WHATEVER YOU DRAW, I'LL BUY IT CHALLENGE!!! Featuring Panic! At The Disco!
I'LL BUY WHATEVER YOU CAN SPELL CHALLENGE: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/pMWKmZ-umrGtt6U.html
Whatever You Can Draw, I'll Buy!
We're back with another shopping/buy whatever challenge! This time it's the I'LL BUY WHATEVER YOU DRAW CHALLENGE! Our parents will have to buy whatever we draw from stores like Best Buy, Hot Topic, Target, McDonald's and The Dollar Tree! Will they be able to figure out what items we want only by looking at our drawings?
Some of the items we try to draw include: Apple iPad, Airpods, new cell phone, McDonald's Happy Meal, chicken nuggets, Polaroid camera, new gaming computer, Panic at the Disco, and more!
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      btw the new youtube update is white not blue lol

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    Oops I ment to say smart

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    I hated when they said the picture was something nothing like it

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    This video was posted on my b day lol

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    You guys got to think do they want that

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    Do english

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    Your sister. Finish the lyrics Your sister. Hey You. Sister You. You finally realized that you should not have said that

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    Hey evan, i like your guitar voice :)

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    😍😍😍😍😍U got a phone

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    Evan: Evan will not get a ten... Evan: **gets ten seconds** Me: **laughs manically**

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    She is crazy

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    Omg I would be soo happy if I got those pikacu headphones

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    What if Evan or Jillian were artists like ZHC they would’ve got everything that they drawed

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    plot twist: His parents on purpose saw the phone as a calculator

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    10:30 Jillian yelling yeah cause Evan got ten.. me: of that’s me when I get straight A’s on my report card

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    I know that whole song and I love panic at the Disco too

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    Jill sings high hopes Evan should I be concerned

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    The parents do some mass amount of trolling

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    Can you do the buy whatever you can carey

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    Evan:draws earpods Mom:ummm is that upsidedown feet lol

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    21:40 ummm a pokimon ball its a mouse bro

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    Evan: *”eVAn WiLl nOT gEt A 10”* Evan: *Gets a 10*

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    Fact a square isn’t a rectangle

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    That did not look like a spider

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    15:15 oh no thanos alert!

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    Jillian: *draws phone* Mom: cAlCuLaToR

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    rest in peace headphone users made it at full blast and thought it seemed normal

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    Push pop dosent have a stick

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    11:32 all might from my hero academia.

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    Can I get to know your ages in 2021

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    Even: Even Will Not Get A Ten, Wheel: Spins Then Gets A Ten, Jillian: Yaa yaaYaAAYYA Even: *Sad violin Music* Dad: Rest In Peace Headphone Users Jillian 20 Years Later: President Of USA Even 20 Years Later: Becomes a cheap teacher Instead Them 20 Years Later: Finally Stop Fighting At: 10:26

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    0:08 Captions be like:

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