstrom

    in the comics, i would have been on caps side, but in the movies, i would have been on iron mans side.

  • Edwin van Ooijen
    Edwin van Ooijen

    I am actually stunned that after Infinity War and End Game, the Accords are STILL in effect? What the f**k is wrong with them? Keep in mind, Wanda didn't create Westview it was already there. Also Wanda's powers are linked to her emotions and mental state. Strong emotions equals stronger powers. Strong mental state means stable powers. Right now Wanda's emotions are really high (her grief), but her mental state is far from stable which would result in her powers becoming more and more unstable. Edit: before the reveal of Pietro you hear the breach alarm going of. Also at the start when Monica mentions the grief she felt, you can see an image of Wanda in Westview in her Avengers outfit breakingdown. So yeah Wanda's outfits are simply an illusion on top of her Avengers outfit.

  • Karlo Gregor
    Karlo Gregor

    Agnes is the biggest sus in 2021 so far.

  • Mario Bahamondes
    Mario Bahamondes

    Actually Wanda did change her clothes more than once. Once for Tony's funeral, still hurts, and another one for when she went to get Vision, she was wearing another set of clothes and a hoodie, I think.

  • Jesus Perez
    Jesus Perez

    Id say shes a sympathetic villain

  • No Mans Marv
    No Mans Marv

    What if Carol caused Monica’s mums cancer with her powers? 🤔

  • a

    She’s defo changed her clothes cause she went to starks funeral and she was wearing a different jacket when she stole vision

  • Jordan Haddow
    Jordan Haddow

    Hayes is almost cartoonishly obsessed with making Wanda the villain. For those that know Agents of SHIELD, doesn't he seem so much like the New SHIELD? Just ignore all evidence and reasonableness to push the agenda forward. Also, the SW in SWORD stands for Sentient Weapons. Between Wanda and an organization focused on Sentient Weapons, who really is more likely to violate Vision's wishes?

  • Curlene Reamy
    Curlene Reamy

    Too short…!!! Hayward’s not my favorite character…tracking VISION. Both he and Wanda want him, she because she loves him, Hayward (the mutant-hating antagonist) because he wants to experiment. I love Darcy, Jimmy Woo and Agnes (who we find at the edge of town, on Ellis Ave.). I find this QUICKSILVER annoying. But who doesn’t absolutely love VISION...?? Counting down till Friday…!!!

  • Severus Snape
    Severus Snape

    11:49 she sounded like a stressed Southern lady😂

  • Alec The dragon
    Alec The dragon

    my theory is that Agnes (as agatha) is the real villain in this show because she is not mind controlled as she asked Wanda if she should "take it again" when vision goes of script. And everytime that Wanda needs her help she is there mostly to Wanda's surprise as well. Also, everytime the twins age Agnes is there and acts completely oblivious but maybe she isn't that oblivious after all. Maybe it was even Agnes who went through the barrier and pointed those guns at that director guy(forgot his name) impersonating Wanda. (Idk my friend said the last thing and now i can't get the idea out of my head)Now im not saying it is only Agnes. I think she planted the idea in Wanda's head but it also seems that this whole thing is Wanda reacting to ptsd and depression as having to kill the love of your life in an attemd to save the universe is hard but when it doesn't even really do anything it breaks you. And denial is a (be it unhealthy) way of coping for some. I think they should try and sent in Clint to help her as he and Wanda have a very special relationship and he knows how to help her when she is in a crisis (shown in age of ultron)I think they should try and sent in Clint to help her as he and Wanda have a very special relationship and he knows how to help her when she is in a crisis (shown in age of ultron)Also if Agnes is Agatha is it then strange to say that Ralph is Mephisto? That would explain the line "Ralph looks better in the dark anyways so I'm not complaining"

  • Adaptive Gamer
    Adaptive Gamer

    Btw, all the commercials are her subconscious. Her pain what makes her sad etc.

  • grant Allen
    grant Allen

    There's something I found out about the commercials Not just to represent things to do with Wanda But they are the infinity stones too Toaster = power Watch = time Soap = space Red liquid = reality So 2 more to come

  • chrisleebowers

    So if we're crossing over to the (Fo)X-Men universe... ...Maybe it's the *Phoenix Force* that's made contact with Wanda?

  • Jared Schuster
    Jared Schuster

    Definitely Wanda in Norm's head. Monica confirmed she heard Wanda's voice. Many people might know Wanda seeing her, but unless she did really popular interviews normie folks would know her voice so Norm is just saying her, because he probably doesnt know who's voice it was

  • Shawn Mashriqi
    Shawn Mashriqi

    You need to watch some of new rockstar videos he is breaking every details for this season. You can know about the villain as well.

  • MarvelX42

    I love how YOU react to this series. I like how you pause it along the way and comment as it goes. I have seen others who react to this, but they just make the occasional comment and then give their thoughts at the end, but by that time I am sure that they have forgotten some stuff that they otherwise would have commented on. I also can feel your love for this through your emotions.

  • Richard Cartledge
    Richard Cartledge

    So, Agness doesn't question Wanda or the twins magic is that she's almost definitely really Agatha Harkness (who is a witch in the comic books) Edit: also there is almost definitely another powerful being behind this, possibly Mephisto or Nightmare

  • Enigma

    I hated the Captain Marvel Scarlet witch debate in this episode so much. It felt so forced like they were speaking directly to the fans. How are they even know how the fight went, there wasn't any cameras there

  • Jessie Chirnside
    Jessie Chirnside

    The fact that in the footage they were experimenting on his disassembled body?????? Like what te fuckk???

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana

    I feel like Wanda's being controlled by someone else and giving her the illusion that *she* is the one in control. Wanda is a very emotional person who can be swayed with the right words so it's possible that the puppeteer would want her to think 'I did this, I can do whatever I want and I can't lose the people I love anymore!' But when everything starts to fall apart with Vision unwilling to play along, the person might've pulled in Peter Maximoff (who's active in the X-Men as Quicksilver in the 1980's timeline) to play as Pietro to pacify Wanda so she won't stop doing the sitcom routine.

  • Gabriel Caram
    Gabriel Caram

    Im with Monica. We all want to get past captain marvel without ever having to acknowledge her existence again...or at least Brie Larson's.

  • Toni Sulemani
    Toni Sulemani

    Magneto is a "villain" because of his grief, why can't Wanda become one because of hers? But villain isn't even right word, antagonist fits better.

  • Jason CALDWELL
    Jason CALDWELL

    Forgot to mention that the next door neighbor is definitely Agatha Harkness the witch- maybe sent by Doctor Strange to help Wanda. She also aged the two boys- we see her mix up a potion in the sink, sprinkle the "lavender" on the infants and suddenly, they're about ten years older and Agatha is...not surprised at all!

  • Jason CALDWELL
    Jason CALDWELL

    What Wanda is experiencing is not grief. In the timeline, Wanda takes Vision's disassembled body from SWORD FIVE YEARS and two weeks after he was killed by Thanos. That's a long time to be grieving... SWORD stands for SENTIENT Weapon Observation Research Directorate- I think Wanda learned from the "witness" being protected in Eastview that SWORD planned to mass produce the Vision as a replacement for the Avengers. Something they can control. Wanda was outraged and it causes her to mentally breakdown or she's being controlled by someone...or possibly she was injured when she took Vision's body (we never see the whole encounter- only what the Director wants to show) so maybe Eastview is like a protective cocoon while she heals. And speaking of Director Haywood, he KNEW all about Eastview before he assigned Monica to that supposedly simple mission. After all, Wanda stole Vision's body two days before Monica's return and assignment... I'm guessing it's Director Haywood that is the big villian.

    • fictionaldarling

      i don't think there are any pre-determined time limits to the grief process in general, but wanda was blipped. so she's actually only had two/three weeks to come to terms with the fact that vision is dead. not arguing the rest of your comment lol, it's a pretty good theory, but his death would definitely still be pretty raw & heavy on her mind at this point. (same with monica & maria.)

  • terri rinella
    terri rinella

    I hope they asked Paul Bettany for real baby and childhood pictures of him and transformed them into Baby Vision

  • Curtis Stelter
    Curtis Stelter

    I just wanted to throw thia out there, but one of the theories I think has a lot of weight is that her parents are the 2 people in the commercials. See as we never see them, but are in every one, and every single one has had to do with Wanda's past traumas. Stark toaster, has the same sound as the mortar shell from Ironman Strucker watch, the man who made them with the mind stone Hydra soak, agent Colson brought up in agents of shield hydra was making mind control soaps Lagos towels, the name of the city that got attacked in civil war starting the sokovia accords. Idk if this is Wanda's subconscious seeping in, or if there is a higher power using her trauma to control her. Love your reactions, excited to see your MCU reviews contiune

  • grant Allen
    grant Allen

    Is she slowly rebuilding the mind stone While going along with a deal she made with someone (possibly agnes Baby scene angnes was being like a director Wanda scared actress vision bewildered Because SWORD were trying to turn vision into a weapon And she stopped them by removing vision Made the deal to give her time to bring him back by rebuilding the mind stone Because bring vision back alive is the only way to stop SWORD from making him a weapon Witch was in his will too And they are breaking that

  • Joel Sasmad
    Joel Sasmad

    5:56 This doesn't feel reductive to me. Wanda started as a henchmen being used by Ultron with a backstory that made her hate Stark. If she's the villain here it's born of the pain she has recieved as she has grown as a character. 6:18 You've got it backwards. She is being a villain here not becuase she is working through grief but becuase she is refusing to. She is avoiding reality to avoid her feelings.

  • Taylor Tot
    Taylor Tot

    I have so much respect for Monica. She was still defending Wanda after everything that happened

  • Alec Hamilton
    Alec Hamilton

    His name is Peter yes, but his name actually is Pietro. Peter is just what Pietro translates too.

  • MikeyG706

    Best reaction Take the shot. What the Fuck !!

  • Sal AveNU
    Sal AveNU

    What if all of a sudden we see Daisy in 80's clothes being all perky ? Then maybe later she "Quake Fly's" out of the bubble to talk to Marcy ?

  • I'mnotaYoshi 86
    I'mnotaYoshi 86

    If you look at the images they disabled and are experimenting on visions body

  • Noe Ramirez
    Noe Ramirez

    It’d be too easy to make her the villain, I don’t think it’s as cut and dry as that. I’d argue that her taking dead people instead of living people would also be a violation of their free will, what she’s doing isn’t good but it isn’t as cut and dry as “she’s the bad guy”’ or she isn’t actually in control overall. (Also I love how this show is making me care about these characters that I didn’t really care that much about to begin with, like Darcy and Jimmy.)

  • uNo U
    uNo U

    Paul Bettany has honestly been under-rated af for YEARS. He's in A Knight's Tale with Heath Ledger and it's an amazing movie and he's funny af in it.


    At 6:33 the cut went from her saying “ well he is a d...” but right before she got to say d*ck it cut to him saying terrorists she it was saying Hayward is a terrorists

  • Jennifer Burkhard
    Jennifer Burkhard

    What if that wasn't wanda? What if that was Agnes disguised as Wanda?

  • Shor Lionhart
    Shor Lionhart

    couple of things you wanna take note in. 1. notice how Wanda said "I have what I want" and then looks at Haywood and keeps saying "and no one will take it from me.. again." and she has all the guns pointed at Haywood and no one else. 2. notice how norm said "SHE'S in my head" and "make HER stop" he never says its Wanda and when vision at the end of the episode confronts Wanda about it telling her that norm has a family and that she won't let him see them. Wanda says "I don't know what your talking about" she might be telling the truth. 3. when vision asks why aren't there any other kids in Westview and in the beginning Agnes says "kids, can't control them.. no matter how hard you try" how does she know?. 4. notice the look on Wanda's face when the door bell rang at the end. why did Wanda look scared for a moment? and when she see's its her brother at the door she looks just as shocked as Darcy did. I thought if Wanda was in control of everything then why she looked scared when the door bell rang and surprised to see her brother. also the choose in words in there fight Wanda says "all of this IS FOR US so let me handle it" its like she made a deal with someone? hmmmmm, another thing i wanna add why was the alarm sounding at the end Wanda and vision was both in there homes so when Darcy was looking at the tv the alarm was sounding. very interesting

  • C4D

    Its not Wanda doing this to the people of Westview.

  • C4D

    Ya know ‘ photons’ of lights are all that showed where monica’s body should have been on the xray.

  • Awakat Illuminado
    Awakat Illuminado

    I'm glad u mentioned so much the grief. All the bigger theory IRbin's on this completely miss how vital that is. Truly it's an entertaining show especially the first time watching. But it's completely tragic the more you watch it. The dream of a happy simple life with your love that you'll never get

  • Himayamata

    When I saw your face, you remind me of Linda Cardellini for some reason

  • Roger Elliss
    Roger Elliss

    I don't think she's the villain

  • Mark Wright
    Mark Wright

    Who would you rather see in the finale? Daisy Johnson or Phil Coulson?

  • David Zeto
    David Zeto

    Just because a villian can be understand and even sympathized with doesn't necessarily change the fact of their villainy...just ask her dad Magneto.

  • danamaniac66

    "She needs to get through the 5 stages of grief" Time to get Link in there to play the Song of Healing

  • Jack Bondo
    Jack Bondo

    I subbed

  • Edmund Freeman
    Edmund Freeman

    I'm thinking about Norm's grief about his family and father. My guess is that all the people in Westview are suffering from strong grief, and it is that grief that unites them and allows the control.

  • Kittyover9000

    Hold up....did they literally write “No resurrecting Vision if he dies.” into the documents they signed. If so, WHY?

  • Andi

    I agree with a lot of your ideas here. Wanda may have "rescued" Vision from s.w.o.r.d., too, when she showed up there.

  • tehdipstick

    Notice how the 'Lagos' paper towels don't soak up the spill, it just moves/pushes it away. Just like how Wanda trying to contain the bomb blast and move it away caused a mess by accidentally killing the Wakandan diplomats. Also, I got the impression that Agness intentionally killed 'Sparky'.

  • nothing but introverted
    nothing but introverted

    i don’t know why some wanda fans are so against her becoming a villain or an antihero in some capacity i mean considering how much shit she’s been through the fact she’s managed to stay somewhat on the good side for so long i think villain wanda might be the best villain of the mcu if they go that route

  • Zuko Halliwell
    Zuko Halliwell

    “Pietro.” “Well, Peter, but it’s okay.” No, Jess! Just… No! -jk lol-

  • SweenyTodd98

    Having just rewatched Endgame I'll that Wanda was not wearing that red coat at Tony's funeral so she has changed clothes since the battle.

    • fictionaldarling

      this does make me feel better 🙏

  • David Gable
    David Gable

    My pet theory of the moment: Westview was actually a secret S.W.O.R.D. facility disguised as a small town where Vision's body was being experimented on. This is why there are no children and why an internal S.W.O.R.D. email appeared inside the hex. This would also mean that the townspeople are not so innocent. Director Heyward is trying to get his asset back, but others who've been brought in (Darcy and Jimmy) or have been out of the loop (Monica) are not aware of this. Agnes is a witch, but is actually trying to guide Wanda into a peaceful resolution.

    • fictionaldarling

      i LOVE this theory so much!!

  • Farts McCool
    Farts McCool

    New earrings: No more Mutants. (Well maybe one)

  • Alice Daphne
    Alice Daphne

    “just,, don’t enslave a town.✌️”

  • Teyon Alexander
    Teyon Alexander

    Also, it would be cool if Marvel explained how much of that event is public knowledge. I was a bit taken aback to see Monica, Jimmy and Darcy talking about Thanos as though they saw the whole fight on tape. Jimmy and Monica may have access to information on the Snap but Darcy shouldn't. Also Also, Elizabeth Olsen is 31 in real life. So she's playing an age appropriate character if that makes a difference. Also Also Also, I liked the Full House nod at the end of the opening.

  • Jir Jimenezrojo
    Jir Jimenezrojo

    9 days ago? You nasty corrupt dude..😂

  • Owen Cooper
    Owen Cooper

    Anyone else spot the painted rainbow flag of the the corkbord in the kitchen could this be foreshadowing the fact that billy grows up to be gay and has a Husband (like in the comics)

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha

    Vision is literally in pieces when wanda rescues him. Whatever sword was doing, wasn't altruistic

  • Bella Bennett Murphy
    Bella Bennett Murphy

    Shield trio: Fury, Hill, and Coulson Sword trio: Monica, Darcy, and Jimmy

  • Darcy Lewis
    Darcy Lewis

    Oh my gosh this reaction is the BEST! And this episode was absolutely CRAZY!!! I mean, XMEN PIETRO?!?! And you can not tell me that Agnes isn’t suspicious! She gives me such villain vibes! She had to have killed Sparky!!! Omg this episode was amaaaazing though!